Choosing The Perfect Day Life's Milestones | 择日

auspicious Date Selection

Choosing the perfect day for life’s important milestones

Does It Really Matter?
The Importance Of Choosing An Auspicious Date

Timing matters.

Life’s important milestones create a memory. These memories that we carry throughout life have the power to push us further.

Our Chinese ancestors believed that there is a perfect time to perform a particular activity by building on the foundational theory that gave rise to BaZi and FengShui. Through the observation of the laws of nature and astronomy, people in ancient China derived a system where they were able to pin-point certain days of the year where events are able to proceed smoothly and used them to kick-off an important life event ssuccessfully and in good spirits.

There are several techniques for auspicious date selection. The most common ones are:

  • 万年通书: The Tong Shu
  • 八门吉凶法: Using Qi Men Dun Jia
  • 日时捷法: Assessing individual day and time
  • 大黄道择日: Using the ecliptic to select dates

The principles for auspicious date selection (择日) reflect our ancestors belief of ‘unison with the Heavens’:

  • 以天时相应: Avoiding bad weather, which directly affects our mood.
  • 讲究地理: Geographical conditions, especially with the belief that you shouldn’t do renovations in the sector where the Grand Duke is commonly known as 太岁头上动土。
  • 人和为重: Establishing good relations with other people on that important day and ensuring a positive atmosphere.
  • 契合五行: To have one’s BaZi chart in tune with the date’s elements

So Many Dates. So Little Time.

Let’s Go On A Date (Selection)

Wedding Dates

Banquet Night
Guo Da Li (过大礼)

C-Section Date

For expecting mothers. Recommended Only If C-Section is already a Medical necessity.

Business Related

Opening Day

Contract Signing

Quick Snippets Of Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How many dates will be provided from each service?

Two dates will be provided for each event, with leeway to increase to three or four depending on my affinity with the client.

After indicating the event type, please indicate the date range that you ideally want the event to be held on, and I will pick the best possible date from there. If not, I can recommend the dates myself too.

Will you let me know why a particular date is chosen?

You will definitely get an explanation of why I chose a particular date. It’s probably not going to make any sense to you, but I’d prefer it if you still knew what went behind the thought process.

The dates chosen will be based on the following:

  • Your BaZi chart and the elements it needs.
  • Objectively auspicious dates based on the 黄历。

There won’t be a written report for this as I don’t feel it’s necessary. It will be explained to you over WhatsApp.

How will the service be conducted?

There is some difference between the Auspicious Date Selection vs C-Section Date Selection.

The C-Section Date Selection will come with a written report due to the nature of the service. It’s important that I explain why a particular date and time was chosen as it involves a child’s life.

The normal Auspicious Date Selection will NOT come with a written report; I feel it’s unnecessary. The date chosen and explanation will be done over text due to the more simple nature of the service. There will be some back-and-forth, so I’d rather do it via text rather than to give you a report and disappear after.

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