Understanding Category 4 ‘Geniuses’: BaZi Case Study Of Sam Bankman-Fried

November 19, 2022

It’s been a while, hasn’t it!? I survived September, which, for some reason, had an abnormally high number of clients who wanted to screw up their own lives and their children’s. Infuriating, to say the least.

If everyone’s been wondering why I’ve been quieter on social media and my blog, it’s because I took some time off and wanted some alone time. This break is important to me before the Chinese New Year peak when I start to have an existential crisis where I realize ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED. People are still digging annual zodiac forecasts while also digging their graves. Then again, I hope my blog helps the few who stumble upon it and bother to read it.

Anyway, I need to consciously tell myself to shut off completely once in a while. It’s not like I can apply for leave and not bother about work, so I’m technically working throughout the year as long as someone is out there requesting a consultation. Most corporate people will agree that being on leave doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be completely free from work, so we’re in the same boat.

Now that I’m back, I’ll need a while to get back in the groove of writing.

This post was written while I was in Jeju, and I finished it while I was on the plane back. My wife returned to Singapore earlier as I told her I’d like to have some me-time in Jeju, and her being the “luck-giving” 旺夫 wife gladly allowed me to do so. I had five days of alone time there, and I spent it thinking about where my life got me so far and where I wanted to go, all these while strolling along the coastlines. I will share more about my experiences there when I write my year-end note.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to write this piece:

  • Nothing motivates me to write more when there are themes of justice where important lessons can be learned. The saying goes, “A wise person learns from one’s mistakes, but a wiser person learns from the mistake of others.” If you can avoid everything a Category 4 person does, you will naturally end up being at least Category 1 or 2. Category 4 chart holders have an immense ‘talent’ for wrecking their lives.
  • It’s a good reminder about many of the themes I’ve spoken about in my blog, and exploring these themes allows us to benefit from Chinese metaphysics and astrology. Chinese metaphysics should not be about the nonsensical rah-rah you find it being packaged with.
  • Technical posts like these remind readers I am not all about memes and throwing shade at other ‘practitioners’. I am extremely cognizant of my purpose and mission in this industry, and this will never change. I’m happy I have this purpose, and I couldn’t be more grateful this purpose also puts food on the table. I will be transparent and say that I don’t go all the way and still hold back on the technicalities as many ‘practitioners’ out there are doing questionable things with it. They take my work and pass it off as insights to further their agendas.

It’s not that I enjoy schadenfreude or wish to gloat at someone’s misery, but doing wrong is simply doing wrong, and it needs to be called out. Neither do I feel bad calling it out. The balance needs to be restored, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone why these themes motivate me to write, just that I hope these repetitive themes don’t bore anyone.

I don’t usually bother trying to reverse-engineer charts of high-profile people to turn them into a blog post. Trying to reverse-engineer someone’s birth time takes a lot of time and effort, but this incident with FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried is just way too epic not to write and take a crack at it.

I wrote a piece earlier this year on a Korean guy with the most punchable face in the world named Do Kwon, and I thought it would say at least another decade for someone like him to emerge. It’s barely been six months, and another piece of garbage of cosmic proportions creeped out of the rectum of the cosmos.

Whether you are into crypto or not, I’m sure you’ve seen the news about this ‘Cosmic Rectum With Curls’ called Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), who ran a Ponzi scheme, and as a result, people lost their entire life savings and even their crypto holdings where they can’t even sell what they ‘owned’ for a loss. Everything they had on the FTX exchange vaporized, and you don’t even get a chance to decide if you want realized or unrealized losses.

This post will combine technicals, philosophy, a case study of SBF and some personal ramblings. Please bear with me should any of the sections don’t interest you. This post is not meant to be thought-provoking or inspiring, as it’s very heavy on the technicals and the themes here aren’t new.

However, I still hope everyone enjoys it and gets to appreciate the accuracy of astrology if wielded properly.

My Thoughts On The FTX Incident

It’s a good time to revisit some of the themes I’ve spoken about on my blog whenever something of such epic proportions happens.

What was particularly sinister in the case of SBF was that he pretended to be the good guy and was known as the “most generous billionaire” at some point. To be fair to SBF, he is young and probably at the stage where he wants to find his place and make a mark in his life, but to cheat and lie at such a scale makes you wonder if there’s something darker about this person. I guess that’s when astrology comes in because it goes into someone’s soul to find an explanation for their actions.

I think most will agree with me when I say that many of us, myself included, really wanted to prove ourselves and mark in this world at some point in our lives, and our late 20s to early 30s is usually when this happens. It expresses itself in many different (and entertaining forms). For example, and I can only speak for males, some men boys start flexing their car, their abs, or whatever it is they can flex (because everything else about them is soft).

By the way, if abs are the only thing that leads to a good life, I would have 12 of them by now. But I can assure you, there’s only one so far.

I’ve noticed from the consultations I’ve had that the years when one is 28 to 32 are vital in determining one’s trajectory for the next 10 to 20 years or even the rest of someone’s life. I can assure you one’s 20s are not considered someone’s prime, but their 30s are because that’s the period where one is truly grown up. Your life experience will tell you this, and any form of astrology will also agree.

Some of my followers have noticed that I keep mentioning “Saturn Return” on my social media. First, I want to clarify that I am not a Western/Hellenistic Astrologer. I read up on other forms of astrology once in a while out of interest because I’m fascinated at how different techniques can point to the same conclusion. The history of how different civilizations shared their knowledge of astrology is fascinating to someone like me. Alas, I do not know enough to decipher a Western chart. I won’t go into explaining what “Saturn Return” is right now other than to say that, from my limited knowledge, this is something one experiences when you’re about to turn 30.

It is the period where we get reminded of whether we are on the right track and whether our intentions are right.

This milestone in your life represents that you have finally grown up, and you have finally grown up because karma and your past actions have caught up with you – and this can be both good and bad. I was particularly interested in Saturn Return when I first heard of it because Chinese metaphysics (Zi Wei Dou Shu in particular) told me turning 30 was a major turning point in my life. The Western astrological notion of Saturn Return parallels what I read from my charts.

Trust me, Saturn return will make you grow up – and it had better. And whether it does it harshly or gently depends on your chart, or rather, karma. I will share a bit about my experience with Saturn Return at the end of the post, so read on.

Is There Such A Thing As “Saturn Return” In Chinese Metaphysics?

There is no explicit mention of something similar to Saturn Return in Chinese metaphysics. But not having an explicit mention doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – it just wasn’t mentioned. In my opinion, the concept of Saturn Return is implicit in Chinese metaphysics theory and expressed through the charts, just that you won’t hear a specific term mentioning the planet Saturn.

You might wonder, does BaZi have anything to do with the planets? Of course, it does. The very planets in space are the huge celestial clock that allows astrologers to cast a chart and decipher its story. BaZi is also an expression of these planets, like Hellenistic astrology or Vedic/Jyotish astrology. Still, many hobbyists don’t realize this because we use Chinese characters instead of the planets’ names to plot a chart.

One thing I’ve not mentioned in my blog is that the 5 Elements we use in Chinese metaphysics are associated with the celestial bodies:

  • 木星 is Jupiter; Wood is associated with Jupiter
  • 火星 is Mars; Fire is associated with Mars
  • 土星 is Saturn; Earth is associated with Saturn
  • 金星 is Venus; Metal is associated with Venus
  • 水星 is Mercury; Water is associated with Mercury

No one should be surprised at the above because all forms of astrological charts are a way of taking a snapshot of the cosmos. The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (天干地支) are all nominal markers in the cosmos, of which Earth is the ‘static’ reference point.

I mentioned in my latest blog post on feng shui in the eyes of Chinese astrology (I can’t speak for the other forms) Earth is ‘not moving’ because the reference point needs to be static before we can take measurements and identify patterns. I’ll illustrate this easily with Zi Wei Dou Shu. We know the 紫微 (‘Zi Wei) Star in Zi Wei Dou Shu is the Polaris star which technically does not in the sky, but yet, you will know the 紫微 star can land in different sectors in the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, and it does because we plot the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart as though the Earth is the one that’s not moving, not the Polaris star.

There is more to what I listed above. Even the specific position of a BaZi chart is related to a certain planet. If you’re someone who can appreciate how the cosmic clock works, it won’t be difficult to know which part of the chart represents which planet. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “There are eight parts to a BaZi, and only five planets have been listed above.” I’ll leave everyone to address this mystery of which three planetary bodies were left out from the above.

Turning 30 is significant. The easiest way to explain this is to quote Confucius because he said so. The saying goes「三十而立」after all, meaning one has to stand on one’s own two feet. It’s another way of saying you better have your life figured out by 30 because how long do you wish to take exactly? I don’t think it’s unfair to expect someone to figure out one’s life by 30, although yes, some people take longer, whereas others stay as petulant children.

My opinion from a Chinese metaphysics perspective is this:

  • In BaZi: The Four Pillars in BaZi, each has its corresponding age range. The Year Pillar represents one’s age from 0 to 15; the Month Pillar represents 16 to 30; the Day Pillar represents 30 to 45; and the Hour Pillar from 45 onwards.

  • In Zi Wei Du Shu: By the time one is 30, the 10-Year Phase Life Sector (大运命宫) would either be in one’s 福德宫 (Karmic Sector) or 夫妻宫 (Spouse Sector), which are both arguably extremely important sectors because they are the opposite sector of the Trine (三合) sectors. 福德宫 is opposite 财帛宫 (Wealth);夫妻宫 is opposite 事业宫 (Career)。

One finds oneself at a crucial crossroads by the time your chart moves to the part represented by your Day Pillar, 福德宫, or 夫妻宫。 Whether or not the Chinese sages developed the Chinese metaphysics techniques with Saturn’s traditional role in mind is not something I will be able to explain at the moment.

Sank Bankman Fried’s Astrological Chart

One Quick Thing To Get Off My Chest

I know this makes me look defensive and territorial, but I wish to respect my feelings instead of trying to come across as a saint. It has been happening a lot lately.

I think everyone knows some new practitioners sprout out of nowhere and wish to give this field a shot for various reasons. It is their prerogative, and I am no judge to stop them to do it other than hoping that they will do it well and do it ethically. Anyone following my social media can already tell how crazy the stories can get and how some ‘practitioners’, old and new, are just outrightly scamming people.

Then, there would be others that enter this field proclaiming they want to change the field for the better, but the next thing they do is to start selling feng shui items and charms. It is a downright hypocritical and self-delusional behaviour that I cannot understand.

I hope I’m not too presumptuous to say that my blog is the go-to place for many people in the industry, and many of them have followed me on my Instagram page as well – some of whom I happily banned because they were selling items. If you can find my website, trust me, other practitioners definitely can too. I think what I wish to say here is that if you wish to draw inspiration from my content, that’s perfectly fine, but please don’t outrightly plagiarise, and give credit when it’s due.

I love writing technical stuff, contrary to what most might think, because it’s my way of showing everyone that I’m not just about the philosophy of things, I can also do the actual work. It’s also an activity that helps me clear my train of thought and good practice session for what I do. Being able to break down the chart in a way few people can is what got me to where I am today and survive in a field that’s traditionally viewed as someone only old people can do. I did the work, I read the books, and my life experiences also helped me along in my practice and what I can share with others.

Still, I have a nagging insecurity that there will be ‘practitioners’ out there taking my work to further their agendas – and it can be to sell an item or come across as more credible when they are not.

Alright, done. Moving on.

Reverse Engineering Sam’s Bank Is Fried’s Charts

I usually use Zi Wei Dou Shu to reverse engineer someone’s chart as it’s a better technique for such purposes as the signs and stories are more salient than a BaZi chart.

Two possibilities stood out as I tried to reverse engineer SBF’s charts. I immediately rejected one because the ZWDS chart structure was similar to Do Kwon’s. I think even a blind person can tell that these two pieces of cosmic garbage have completely different personalities – one needs to shut the hell up and style his hair, while the other looks like he’ll get further in life if he talks more and gets rid of his naturally styled hair. This was the chart that was rejected:

One of the possible charts that I rejected

You’ll see that it’s a very similar-looking chart and almost the same as Do Kwon’s in that the Life Sector (命宫) has 破军 and 擎羊。

There is a reason why two particular charts stood out and made me look deeper, and it’s basically because of 2022’s Annual Phase in the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. For an event of this magnitude to be triggered by someone whose chart is of such low quality, there will usually be a ‘time bomb’ in the chart. Two of these charts for 6th March 1992 stood out basically, and it has this ‘time-bomb’ feature that shows that the chart holder will go through one hell of a bad year.

SBF’s (Cosmic Rectum With Curls) Actual Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

This is the chart that I feel belongs to Mr Cosmic Rectum With Curls:

SBF’s Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

The proposed Zi Wei Dou Shu chart puts SBF under a 太阳 chart in a 失辉 position, meaning it’s almost nearly fully debilitated. 太阳, to our non-Chinese readers, is the Sun. People with a strongly placed 太阳 will have high social standing as this star is the one star whose presence cannot be ignored, and someone with a strong 太阳 chart will radiate a lot of positive vibes.

A person whose 太阳 is in a debilitated position will manifest the opposite of whatever positives this star is supposed to represent. The old books on Zi Wei Dou Shu often describe them in templated ways and say that such charts can’t achieve much or will have a tiresome life. My experience with such charts is that they can be energy-leechers, and they do it by trying too hard to prove themselves and shine because, deep down, they know they can’t. They operate from a very ego-driven state driven by emptiness and a need for validation.

To put it metaphorically, if the Sun refuses to shine, everyone else needs to go down with them. If it sounds like one of your colleagues, it’s because it does.

SBF does not radiate positive vibes and plays the quiet and reserved genius card on everyone. That said, we cannot immediately conclude that everyone born under 太阳 in one of its weak positions will cheat and lie, so let’s dig a bit deeper. Here are a few things that stood out to me:

  • Besides having 太阳 in a very weak position in his Life Sector (命宫), his Life Sector also sits two malefic stars we call 陀羅 and 天刑。 Now, 陀罗 and 天刑 are actually in good, exalted positions. Malefic stars can manifest positive sides if they are in exalted positions. The issue here is that the main star (甲级星) here of 太阳 is in a very weak position, so these two malefic stars will continue to show their negative side. Malefic stars being in exalted positions does not immediately mean they will show their positive sides.
  • Another factor that stood out is his 福德宫 (Karmic Sector) which we often use concurrently with the Life Sector to assess someone’s character and inner world. It sits 天机 in an exalted position and 擎羊 in a debilitated position, which does suggest an agile and rash mind, but it’s being used in the wrong way.

Let’s dig deeper into the nature of 太阳:

  • 太阳 is also known as the 官非刑讼 star, meaning we use can use it to assess matters related to court cases and legal issues as well.
  • The fact that 太阳 is in a weak position and conjuncts (appearing in the same sector) with 陀羅 and 天刑 does show very strong signs of SBF having to go through a legal issue at some point.
  • SBF’s disposition and how he presents himself are also very typical of someone with a weak 太阳。Reserved and a bit socially awkward, you can’t help but feel like he’s always hiding something. The Sun is not a star that should be shy of showing its presence, yet he is.

Now, his legal issue is related to money and the fact that he absconded and misused investor funds. This is also pointed out very clearly in his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart:

  • The money-related events have to do with the 天梁 star in his chart. 天梁 is debilitated at the top-right sector of his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, and it has 化禄 tagged to it.
  • You might think that “Hey, this 天梁化禄 star is in his Spouse Sector (夫妻宫) on the top-right. What does it have to do with the money?” Let’s take a look at the 10-Year Phase chart then:
The sectors outlined in blue interact with each other

I want everyone to look at the top-right sector again, where his natal Spouse Sector is. His natal Spouse Sector also happens to be his current 10-Year Phase Wealth Sector (财帛宫), and you’ll see that 天梁 is also in a double-化禄 state represented by the red and green “禄”.

The two sectors I outlined in blue interact with each other and, together with what the stars represent, paint a story of funds being misused.

Take a close look at the blue-outlined sectors involved in the natal chart layer and 10-Year Phase layer, and you can see that sectors representing the self (命), spouse (夫妻), wealth (财帛), and karma/inner-world (福德) are all involved. If we go even deeper into what the sectors represent, the Karmic/Inner-World sector (福德宫) can also represent the spouse’s Career Sector, and the Spouse Sector can also be used to represent how smooth one’s career is.

SBF’s grandmother ‘Spouse’

Unless you are a cognitively impaired ‘practitioner’ who specializes in verbal diarrhoea on TikTok and reaction videos of Shiba Inu doormats, you will know that 天梁化禄 can be a negative thing despite the Transformer Star 化禄 has associated with positive events. This is especially so when 天梁 is in a debilitated position:

  • 天梁化禄 can represent windfalls, and all Chinese books on Zi Wei Dou Shu will say this, but the state of 天梁 will determine the nature of this windfall. 天梁化禄 also causes 天梁 to lose its virtue, and the best side of 天梁 gets negated. 天梁 becomes self-serving and greedy. This star being in a debilitated state in SBF’s chart does hint that his windfall likely doesn’t come from legitimate sources, especially when his Life Sector already has many negative signs that signal character defects.
  • When I say 天梁 is in a double-化禄 state right now, it simply means his 10-Years Phases are also triggering his natal 天梁化禄, so the effects are doubled.
  • Now, everyone would have read that SBF is dating the CEO of Alameda, and she had a part in this, and this is exactly why his natal Spouse Sector and his 10-Year Phase sector overlap each other – even the charts are saying they are in it together.
  • To go into one final technical detail, one might say, “But windfall from non-legitimate sources does not necessarily mean he will steal or run away with other people’s money.” That’s when the interaction between the different sectors comes into play.
  • Each sector in the Zi Wei Dou Shu interacts with other parts of the chart, and we call this 宫干四化。 We can look at the other Transformer stars like 化科 (‘huà kē‘) and 化权 (‘huà quán‘) to assess how things unfolded and whether they had accomplices instead of just the root cause and result, but I’ll skip that for now, and it’s boring.

You might be wondering, why 2022? I’ll leave everyone with this chart. It should be obvious, and it also illustrates what I mean when I say 宫干四化:

Zi Wei Dou Chart With 3 Layers

The ‘time-bomb’ feature I mentioned above shouldn’t be difficult to identify, even if you do not know Zi Wei Dou Shu. As you can see, the sectors in the chart are now illustrated as purple (natal), green (10-Year Phase), and blue (Annual Phase).

Why 2022? Why was it money related? Why was his grandma girlfriend involved? It’s all written there.

Now, before I end up of the Zi Wei Dou Shu segment, one thing to share with everyone about Zi Wei Dou Shu is the Four Transformer stars (四化星) you often hear about if you’re trying to read up on Zi Wei Dou Shu (which I suggest you don’t because you have other things to do rather than trying to be a practitioner). 四化 can be applied to every layer of the chart, meaning your natal chart, 10-Year Phase chart, and Annual Chart all has their 四化 Transformer Stars. The Stems determine these.

For example, Cosmic Rectum With Curls here was born during a 壬申 year, and the Heavenly Stem here is 壬 Water. The Transformer Stars for that year would be 天梁化禄;左辅化科;紫微化; and 武曲化忌。

I want to state here that there is a reason why the Transformer Stars are assigned as such for every particular Heavenly Stem, but that goes extremely deep into Chinese metaphysics theory which involves the 8 Trigrams and 洛书 (‘luo shu’). In other words, 天梁化禄 shares a bond with 武曲化忌。 For now, appreciate why there are only Four Transformers and not more, not less. These Four Transformers represent 四象 which comes from the saying 「太极生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦」。 Put another way, you can see the Transformer Stars like the changing of seasons, and it sets things in motion.

I always say Zi Wei Dou Shu is a lot more complex, and I angle my report using BaZi mainly because of these reasons. A proper Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis requires you to see that the chart has three layers stacked on top of each other, and each sector interacts with sectors not just within the same layer but with other layers.

SBF’s (Mr Bird Nest For Hair) BaZi Chart

Good Heavens, I can already think of who are the ones who are going to copy what I’m going to say here. Typical behaviour of Category 4 ‘practitioners’. Yes, you can bet I have their charts.

Here is the BaZi chart for our starry-eyed degenerate who has a bird nest for hair:

Sam Bankman Fried’s BaZi Chart

I want to be candid and say that this is one of those BaZi charts that will make another practitioner go “MEH~”, and the same goes for his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. There is nothing to shout about for this chart, and I don’t think any ‘practitioner’ who has pride in his/her work will classify this as a billionaire’s chart. The beneficial elements are not just weak but being harmed, and his Elemental Phases aren’t even on his side. The Wealth Element is not his beneficial element; there is also no ‘Wealth Vault’ in it.

Does it show that he misused funds and stole people’s money? Of course, it does.

I will point out a few things that stand out to me:

  • It’s a weak Yin Metal chart that requires strengthening. The most important element (用神) for this chart is Metal. The other beneficial element would be Earth. This should be obvious to all.
  • It’s not difficult to tell that his most critical element is being harmed via 巳申刑, and this alone already makes it very clear that it’s a very low-quality chart and will eventually have some calamity hit. Not to mention his 申 Year Branch is also his “Void Emptiness” position.
  • FTX was founded in 2019, so Cosmic Rectum With Curls here would still be in his 乙巳 10-Year Phase. Although the FTX debacle only came to light in 2022, it’s fair to say that the misuse of funds has been there since Day 1, and I believe it’s been verified that this is so.
  • I don’t wish to reveal my thought processes 100%, but this 乙巳 Pillar alone already makes it clear that he is taking off with the money. If you stare at the 乙巳 Pillar and his natal chart (for the rest of your life), you’ll understand why. It’s funny because his 乙巳 10-year phase is considered a negative 10-Year Phase where his critical element or “Useful God” gets harmed, yet, you see him getting all this fame and attention. The positives come from the fact that the 巳 Fire Branch does hold the beneficial element of Metal and Earth, but 巳申刑 and his next 10-Year Phase change the bigger picture. As I’ve always said: Never see 10-Year Phases and Annual Phases as separate. They are strung together in more ways than you can imagine.
  • SBF moved into a new 10-year phase in 2021, which is his 丙午 10-Year Phase, and it shouldn’t be difficult to tell it’s going to be his most challenging 10-Year Phase where karma catches up with him. 巳申刑 is still during this 10-Year Phase, and an additional 丙辛合 also forms.
  • To top it off, 2022 is 壬寅 year, so 寅 Wood here forms the full 寅巳申三刑。 2022 is his Tai Sui year or Offending The Grand Duke year. In his case, he clashes with Tai Sui in an extremely calamitous clash.

Please remember that not all clash Tai Years are bad. It depends on the chart, which is why annual zodiac forecasts are extremely stupid because it is doing this:

Attempting to ‘zodiac forecast’ Cosmic Rectum’s chart

You need to be a world-class imbecile to believe in zodiac forecasts. If you have been following my blog, such statements shouldn’t offend you. If what I said offends you, you probably once or still believe in zodiac forecasts. Instead of chastising me for my flair in language, trust me, you will be better off telling yourself to stop being an imbecile.

One last interesting coincidence about Mr Cosmic Rectum With Curls is that 2024 also shows signs of lawsuits coming, similar to Do Kwon’s chart. If you put their BaZi chart together, you’ll see some similarities. I know everyone is going, “WTF? No?! I don’t see any similarities”. There is.

The Zi Wei Dou Shu chart of Mr Cosmic Rectum With Curls also shows 2024 being a year that will have legal battles because 2024 is a 甲辰 year. The 甲 Heavenly Stem causes the debilitated 太阳 in his Life Sector to go into a 化忌 state. In other words, his BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu charts paint the same story as they should.

Imagine the amount of money I could have saved Temasek and other investment funds if I was presented with his birth time. Masters In Finance from a prestigious university? Oh please… Can’t hold a candle to Chinese metaphysics.

My Own Saturn Return & Some Final Thoughts

Whatever I wish to say here is nothing new (I know I say this a lot). Forgive me, as this will sound a bit like a ramble.

What’s interesting or scary to me is that these people with Category 4 charts are regarded as Category 1 chart holders at some point, and everyone felt like they were a shining example of what to work towards. Now that all these things happened, I wonder what people who once venerated Do Kwon and SBF are feeling now.

I always tell people around me not to look at the surface of things because you never know what’s happening behind the veil of what mainstream or social media presents. At the time of this writing, Cosmic Rectum with Curls is still trying to come across as the good guy and still preaches about “doing good” on his Twitter account. In what form or manner does he intend to do this, or whether it’s just another person with a low-quality chart trying to pretend to be someone he’s not – I’ll leave that for everyone to decide for themselves.

There’s a Chinese saying 「不怕真小人,只畏伪君子。」Translated roughly, it means you don’t need to be scared of people who are outrightly malicious and have no intention of hiding it. You should be cautious of the hypocrite or false prophets.

It has a lot to do with the spiritual narcissism I’ve wanted to write about for a while but have not gotten to doing so. I don’t think I need to speak too much about it because if my readers have the patience to finish reading my blog posts, they will also have the mental capacity to know what I mean when I say “spiritual narcissism” or a “bad person pretending to be a good one”.

I don’t want to get overly preachy here and talk about things like money isn’t everything. I always felt these topics are best left for everyone to think through themselves because I know if I were to say things like “Money isn’t everything.”, there would be people out there struggling and even a single dollar makes a huge difference to them. Of course, it’s important, but I don’t understand the lengths people go to acquire more of it as though that’s their only pursuit in life and that’s the only thing that can make them happy.

Pursue money all you want, but I never once felt it should be the only thing one focuses on. That’s not balance, which is paramount for a good life. I also don’t get how morons feel they can be happy with millions, but you have no friends, everyone despises you, and your family is in shambles. You never got to experience what a clear conscience and dignity feel like.

Again, I guess my point is always to question what a good life is and our intentions. What are we doing with it if we have a good life? More importantly, if we have a challenging life – what are we going to do about it? It’s tragic to see people with the right resources squandering their life away and pulling off heists like what SBF did. It’s equally so when those with the right character and mind but no resources give up on themselves.

Unfortunately, astrology and Chinese metaphysics do not have the answer to many of life’s big questions, although it does provide some structure to help us understand them. Bad people exist, and they always will. They are the cosmic fertilizer that helps humanity move forward.

Whatever Do Kwon and SBF are going through now is arguably their Saturn Return event, where karma catches up, and hopefully, they become better people after it’s over. Although, given their charts, it’s something that’s still questionable, in my opinion.

I’m sure some of us made similar mistakes because we were at a stage where we wanted to make our mark and seek validation and even admiration from others. We fall, grow out of it, and no longer do things motivated by these insecurities and voids. And then, there would be those that are just born evil, and I guess it stems from the same insecurities and void that got taken to an extreme level, and the person didn’t find inner peace and balance.

My own Saturn Return was truly unforgettable, and I kid you not, I think back about that period all the time. It was undoubtedly a turning point in my life where I had my awakening, so to speak. My followers, who have dug through my older blog posts and Facebook notes, should know why this is so. I did grow up, and I also came face to face with the issues I had to deal with. It has been eight years since I experienced my Saturn Return, and I spent a lot of time overseas ruminating about that period of my life and how I’ll always want to remember those transformative years.

Thankfully, from a Western and Vedic astrology perspective, my Saturn is placed well, so the outcome of going through that period was positive, but boy, was it hell.

Everyone goes through tough, excruciatingly painful times. And then, it gives you two choices – to become better or continue lamenting and spiralling further. It’s your life, choice, mind and soul – not mine nor any other astrologer’s. Blame no one else.

– Sean

P.S. If you enjoyed this post and have friends who lost money due to FTX, feel free to share it with them. Also, I’ll likely write another post or two before 2022 ends, with the last one being a reflective post, as usual. Till then!

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