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Human life is the manifestation and amalgamation of nature’s laws, and the Chinese have always held on to the belief that human life parallels these laws. The art of Chinese metaphysics was developed through the observation of these laws, allowing the ancient Chinese to formulate a system to foretell how one’s life will unfold.

The art of forecasting using BaZi, or the ‘Four Pillars Of Destiny’, appeared as early as the Song dynasty. The theory and techniques of BaZi continued to be refined with each passing dynasty, reaching its peak in the Ming dynasty where it flourished.


What To Expect?

A BaZi consultation serves to give you insights and a macro-view of the various aspects of your life which include career, wealth, health, family and marriage and more. The art of Chinese metaphysics was not meant to serve you an instant solution or panacea. Use the information you receive like a map, and plan ahead. Don’t use BaZi to make decisions for you, but rather, use it to identify blind spots and make better decisions – good decisions are to pre-requisite to success.

Please remember this service is not just about receiving a written report – this is a consultation. So come prepared to have a conversation with me. I will give an overview of the quality and structure of your chart, as well as the areas of your life you wish to look into. We will be exchanging a lot of emails as we zoom into the details together. Feel free to ask whatever you wish and I’ll do my best to address them.

Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) will be used in conjunction in order for me to zoom into the details, so two different methods will be applied during the consultation.

I’m happy to give my opinion on your current situation, steps to take and anything else you need to look out for, but do remember not to treat the consultation as a replacement for other professional services such as proper medical check-ups, marriage counselling and career guidance.

What Makes Me Different?

I have read the Chinese classics on BaZi such as 《渊海子平》,《子平真诠》,《穷通宝鉴》,《滴天髓》and 《三命通会》 just to name a few of the well-known ones and have a thorough understanding of the theory that BaZi is built on. I studied from the source material – not random online sources nor watered-down bootcamps offered by other practitioners. Your BaZi report and its analysis will be rigorous and based on the source material written by the scholars and sages of the past.

Analyzing a BaZi chart involves several steps such as 取格局 (chart structure),取用神 (identifying beneficial elements),相神 (supporting elements), and also 调侯法 (adjusting for environmental factors). There is no subjectivity when it comes to analyzing an individual’s chart – there is only one right way because these are laws. You should not be hearing different things from different practitioners.

You will also be benefitting from the experience I’ve clocked from more than 1,500 readings and counting, as I will be able to translate how theory manifests in real life.

I come from a place of respect and appreciation for what our ancestors developed and I hope to uphold the integrity and standards of this field. You can be assured that I will put a lot of care into the consultation and getting your chart right, because if I don’t, people will get harmed – and I would not want that to happen.

Engagement Fees

From $388

Based On Chinese Classics

Analysis and techniques straight from the Chinese classics on metaphysics

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Coupled with ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗数) analysis for unparalleled insight & accuracy

7-Days Unlimited Q&A

The most important part of the consultation which promises a fruitful engagement

Online BaZi Consultation

Single Chart Analysis – SGD$388 per chart
Two-Chart Bundle – SGD$688 (Includes complimentary compatibility analysis)
Annual Review – SGD$388 (For past clients)

You are entitled to an unlimited number of questions for 1 week from the day you reply with your first set of questions. ​Consultations will be done online and a report will sent via email.

Remember this is a consultation – the initial report is not the final product nor end of the service, so ask me questions!

Worried about doing this online? Head over to my FAQ!

In-Person BaZi Consultation

Price – SGD$1688

Prices for face-to-face consultations will be significantly higher due to the amount of time it takes up. I would recommend an online consultation as you will have something in writing and it’s easier to keep track of what’s being said. More than 1,500 clients have done the consultation online. If an in-person consultation makes you feel more at ease, I’m still more than happy to do it.

C-Section Date Selection


C-section date selection is in this BaZi consultation page because the date selection will be done based on BaZi theory and its applications.

This is only recommended if c-section is already a medical necessity. I personally do not encourage you do a c-section for the sake of altering the BaZi of your child. For my thoughts on c-section and BaZi, please read my blog post here.


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