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Feng Shui Audit

阳宅风水 |『人因宅而立,宅因人而存,人宅相扶,感通天地,故不可独信命也。』

Homes are a natural extension of our lives.
The way it’s built and where it resides are all bound by nature’s laws.

Let’s Get You Introduced

The Major Feng Shui Schools

Several schools of feng shui exist but most people get confused by what they are, what they entail and which is most useful for us at this day and age. You can split them up by Major and Minor schools.

The major schools of feng shui are straight-forward – they are simply split up by the Landform and Compass school of feng shui. It’s the minor schools of feng shui that people get mixed up with. Most of the minor schools of feng shui come come from the Compass school.

Landform (形式派)

Focuses on the surrounding landscapes and auspicious formations like ‘Dragon’ (龙), ‘Meridians’ (穴), Hills (砂).

This is the earliest school of feng shui that. It’s not as popular as we can’t change landscapes.


Compass (理气派)

A culmination of Yin Yang, 8-Trigrams, ‘He Tu’ (河图), ‘Luo Shu’ (洛书), Stars (星象), Qi Men (奇门) and more.

The multiple building blocks its made of is the reason why smaller schools eventually spun off.


New-Age (PineAPple 派)

The nonsense that modern feng shui masters invented that revolves around arranging furniture, using colours and rolling pineapples. Arguably the trendiest, but also the most useless, school of feng shui right now.

Pardon the tongue-in-cheek humour.


Breaking It Down Further

The Minor Feng Shui Schools

Eight Mansions

Conceptualized during the Tang dynasty. It combines the 8 Trigrams and 9-Stars you often hear of, categorizing houses into East vs West groups. Initially outcasted by Yang Gong (杨公) who was a feng shui legend who focused on other techniques, the Eight Mansions method saw a resurgence in the Song Dynasty.


Flying Stars

Popularized during the Qing dynasty and arguably the most popular minor school of feng shui as it gets mentioned every Chinese New Year. The Flying Stars focuses on the 9 Stars from, consisting of the Polaris star and Big Dipper asterism, with landscape as the complement.

The Flying Stars minor school was broken down into even smaller schools. 


Hexagram School

Also known as 玄空太易. Although it shares a similar name, this school of feng shui is vastly different. It takes the 64 Hexagrams from the Book of Change (易经) and superimposes it on the compass, and uses these Hexagrams and their interactions to deduce where the good locations are.

Three Harmony Birth

This is a branch off from Yang School feng shui (杨公) by the Yang Gong. The Three Harmonies refer to Mountain, River and Facing (龙水向) which can be traced back to 《天玉经》 (Sky Jade’s Manuscript). It also refers to the Three Harmony relationships of the 12 Earthly Branches (十二地支). 


Heavenly Stars

Also know has 三合风水, this is also another spin off from Yang School feng shui. The Chinese classic for this method is 《人地眼全书》 from the Song dynasty. It involved the 10 Heavenly Stem, 12 Earthly Branches and 8 Trigrams.

Golden Lock Jade Gate

This is the most mysterious school of feng shui, hence the name because it is so inaccessible. It takes the earliest building blocks of Chinese philosophy, such as the He Tu (河图), Luo Shu (洛书) and the Eight Trigrams as the basis. It’s concepts are the simplest and a compass is not even needed.


There are a few other schools, such as 乾坤国宝,命理风水 which combines feng shui with one’s Eight Characters or BaZi, and esoteric schools like the Black Hat School. You don’t need to be too concerned about them for now.

Feng Shui Schools I Focus On

How I Conduct Feng Shui Audits

I studied both landform and compass school feng shui, but out of the compass school, I focus mainly on Eight Mansions and Flying Stars which are the two methods you’ll hear of the most. I’m reading up on other techniques when I’m free, but do not actively practice them.

I have read the Chinese classics 《沈氏玄空学》,《八宅明镜》,《阳宅三要》,《阳宅十书》,《黄帝宅经》,《葬书》 and the techniques applied during the feng shui audit will be straight from these Chinese classics. I will not be asking you to buy items, arrange furniture and paint your walls a different colour because that is not what feng shui is about.

During the feng shui audit of your house or office, I will also be reading your BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. Together, it will give you an extremely clear view of what to look out for. You might even find that your astrological charts and feng shui paint the same story of your life, and it’s supposed to.

The techniques that will be applied during the audit are as follows:

  • Landform, if applicable.
  • Eight Mansions (八宅)
  • Flying Stars (玄空飞星)
  • Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)
  • BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu

Yes, my fees are expensive, but I hope you understand it a proper feng shui audit takes up a lot of my time and effort which can be used elsewhere.

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Important Things You Should Know

Please Spend Time Reading This

The current, sad state of the feng shui field.

I hope the introduction of the various feng shui schools above gives you an idea of how complex this art is, as well as how rich the history of it is.

You will often hear feng shui masters selling items as cures, and I hope you good long think about what feng shui is and isn’t. Our ancestors who developed Chinese metaphysics were sages – incredibly wise and amazing people who spent centuries plotting the movement of the stars and planets. They would not condone such practices that bastardize the field of Chinese metaphysics and feng shui. If items really worked, our ancestors would have advocated this practice way before any modern pseudo-practitioner would.

There is a saying Chinese saying 七分命理不出门三分风水走天下,meaning it’s easy to pass off as a feng shui master when you’ve just learned a third of what it entails because you can’t verify the effects immediately unlike proper astrological readings using BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu.

Most practitioners won’t even be able to tell you the fundamental theories of the 9 Palaces and the Flying Stars and how it was developed, because they pursue it purely as a business and not because they have respect for Chinese history and culture.

Will feng shui change my life?

I will never pitch feng shui as something that can be guaranteed to change your life. Feng shui will help of course, but what people need to understand is that a house with good feng shui is extremely rare. It is extremely naive to think that just anyone can be in a house with good feng shui.

Some things are fated and it’s all an affinity – what you believe in, which practitioner you engage and where you end up are all part of that affinity and process. To end up in a good house requires many factors to be perfectly aligned and all into place.

The old Chinese saying goes 福人居福地。 Only people with good karma will end up staying in a place with good feng shui.

What is your role as a feng shui practitioner then?

If you’re already a homeowner or you just bought a house, my job is to make sure you have the necessary knowledge to plan ahead. Please do not assume that I can turn a bad house into a good one. I cannot change the orientation of the building, and I cannot shift your main door.

If you are house-hunting, my role as a practitioner is to make sure you get the best house possible no matter what your astrological chart says. But as I said, it’s somewhat fated. We might be able to shortlist a good house, but it might be out of your budget or someone else buys it before you, but the point is that I will do what I can.

Whether Heavens thinks you deserve a good house or not is not something I can control.

Shouldn't you help people and charge cheaper?

I get this question all the time. I don’t regard it as a sensitive topic so I don’t mind sharing with you what goes on in my head.

If I had all the money in the world, I’d gladly do whatever I’m doing for free, but please understand that I have a family to feed and bills to pay like yourself. My time and energy are also limited. I benchmark my fees against the number of consultations I have overall across the different services.

The fees I charge are based on the value I feel I can bring to you, which you might not appreciate as a non-practitioner. You won’t just be benefitting from feng shui, but also my knowledge and experience in astrological readings. Those are even more important because your astrological charts hold the most weight and it plays a huge role in whether you will be able to get a good house.

Feng shui audits take up a lot of my time and energy. I am also servicing other clients for BaZi, which takes up the bulk of my time. So it’s is also not logical for me to charge an hourly amount lower than what my other services bring.

Lastly, from an economics perspective, the fees are for me to manage the volume and also the quality of my clients.

I am interested in house-hunting. How does it work?

I will screen up to 15 floorplans during the house-hunt.

Please understand it’s physically impossible for me to visit every single house you shortlist, so you’ll have to take the measurements for me and send me the floor plans so that I can make an initial assessment. Don’t worry – I’ll walk you through the steps to take measurements accurately and always be contactable during the process.

I will head down onsite to check everything once we’ve shortlisted a potential house and you make your purchase after. Please take note there will only be ONE onsite visit.

Please understand that this service exists because I do not want my feng shui practice to be about going to people’s houses and telling them they have a terrible home. I want to help people find good homes that can uplift their lives. It takes up a lot of my time, which is why the fees will be high relative to my other services. The alternative is to charge for every single house I visit, which does not make monetary sense to clients.

Will there be a report provided in the end?

No. I do not write Feng Shui reports anymore for practical reasons. It’s not that helpful or impactful in the long run.

I would rather spend a bit more time with you in person, going through your BaZi chart with you.

What does the service entail?

The following are the obligations of the Feng Shui Audit:

  • One onsite visit for the residence. If further onsite visits are required, additional fees will apply.
  • Date selection for renovation and move-in

Any other services provided, such as BaZi readings or double-checking your interior designer’s work, are considered goodwill and should not be considered part of the service.

My primary obligation will be deemed complete once I’ve completed the onsite visit, and no refunds will be entertained after that.

Engagement Fees

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