Feng Shui Audit – Analysis and Methods


There are many schools of Feng Shui. As we live in the modern age of apartments and condominiums, there’s not a lot of room to practice landscape Feng Shui in Singapore though it’s still applicable.

I have read the Chinese classics 《沈氏玄空学》,《八宅明镜》,《阳宅十书》,《黄帝宅经》,《葬书》and use them hand in hand during Feng Shui analysis. 《沈氏玄空学》and 《八宅明镜》are what is commonly known as ‘Flying Stars’ and ‘8 Mansions’ on the internet and will be two main methods used in Feng Shui audits.

I often use a less known method from a Qing Dynasty classic called 《阳宅三要》based on by an author called 赵九峰 which is very helpful for people looking for a new house to move into as it is able to quickly identify whether the layout of the house is auspicious. This method is not well-known on the web due to the deeper level of theory and understanding required and, as such, is less widely used.

Do refer to my blog that touches on the topic of Feng Shui, its advanced theory, common misconceptions and what to look out for.

Techniques Applied During Audit

– 8 Mansions (八宅)

– Flying Stars (玄空飛星)

– BaZi (八字) & ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗數)

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(Genuine reviews from Facebook Plug-In. For original screenshots, please visit my testimonials page.)

    5 star review  Very kind and sincere person. Sean helped me a lot during my lowest time, to the extend that when my life was messed up, when i was sick and weak, he gave me a lot of advise and support. Helped me to get rid of all those toxic people who consume me. He is more like good friends to me than a feng shui master. I think i met him for a reason. Don't doubt his ability because he's still young because he knows what he's doing 🙂

    thumb Pamela Ardana

    5 star review  I have been searching for a Bazi shifu for quite some time and am lucky to have met Sean. He was very fast with his response and his readings was very detailed as well. What was better is the accuracy of the report. Breaking down to some stuff, the report was able to pick it up as well. He is also a very patient guy and able to answer most of the questions I ask him. I highly recommend giving him a shot! Great stuff Sean thanks!

    thumb C Shiyun Liu

    5 star review  Sean is a Chinese Metaphysician that will tell you things as they are with great sincerity and genuineness, which I deeply appreciate in my consultation with him. His accurate Bazi reading and candid advice gave me rooms for thoughts and questions. With immense patience, he provided me with well-reasoned answers to my 101 questions that left my curious mind satisfied. If anything, his positive energy for life and deep belief that one is meant to transcend whatever chart a person is born with have definitely given me a much needed boost of energy to face my life opportunities and challenges. Highly recommended if you are looking for no-frills Chinese Metaphysic services, and an earnest and trustworthy consultant. Just don’t expect miracle “cures” from him for all your life difficulties. It’s your life, after all! I will definitely seek his counsel again in the future!!

    thumb Theodore Ng

Engagement Fees

From $1288

Based On Chinese Classics

Techniques straight from the Chinese classics’ source material

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Complemented with 八字 & 紫微斗数 analysis – the true mark of a feng shui practitioner’s knowledge and skill

Holistic & Customized

Plethora of complimentary services for your benefit

Residential Feng Shui Audit

Price – Engagement fees start from SGD$1288 and tiered according to the type/size of the house.

Do contact me for a quote and further details regarding the actual audit process, post-audit follow-up and service. Each engagement will be customized according to the client’s needs and complimentary services will be included. A written report on the house will be provided.

House Hunting

Price – Engagement fees start from SGD$2888 and tiered according to the type/size of the house.

This is the most recommended approach. Feng Shui remedies are not done with ‘items’ or charms contrary to popular belief. The layout of the house and sectors of the rooms must be correct. You can engage me to ‘hunt’ for a house together with you. I will go through up to 10 floors-plan for you.

Once a suitable unit has been found, I’ll conduct an audit and analysis of the house, followed by a report for you to understand why that particular house was chosen out of all the ones you’ve visited.

Commercial Feng Shui Audit

Price – Engagement fees start from SGD$3888 and tiered according to the type/size of the office.

An in-depth analysis will be done for the top managements’ BaZi to give insights on what to expect in the coming years.

For Foreign Clients: Online Consultation
Please reach out for get a quote from me after we have discussed the scope of the work required.

Complimentary Services – Date Selection

Date selection for all significant events such as the renovation date and move-in date will all be provided.