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What I Observed About The Chinese Metaphysics Industry In 2020

For my overseas readers, the "Circuit Breaker" is the Singapore government's initiative to impose movement restrictions during this delicate period. It's similiar to what some other countries are doing albeit with a different name. I don't think many people know...

When Feng Shui Period 9 Starts: Why Every Feng Shui Master Got It Wrong

Feng Shui Period 9 is a term you'll hear getting thrown around a lot these days because 2024 is around the corner, but I've recently made a discovery that will change not only the way people look at feng shui, but also the industry and this field as a whole. The...

Transcending Charts, Motivational Courses, Chinese Metaphysics As A Business & More

Table Of Contents Transcending ChartsWho Or What Determines What I Deserve Then?Transcending Charts Differ From Person To PersonCan You Explain All The 'Life-Changing' Seminars and Chinese Metaphysics Courses Out There Then?Whether You Like It Or Not, There Are Things...

My Views On The COVID-19 Pandemic & Donald Trump’s Re-Election

Hi everyone, Before I pen down my thoughts, I hope everyone's family and friends are safe and well. I've been thinking very hard about whether to write this post as I generally don't like commenting on anything to do with current affairs and politics because I never...
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