I Know there's a lot on your mind. So Do I.

Frequently asked Questions


If you’ve not had a reading done before, or it’s your first time engaging me, this page will be really helpful.

I Know What You’re Thinking

I’ve been there…

If it comforts you, I’ve been to other practitioners for readings during my younger days.

Whatever doubts or questions you have once crossed my mind, too.

The FAQs are questions most prospective clients would want to ask, but either they didn’t dare or get to. This page is an unfiltered expression of how I really feel about certain things and what to expect. It will be uncomfortable but refreshing to read.

It’s recommended that you go through the my FAQs and blog before you embark on a consultation.

Is Sean a scam?

He’s too young for this field! (I’m not that young anymore.)

He has no teacher or lineage?

Is it really possible to pick up Chinese metaphysics on your own?

Whatever you're thinking, take your time to get to know me

Getting a consultation is like planning ahead for a surgery. You do your research, you get referrals, you ask questions.

I’m going to be around for a very long time, so there’s no rush to get a reading done.

Why are there so many words on the website?

He’s so naggy! I can’t stand it! I’m going blind!

I heard he's fierce!

Will I get scolded?

The Tough Questions First

General Questions

How are consultations conducted? Why emails and not video-calls?

My consultations are all done online via email. There is an option to do the Q&A segment for an additional fee, but this will be rolled out to selected clients only. There is no video-call option for clients based in Singapore – only overseas clients.

Conducting consultations via email is a preference and mode that stuck because I had a full-time job when I first started giving consultations. Emails were the only possible way. Turns out, people end up preferring emails because everyone prefers having something in black-and-white that you can refer back to any time you wish, and people trust me because I can break down the technicals easily.

I will apply all three techniques during the consultation but the report will be angled mainly using BaZi for simplicity, with Zi Wei Dou Shu and Qi Men Dun Jia as a supplement where needed.

99.99% of my consultations are done via email and this has been going on for 10 years, so rest easy.

Is it safe to do this online? Can I trust you?

It would be foolish to take your money and disappear in a country like Singapore. There’s simply no reason for me to risk my future and reputation I’ve spent years building by taking your hard-earned money and disappearing.

It will be a good idea to go through my blog before the consultation starts, especially those tagged under “Personal” and “Must-Read” where I share a bit on my background, my views on the history and philosophy of this field and how you should approach a consultation.

Why do you do your consultations online?

It’s more efficient and constructive for everyone. I’ll explain.

When I put things down in writing, I am accountable for it. I cannot take back what I say and it would be out there on the web forever, so rest assured the reports and analyses are done rigorously to ensure the quality and accuracy. You also get a better consultation experience as you can always refer back to what I wrote should you ever forget what I say, which you most likely will if the consultation was done in person.

I’ve tried doing consultations in person and clients have come back to me saying they would have preferred doing this online as they would rather have something in writing. If I were to breakdown the analysis and explain the theory to you in person, you’ll feel lost for sure. You’ll get what I mean if you’ve ever gone for an in-person consultation with someone else because you would have likely forgot half the things said to you the moment you stood up and walked away.

Doing this online gives me a chance to break down your chart step-by-step and explain how I arrived at my conclusion so you can feel assured that your chart was analyzed properly and grounded in theory.

I will show up in-person for feng shui audits of course.

Why don't I see you on media or at events a lot?

Media or corporate events do get you a lot of exposure and great photo opportunities. You go for one, get some great photo-shots, post it online and the next thing you know, people will think you’re a hot shot feng shui master that everybody wants a piece of.

I am not interested in a popularity contest and I’ve always believed whoever is meant to find me and engage me, will.

Let me tell you how it works: Every Chinese New Year, companies send out mass emails to every practitioner to get a quote.  I even get emails that state some other practitioner’s name. We don’t actually get invited because we are special. We are just treated as entertainers. The practitioners who appear on the first few pages of Google usually receive such requests. The one that gives the lowest bid usually gets the invite and such event companies aren’t willing to pay much.

Consultations alone earn you more than showing up for events, so why do practitioners still choose to appear? For that opportunity to raise your profile.

The content and deliverables are obvious. Entertain, do forecasts, and basically say something that’s pretty much meaningless.

Practitioners are not here to entertain, and if they are here to entertain, they should not be practitioners. You have no idea how hard it is to deliver messages that are tough, but yet, needs to be delivered for the good of the client.

I don’t believe in appearing on media for the sake of it. Yes, it’s likely going to make me appear more popular and raise my profile, but I’m really not here to be popular. I rather be real with you guys. Besides, I have my blog to engage everyone directly.

The frequency of appearing on media or corporate events has no correlation to proficiency and other intangible factors such as the practitioner’s ethical boundaries and standards. In fact, I would urge you to develop a critical eye and be careful of practitioners who treat this like field like a popularity contest and throw themselves at every media opportunity possible. A lot of what the media or corporate events perpetuates are inaccurate and is a misapplication of Chinese metaphysics, and it does more harm than good.

Writing about Chinese metaphysics allows me to reach more people, and more importantly, the right people. Compared to the 15 to 20 minutes on stage, in front of people who rather focus on the food just for the opportunity to snap a few pictures, post it on social media and appear more popular? Pretentious. Not my style.

I appeared on the media on a few occasions, but only because they allowed me to stay true to my voice and spread the correct message.

What are you like in person?

I want my clients to get to know me a little before a consultation starts, but getting to know me isn’t something that can be done in a few days and through a website. Read my blog, listen to my podcast and watch some of my interviews over at the Media Features page and you’ll get an idea of what I’m like and the vibe I give off.

I’m not afraid to say what I feel or let my opinions be heard. I’m known to have a strong personality due to how I grew up and my convictions. My blog and Facebook note touches on my past and will explain why. If you happen to be able to read astrological charts, I was also born to be this way.

How I function as a practitioner or professional and how I am in my day-to-day life is no different. If you are nice, I’ll also be nice. If you’re not, then I don’t see why I need to be friendly either. I do not put up another front during the course of my work because clients are not dealing with an organization selling a product or service. I’m being engaged as a person and individual, and I do not pretend to be someone I’m not just to entice someone to part with their money.

I’m a no-nonsense kind of person when it comes to certain things, especially when it comes to my work. You should be able to tell that from my blog by now. So please, when I ask you to read something, please read it. It is for your own good and it is not leisure reading. Don’t ask me when your report is due when it is already there.

I do not have a customer service team focused on making clients feel like royalty and delight them at every step. I am a one-man operation keeping operations lean and costs low so that I can focus on the things that matter. Help me, help you.

Be nice and respectful, and we may just end up being friends. If not, feel free to keep it transactional. Whatever it is, do not, and I repeat, do not be a self-entitled, toxic person. You will get a severe dressing down from me. I promise.

Why do you insist that people read your blog?

It’s simple.

Do you really want to come into this blind? Are you expecting me to dish out some magical solution to solve your life problems? Or are you expecting me to say the same nonsense that you’ve been hearing from all over the place?

Reading the blog is more important than the consultation itself.

If you are not able to appreciate why I insist that you go through my blog and understand my philosophy first, or you’re simply that lazy, we’re not a good match and you’re not the kind of client I wish to serve. You’ll be better off with another practitioner because you’re going to ruin the process and experience for both sides.

If you find this pompous and egotistical, it’s fine. I perfectly understand. Those that get me, will get me, and other people’s perception of me is more of a reflection of them than it is of me.

Don’t give the excuse that you are too busy. If you’re too busy, or you feel that what I write is purely just a marketing ploy, then by all means go get busy and don’t come for a reading.

I really don’t care how successful or high up the corporate ladder you think you are. My definition of success and a good life is not based on the size of your paycheque or the title you hold.

What's your story? How did you get started?

There are snippets of how I got in touch with Chinese metaphysics and eventually became a practitioner all over my website.

For the best understanding of how I got started, you’re welcomed to read my notes on my personal Facebook page.

I did not go into this field motivated by the money contrary to what most people would like to believe. Life pushed me towards this direction when I was seeking answers for myself.

You don’t see me peddling items, or trying to sell Chinese metaphysics like it’s some magical cure. This ancient art helped me a lot in understanding my life and my place in the world, and I’m just trying to make this field a little better and lift the veil on this ancient art.

Why do you screen your clients and reject certain cases?

I don’t want anyone to misinterpret my actions as being arrogant or pompous, but let’s be extremely honest with each other here.

Toxic people exist and I do not intend, and neither am I obliged, to serve these group of people. No person or business wants to deal with toxic, self-entitled people who drain their energy, take out their issues on others and take away the joy of work from them. I do not see myself as a traditional business where I aim to make every single person happy and neither is this a field meant to be a feel-good session.

Unfortunately, the nature of my field naturally attracts a lot of toxic individuals who view Chinese metaphysics as a short-cut to whatever they desire.

These group of people do not possess the self-awareness to acknowledge their own shortcomings and will never understand they are the root cause of their own suffering. We all know that one person or ex-friend whom we no longer want around us. The harsh environment I grew up in led me to metaphysics but that same environment also made me someone with zero-tolerance for toxic behavior and mindsets.

Not everyone benefits from a consultation and I screen and filter my clients for pragmatic reasons because the outcome of the consultation will never be positive. They are asking me for something I can never do, which is to give them instant solutions.

Let me be clear that I am not the practitioner for everyone, so do your due diligence and be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. If you are someone looking for shortcuts and believe that items and colours can change your life – please look for someone else. If anyone somehow slips through the filtering process I’ve set-up and proceeds to exhibit toxic behavior, then all he or she will get from me is an email with the report – nothing else and there will be no Q&A.

You are not engaging a corporate entity here with a team of customer service personnel. I am a one-man show and you are engaging another person. Be nice and respectful, and everything will be fine.

How do I know if my consultation request will be rejected?

Please spend some time reading my blog, especially the articles tagged under “Must Reads”.

If you can relate to what I wrote and agree with my philosophy and approach, there is no reason for me to reject your case, so don’t worry.

If you find yourself disagreeing with what I say, or have no idea what I’m trying to get across, or you’re simply too lazy to read, it’s best you find yourself another practitioner.

My blog is there for the benefit of you getting the most out of your consultation, but for that to happen, everyone needs to understand that this field has been misconstrued and we need to adjust our way of approaching metaphysics.

No other practitioner out there writes like I do. There is no reason why you should be approaching me and expecting me to spoon feed you things I’ve already put down in writing.

Did you really do close to 4,500 readings?

Yes, I did. Everyone knows how much I hate pretence and deceit, so I’d never lie about such things.

The evidence is all in my email’s “Sent” folder as I do my consultations online and every client engagement comes with a report. We can wager if you wish.

I know it’s not a large number compared to what others are declaring. But for me, every single report was a personalized report and interaction. So please don’t benchmark my experience and knowledge by just looking at the number superficially. Anyone can sell 10,000 generic, templated reports.

Have you mastered every single thing?

No, and I never will. The same goes for every field – the learning never stops. The number of different charts possible goes into the billions. Everyone’s situation is unique, it’s just that practitioners like myself study the laws such that each and every chart becomes decipherable.

I’m just someone who committed to this more heavily than the passing enthusiast or hobbyist. My heart and mind come from a different place. If you bothered to go through my blog, you’ll understand why.

Am I more experienced than most people? Yes. Am I better than other practitioners? Perhaps. Have I mastered everything? Definitely not.

The point is, I won’t pretend to know everything, and I do have to refer back to my books sometimes. It’s like how a lawyer has to prepare for their case. I can only promise you that I’m always learning and trying to improve because I will never be satisfied with my proficiency. Pretending that I know everything is only going to harm not only you, but myself too.

Are you always accurate?

Of course not. I’m not perfect, and I make mistakes too.

Sometimes it’s because I’m simply too swamped, and sometimes it’s really just because I overlooked something.

As the number of readings I clock goes up, my proficiency, of course, goes up too. The readings I gave in 2014 when I first started are nowhere close to the level of readings I give now. I also make it a point to always go back to the books to revise whatever I know, and through the process, I learn new things as well.

I do make mistakes, and I seek your understanding with that. I don’t wish to become the kind of practitioner who pretends to be infallible because it is not good for my growth as a practitioner and clients will suffer as a result of that.

All I can say is that I do whatever I can to minimize mistakes. Reading my blog, the automated emails and FAQs frees up my time so that I can focus on deciphering the charts.

For The Chinese Metaphysics Virgin

Your First Time?

How do I know you're good at what you do?

Firstly, there are testimonials available and I do not intend to lose my dignity and self-respect by faking them. If you need to get in touch with anyone who left a review as a reference check, feel free to let me know. I’ll even give you their number.

Secondly, if my blog still isn’t able to convince you that I know what I’m doing, I really don’t know what else will. Everything I say can be referenced back to a particular Chinese classical text and I am very rigorous in my analysis and pursuit for knowledge in this field. You will find that not many practitioners out there can or will do that for you.

​Do you know why there are 12 Zodiacs (it’s not because they had a race) and not more/less? Why is each Feng Shui cycle 20 years and not more/less? There a reasons behind all these rules and numbers. The strongest piece of evidence is still my email inbox as it shows all my past consultations, which I cannot produce due to client confidentiality and privileges.

I’d strongly encourage you to take some time to go through my testimonials and blog posts and gauge my knowledge and experience for yourself.

Are your reports computer generated?

No, it is not. I would not have gotten this far if all I did was send out computer generated reports that could just apply to anybody.

Every report I write is unique, because every chart is unique and people are always asking me very different and specific questions. There is no way a software can generate a meaningful report, or explain how each phase is interconnected. No one out there has written a template for every single possible chart combination. There are simply too many permutations.

Minor parts of my report are templated of course to aid the client to understand and appreciate their own charts. The majority of the report will of course be unique to you.

Is my chart my karma?

Arguably, yes, your chart is a reflection of your karma. This is a deeply held belief of our ancestors and Chinese sages. Chinese metaphysics is the amalgamation of Confucian philosophy, Buddhism and Chinese thought and culture (basically Taoism).

I know it’s a hard thing to swallow, but we have no one else to blame, or thank, for our charts. It’s important to accept what your chart is and what it says and use it as a medium to reflect on ourselves and introspect.

Acceptance has to come first before change.

Are there stupid questions?

The kind of questions you ask is a reflection of who you are, how your mind works, and how you deal with the world. It says a lot about a person.

I won’t try to be politically correct here. If you agree with me that stupid people exist, then by virtue of that stupid questions also exist. So yes, to me, there are stupid questions.

Those who say there is no such thing as a stupid question are being polite, and sometimes being polite saves you a bad review or brings you a bit more revenue.

Clarifying doubts or being inquisitive does not equate to stupid questions, neither does clarifying misconceptions on Chinese metaphysics.

What I deem “stupid questions” are those that are void of self-respect and dignity. You will realize that people of different chart qualities ask very different questions.

Here are a few examples of what people with low-quality charts will ask:

  • Q) Do I need to work hard for money?
    A) Are you kidding me? Everyone does. Something is seriously wrong if you need to ask a question like that.


  • Q) How do I prevent my spouse from cheating on me or stop him/her from cheating again?
    A) Take some responsibility. You chose your spouse. Either you chose badly, or you gave your spouse a reason not to honour the marriage anymore. I can’t stop someone from cheating on you. I don’t sell chastity belts.


  • Q) What colours should I wear to generate more wealth?
    A) Reading books, upgrading yourself, and learning how to think and make better decisions will bring you more wealth.

It takes a very special kind of person to ask certain kinds of questions. Don’t be that special snowflake. Nearly 3,500 people have asked me questions, and believe me, there is a pattern here.

Don’t let the consultation be an insult to your intelligence and mine. If you can only ask questions that are void of any human dignity or self-reflection, a consultation definitely won’t help you.

Why do you use multiple methods during consultations?

Combining different methods gives me more insight that I would otherwise miss out if I were to use one method alone.

Clients will not know the differences between the various Chinese astrological and divination techniques. Giving clients that option to choose between BaZi (八字), Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) and Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) will likely just confuse everyone.

Each technique has it’s own pros and cons and when combined together, it can yield a lot more insight and it also serves as a way for myself to check my analysis because all three methods should not contradict each other. They should all paint the same story.

Regardless of which technique you’ve heard of or are familiar with, I will be applying it during the consultation. Just remember my job is to give you insights and project into the future – it does not matter which method I apply.

At the end of the day, you are paying for my time spent on your case and not the technique or ‘product’ used.

My life's perfectly fine at the moment. What now?

It’s up to you, really. Just see it as getting more information and having a really roadmap ahead.

Most of my clients who consult me are going through a rough patch and are looking for some guidance or direction. People who are going through a smooth period usually don’t entertain the thought of getting their ‘fortune’ read because there’s no need to. This doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a reading because your life is going well now.

There are still benefits to be reaped, such as an objective outlook of your life and looking out for periods where things are no longer in your favour; getting that extra nudge you need in venturing somewhere new; or just to get that peace of mind that everything will be alright.

At the end of the day, this service is not something I want to hard-sell or ‘scare’ people into doing.

Whether or not you end up with a  good or legit practitioner is also somewhat fated. So let’s just leave it to fate.

I still feel lost after the consultation, what should I do?

It’s perfectly normal. The charts can never tell you exactly what you need to do. It’ll give you insights for sure, but how you wield that information depends on you and your own wisdom.

Please do not see a consultation as a quick solution to your problems or expect to get clarity of mind just like that. The only thing that you should expect from a consultation is the chance to raise your self-awareness and understand why you are meant to go through some things.

The answer to what you need to do will come eventually.

Hoping to get a quick fix to your problems with a consultation is unrealistic and is an escapist attitude which you should avoid. It’s normal to want to escape tough situations, but as with all things, it takes time.

How does your Q&A segment work?

You’re bound to have questions after you’ve received your initial report. The Q&A is for you to clarify anything you wish or go deeper into a question you’ve asked.

Please send your questions within 2 weeks of receiving the initial report. The Q&A is valid for 7 days after you send over your first set of questions. If I do not reply you within 24 hours, I will not deduct a day from the Q&A.

I do, however, still reserve the right to end the Q&A at any point. This T&C is only for the purpose of protecting myself from people who abuse the Q&A. If you’re serious about the consultation, having your Q&A voided is not something you need to worry about.

Q&As will be done over email. I currently do not offer video calls. Trust me, you’ll appreciate having something in black and white to refer to in future.


Not Your First Time?

Will an engagement with you feel any different?

I’m quite sure it will.

I have the ‘written’ reports of almost every other practitioner out there so I know what’s it like out there and what clients are experiencing.

Expect my style to be drastically different and unlike what you’ve experienced before, especially when you are doing this online. If you have been to a legitimate practitioner, he or she should have been able to breakdown the theory and logic behind your chart analysis, and done his or her part to assure you that the analysis was done properly. Most ‘practitioners’ these days do not bother explaining how the analyses was done, leaving clients at the mercy of taking things at face value.

You’ll likely find my reports very technical, but for good reason. It’s my way of assuring you that the analysis is done properly and I’m not conjuring things out of thin air. It may be a bit hard to digest at first, but do take your time as the 7-day Q&A segment which comes with a consultation only starts when you send over your first set of questions.

You sound really fierce on your blog, will I get scolded?

I’m known to have a strong personality but it is not the kind that is malicious. I’m just someone who is not afraid to say what I feel, and you should have got that from my blog by now.

I’m not shy of saying blunt things when I have to, but it happens only to toxic clients with absolutely no self-awareness.

Also, to the special snowflakes out there: If you come to me with a self-entitled attitude, rest assured you will get a dressing down. I don’t care how much you earn or what kind of job you have – leave your ego and issues at the virtual door.

It’s not that I enjoy being fierce, but I have to sometimes because there are people out there who think the universe owes them something. I have to weed out bad clients so that my time and energy can be used on those who really wish to get something out of Chinese metaphysics. Sometimes, we also need someone to knock reality into us and I, unfortunately, have to play that role.

It does you no good if you come for a consultation just to whine and unload negativity.

Don’t worry. It rarely happens. You can listen to a podcast interview I did to hear how I usually sound.

Why are your fees so expensive compared to others?

I personally don’t find my fees expensive. They are within reason for the amount of time and effort I have to spend on the service. If you had your own business, you’re more likely to understand where I’m coming from.

To share what goes on in my head:

– I know where I stand in the industry. It makes no sense for me to charge the same or lower than those whom I know aren’t good at what they do.

– My fees are still cheaper than what some of the charlatans or scams are charging. For example, $488 gets you a full reading with Q&A from me but the same $488 from someone else gets you a generic report that is being sold to everyone else.

– I am targeting a very specific demographic that is aligned with my beliefs and philosophies. I am not targeting the mass market or people who want to do this for fun. The price is an automatic filter for what kind of clients I wish to have.

– I have to charge a rate that I feel is worth my time and effort that keeps me motivated and not burned out. It also helps to manage my volume.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide for yourself how much you value good advice and insight. Just like how I have to decide how much I value my time and knowledge.

Will I hear things that I don't like?

You most likely will and for a few reasons:

– A top-notch chart is extremely hard to come by. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this. Just look at society as you will know.

– Everyone will have positive phases and negative ones. That’s just the law of nature. If you happen to be encountering one or are about to encounter one, just know that it is normal and there is a reason why we need to go through such phases.

No one’s chart is perfect. There will always be some flaw or challenging phase written in everyone’s chart.

Will you give me solutions?

I will give you my opinions – not solutions.

Your chart is your karma and the lesson is for you to learn. What you do with what I tell you, and even what kind of practitioner you meet is also your karma.

I’ll try my best to give you a bit of advice based on what I’ve seen in other charts and client’s lives, as well as my own life experience. Ultimately, you’ll have to learn to make wise decisions for yourself and take reponsibility for them. At the end of the day, a lot of the solutions I give are actually common sense. 

For example, I have been asked “Do I need to work hard for money?” People with high-quality charts will not ask such things because dignified human beings know everyone needs to work hard to have some form of financial success or comfort.

My BaZi chart is bad, what do I do?

There is no straight answer to this and it gets very philosophical. Chinese metaphysics and astrology is not the answer to everything in the universe. It’s a study of it.

You would have read that I advocate transcending charts, which is another way of saying “to change your life”, but most people misinterpret what I mean by transcending charts. Transcending charts does not mean you get to do whatever you want.

You will always see metaphysics being sold to people with bad charts as a life-changing tool. Yes, it is a tool, but few people know how to wield it properly especially when they don’t even understand it.

Knowing Chinese metaphysics and transcending charts doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want. We still have to work within our limitations and according to what Heavens allows.

If you have a bad BaZi chart, the important thing to do is to understand why and accept it first. Calm down, take a step back, and the answer will come to you in due time.

Definitely Politically Incorrect, but good for the masses

The Industry & Other Masters

Why do you sound displeased with other practitioners?

My reactions to the malpractices stems from how I first got started in this field. It’s nothing personal and it’s not that I enjoy conflict.

I went deep into metaphysics at the lowest point of my life and it helped me find peace and gave me an appreciation of Chinese history and philosophy. I had a natural affinity with it and I approached it with a lot of respect for what our ancestors pass downed. It was never about “How can this make me rich?”

There are are a lot of things that are wrong with this industry right now. Just read my blog and you’ll understand.

How can I identify a scam?

It depends on what your definition of a scam is.

To me, anyone who sells items or use items as feng shui cures are scams to me who are trying their luck in this field. Those who guarantee success, wealth, or business success also fall into this category.

To others, it might be someone who lies about their credentials or crosses an ethical boundary, like selling generic reports to everyone.

The Chinese metaphysics field is unfortunately a field where people can say whatever they want and get away with it because the government is unable to regulate this industry.

Can you share exactly what makes you displeased?

I’m someone who absolutely detests dishonesty or deception.

Things like selling the same generic report to every single client or buying fake social media followings are some of my peeves. It says a lot about that persons character and ethics. You cannot go very far in this field, in fact, any field, when you lack integrity or come in with the wrong intent. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this.

I know what other practitioners do doesn’t affect me tangibly in any way but as someone in the same field, knowing that the outright intent to lie and seeing how people get misled or harmed does make me very upset. I’m a lot less bothered by this now as I’ve realized it’s more important to just focus on my clients.

Selling Chinese metaphysics as a magical panacea for life’s problems is bad enough, but to add on deceit to appear more credible and popular just makes everything worse.

How you seen reports of other practitioners?

Trust me, whoever is in this line, I have a sample of their reports. I’m sure some of them have mine too. It’s easy to access them because clients approach different practitioners and clients wish to clarify conflicting analyses.

There is a reason I said I know where I stand in this field.

Why don't I see you on YouTube or TikTok?

I thought long and hard about this and whether I should extend my reach via platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

I decided not to because it distracts me from what I feel is important. 

My time and energy are severely limited and it needs to be spent on clients who have put their trust and money in me. It also needs to be spent on upgrading myself.

YouTube and TikTok might extend my reach and visibility but it’s likely to an audience who isn’t looking aren’t going to take consultations seriously. 

I also don’t feel that I’m able to communicate the important messages and philosophies via these platforms because some of these platforms are meant for fun, light-hearted content and for people with short attention spans.

Short-form content that aims to capture your audiences attention in the first three seconds is trendy and great for entertainment but I do not feel it’s suitable for what I am doing now.

Putting things down in writing on my blog has been the most effective way as time has shown and it’s also something I enjoy.

Why don't you scale the business? Are you lazy?

I need everyone to understand that the way I function and think is not what you commonly hear especially when you’re in the corporate world. I do not chase unless growth. Anything that’s taken to the extreme will backfire and this is also part of Chinese metaphysical law.

I am keeping my operations lean for good reasons and running this as a one-man show is deliberate. I see what I’m doing now as a calling but it is also a business I earn a living from and I want to enjoy working instead of feeling burdened by what I do.

There are some jobs that aren’t meant to be scaled, and Chinese metaphysics is one of them. My work should never be about how to chase more revenue.

Time and again, I have people coming to me proposing to work together, asking me to train people to do readings so the business expands, but they don’t see the potential pitfalls of this.

I want everyone to take a step back and think about what might happen if I try to scale this:

– Yes, I might get more revenue, but it comes with the headache of worrying about overheads. I rather focus on giving quality readings than worrying about costs. Chasing revenues creates moral hazards.

– The quality of the readings will go down and people will get harmed. This is already happening in the industry.

– Don’t forget, I self-studied everything. If someone’s heart is really there and they don’t see this just as a job or a passing interest, they really don’t need to be under my tutelege.

Scaling what I do and commercializing this is going to turn what I do into something else – and it’s not going to be good for any of us. It will end up being about pushing sales and selling gimmicks like what you see happening with other practitioners, and that’s not a path I wish to go down.

I was a national level chess player. I plan what I do – and very carefully.

Why can't governments regulate this industry?

First and foremost, it’s a waste of government time and resources regulating such a small industry that has very little impact on the survival and stability of a country.

Second, Chinese metaphysics and astrology have an irrefutable link with culture and even religion, which makes it even harder for the government to regulate it.

The lack of regulation is why this industry can be somewhat messy with no industry standards and checks. Hence the mess.

How do I know if someone is good?

Accuracy is definitely one measure, but it can only be benchmarked using astrology and not feng shui because feng shui’s effects are not immediate. It’s extremely easy to pass off as a feng shui master, but the real test is in other astrological methods like BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu and Qi Men Dun Jia.

The practitioner should be able to explain how he or she arrived at a conclusion in very clear, logical steps based on theory. When I say “theory”, it’s not referring to mainstream, commercial terms. Basically, he or she must quote the Chinese classics and know a bit on astronomy (not astrology).

This is my personal opinion and may sound politically incorrect, but ideally, the practitioner has to be able to read Chinese and studied from the source material, and not some watered-down course conducted in English.

Would you trust someone who understands how the application was developed or just someone who only knows the application on a superficial level? There are plenty of practitioners out there who took a course and came out to turn this into a business, but they did not touch a single book on Chinese history and how Chinese astronomy. I’ll let you decide your own definition of what being a practitioner means.

Monthly forecasts by Daymaster and lucky fruits for the zodiacs… I don’t even know how to begin describing how insulting that is to our ancestors.

Are you saying non-Chinese practitioners aren't as good?

Not really.

I’ve met a few non-Chinese practitioners who are extremely good and you can tell they went into this with the right intention but these hidden legends are extremely rare.

My honest opinion is that a lot of practitioners out there aren’t up to par because of the language-disadvantage, or seeing this just as a business instead of a calling. If a practitioner goes on TV introducing lucky fruits for certain zodiacs, you know something is wrong.

I know this sounds politically incorrect, but if someone studied from a commercialized practitioner who isn’t that good to begin with, and has not touched the Chinese classics, there is absolutely no way they can be good at what they’re doing.

Would you come to me for a Vedic astrology reading, or someone who can actually read the Hindu scriptures?

Why do you get away with saying all these things?

Because it’s the truth, but for some reason no one is talking about it. Also, if any of the people I’m indirectly referring to challenges me, they know they’ll be put in their place. I’m already considerate enough not to mention any names and make things ugly.

They are busy covering overheads, coming up with nonsensical content on TikTok, and scaling their business  instead of spending time reading up and gathering more experience.

If studying from a water-downed source is better than reading directly from the Chinese classics, I’ll quit what I’m doing right now.

Please Pardon The Self-Praise

What Makes Me Different

My ethical and professional boundaries are drawn very clearly

If you’ve gone through my blog, you’ll know my opinions on the industry and what I feel is wrong with it. Here are some examples:

– Doing annual zodiac forecasts: Yes, it generates buzz and can allow me to reach a lot of people, but it’s misleading, unconstructive and harmful. This is the completely wrong way of applying metaphysics. I get that it’s to make things more interesting during Chinese New Year, but I feel there should at least be some focus on education.

Training someone to do readings for me: This is a specialized field which requires a lot of research and years of experience. Some fields and businesses are not meant to be scaled this way. Even if I wanted to train someone, it won’t be for business reasons.

Appearing on media for the sake of it: I am extremely selective on event or media engagements. Most of these engagements involve doing or saying things I am strongly against – selling furniture, doing forecasts – you name it. I only appear on media which allows me to say what I believe in.

There are a lot of things that are wrong about this industry in my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me, but I do hope you give it some thought at least.

I'm not interested in a popularity contest.

You can only thrive in this field if you are seen. Because of this, most people will jump at any media opportunity presented to them. 

As shameless as it is to say this, I get such opportunities all the time but I turn most of them down. I even turned down Resorts World Sentosa once but you will see another practitioner lie and say they are the official appointed advisor when they are just a participant at a Chinese New Year fair.

I’m very selective of the media opportunities and usually only say “yes” to those that allow me to spread the right message, or not get me to say things I don’t believe in.

I present Chinese metaphysics for what it really is.

Chinese metaphysics has been packaged into something that is completely warped. Our ancestors would not have approved of it.

This art is repeated sold as a magical tool that can solve lives problems and turn you into something you’re not. I can’t even begin to tell you how harmful it is to approach Chinese metaphysics this way.

The challenge in the industry right now is to uphold what our ancestors developed instead of proliferating false, made-up theories.

I studied straight from the source material - Chinese classics.

Most people are unable to believe that I am completely self-taught, and would immediately label me as a scam. That’s fine. I’m not bothered and I just see it as a lack of affinity.

Please remember I came from Taiwan and I can read and speak Chinese fluently, so studying from the Chinese classics was easy.

There is nothing better than studying from the source material and going deep into this field yourself, because there is no course out there (not even mine) is enough to teach you everything. Beside, most courses out there are so watered-down, and you develop bad habits and assumptions on how chart are analyzed.

Does studying from the Chinese classics make that big of a difference?

What do you think? I’m sure you already know the answer. Put any modern day English book on Chinese metaphysics beside a Chinese classic and see the difference in their depths yourself.

Take courses available in the market is a good start and makes things easier but it is definitely not enough.

I do not just know the application. I know how the application was developed. I’m able to see things in a chart that most other practitioners cannot see.

Where do you see yourself stand amongst all the other famous practitioners?

At the end of the day, practitioners are also bounded by our charts. We all all made up differently and have a different path to take. Some of us will be successul in this field, some will not.

There will be scams who appear legitmate and there will be legitmate ones you don’t even hear about. Some might be earning a lot of money but end up being burdened by the business, while some earn less but are happy being stress-free and comfortable.

Never forget that practitioners have their own BaZi charts to deal with. Whatever you are going through is what practitioners go through too.

My approach to this field and how I conduct this as a business is my path and I have absolutely no regrets. I do what I feel is right and what suits me best.

I’m not someone who enjoys the limelight and I couldn’t care less about being famous. Being famous has its perks, but it does have its downsides.

I’ve always imagined what it would feel like to be in the shoes of some of the world-famous practitioners and I honestly don’t feel I will enjoy it when your business and livelihood revolves around churning out watered-down nonsense. I’m not being a sour grape here. Hear me out.

Time and effort have to be spent keeping up and maintaining this level of fame. There will be overheads in the business which will force you to chase after revenues and I’ve always mentioned that it poses as a moral hazard because the whole business model will revolve around selling things and course people don’t need. There is absolutely no need to complicate my life that way.

The way I operate now also allows me to work wherever I want and I can take a break whenever I wish. I wish to have that flexibility and I wish to have control of my time. It’s my definition of balance and a good life.

There is a very specific demographic of clients I wish to target and that is enough for me. I do not wish to present metaphysics as something it is not just so I can be ‘famous’. A lot of things are common sense – you don’t have to pay someone thousands just to listen to something you should already know.

Because Everyone Wants A Good House

On Feng Shui

Why don't you believe in using items or charms as cures?

There is absolutely no reason to believe in the legitimacy of using items or charms. Feng shui does not work this way. I have no idea when this trend started, but it has to stop.

From a theoretical and historical perspective, there is no reason to believe why our ancestors would think colours or inanimate objects can change our lives. Colours and items do note define who we are, our character, and the decisions we make in our lives.

Using colours and items isn’t suddenly going to turn you into a better spouse, a more knowledgeable person, or a healthier person. I have also seen enough cases through my consultations that items and charms do absolutely nothing.

If you understand the fundamental belief of 「在天成象,在地成形」instrinsic to Chinese metaphysics, Heavens laws determine the physical manifestations on Earth but people behave as though the reserve is true. Mere items do not alter nature’s laws.

Trust me when I say this: Only people with the worst BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu charts will believe in nonsense like this, and please bear in mind that the quality of someone’s chart and life is not measured by wealth and status alone.

You are welcomed to read more on my views on Feng Shui here: Feng Shui Archives

But why do these items and charms seem to work?

Because you are only focusing on the false positives and not taking into account all the other cases where it doesn’t work.

It’s extremely easy for someone with a bit of BaZi knowledge to manipulate someone. You simply have to sell something right before the person has a good year and this person will attribute his/her success to the item and this person will be hooked forever.

If you really want to, we can do an experiment and I’ll sell you something – you’ll get what I mean after.

Why don't I ever see pictures of you holding your 'luo pan' or feng shui compass?

I personally find it extremely weird to be posing for such pictures and showing that I am at work. It’s rather ridiculous.

Posing for such shots once in a while is fine, but the funny thing is that you’ll see ‘practitioners’ posing for such shots without even looking at the compass, so essentially they’re really just posing for the sake of posing and creating marketing material. 

It’s just business and marketing, I know, but I cannot help but find it absurd.

Let’s do a thought experiment here: Do you really need to pictures of an obstetrician performing a c-section or a dentist drilling someone’s molars to come to a conclusion that they are legitimate and know what they are doing?

I don’t need to show you a picture of me holding a compass to communicate to you I know what I’m doing. I’m not that insecure.

If a house has bad feng shui, isn't it your job to fix it?

I’m not worried about my inability to turn a bad house into a good one – I’m more worried about yours. What do I mean?

Enhancing the feng shui of a house is no easy feat. It is not about placing items, furniture or colours.

You need to change doors, rooms and even the orientation of the building – we all know that is not possible because we buy ready-built houses and most of us aren’t wealthy enough to build from the ground up.

A practitioner cannot change the layout of your house, and neither can they shift the orientation of the building – all of which matter a lot when it comes to feng shui. The ‘show’ that some practitioners put up using items or colours are but a way to appease clients who just can’t accept that they bought a bad house. The easy thing to do is to tell clients what they want to hear, have them walk away happily and close the case, especially when some clients wish to insist they know more than a genuine practitioner.

If a ‘show’ is what you’re looking for, then I’m not the practitioner for you. If you feel that items and colours can change your life, I can assure you that I won’t have much positive things to say about your BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu chart.

The harsh reality is that not everyone gets to stay in a house with good feng shui. This is the reason why I encourage people to hunt for a house together with me because there’s really not much I can do to remedy a house. Unless you own a piece of land and are building a house from ground up, what a practitioner can do is severely limited.

If you can't 'fix' a house, why engage you at all then?

Good question.

A BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu reading should be more than enough to give you a heads up on what to look out for in future. Your charts come before feng shui after all. For a start, I recommend getting a chart reading first before considering a feng shui audit.

People with good charts usually end up with good houses vice versa – keyword being “usually”. There are cases where people with relatively good charts ending up in bad houses, and it may be due to the a particular phase they are going through. Likewise, people with challenging charts may get a chance with a good house as well. My job is to get people to find a good house regardless of what their chart says.

If you already purchased a house, it still helps to get it audited for a few reasons:

– If it’s a good house, by all means plan for long term stay and allocate your budget accordingly. 

– Similarly, if it is a bad house, then don’t overspend on the renovation and look for better houses when the time comes.

– Assessing the feng shui of the house can reveal if there’s anything you need to look out for and tells you how you can best utilize the house.

Should I engage you before or after purchasing a house?

Ideally, you should be engaging me to hunt for a house together. The prices are higher of course, but hear me out and understand why this is important and the ideal way to go.

If you’ve already purchased a house and it happens to be a really bad one in terms of feng shui, what I can do to remedy it is extremely limited. The layout of the house (where your main door, kitchen and master bedroom is) and orientation of the building matters, and these are things that I won’t be able to alter even if I wanted to. Combining rooms may help in some occasions, but it’s not always applicable.

No feng shui practitioner should ever tell you they can remedy the house using items or charms, or using colours and arranging furniture. 

The house we eventually end up with is, in a way, destined. Someone with a bad BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu chart will not be able to find a house with good feng shui easily, let alone a good practitioner.

Unless you have a plot of land where you can build a home from ground up, my job as a practitioner is to do what I can to find you a good house and foresee what may happen to you and your family as a result of residing there. My job is NOT to turn a bad house into a good one – this is one huge misconception that needs to be dispelled.

The Boring Part

Engagement Fees

Will your fees get higher in future?

It depends. The fees I charge now are a sweet spot. I’m happy with the volume and the quality of clients I’m getting.

I might make some adjustments when things start to get overwhelming, but I don’t see that happening so soon.

Do you entertain discounts?


Please learn to respect other people’s time and effort. If not, there are plenty of other practitioners out there who charge lower, so feel free to approach them if you think they can do a better job or offer you the same value.

How do I proceed with an engagement?

Just head over to my “Book An Appointment” page and fill up the relevant forms. You’ll get an automated email with instructions and I’ll also get in touch with you personally.

About My Services

Chinese Metaphysics In General

What is BaZi?

BaZi is popularly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. Laymen see it as a method of fortune-telling that maps out your life. It is one of the older techniques of forecasting one’s life based on the sexagenary cycle, the solar calendar and 24 solar terms. These were the basis of time measurement, and time needs to be measured first before patterns and cycles can be observed.

Your BaZi chart is a snapshot of time and the current state in which the laws are unfolding. BaZi consultations basically study these patterns and use it to forecast one’s life and how it unfolds.

What is Qi Men Dun Jia?

Qi Men Dun Jia is a form of divination, which means to seek answers or knowledge related to the future. It is a short-term, tactical Chinese metaphysics technique that gives you clear answers on the outcome of any situation.

People often use it to ask about their careers, love life, finances, health, and whether a particular decision is favourable for you.

What is Zi Wei Dou Shu?

Zi Wei Dou Shu is a more complex form of Chinese astrology which uses the position of the stars. The major stars Zi Wei Dou Shu uses are from the Big Dipper and part of the Sagittarius constellation.

There are 12 sectors in the chart, each representing a certain aspect of one’s life. Depending on the positioning of the stars that land inside them, a practitioner can deduce the strengths and weaknesses coming from these areas of one’s life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient study of the environment and how you can benefit from it. Just like how things we see in nature get affected by its environment, human life follows suit. Feng Shui’s foundations lie with geography, astronomy, and observing nature’s laws and patterns.

The two major schools of Feng Shui are the Landform School and the Compass school. Several minor schools of feng shui exist too and the most common ones you’ll hear at the Eight Mansions School and Flying Stars school.

A feng shui master or practitioner’s job is to make sure people end up in a suitable, nourishing environment for their growth.

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