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About The BaZi Plotter

I will add some instructions and a glossary for people having difficulty in understanding the plotter. If you have any questions on how to use the above plotter, please feel free to reach out.

Adjust For Solar Time

Please remember BaZi uses Solar Time. To have your chart accurately adjust for solar time, please click on the clock icon and use the solar time feature in the BaZi calculator. Otherwise, visit this website:

No Plans For My Own BaZi App

I have no concrete plans on developing my own BaZi calculator as there are plenty already available for you. I see no need to develop one from scratch just to slap my name on it.

My focus will still be on my practice as a Chinese metaphysician instead of collecting emails using these calculators.

Professional Apps I Use

The Professional Calculators I Use:

These apps are incredibly good, but are, unfortunately in Chinese. Free versions are available for you to try it out.


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It’s quite unlikely you’ll be able to accurately decipher your own chart unless you’ve read extensively and have years of practice. If you’re looking for a professional reading, please reach out.

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