BaZi (八字) Articles

The Ten Gods in BaZi: How Not To Do A BaZi or Ten Gods Profile

Has everyone noticed a lot more advertisements on BaZi and Chinese metaphysics these days? I certainly have. There's one trend I've observed for a while now but didn't write about it, which is using BaZi and the Ten 'Gods' or stars to profile people, such that they...

What To Do When You Encounter A Negative 10-Year Phase (大运) Or ‘Luck Pillar’

Hi everyone, Apologies for being missing for a while now (as always). There are a lot of changes - positive ones thankfully - going on in my life right now and I am still undergoing these changes. I haven't got into the mood for writing for quite some time. The...

Choosing Careers Using BaZi and Chinese Metaphysics – Does It Work?

Too Long, Didn't Read Summary: Career success ultimately depends on the overall quality of your chart - not because a practitioner chose a role for you in your 'lucky' industry.Choosing roles and industries using beneficial elements is a modern-day rendition of...

How To Read A BaZi Chart: The Right & Holistic Way

It just dawned upon me that despite being a blog on BaZi and Chinese metaphysics in general, I've not written anything on what is probably the most Googled thing about Chinese metaphysics, which is how exactly do you read a BaZi chart. Before I start, I just wish to...
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