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The rare occasions where the media helps me spread the right message. You won’t see me at corporate events. For a good reason.

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The Man Who Divines Destinies Through Email

Rice Media Video Feature: Amongst Us Series – 19th Oct’21

Finding A Date Based on Chinese Astrology | ZULA First Dates |

Zula Feature – 27th Jan’21

The Millennial’s New Interest In Chinese Astrology

Something Private by Our Grandfather Story – 16th Jan’20

Channel NewsAsia – 26th June’18

Read your future in your emails? Bazi and feng shui practitioner takes ancient discipline into modern age

Feng Shui Demystified: Chinese Metaphysics Explained By A Feng Shui Master

ShopBack Chinese New Year Feature – 8th Feb’19

Understanding Feng Shui In The Home

Home & Decor Instagram Live Interview – 28th May’20

Perfect Strangers | Two Astrologers Come Clean On Horoscopes & Zodiacs

T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore – 7th Jan’19

In Singapore, Astrology’s Resurgence Amongst Millenials

T Singapore: The New York Times Style Magazine – 11th July 2018

Feng Shui At Home: The Good Juju Starts With You

The Soothe Feature – 7th Dec’20

Confessions of A Young Fortune-Teller

Her World (Digital Edition) – Nov’16

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