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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which technique I want applied?

The report will be angled using BaZi. Zi Wei Dou Shu and Qi Men Dun Jia will be brought in where required.

All techniques will point to the same conclusion. Focus on asking your questions and leave the techniques applied to me.

How do I proceed with payment?

Once you fill-up the relevant forms, you’ll receive an email with the payment instructions within 15 minutes.

All prices are in Singapore dollars.

How long will it take to receive my report?

The usual waiting time is 15 working days. I apologize for the wait as there is a constant stream of clients coming in and Q&As ongoing.

I heard you screen clients. Should I fill up the form first?

Yes, just fill-up the form first. The screening is to align expectations on what you might hear.

Just make sure you read my blog and understanding my approach and philosophy – because it is the right one.

Are you able to audit houses overseas?

Yes, I still can. Although I’ll need you to help me take some measurements and send a detailed floor-plan of your house.

How can I get in touch with you?

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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