Interconnection Between One’s BaZi and Feng Shui

February 21, 2016

fengshui audit

Hi everyone,Apologies for not updating this blog as regularly as I would want to due to my limited bandwidth occupied by my full-time job as well as BaZi reading and FengShui audit requests. I’ve had the opportunity to audit two houses this week which gave me the opportunity to once again witness how someone’s BaZi is interlinked with the house one would end up with.

The reason why our ancestors went into the field of FengShui was, in a way, to ‘artificially’ alter the course of how someone’s life would manifest. The saying goes 一名二运三风水。Each time I get the opportunity to do a BaZi reading along with a FengShui audit for a client, I get a rare opportunity into seeing how these two different fields of study overlaps. There’s a saying 福人居福地 – if someone’s BaZi good, it’s highly likely that this person would end up in a house that would have a good structure regardless of whichever FengShui method you use.

What was fascinating about my two clients this week was that, the FengShui analysis of the house had something very specific to point out, which could be the ill-health of a particular family member, or an aspect of life which the person is facing a lot more difficulty in. Upon cross-referencing with their BaZi chart, you can see parallels and that the same thing is being written on the BaZi chart. I can’t say for sure that what I’ve observed is the natural law in Chinese metaphysics, but it’s a topic that I’ve always been looking into given my knowledge in BaZi and FengShui. So far, each audit and BaZi reading I do, including my own, points towards the direction that there is some form of interconnection.

Speaking of FengShui, I want to mention briefly a bit on the topic of Flying Stars. You will find a lot of resources on Annual Flying Stars and Period Flying Stars on the internet, which are easily understandable. But I would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that there is for sure more to this than just seeing which sector the stars end up at. Topics such as which star is in command (当运) as it will affect the strength of all other stars, the Mountain and Water Stars (山星,向星), the special structures of the Mountain and Water stars and many more all need to be considered. A lot of people are afraid of 五黄廉贞星 – that’s granted because we are now in Period 8 and the negative side of this star is the strongest, but little do people know that there will be a time where this star would be a positive star, just that we might have to wait a while before that day comes.

So whether are not you are truly tapping on the positive stars and avoiding the negative stars isn’t as easy as just mapping out where the stars land and superimposing the 9-grid square on your house floor plan. The analysis can definitely be a lot more rigorous.


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