An Auspicious Name For A Good Head Start

Name Selection

姓名学: 平衡阴阳的取名原则​

Having a good name gives you a much needed lift in life.

The Theory & Steps Behind Choosing A Name

Choosing An Auspicious Name For Your Child

Chinese Name Selection (姓名学) is a branch of metaphysics based on the theory of Yin Yang & The 5 Elements – what our ancestors believed to be the fundamental building blocks of nature and reality. By studying the theory 音 (sound)、形 (shape)、义 (values)、意 (meaning)、数 (physical manifestation) of a Chinese word/character, our ancestors believed that a good name can make up for what one lacks a BaZi (八字) chart.

The art of Chinese name selection takes into account the following:

1) 三才: Represents 天、地、人。
2) 字义: Represents the meaning of the character
3) 音灵: The tone and pitch of the character
4) 阴阳: The interaction between Yin and Yang which forms reality
5) 五行: The 5 elements which describes the movement of energy
6) 数理: Mathematical and quantitative study of reality
7) 八字: Finding out which elements are required

8) 姓: The family you were born into

Before name selection can begin, a thorough analysis of one’s BaZi needs to be done, after which the techniques of name selection can be applied.

During the process of selecting a name, there are five particular structures (五格) and the elemental structure (三才) to look out for, each representing different time periods and aspects of one’s life:

1) 天格

2) 人格
3) 地格
4) 外格

5) 总格

The name given must take into account the strokes within these 5 structures (五格) and how the elemental structure (三才) interacts the BaZi chart. Selecting a name brings together different techniques in metaphysics, of which BaZi is a definite prerequisite.


Quick Snippets Of Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this be conducted?

Name selection is done on the basis of what the BaZi chart needs. In other words, a practitioner will not know which name is suitable unless they can decipher a BaZi chart and what it needs properly. The name, its strokes, elements, and structure are all to make up for what the BaZi chart lacks.

The name selection service will be an iterative process with a bit of back and forth between you and me. It won’t be dumping you with a laundry list of names and having you pick from there.

Each name is customized to what each the BaZi chart needs and it requires an accurate analysis of one’s BaZi chart.

I'm not used to doing this online. Can I trust you?

The most obvious reason to not worry is the fact that we’re in Singapore. I’m not so silly to take your money and disappear and ruin my reputation that I’ve spent so many years trying to build.

I choose to do things online in order to keep costs low so that I can focus on my practice and not worry about overheads. It also saves both you and I very valuable time where we can both focus on other important things.

Will I be able to keep in touch with you during the process?

Yes, definitely. For name selection and date selection clients, you can text me anytime you wish to check on the progress as I understand the urgency of these events. I will be reaching out to you as well to discuss whether you like the initial sound of the name before finalizing on the characters chosen. Expect a lot of interaction and discussion.

This service is not about me presenting you a few names and that’s it.

Why are you fees higher than others?

Because in all honesty, choosing a good name is not easy. The strokes have the be right, and on top of that, I have to cater to individual preferences. If it were the kind of service where I can just present a few names and call it quits, I’ll definitely be charging cheaper, but that’s not my style of doing things. The time I spend on selecting a name is way more than what I spend on an individual BaZi consultation.

You will also be tapping into my experience as a BaZi consultant.  Each name is tagged to a different BaZi chart, which has different requirements. If the practitioner is not extremely skilled in BaZi, there is a chance a name with the wrong element will be picked.

Will there be a written report?

I’ve changed my style of conducting the name selection service. There will not be a written report and the proposed names will be communicated to you either through text and other mediums.

The reason for this is because name selection is an iterative process and there will likely be a lot of back and forth. Parents will usually not state the preference they want upfront but only after they’ve received the proposed names. I will usually end up proposing more than two names due to this.

I do not wish to end up proposing a list of names that you end up not liking, or not know why I chose them.

What happens if I wish to consider other names other than the ones you proposed?

If you’d prefer not to use the names I’ve proposed, or have a different sounding name in mind, you can follow the strokes I’ve come up with for the name and find characters with the same strokes.

Do I need to wait 15 business days for the name like your other consultations?

Yes, please allow me to have up to 15 business days. If there are exceptional circumstances where you need the name sooner, I’ll do my best to accommodate, but please understand I have other clients waiting to be served.

If you need the name within 2 to 3 business days, an additional fee may be charged.

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