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The Interconnection Of Everything Chinese Metaphysics: The Origins Of The 8 Trigrams & 64 Hexagrams

If one believes in Chinese metaphysics and astrology, it's natural to assume that one has to believe in the interconnection of all things as well. They are not mutually exclusive. This belief that everything is interconnected might sound like a new age religion, but...

My Honest Thoughts On Feng Shui, ‘Lucky’ Items & More

I've been spending a lot more time thinking about feng shui, especially given the recent discovery that the Chinese sages might be wrong about when Period 9 starts. The Home And Decor interview also gave me a nudge in wanting to talk about feng shui a bit more. I know...

When Feng Shui Period 9 Starts: Why Every Feng Shui Master Got It Wrong

Feng Shui Period 9 is a term you'll hear getting thrown around a lot these days because 2024 is around the corner, but I've recently made a discovery that will change not only the way people look at feng shui, but also the industry and this field as a whole. The...

Facing Directions, Structural Layouts: Why Most People Don’t Get To Benefit From Feng Shui

Too Long; Didn't Read (TLDR) Summary: The kind of house you stay in is, in a way, fated. The feng shui of a house can impact you, but whether you get to benefit from feng shui has a bit to do with your life story or karma. You will never see someone with a bad chart...
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