When You Trust Your Money With Someone With A Bad BaZi Chart: A Case Study On Do Kwon

May 15, 2022

This post is going to feel a little bit all over the place. There’s an interesting case study in this post but there are also a lot of reminders of some of the things I’ve said – which should be no surprise.

Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I lost money on Luna or Terra, I didn’t. I don’t invest in things I don’t understand and the founder’s birthday is public so I would have definitely checked it first before I put my money into these projects. I rather pound my own family jewels with a sledgehammer than give my money to someone with a chart I don’t think very highly of.

I think anyone who is in touch with financial news regularly knows what happened recently and it had to do with the cryptocurrency Luna and Terra. I don’t want to go into the details as this is not a financial or crypto blog and neither do I fully understand what happened. I can only say that it’s an event that will go down in history and be remembered for a very, very long time.

And yes, you bet I’m going to dig up some charts to see what’s going on and what’s going to happen.

People often find it hard to appreciate why I say a bad BaZi chart can come in any form and when I say “come in any form”, it means the chart-holder can be from anywhere and any occupation. Bankers, lawyers, doctors, and ministers can have bad BaZi charts. Similarly, people from the places and occupations that you least expect can have good BaZi charts too because they have enough and they are at peace.

We all have our own little ‘universes’ we are living in and in our own universe are people with varying qualities of BaZi charts. It doesn’t mean all good BaZi charts have to become lawyers or doctors. The point is that you become the very best and do what’s right in that little own universe of yours. A lot of us lose our center, or rather, balance because we are caught up with wanting to be someone or something else, but sometimes all we need to do is to be in the present, focus on our own realities and make sure we make the best out of it.

I wrote a very long entry on the difference between 象 and 形 which roughly translates to “essence” and “form”. It is the basis of everything to do with Chinese metaphysics and it’s one of the more interesting posts on my blog which I’d encourage everyone to read (after you’re done with this one). The Sean-esque way to put it is that it will give you an idea of why cosmic faecal matter can be from any occupation because that is their “essence”, but their occupation describes their form.

I say this again, but if you think you have a good BaZi chart just because you are a banker, lawyer, or doctor, then you have an extremely shallow view of how metaphysics and laws of reality work.


This happened recently when an ex-client wanted to come back for a review but got turned away. It’s been a while since I got really, really, really ticked off by someone, but I had to give an ex-client of mine who is a surgeon a severe dressing down because to him, being a doctor is about personal glory, being in a prestigious job, and getting that next higher title. I will always remember how he started his Q&A by stating he feels he’s surpassed his mentor and has nothing more to learn from him. He goes on to say that he’s not the best surgeon yet (keyword being “yet”), with grand plans of revamping the healthcare field he is in while having the cheek to say that he forgets simple things like setting up the drapes during surgery which put him in the bad books of his superiors. He’s about to get ousted from his workplace and he still doesn’t get why. He says his intentions are noble but I don’t believe him.

I know some people will say why do I have to be so harsh on someone. I have my reasons. I can only say that if I feel it is the right thing to do and if the outcome is good, I am perfectly fine with being harsh and I still sleep well at night. The last thing I want is for a self-absorbed surgeon to treat the operating theatre like his own personal theatre when what a patient really needs is a grounded doctor whom he/she can trust his/her life with. Before any spiritual narcissist wants to slap the label on me that I’m unkind, only get into a debate with me about what kindness means if you’ve read 《了凡四训》because if I let this doctor leave the conversation thinking other people are the problem and not him, and someone does suffer under his arrogance, then I am unfortunately in the cause-and-effect chain and I cannot sleep with that. If I am indeed executing things wrong, then I pray Heavens will lead me back to the right path like it always has.

I’m not trying to be a gossipy little twat and whatever I put on my blog is never about putting myself on a pedestal. I have explored and spoken about these themes before about why our intentions matter and why is it that some people find success and some don’t. I’m not saying I decide these laws but it is something that I have definitely observed, which is that people with the wrong intentions will somehow screw up their lives simply because cause-and-effect works that way.

It’s sad to know doctors like this exist and part of the reason why I absolutely hate the corporate world is also I had to deal with a lot of people like that.

Honestly, I would very much like to be the very best chicken rice seller rather than be the worse doctor in the world. I would have a much better life as the best chicken rice seller because I know I’m doing something right with my food and bringing people happiness. If you can be the best doctor in the world, then good on you. Go forth to save lives and make your own life meaningful and get your head out of your backside.

People need to get that to possess a good BaZi chart is to be able to find balance within their own lives and own realities which is why I talk about this notion called “balance” all the time. Wanting to change the world or revamping an industry is not a bad thing in itself, but the imbalance here is that not many people are ready to do it and, again, their intentions are not right which is precisely people end up getting shunned and ostracized. There are moments when seeking personal glory for itself and being competitive is definitely fine, but there are a lot more moments that it isn’t.

I want to reiterate again that I am no one to decide what is right or wrong and my job is only to convey what these laws are as accurate as I can in accordance with what our ancestors would have wanted. Life and the laws of the universe will determine what is right and what is wrong for us if we cannot figure it out for ourselves and they will let us know whether we’re on the right track, albeit sometimes in harsh ways and with some tough love.

I might be a practitioner but I am also figuring out what “right” or “wrong” means.

A Reminder That Bad BaZi Charts Exist Whether You Like It Or Not

I’ve talked about bad BaZi charts a long, long time ago and it was the period where I decided I will no longer take any nonsense from clients. They exist whether you like it or not. That’s just how to world is and how reality is.

There’s one very visceral example that went on the news recently which is also a good example of essence vs form and why things that are on the surface, like your occupation, mean very little:

Prominent member of Catholic order jailed 5 years for sexual offences against 2 teenage boys

Let’s just say a lot of people, including myself, know who this prominent person is. You cannot believe the shock and disgust we felt. If a religious figure and educator can be a sexual predator and paedophile, would you not agree that bad charts can manifest in all sorts of ways?

The world can be absolutely beautiful and there are things that make being human a blessing, but there are also things that make us question why humans are the way they are.

I always make it a point to keep things real on my blog because:

  1. It is what it is. I’m just trying to present reality and Chinese metaphysical laws in as accurate a manner as I can. It’s a personal mission and it’s really not about my ego as much as some people like to think it is.
  2. I respect my readers and clients enough to know that everyone who really wants to make good use of Chinese metaphysics can take these harsh truths. We are all adults here.

There are a lot of new ‘practitioners’ out there touting the notion that there is no such thing as a bad BaZi chart and it’s how you use it instead. I spoke about this topic before so I don’t intend to get long-winded here. I am going to be very candid here and say that I do not think very highly of these ‘practitioners’ because literally, any Chinese classic on Chinese metaphysics will tell you that bad charts exist and they are the reality of Yin & Yang. Even the Book Of Change (易经) which is the source of everything Chinese metaphysical have verses that are clearly negative, and we have ‘practitioners’ saying a bad chart does not exist.

‘Practitioners’ not believing in bad charts existing is akin to wanting to work at NASA, yet, thinking the world is flat; wanting to be a nutritionist, yet, thinking humans photosynthesize (although that would be nice); wanting to be a doctor, yet, thinking people are born through the b***hole or lay eggs.

If you feel the above examples are ridiculous – that’s exactly how I feel. Something just doesn’t add up. I know they want to make a living, but clearly, this isn’t the right way to do it in my opinion. Imagine going to NASA and saying you want to be an astronaut so you can prove that the planet is flat – they’ll send your CV straight to Domino’s.

I question why they are even in this field because I really don’t understand why there is a need to deny the reality that bad charts exist because are we not supposed to understand what Yin & Yang represents? I wish there was no such thing as bad BaZi charts too and no one else wants this more than I do because I’m the one who how such charts translate into real life and how painful it can be not just for the chart-holder but for those around him/her.

Why these people insist that there are no bad charts in the world – I do not know. It must feel pretty good to be in La La Land where unicorns excrete rainbow ice cream you can eat. But I guess the reason behind it is either because they are unable to accept that they themselves have bad charts, or they are trying a bit too hard to sell you something instead of getting people to take a deeper look at their lives.

To each his or her own I guess.

Let’s Talk About Master Of Stablecoin Do Kwon

My apologies that I digressed a bit. Let’s get to the case study.

At one point, Do Kwon was the talk of the town in the crypto world but it all changed within a matter of a few days when his projects, Luna and Terra, become virtually worthless overnight. Terra was $116 at its highest and it’s not even worth one cent now. It’s one of those events that you cannot help but take a look at the BaZi charts of the mastermind behind it all.

I reversed engineered his birth time and below are what I feel are his charts:

The above charts were reversed engineered based on the events that transpired and the fact that he has a newborn daughter. I won’t go into the details of how I identified his charts, for now, other than to say that wealth loss, reputational loss, and signs of a newborn are in the 2022 Annual charts. I might still be wrong, of course.

If I am right, though, it’s no coincidence that he’s under the star we call ‘Po Jun’ (破军) because if there’s any star that represents rise and fall, creation and destruction, it would be this star.


Zi Wei Dou charts under the Po Jun will experience rises and falls much more than any other kind of chart because this star itself represents change or the breaking down of something, which is why the word 破, which means “to break”, is there. The astronomical/scientific name for it is 摇光 or Alkaid and it is part of the Big Dipper.

For those involved in crypto, you will know that Do Kwon is quite a personality and is no stranger to controversies. He does exhibit a lot of traits of the Po Jun star, of being a creator, having an entrepreneurial streak, and some bluntness. If you can read the above quote in Chinese, there’s a reason why it’s called 将星 and can represent 杀气。 Po Jun is a very masculine star similar to that of 七杀 (Qi Sha) and 武曲 (Wu Qu) and it’s traditionally viewed as not being suitable for females.

Not everyone under Po Jun will have a temper and arrogance like Do Kwon, but it just so happens that his chart has negative stars in some really important sectors like his Travel Sector (迁移宫) as well as Karmic Sector (福德宫) which both have a lot of influence on one’s character. You will see a 铃星 in his Travel Sector and 陀螺 + 文昌化忌 in his 福德宫。 His Karmic Sector (福德宫) even clashes with his Life Sector (命宫) and he even has 擎羊 in his Career Sector (事业宫)。

Having 陀螺 in a debilitated sector (落陷) in one’s Karmic Sector does represent a lack of a strong moral compass and you will read in Chinese books that they’re described as 心术不正、阴险、奸诈。 His BaZi chart hints at the same as it technically falls under what we call 贪财坏印 because Direct Resource is being harmed by Direct Wealth.

Some people are saying that the crash on Luna and Terra is planned and calculated and it’s his way of ‘cashing out’ or pulling the rug on investors. As appealing as it might be to confirm that these conspiracies are indeed true, what I’m seeing in the charts is that he did not benefit monetarily from this incident, meaning he did not purposely crash the projects while shorting them to earn a quick buck.

This is the reason why:

His 2022 Wealth Sector (财帛宫) gets clashed extremely, extremely badly in 2022 by 武曲化忌 and it’s not just 2022’s 化忌, but his 10-Year Phase 化忌 which is also tagged to 武曲。 His 2022 Wealth Sector does have something we call 自化禄 but the clash from 武曲化忌 is basically where ‘calamity is hidden in positive events’ or what the Chinese would call 吉里藏凶。

His Zi Wei Dou Shu chart is interesting because of the mixture of positive and negative stars in the important sectors. Perhaps that’s why he managed to get to where he is before things came crashing down. It’s a pity because having positive 10-Year Phases would have made things very different.

His BaZi chart paints the exact same picture. Let me break it down:

  • His most destructive element, which is Yang Water 壬水, appears in 2022. When the “most destructive element” appears, it’s basically another way of saying that his critical element is harmed and it should be obvious which one it is – which is Yang Fire 丙火.
  • It is not just the mere appearance of Yang Water which triggered such a calamitous event, but the fact that 2022’s 寅 clashed with 申。 There is a deeper meaning behind the clash and it’s not simply about “Oh, there’s a clash here and hence it’s bad.”
  • Yang Water is his Direct Wealth (正财) element, and it being his most destructive element, its appearance would mean wealth loss for sure.

My professional opinion is that he did not run away with anyone’s money although I am quite sure he was aware of the projects’ vulnerabilities but ignored it. There were even people pointing it out to him. There are also no signs of wealth inflows in his chart and his 2022 Wealth Sector clashes with his 2022 Siblings Sector which can be used to assess someone’s cash holdings. If my experience serves me well and what I deduced is right, he is indeed cosmically screwed from this incident and the root cause of this incident can be traced back to 2021 even when 丙辛合 happened which sees his most critical element get absorbed away.

I very much believe the consensus that he offended some people and got screwed over by his partners and investors and both his BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu charts points this out very clearly. You just have to look at which parts of the BaZi chart are implicated. As for Zi Wei Dou Shu, there is a technique applied to find out the root cause of an event, and the signs can be traced back to the sector representing partners.

Do Kwon is living a Po Jun (破军) chart-holder’s worst nightmare, which is to see everything he built come crashing down. I cannot emphasize enough how classic an example this is of Po Jun chart-holders. Someone under this star will experience a lot of changes in life and they will rise fast but fall just as fast. Po Jun represents change but change, in itself, isn’t a bad thing. If the Elemental Phases (运) are good, each change can bring about progress and progress is a form of change after all, but if the Elemental Phases aren’t on your side, these changes don’t do anything constructive and each change basically sees one’s foundation falling apart.

Despite getting all the media attention and rising to be a very high profile person in the industry, I cannot bring myself to regard Do Kwon’s chart as a good one and I think most people would agree with me, especially after this incident. Fame and visibility are often not a good measure of whether one’s life is good or not and it’s always a double-edged sword. I emphasized time and again that a negative 10-Year Phase and one’s critical element being harmed should never, ever be underestimated. Avoiding such fated events is hard and requires years of preparation as well.

Projecting Forward & Legal Proceedings

A lot of people would be wondering if the law is going to do anything about this debacle. The charts do indicate some legal issues and further reputational damage in 2024. Both BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu point this out (I won’t reveal the technique here). Let’s see what happens if what’s in the charts comes true.

I guess the big question now is whether he’s going to be able to rebuild everything, get everyone’s trust back and, perhaps, turn his life around. People are questioning whether Luna and Terra will recover. I will not speculate because I know very little about crypto, but all I can say is that Do Kwon is not even at the worst part of the year yet. Whether this translates to the complete failure and shutting down of his projects is yet to be seen.

It would have been interesting to get a glimpse into Do Kwon’s consciousness and figure out whether he was in this for the ego trip or was he really trying to change the way the financial system works.

Where his life goes from here should be obvious: Looking at the next few 10-year phases, you’ll see 壬辰 and 辛卯 appearing. Whether he’s going to be on an uptrend or downtrend should be crystal clear. We already know what 壬 Water and 辛 Metal can do to his charts. Even without BaZi, for someone to redeem himself from such an event would be quite impossible.

Perhaps to tie this to what I blogged about a few weeks back, we need people like him so that real progress can take place.

We were all once Do Kwons at some stage in our lives. Eager to prove ourselves and caught up in our own egos when we had a few lucky years not knowing pride goeth before a fall. I guess I can kind of relate to the lesson being taught here and it’s something I’m constantly reminding myself of.

I’m not exactly hopeful given what I’m seeing but let’s just hope he learns and grows.

I mean, what do you want him to do? Wear a Pi Xiu bracelet or put up a feng shui tree? I am sure that will help boost his ‘luck’ when it comes to gaining people’s trust and make Luna go to the moon. *Rolls eyes*

– Sean

P.S. I say this again, but does anyone not see how ironic it is for some ‘practitioners’ to be selling these things? Because if it really does work, they have so many other ways of making money. They have a bloody stockpile of these so-called auspicious items – surely the concentration of auspicious energy must be great. Just put it in the wealth spot and buy Luna?

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