Never Lose Money Again: Choosing Business Partners Using BaZi

October 31, 2016

I’ve been getting some feedback that people find my entries on assessing character using BaZi very interesting, so I thought I’d prepare another case study to showcase just how practical BaZi analysis can be.

The context for this post is that I get approached by business people quite often to help them assess their business partners and whether they can be trusted. These are people who got ‘burnt’ or betrayed before, and I can relate to how they feel and why they wish to take the extra step to be careful.

Choosing you you should work with using BaZi is one of the most practical things you can do. It might seem cold-blooded and may not show good faith, but this is often necessary. Besides, if your business partner has nothing to hide, he or she wouldn’t mind revealing his or her BaZi if they are sincere in working together.

What The BaZi Chinese Classics Say About Bad People

The Chinese classics don’t paint BaZi as a feel-good, happy-goo-lucky and all empowering tool that everyone can rely on for a better life. Bad people do exist, and as much as Chinese metaphysics is easily accessible now, these are the people who will never get to truly benefit from it. I’ve always believed that someone has to truly have an affinity and be worthy Chinese metaphysics in order to reap the most of it. People with questionable character would definitely not be in this list.

Please refer to the above chart above and the quote below from 《三命通会》:


I will not attempt to translate what is written above.. But basically it describes a chart where lawsuits, risks of jail and indulgence in vices can all be seen in one’s BaZi chart.

A Privileged Background Does Not Equate To A Good BaZi Chart

The above chart belongs to someone I used to work very closely with before I became a practitioner, and his disposition is exactly what is described in 《三命通会》。A womanizer who is perpetually drunk, and will not fail to backstab someone for his own benefit. I know him to come from an extremely privileged background with family members and relatives in high places with one of them being the CFO of a global bank whose had his signature on a particular currency before. He doesn’t hold a proper job despite his age and didn’t achieve much in life to be honest. It’s quite a pity to see someone from such a privileged background not putting his life to good use. And if you have a bit of background in BaZi, you will know that this person is the absolute bane of his father. Why? Because the Indirect Wealth (偏财) in his chart can’t be assaulted any heavier due to the yin, si, shen Punishment combination (寅巳申三刑) where shen (申) holds his Indirect Wealth.

Will this person ever be rich or successful? Not a chance. It’s unfortunate that bad people do exist, but if you look at it from the grand scheme of things, these people are also the reason why some people are successful because we learn from these experiences and tell ourselves what not to be. BaZi is but a study of nature’s laws, and these people are a natural product of these laws like it or not. The philosophical aspect of metaphysics teaches us this: every Yin has a Yang and reality exists as a polarity or duality. These rotten eggs exist so the true success shines, marked by a life where people respect you and people around you love you. Like how nature dictates that plants need nutrients from decomposing organic material and how fire needs dry wood, these people are the ‘fertilizer’ needed to bring those who truly deserve success forward.

We Meet Certain Kinds Of People For A Reason

The above case study actually brings me back to a period where I was going through a lot of difficulties because I, unfortunately, was one of the ‘casualties’ due to this person’s lack of moral compass, and it was also because of that period I went through that propelled me to be doing what I’m doing now. The interesting thing is that when I met this person, I was still undergoing an extremely bad 10-year “Luck Pillar” (大运) in 2012 before everything started taking a turn upwards. If I put up my chart here and broke it down, you’ll be able to see why. From what I last heard, this ex-business partner of mine is not doing very well and probably never will.

The chances of meeting someone with a bad BaZi chart is definitely higher if you’re undergoing a negative 10-year phase or annual phase, so just take note of that and be extra careful.

Meeting an individual like him was kind of written in the stars, but I guess it was a phase I needed to go through to grow as well. Should I have possessed the knowledge I have now back then, I would have never even wanted to shake hands with this person. But then again, without him, I wouldn’t be doing whatever I’m doing now too. If you’ve ever been betrayed by someone, try to let it go and move forward. let karma do the rest.

If you ask me whether learning Chinese metaphysics has its practical uses, it definitely has. With this knowledge I have, I’ve been able to utilize my time and effort much better, avoiding the people I ought to keep away from. More importantly, metaphysics tells you, albeit in an abstract way, why you’re meant to go through certain things because such phases are required for your growth, that’s how you truly read a BaZi chart.

– Sean

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