BaZi Consultation



​Human life is the manifestation and amalgamation of nature’s laws. Through the observation of these laws, our ancestors have formulated a method to foretell how someone’s life will unfold according to the laws of nature. A BaZi consultation aims to help you chart your course, and make better decisions. Analyzing a BaZi chart involves several logic steps such as 取格局,取用神,相神, and also 调侯法。​Chinese classics such as 《滴天髓》,《子平真诠》,《穷通宝鉴》have placed different emphasis on the methods. Experienced practitioners will use a combination of all these methods to give a balanced and accurate analysis of your chart. I have read the Chinese classics on BaZi such as 《渊海子平》,《子平真诠》,《穷通宝鉴》,《滴天髓》and 《三命通会》。Your BaZi report and analysis will be based on the source material and all analyses done can be referenced back to them, ensuring that they have a basis and are not made up. Aspects of your life which you can ask during the BaZi consultation include career, wealth, health, family and marriage and more. Use the information you receive like a map, and make better decisions with it. Don’t use BaZi to make decisions for you, but rather, use it to identify blind spots and make better decisions, which is to pre-requisite to success. Do remember that this is not just about receiving a written report. I will give an overview of the quality and structure of your chart, as well as the areas of your life you wish to look into. We will be exchanging a lot of emails as we zoom into the details together, so do feel free to ask whatever you wish and I’ll do my best to address them. I’m happy to give my opinion on your current situation, steps to take and anything else you need to look out for, but do remember not to treat the consultation as a replacement for other professional services such as proper medical check-ups, marriage counselling and career guidance.


(Genuine reviews from Facebook Plug-In. For original screenshots, please visit my testimonials page.)

    5 star review  Sean comes across to me as a knowledgeable practitioner who is sincere, friendly and responsive. His 7 days online consultation service is something unheard of in the industry and that’s what I feel most practitioners should have done. The 7 days Q&A is very engaging and he is so responsive that I wonder does he even sleep. His replies are deep and thoughtful. They are not your simple one or two liner replies which I often experience from other practitioners. IMO, just his attitude and sincere answering in ensuring that you fully understand is already worth the money. On the analysis, he is very accurate and more importantly, he is able to give me a different perspective to think about. And the fact that I have 7 days to think more and ask him anytime is invaluable. All in all, not only I feel is the money well spent, but I also enjoyed the overall experience in working with a sincere Master. He is truly the model practitioner for the new era where classical knowledge is delivered through modern technology. I will not hesitate to recommend him highly to any anyone or even my clients if they need a good Master to consult and work with.

    thumb Vince Kee

    5 star review  Sean is not the first metaphysics consultant I have visited. However, I am sure that he is one of the most patient ones. A typical consultant might try to rush along the session and one might not have sufficient time to think and consider. But, Sean's practice of consultation allows a client to have time to think through the analysis and ask questions over the course of one week. Furthermore, his replies are prompt and straightforward. However, to me the value of a session with Sean not just lies within the metaphysics analysis but also his advice and guidance. The emphasis and direction on self improvement will benefit you regardless if you are a believer or not and his frankness and honesty in views is something that is not easily found nowadays. All in all, if you are looking for clear advice and have an open and reflective mind, Sean will be able to help provide guidance for you. I strongly believe that he is able to positively impact your life like he has impacted mine.

    thumb CH Tang

    5 star review  I stumbled upon Sean’s blog while I was researching articles on metaphysics and found his blog entries candid and refreshing. He is funny, witty and I really enjoyed reading his blog entries which are relatable! Unlike traditional metaphysics masters, Sean is honest about what metaphysics can do and can’t do and that struck a chord with me as I was exposed to metaphysics readings when I was younger as a result of my mother and those readings back then made no sense to me. As a naturally curious (and somewhat anxious) individual, I reached out to him for a bazi compatibility reading for my husband and I and was blown away by his explanation and accuracy about what has happened in our lives. It was like finally, something clicked and a light was turned on after being in the dark for a very long time. Sean’s advice was invaluable as he provides a balanced opinion while considering other perspectives and it helped me understand and gear up for what may come. His advice has helped open the channel for closer communication between my husband and I and I appreciate that he emphasizes that we should not allow the readings to be a self-fulfilling prophecy and to transcend the charts by a paradigm and mindset shift. We are aware that it is easier said than done but we are encouraged by Sean’s support and his willingness to answer any questions that we have even if it sounds silly. I do highly recommend you seek him out if you have any metaphysics questions or would like a bazi reading! 🙂

    thumb Emmie Ong

Engagement Fees

From $388

Based On Chinese Classics

Analysis and techniques straight from the Chinese classics on metaphysics

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Coupled with ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗数) analysis for unparalleled insight & accuracy

7-Days Unlimited Q&A

The most important part of the consultation which promises a fruitful engagement

Online BaZi Consultation

Single Chart Analysis – SGD$388 per chart
Compatibility Analysis – SGD$688 for full analysis of 2 charts, not limited to questions on love and relationships.
Annual Review (For past clients) – SGD$388

You are entitled to an unlimited number of questions for 1 week from the day you reply with your first set of questions. ​Consultations will be done online and a report will be mailed to you within 48 hours. Remember this is a consultation – the initial report is not the final product nor end of the service, so ask me questions!

Worried about doing this online? Read my testimonials and FAQ!

In-Person BaZi Consultation

Price – SGD$1288 (1.5 hour session)

Prices for face-to-face consultations will be significantly higher due to the amount of time it takes up. I would recommend an online consultation as you will have something in writing and it’s easier to keep track of what’s being said. More than 900 clients have done the consultation online. If an in-person consultation makes you feel more at ease, I’m still more than happy to do it.

C-Section Date Selection

SGD$1288 (date only)
SGD$1688 (bundled with name selection service)

This is only recommended if c-section is already a medical necessity. I personally do not encourage you do a c-section for the sake of altering the BaZi of your child. For my thoughts on c-section and BaZi, please read my blog post here.