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Questions any prospective client would want answers to.

Welcome to my FAQ! This page is meant to help you decide whether or not I am the right consultant for you. I’ve compiled the most common questions I get from my prospective clients to give you a quick overview of what I feel you should know before embarking on a consultation with anyone.

My blog is still the most important page to visit so do drop by!


It would be foolish to take your money and disappear in a country like Singapore. I’ve revealed my identity, I have a great full-time job and even revealed where I work – there’s no reason for me to risk my future and reputation I’ve spent years building by taking your hard-earned money and disappearing.

There are a few blog posts that would really encourage you to read if you’re considering a consultation:



It will be a good idea to go through my blog before the consultation starts, especially those tagged under “Personal” and “Must-Read” where I share a bit on my background, my views on the history and philosophy of this field and how you should approach a consultation.


It’s more efficient and constructive for everyone – let me explain. When I put things down in writing, I am accountable for it. I cannot take back what I say and it would be out there on the web forever, so rest assured the reports and analyses are done rigorously to ensure the quality and accuracy. You also get a better consultation experience as you can always refer back to what I wrote should you ever forget what I say which you most likely will.

I’ve tried doing consultations in person and clients have came back to me saying they would have preferred doing this online as they would rather have something in writing. If I were to breakdown the analysis and explain the theory to you in person, you’ll feel lost for sure. Take your time to understand your chart and what metaphysics is about.

Doing this online gives me a chance to break down your chart step-by-step and explain how I arrived at my conclusion so you can feel assured that your chart was analyzed properly and grounded in theory.​

I will show up in-person for feng shui audits of course.


Honestly, no. Most things do come naturally from the experience I’ve accumulated, but at this stage I have yet to memorize all the possible combinations for BaZi and FengShui, as well as the theory developed over a few thousand years in my head and I do have to refer to materials from time to time when I come across a rare or unfamiliar BaZi chart or FengShui structure. Just like how lawyers and doctors need to refer back to their books, case studies and academic journals, metaphysics practitioners like myself need to refer back to their source material sometimes as well.

Pretending to know everything or that I have everything memorized in my head would only harm both myself and my clients. What I offer is my experience, the resources I have access to, and my understanding of the theory and history on Chinese metaphysics so that it can be applied correctly and you can truly benefit from it. Do refer to my testimonials or case studies.


I’ve had a tough start to life and spent a lot of my time reading as my parents weren’t around to guide me as I was growing up. I spent a lot of time reading philosophy, Chinese culture and history just to name a few subjects, and metaphysics was undoubtedly part of it. I wanted to understand the world a little better and why my life was the way it was and developed the skill along the way. I did not embark on this field for the money – my life just pushed me towards this direction. 

This is a very fulfilling profession and I’m happy to see that this art has been able to help some of my clients find direction in their lives like how it has helped me. It’s not something I have to do because I have a career outside of this; it’s something I can do as a passion and interest with the extra time I have.

​Monetary returns will always a pull-factor for any profession and the things we engage ourselves in and I fully admit this will always be part of the motivation, but I also understand it can not be the core motivation and the monetary rewards has to be the by-product of many other factors, such as my passion for this field and and clients’ well-being.

I know my prices are on the high side, but only because I value my time and I have a very good idea of where I stand in terms of knowledge and experience.


I don’t think I will ever do this full-time. My bandwidth still currently allows me to do this on a freelance basis. There are still a lot of things for me to learn and room for development as a corporate professional, and the better I do in my professional life, the more I can offer for my clients as well. I just feel it would be unwise if I did metaphysics consulting as a full-time job. Being in touch with the world allows me to better see how an old art like metaphysics can fit into the modern world too.

Not relying on this as my main source of income helps to keep my practice pure, free from conflicts of interest and moral hazards. I personally feel that this field is not something one should be pushing ‘sales’ for, and it would be extremely unethical for any practitioner to say baseless and untrue things in hopes of getting a prospective client to pay for a consultation. The practice of saying baseless things to generate buzz and fish for clients is extremely rampant in this field, which upsets me quite a bit.

I don’t wish to have to worry about overheads or having a bad month with very little clients, which risks putting me in a position where the threat to my livelihood makes me say or do things that I don’t believe in. I’m also extremely against the selling merchandise as ‘cures’ which acts as a source of income for some.

Doing this on a freelance basis doesn’t stop me from conducting seminars and being involved in corporate events. I also wish to remain in the position of being comfortable turning away difficult clients if required. My focus is to keep getting better at what I do and making sure each client of mine has a meaningful consultation. Everything else, I believe, will fall into place.


Firstly, there are testimonials available. Secondly, I’m pretty sure I can explain the theory and history to you and convince you that I know my stuff. Everything I say can be referenced back to a particular Chinese classical text and I am very rigorous in my analysis and pursuit for knowledge in this field. You will find that not many practitioners out there can or will do that for you.

​Do you know why there are 12 Zodiacs (it’s not because they had a race) and not more/less? Why is each FengShui cycle 20 years and not more/less? Because I do! The strongest piece of evidence is still my email inbox as it shows all my past consultations, which I cannot produce due to client confidentiality and privileges.

I’d strongly encourage you to take some time to go through my testimonials and blog posts and gauge my knowledge and experience for yourself.


Yes, they are. After each consultation, I would ask my clients to leave an honest and heartfelt review if they found the consultation to be useful and a lot of them were really supportive and willing to put in a word for me. I return the favour by analyzing another chart for them pro bono. The result is that I’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews, which may not be a fair assessment of my services as I do mistakes from time to time. My clients were only willing to leave a review in exchange for another analysis because they felt that the initial consultation was done well and accurate, so I do hope this gives you some confidence in my knowledge and experience. This is a profession that has to be built on reputation and trust, so there’s no reason why I wouldn’t give my best for my clients and I will do everything I can to give them reasons to leave a positive review.

Some clients have specially created an account on forums just to put in the review, so you will see a lot of users on forums with just one post under their name as some of them are uncomfortable with leaving a review on Facebook as it will show their names and identity. Some people have suspected that I created fake forums accounts to leave reviews, but my past clients have come out to identify themselves as real people and even left their contact details – you can refer to some of the screenshots on the testimonials page.


I’ve stopped the practice of getting my clients to leave reviews on forums and will be focusing on my Facebook page and I hope their reviews left by their genuine Facebook accounts are convincing enough. If you need to speak to them directly for a reference, please feel free to let me know.


Most of my clients who consult me are going through a rough patch and are looking for some guidance or direction – people who are going through a smooth period usually don’t entertain the thought of getting their ‘fortune’ read because they are busy enjoying life.

There are still benefits to be reaped though in my opinion, such as looking out for periods where things are no longer in your favour; getting that extra nudge you need in venturing somewhere new, such as starting your own business; or just to get that peace of mind that everything will be alright. Just treat this as getting additional information which you can use to make better decisions or identify blind spots. Right decisions lead to good outcomes. At the end of the day, this service is not something I can or will ever hard-sell and I’m here just to offer my time, knowledge and experience.

The interesting thing is, a lot of my clients only managed to find me after they have experienced a major setback and need some form of closure that a particular event was written in the stars. A reading helps you prepare for such events, and in the best case scenario, avoid it altogether. The upward and downwards in ‘luck’ due to the 大运s changing should not be underestimated – I’ve seen a lot of people suddenly doing extremely well after they entered into a favourable 大运 and losing everything when they enter into a bad one. Not that I’m trying to scare people into doing a reading, but identifying all these upturns and downturns is precisely the reason why our ancestors developed BaZi and FengShui so that we can learn our lessons and develop as a person, hopefully without having to go through all that trauma or turmoil.

Just treat a reading like a guide or a map to help you identify blind-spots, plan ahead and make better decisions, but remember, metaphysics is not a short-cut or magical solution to your life’s problems.


I don’t entertain such requests to be honest and have turned away many clients for a few reasons:

1) My testimonials, articles and forum posts are there for you to refer to and gauge whether I’m good at what I do.
2) Some people have approached me with unrealistic expectations of what Chinese metaphysics can do.
3) From my experience, people who have approached me while being filled with doubts will never be happy with the reading and will find fault in everything I say. They fail to understand that metaphysics is not a shortcut to their problems but a guide to how one should live life. They expect me to solve their life’s problems, and when I tell them I can’t, they get angry.
4) I wish to focus my time and effort on the clients who have placed their trust in me. I do believe in affinity and believe that I meet my clients for a reason and I will do everything in my knowledge and power to help them.

I know it might come across as arrogant, but it’s really about managing my time and energy well and channeling it to the right people and places, so I sincerely hope you guys understand!


​I benchmarked my rates based against a few of the more established practitioners out there and went in as a ‘secret customer’ to gauge where I stand in terms of knowledge and experience. I adjusted the rates higher than the average market rate to position myself as a genuine practitioner and to prevent myself from burning out, especially when I take this job very seriously and put in a huge amount of effort for each consultation. In other words, it does not make sense for me to be charging the same amount as the ‘practitioners’ whom have never picked up a single Chinese classics – or to put it bluntly, scammers or fake ‘practitioners’.

A lot of time will be spent on your case and follow-up emails usually last for a few weeks, so rest assured I’ll make your money worthwhile. Part of the reason is also that a higher fee allows me to filter my potential clients a little and focus on a targeted demographic which can benefit most from my style of conducting consultations.

Engaging me for an online consultation requires a lot of trust in me and it’s something I will not take for granted.


If you had a bit of knowledge about the theory and asked the right questions, a bit of probing would be enough for you to determine the skill of the practitioner. I hate to say this, but there are a lot of scammers out there who will try to get you to part with your money by convincing you that a certain ritual or item will change your life. It’s easy to sell hope to someone going through desperate times, especially when it’s something as misunderstood and esoteric as metaphysics. Genuine practitioners should be take the effort to break down your chart and explain to you how they got the conclusion, even if you’re a layman. That’s the least any practitioner could do for a client. There should be no upselling and grand claims that they can turn your life around.

For example, if you ever went for a BaZi reading and the ‘practitioner’ did not ask you for your place of birth to adjust for Solar Time, that person would most likely be unreliable in my opinion. Someone who is sincere about this field would go deep into the theory out of pure appreciation for the art and its history – that should always be the core motivation before you step into this profession and start charging. If you had a bit of background knowledge and know what kind of questions to ask, it’s easy to tell which practitioner out there knows their stuff and who doesn’t. Also, a real practitioner would also be able to quote the Chinese classics and even identify which chapter it is from and will never rely on software generated reports.

With regards to feng shui, the saying goes 『七分命理不出门,三分风水走天下』。What this means is – anyone can pass off as a fengshui master you’re unable to verify his/her proficiency on the spot, so if you really want to gauge a practitioner’s proficiency, test them on their 八字 theory and knowledge in astronomy. This is the best litmus test for the layman. Also, a real practitioner will never ask you to buy items or charms as ‘cures’.


No, I don’t. There is a huge, widespread misconception about such ‘predictions’ and forecasts based on your zodiac due to the commercialization of this field. This excessively broad and general analysis of what will happen in a particular year does not hold in BaZi theory and I honestly feel that it does not help at all – you need to look at the whole chart. 犯太歲 can actually be a good thing. You can read up on what I have this say on this topic in my blog – I’ve written numerous articles on it.


I don’t really participate in forums anymore although I still pop by once in a while to answer a few questions here and there but that’s about it. When I first started building an online presence back in late 2014, I often got into very heated debates with online personalities or what we know as “internet trolls”, but I’ve since learned to mind my own business and focus on my own life, working towards my goals. I know for a fact that a few older incumbents aren’t happy that someone younger than them is doing this and seemingly doing better, so it’s no surprise that I’ve been a target of sabotage before.

The reason why I (used to) speak up against people who blindly give advice and analysis on forums is because I’ve had friends who went to such people for a reading and ended up with depression. I’ve also met a few people who tried to scam me into signing up for lessons as I was walking around Bugis one day, but they broke down when I started questioning them on their analysis and knowledge. All these incidents spurred me to go into this field myself where I hope I can make some positive change.

I do have very strong views regarding this field and of people who give advice or analysis flippantly without having ever picked up a Chinese classic to read, but to each his own I guess.


Perhaps considered a bit young to be in such a field, but paradoxically it’s also the reason why clients trust me because they know if someone my age goes into this, it’s because I have genuine respect and interest for Chinese history and culture. I am very confident my knowledge in this field surpasses many of the existing practitioners out there. I did become friends with quite a number of my clients after they have engaged me, and one family even took me in as their god-son. Out of personal preference I would prefer to be a bit more low-profile and not reveal how I look while I focus on building an online presence and reputation for now.

If you really wish to know who I am or how I look like, feel free to message me on my Facebook page and start a conversation and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Update: I’ve decided to put a face to the name after migrating to this new website! Feel free to reach out anytime to get the conversation going! Do give my Facebook page a “Like” and join my Facebook group!


It’s perfectly normal. Please do not see a consultation as a quick solution to your problems or expect to get clarity of mind just like that. The only thing that you should expect from a consultation is the chance to raise your self-awareness and understand why you are meant to go through some things. Hoping to get a quick fix to your problems with a consultation is unrealistic and reflects an escapist attitude. I encourage everyone to read through my blog to understand the mindset that one should have when getting a reading. For more information, please refer to my post-consultation FAQs.


Should you still be having doubts on my knowledge and experience, be sure to visit my testimonials page and also my blog. Take your time to decide if you wish to go for a reading and think about what you hope to achieve from it. Remember, a consultation is not a shortcut or quick fix to life’s challenges.

Head over to my Contact Page to get started once you’re ready!

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