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Choosing Careers Using BaZi and Chinese Metaphysics – Does It Work?

Too Long, Didn't Read Summary: Career success ultimately depends on the overall quality of your chart - not because a practitioner chose a role for you in your 'lucky' industry.Choosing roles and industries using beneficial elements is a modern-day rendition of...

Assessing Wealth Loss With BaZi And Zi Wei Dou Shu

Hey everyone, It's been quite a crazy busy month and I haven't had the time to blog for a while now. It's the first month where all my services are being implemented, and I've been doing BaZI, feng shui, c-section date selections, baby naming and even lessons all...

Company Health & Career Success – A BaZi & ZiWeiDouShu Case Study

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted a case study, and today I've got one which is very relevant to all of us. I'm going to talk about how to assess your career success and trajectory using BaZi and ZiWeiDouShu in this entry, and sort of showcase what these...

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