Hurting Officer Case Study: It Didn’t Matter if Direct Officer Is Missing

April 17, 2017

I think one of the most fulfilling and fascinating things about being in this field is seeing what I read in the the Chinese classics play out in read life. It’s really what keeps me going in this field and what makes me want to keep honing my skills.

Anyway, before I start, just a bit of personal sharing. I’ve noticed that my tone of the way I blog has changed quite a bit – I’m not as open or emotional in my entries. Don’t mistaken it as a bad thing. This field and sideline of mine is still something I take very seriously and am very grateful of. The old me is still around. It’s just that my life has settled into a very nice routine these days and I’m generally very content. Everything has been really smooth since 2017 started and there really just isn’t much to share these days. As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, I’m just saving up and hunting for a house and hoping I step into the next phase of life smoothly.

The above chart is someone I know but not close to – as always. This particular chart is a rather interesting one. Let’s zoom right into what stands out the most in this chart, which is the not one, not two, but three 伤官s that appear. Honestly, it’s rather excessive. There’s a saying in the Chinese classics 伤官伤尽最为奇 – this is referring to the absence of 正官 when 伤官 is present. If both 正官 and 伤官 are present, it comes 伤官见官 which is a broken chart structure and a very negative one assuming it has no remedies.

Hobbyists of metaphysics will come across this term 伤官伤尽最为奇 and immediately jump to the conclusion that this is a good chart – well, yes and no. Yes, because there is no 正官 in the chart; no, because 八字 analysis isn’t meant to be so straight forward. In cases where 伤官, is present the number one thing you need to check for is 正印 such that it becomes a auspicious structure we call 伤官配印。 伤官 is one of those ‘gods’ in 八字 that you only welcome when your Daymaster is strong, and it is only then will the positive aspects of 伤官 manifest. I’m not going to go into the details of 伤官 for now because a description of 伤官 can be easily found on the internet.

The chart-holder in this case study lost his job right after entering into 2017. The problematic year is not 2017, but 2016. I always emphasize that things that happen are a series of cause-and-effects, and that everything follows a process and as such, the reason for the chart-holder losing his job in 2017 was because of 2016, not 2017. If 2016 was handled well, things may have been different but it’s not easy to transcend one’s chart just like that.

Having such a 伤官 heavy chart with a weak Daymaster already hints of certain character flaws which may lead to complications at work, but why 2016 is the ‘trigger year’ is interesting. Let me break it down:

– There is no doubt that Fire which appears as 正印 is the most important element/’god’ for this chart. It is required to form 伤官配印。

– 2016 is 丙申年 and the 丙 combines with the 辛 Metal’s in her chart to form Water in what we call 丙辛合水。The output of Water assaults the 丁 Fire in his 大运 Pillar.  Both 丙 Fire and 丁 Fire which are supposed to be his beneficial elements are no longer able to enhance his chart, which is why 2016 turned out to be a very challenging year for him.

印绶, which appears as both 正印 and 偏印, is seen as the ‘imperial seal’ and can represent protection and authority. When 印绶 is a beneficial ‘god’ and is assaulted, the challenges that manifest can appear in the form of losing authority and the favour of people above you, which is exactly what happened. If you look at the 紫微斗数 chart, the 流年事业宫sits in the 大限命宫, which already hints that career will be a huge highlight in the year this combination appears. Note that the 紫微斗数 chart is adjusted set to 2017 because 八字 and 紫微斗数 are two totally different methods and is not a direct parallel when it comes to the timeline – the way the two methods describe cause-and-effect are vastly different but they always lead to the same conclusion. The chart-holder’s 流年事业宫 and 大限命宫 are under the influence of three different kind of 化忌s – 生年化忌、大限化忌 and 事业宫自化忌。To top it off, the 生年化忌 and 大限化忌 are considered 入库忌 which can be considered a really good thing in some cases, but unfortunately for the chart-holder, his 入库忌 is considered a broken chart structure/破格。I even went to the extent of checking the 流月盘 which can break down what happens month by month, and February turned out to be the ‘trigger month’ because of the 流月忌 clashing the 流年事业宫。

A lot of clients like to ask me to break events down month-by-month. Technically speaking it can be done, but usually knowing that a particular year will be challenging is more than enough in my opinion. Everything is a process. Picking a single month out of your year, or even your whole life, to be a bit more careful, hardworking, or trying to have a complete change of your character and disposition isn’t going to be of much help. The root cause is not being addressed, and hopefully I can help you find out exactly what that root cause is through my consultations.

– Sean

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