BaZi & Date Selection Case Study: C-Section Date Selection For Twins

July 11, 2017

Hey everyone! As you can tell I’m blogging a lot more these days thanks to the user-friendliness of WordPress. I wanted to share one of the cases I got to work on earlier this year. I did a c-section date selection for one of my clients and finally got to meet the twin boys that I had a part to play in welcoming to this world. I even got the chance to name these this pair of twins as well! Welcome, Kayden and Jayden! It’s really one of those heart-warming cases that make me swell with a sense of fulfilment.

I think out of all the services that a metaphysics practitioner of BaZi master can provide, a c-section date selection is no doubt the most stressful one. As practitioners, we know that c-section deliveries sets one’s BaZi in place, and you can’t help but feel that the fate the child is in your hands. I’ve had many clients who were delivered via c-section, and have enough case studies to conclude that your c-section delivery date & time does determine your BaZi and that there is nothing ‘unnatural’ about it. There are so many factors to worry about for the client, such as whether they can get the preferred timing from the hospital, to the mother and children’s health. I know nothing about child-birth, so the fear of the unknown does stress me out a bit sometimes and I always make it very clear that the safety of both mother and child must take precedence.

My client has very kindly shared her joy with me and I asked for her permission to use the pictures of the newborn twins for a blog post. It’s one of those moments where this line of work feels very fulfilling when you see both mother and children are healthy, and the grandparents are delighted by their new-found status. I picked the best possible date for this pair of twins to be born and it’s quite an enviable chart! The names were selected based on the element they need the most as well. I’m not a palmist, but turns out the elder child has a double head line and the younger child has a ‘split palm’ which are both extremely rare and suggest stronger personalities and characters which are the earmarks of success.

There are some things regarding c-section date selection I wish to make very clear as a practitioner, for ethical reasons:

  • I do not encourage that you go for a c-section unless it’s medically necessary. If you’re fated to have a child who will grow up to be a great person, he or she will come regardless of whether it’s via natural birth or c-section. You shouldn’t opt for a c-section for the sake of controlling your child’s BaZi chart. Consider going for a date selection only when the c-section is already a necessity.
  • Whether or not you can get the c-section timing you want is, in a way, influenced by your fate and ‘luck’. There are so many factors in play which are out of your control, so try to get a few alternative dates if possible.
  • Always, always priority health and safety. 

Please exercise practical wisdom and don’t be blinded by things you don’t understand.

Anyway, you might be wondering, “Won’t this pair of twins have the same chart?” Yes, they do of course, but their lives will still turn out very difference due to their names and the order that they were born. On top of that, let’s not forget your BaZi chart isn’t everything and there is always free will at play. Your chart describes how nature’s laws will unfold on its own, but you can come in with free will and alter its course too.

C-section date selection is one of the costlier services because of the weight of the responsibility, concentration and effort put into it, but I think any practitioner with a conscience would want to prioritize the above points I mentioned over money. No matter who you approach for a c-section date selection, be absolutely sure the practitioner know what he or she is doing, because this is your child’s chart after all and there is no turning back. This field is really not about nicely embellished reports with a lot of flowery graphics or images – I really feel it’s a huge waste of time and energy. The effort can be put into acquiring more knowledge and bettering one’s practice. I know first impressions matter and it affects your perception, but at the end of the day it’s not the key thing that impacts the client. It’s like packaging chocolates and passing it off as medicine while claiming it will save your life.

Thank you everyone for your support and trust as always. I know my reports are downright plain and ugly, but I hope everyone can see the heart and soul I put into each case and analysis.

Have a good rest of the week everyone, and don’t be afraid to reach out to get the conversation started!


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