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Sean Chan


It’s important that you spend a bit of time to get to know me, my background, and my approach to Chinese metaphysics.

My background

About Me

I was born in Taiwan and came to Singapore when I was 4 months old. I went through the typical path of a Singaporean student, graduating from NUS Business School and the University Scholars Programme.

My affinity with Chinese metaphysics started when I was 18  when I picked up my first book on Chinese astrology that was lying around the house. This ancient art started off as a mere intrigue at the start, but life eventually started pushing me towards the direction of becoming a practitioner. It’s a long story.

You may know me as a BaZi consultant or feng shui master, but I rather you call me a Chinese metaphysics consultant and by my name. There’s no need to address me as “master”.

Read on to know my story.

It’s been a Crazy ride

The Journey So Far

The beginnings

This website had humble beginnings, with only 10+ visits per day when it first started under another domain name. Today, it’s one of the most visited sites on Chinese metaphysics with more than 12,000 visitors a month.

I write thought-provoking posts to get people to take another look at what Chinese metaphysics is supposed to be and how far it has strayed in modern-times. If you wish to benefit from this ancient art, educating yourself a little about its history and philosophy is important. It’s paramount to use this ancient art the way our ancestors intended if you truly wish to benefit from it.

Keep reading, and you’ll get to the part which explains everything and how I got started.

The Journey

I am a self-taught practitioner. I had no teacher and have no lineage. If that discomforts you, that’s fine.

I studied straight from the source material written in feudal China. I felt there was no need to learn from someone else’s watered-down content, especially when I’m fluent in Chinese since I was a child. I’m constantly learning, revising, and reading whatever I can get my hands on.

Fast-forward, I’ve served more than 3,500 clients – all with personalized reports, Q&As and conversations instead of generic ones you see being sold out there. The knowledge and experience I’ve acquired are unparalleled even when compared to other practitioners who have been in the field longer than me.

My Mission

My mission has always been to educate the public about this esoteric field and let everyone appreciate it for what it is – the wisdom passed down by our ancestors and the rich history behind it.

Superstition, misconceptions, and malpractices have plagued this field for the longest time, and metaphysics is harming more people than they are benefitting from it. I told myself I’ll do things differently and present Chinese metaphysics with the same spirit the Chinese sages developed it with.

Whatever you read on this site are genuine, unfiltered thoughts.

What’s In It For you

I have a lot of pride in what I do which a lot of people miscontrue as arrogance. I say this without ego, but I know where I stand against other practitioners in terms of knowledge and ethics in a very commercialized metaphysics industry where everything is sold as a quick fix to life’s problems. You don’t need me to tell you that life has no quick fixes.

It’s not my style to be gimmicky and find ways to make people part with their money and I refuse to portray metaphysics as what it’s being sold as today. I focus only on my purpose – to be the best and respected in my field, and give my clients an accurate reading and constructive discussion. Hopefully, clients get to discover the beauty of Chinese history and culture in the process.

What I’m Known For

My Specialization

I specialize in techniques that deemed popular in the Chinese metaphysics field. They are:

  • BaZi | 八字
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu | 紫微斗数
  • Qi Men Dun Jia | 奇门遁甲
  • Feng Shui | 风水
  • Date Selection | 择日
  • Name Selection | 姓名学

If you’re wondering how one can specialize in so many methods, it’s because their underlying theories are the same. Yin Yang, the 5 Elements, 9 Palaces, and astronomy are the fundamental building blocks of all Chinese metaphysics techniques.

I hope I don’t have to keep mentioning the fact that I studied directly from the source material, The rate of consultations I receive eventually allowed me to surpass most incumbent practitioners in terms of knowledge and experience. Most of my time reading, writing, and practicing instead of coming up with marketing material for the sake of a sale.

What sets me apart from other practitioners is that I use BaZi, Zi Wei Dou, and Qi Men Dun Jia simultaneously during consultations to give unparalleled insight and clarity.

Quick Snippets Of Information 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BaZi | 八字?

BaZi is popularly known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. Laymen see it as a method of fortune-telling that maps out your life.

It’s one of the older techniques of forecasting one’s life based on the sexagenary cycle, the solar calendar and 24 solar terms. These were the basis of time measurement, and time needs to be measured first before patterns and cycles can be observed.

Your BaZi chart is a snapshot of time and the current state in which the laws are unfolding. BaZi consultations basically study these patterns, and use it to forecast one’s life and what’s to come. 

What is Zi Wei Dou Shu | 紫微斗数?

Zi Wei Dou Shu is a more advanced form of Chinese astrology. Instead of focusing on the sun and solar terms, it focuses on the stars. The primary stars used are the Polaris star also known as Zi Wei (紫微) which Zi Wei Dou Shu derived its name from. It also involves stars from the Big Dipper (北斗七星) and part of the Saggitarius constellation (南斗六星).

What is Qi Men Dun Jia | 奇门遁甲?

Qi Men Dun Jia is a divination method that was first developed for military expeditions. Divination involves a question and a response, so it is used when you have a question or wish to know the outcome of an action or event. 

It is a more short-term, tactical technique to seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls, and makes up for some of the gaps in macro-techniques like BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu.

Why use all three methods at the same time?

Each method has its pros and cons. Using all three methods I know gives you an extremely holistic view of what’s to come. Using a single method alone won’t achieve this.

It also makes me more efficient and helps make sure my analysis is on the right track because the three methods should paint the same story of someone’s life.

Yes, they are real people. Click on their profiles.


Or call them. I’ll give you their number. 

  • I came across Sean’s blog on Google while looking for a Bazi compatibility service. I decided to engage his service after reading some articles that he wrote on his blog and was convinced by his ability to bring across his message as well as his knowledge in metaphysics.

    While waiting for the scheduled day of consultation, I read up the rest of the articles he wrote on his blog and got to learn more about metaphysics especially in the topic of feng shui (more recently on Flying Star 9) and transcending one’s Bazi chart. If you engage in other Feng shui...
    read more

    Kah Khek Toh Avatar
    Kah Khek Toh
  • I approached Sean for a consultation after I read his blogposts, and it has certainty been an enriching experience. There are 3 key reasons why I will engage Sean as my practitioner going forward:

    1. His heart is in the right place. Sean has been incredibly patient and accommodating when I wasn't able to reply him immediately. Also, he is an morally upright practitioner that conducts his consultations with integrity. Some practitioners might distort the truth in a bid to scare you into buying charms as a “solution”, when their objective is to line their own pockets instead. Although his...
    read more

    Jiemin Cheng Avatar
    Jiemin Cheng
  • I engaged Sean Chan for fengshui reading for family. Was skeptical at first thinking that he is only in his 30s, because I guess my impression of Fengshui Master always tend to be of one who old and probably equipped with "centuries" of wisdom. I was contemplating between him and a few other older fengshui master but decided to roll with him because of his media publicity and his blog and his belief that Fengshui is not about color and items and about changing oneself. And I did not regret my decision. He was punctual for the meeting. During the... read more

    Benjamin Teo Avatar
    Benjamin Teo
  • I have seen and paid alot of money to different Bazi or Fortune Teller 'Masters', but none of them come close to what Master Sean is. I come from the service industry and positive sales approach or positive reinforcement is something that I practice alot. We often tell people things they want to listen first before telling them what is best for them. This system works well for sales but I cannot say the same thing for something that is about your life.

    Unlike most 'Masters' that are computer based, or selectively tell you things you want to listen to, Master...
    read more

    Lester Trinstan Kwok Avatar
    Lester Trinstan Kwok
  • I stumbled upon Sean’s blog while I was researching articles on metaphysics and found his blog entries candid and refreshing. He is funny, witty and I really enjoyed reading his blog entries which are relatable! Unlike traditional metaphysics masters, Sean is honest about what metaphysics can do and can’t do and that struck a chord with me as I was exposed to metaphysics readings when I was younger as a result of my mother and those readings back then made no sense to me. As a naturally curious (and somewhat anxious) individual, I reached out to him... read more

    Emmie Ong Avatar
    Emmie Ong
  • I came through Sean's blog entries while searching for references to study my own Bazi. While I'd like to be able to decipher mine and others Bazi accurately eventually, I'm far from competent. And, with my wife, we're at crossroads in life now deciding on our next steps in our career. Desperate for guidance, I quickly thought of Sean's service because I love the bluntness, at the same time, professionalism in his blog entries. At the very least I knew what a good/not so good BZ practitioner should know, and Sean's blog entries reflect those values and knowledge. At the... read more

    Nicholas Chew Avatar
    Nicholas Chew
  • I first found Master Sean Chan via a Google search. From the articles he wrote, it is quite clear that Master Sean knows exactly what he is doing. He provides a ‘translation’ of the olden, traditional teachings of Fengshui, Bazi & Zi Wei Dou Shu through a reasonable ‘lens’ to help us understand how such teachings apply to us in today’s world.

    I’ve engaged his services to do a Bazi/ZiWeiDouShu reading for my family & I agree with most of his interpretations of our charts so far. Many geomancers either only focus on the good or tell you bad things that...
    read more

    Eugene Toh Avatar
    Eugene Toh
  • If you're hoping for a practical and genuine metaphysics consultation that is rooted in proper classical texts. Search no more! Sean's the man for the job. I approached him for 3 types of service; bazi compatibilty, date selection and feng shui assessment.

    Sean was very patient and thorough with his explanations and analysis. He always found the time to reply to my questions even at times when he was busy. He was also helpful, even going out of his way to help me.

    Besides that, one of the truly unique and genuine things about Sean is his approach on bazi analysis. Before...
    read more

    Qing Oh Avatar
    Qing Oh
  • I stumble upon Sean's CM site when I was googling for some answers to some challenging situation that I am facing. Though I had approach some other fengshui master to address the same situation but I never seem to get the answer that I was looking for and instead I am left with more questions and anxiety than ever. I read through his blog for a while before I decided to engage him for a reading. What he wrote in his blog resonates very well with my thoughts and in what I'm seeking - a practitioner that tells you... read more

    Daphne Phoeng Avatar
    Daphne Phoeng
  • Sean is not the first metaphysics consultant I have visited. However, I am sure that he is one of the most patient ones. A typical consultant might try to rush along the session and one might not have sufficient time to think and consider. But, Sean's practice of consultation allows a client to have time to think through the analysis and ask questions over the course of one week. Furthermore, his replies are prompt and straightforward.

    However, to me the value of a session with Sean not just lies within the metaphysics analysis but also his advice and guidance. The...
    read more

    CH Tang Avatar
    CH Tang
  • Stumbled upon Sean’s blog when i was googling for a ZWDS chart calculator. I am not unfamiliar to metaphysics as I have consulted several ‘Sifus’ for decades prior to him and i also do some simple readings myself.

    What struck me as refreshing was his stand towards transcending one’s chart; that nothing can change your bazi or zwds but through your own actions and decisions to ‘transcend’ your destiny riding on the ebb and flow of your (运). This sums up what metaphysics can do for you; know thyself and the best timings (运)to actualize your potentials.

    During my consultation with Sean,...
    read more

    Alfred Wu Avatar
    Alfred Wu
  • Chanced upon Sean's blog one day while searching up the net about fortune telling. I was intrigued while reading up his entries (felt that his posts were so honest/interesting/relatable), and decided to approach him for an online consultation to find out more.

    To my surprise, Sean appeared to be friendly and amicable, and seemed genuine in wanting to helping you out. He provided me a detailed analysis on my chart, and explained to me about the theories and reasonings behind his readings. I don't think many other practitioners out there would be bothered to do that.

    There are some things being told...
    read more

    Audrey Poh Avatar
    Audrey Poh
  • This is a testimonial for Master Sean. I sought his services after a challenging year. I had been studying bazi on my own for a few years just as general interest and I chanced upon his website recently. Engaged him for a reading, and got a report in a very short time even as he had a backlog of work. He is unique in that he has a strong command of both English and Mandarin. He is a friendly approachable person if you come to him to work on your life and not expect miracles. His analysis is detailed, and... read more

    Chern Houng Avatar
    Chern Houng
  • I stumbled upon Sean's blog during a period of uncertainty. I have seen many fengshui masters (or metaphysicians) in my life; most of them would tell me to buy certain items to make up for the luck or the elements that I lack in this life, be it for wealth or health or love etc. When I saw that Sean did not believe in making clients buy items to enhance their luck, I liked this premise and proceeded to consult him regarding a certain crossroad I must pass. He isn't your typical bazi consultant and can come across as stern... read more

    Min Yah Avatar
    Min Yah
  • Some people may take Bazi or Feng Shui as a superstitious belief but I personally take it as alternative source of knowledge, especially knowing its ancient origin and how it might improve several things in life.

    I read review about Sean and I decided to contact him. To my surprise, he told me that he will not receive all people as his client. For some people, a Bazi reading may not be advisable at all. He gave clear and scientifically acceptable reading of my bazi. He started by giving me some reasoning why I experienced certain things during my...
    read more

    Christine Wowor Avatar
    Christine Wowor
  • I contacted Sean with regards to Fengshui while hunting for a house. He explained clearly to me the rationale behind why Fengshui should be considered during house hunting rather than after I have bought a place.

    It sounded like a really tedious affair, having to consult him after every house hunting. However, he made it easier by teaching me what I need to do exactly, so that I can get back to him to assess. He even made trips with me to the few units which he had shortlisted. He gave very practical suggestions as to how to make the...
    read more

    Avideht Lim Avatar
    Avideht Lim
  • I have never met Sean in person but having now engaged his services online on more than one occasion, I hope to be able to one day!

    Sean is prompt and comes across as warm and sincere in his dealings. His knowledge is broad and though it can get technical, he makes it a point to explain matters in a way that a layperson can understand- especially for a western clientele.

    An extraordinary talent, Sean is able to speak to you like he has known your for years and encourages you to handle adversity and emerge stronger.

    I have no doubt that I...
    read more

    Johnathan Lovett Avatar
    Johnathan Lovett
  • Sean comes across to me as a knowledgeable practitioner who is sincere, friendly and responsive. His 7 days online consultation service is something unheard of in the industry and that’s what I feel most practitioners should have done.

    The 7 days Q&A is very engaging and he is so responsive that I wonder does he even sleep. His replies are deep and thoughtful. They are not your simple one or two liner replies which I often experience from other practitioners. IMO, just his attitude and sincere answering in ensuring that you fully understand is already worth the money.

    read more

    Vince Kee Avatar
    Vince Kee
  • This is not my first time having a Bazi profile read or a Ziwei calculation, what is unique is that Sean uses the combination of both to give a reading.

    I was searching for Bazi chart reading and was browsing Joey’s Yap website when I chanced upon Sean’s blog, which intrigued me. His style of writing seems genuinely sincere, besides his blog also emphasize on positive beliefs that change can happen.

    This is what many practitioner lacks I feel, many a times when someone tells us something bad, we tend to gear towards the bad and sooner or later it will...
    read more

    YJ Lau Avatar
    YJ Lau
  • I was looking for a fengshui Master to assist me in my house hunting and bazi reading. I happened to found Sean in a forum and decided to give him a shot, after reading his blog.
    After submitting the form on his blog, he replied me very quickly and was able to send me his report by the very next day.
    The quality of his report is very good, providing in depth explanation on the nature and development of my Bazi chart. He responses well over email and whatsapp.
    He was able to identify major events that had happened previously and was...
    read more

    Kenny Lee Avatar
    Kenny Lee
  • Sorry for the delayed review! We were looking for a shifu to help to see the fengshui of our new house. But we were wary of some fengshui masters that insisted on weird paint colours or hacking walls.

    When I texted Sean about my queries, he was very patient and also encouraged me to read his blog to understand more about fengshui. And I'm so glad that I did! His blog was very insightful and I like his sincerity and honesty through his writing.

    He was available almost immediately for my house audit (which I really appreciate) and subsequently, followed up...
    read more

    Shayne Ong Avatar
    Shayne Ong
  • Highly recommended! I was looking for a Ba Zi Master to provide me with insights to my life destiny. As many have experienced, I had my fair share of generalised and conflicted readings. I chanced upon Sean's blog and found it to be very detailed. As you would, I had my reservations for a while before deciding to contact Sean for a detailed Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu reading. Suffice to say, the rest is history!! Put it plainly, it is as good (or better) than having a face-to-face consultation. Sean's availability online is second to none, be... read more

    Qi Wei Avatar
    Qi Wei
  • First of all let me start by stating that my FB account is real and I am a real person. I Googled 八字 out of the blue and clicked on Master Sean's blog. As I read, I identified with what he wrote. I have always wondered why my life had gone a certain way You can say that when I reached out to Master Sean for a reading I was definitely at a crossroads. Anyway, I am grateful I made the decision to reach out. Here are my reasons:
    1. Master Sean's readings and explanations are in English! No more staring...
    read more

    Claire Lee Avatar
    Claire Lee
  • I read Sean's analysis in awe as he knew alot of stuffs even though I didn't reveal any to him. Accuracy aside, most importantly, he is a very honest young man with great wisdom and integrity. He does not try to rip you off by asking you to buy those expensive items which serve no benefits at all. (I bought many from a practitioner and those items did not make my life better in anyway. ) There seems to be a magical transformation in my perspective towards my life situations and problems after reading his uplifting blog and advises. He... read more

    Lynn Tan Avatar
    Lynn Tan
  • What set Sean apart from most of the Bazi & Fengshui masters out there is undoubtedly, his wealth of knowledge in old bazi books and scriptures, which I think is very important when it comes to analyzing a chart.

    I myself have consulted a number of bazi practitioners but most of them gave mixed and confused analysis, save for one old master and my grandfather whom my mother have consulted on my behalf when I was a toddler. Both of them mentioned of special formations in my chart, which without a great understanding of the old scriptures, is impossible to...
    read more

    Jeff Lau On Avatar
    Jeff Lau On
  • We engaged Sean to do our new BTO fengshui analysis.

    First Impression of the name Sean Chan (over the internet) is: Young yet professional. Knows his stuffs well. Knows what he is talking about. Friendly. That’s good enough reasons why we chose Sean over the "older and more experienced” masters over the internet. To some, his non-typical fengshui master age may cast some doubts on him but to me and my wife, we want someone who can communicate well with us someone our age like Sean is actually a plus factor. (Trust me, some uncle masters are either too imposing...
    read more

    Desmond Lee Avatar
    Desmond Lee
  • I was reading Sean's blog and was impressed by the reviews. His promptness to my request immediately set me at ease. He was accurate in quite a number of things from reading my chart. All these even before I actually shared any personal information with him. His follow-ups were timely. I highly recommend Sean, simply for his accuracy and patience.

    Cherubies Tan-Yong Avatar
    Cherubies Tan-Yong
  • I'm not a person who usually write reviews but Sean definitely deserves it. Was looking for someone to have a look at my Ba Zi & found his website. Sean was really friendly & did provide a quick turnaround. It can be seen that he's really enthusiastic about his job with us having conversations way past midnight. He was patient & did explain my long list of questions in an easily understandable context.

    It was definitely surprising that he managed to highlight on my weak kidney / blood issues based on my Ba Zi alone without any prior hints! Really...
    read more

    Gary Tang Yew Chiang Avatar
    Gary Tang Yew Chiang
  • I have a few bazi readings from different masters before. There are a few things which Sean has impressed me.
    1. He replies very fast and is always friendly.
    2. His bazi reading is comprehensive. There are some technical terms but he will always explain it in a layman's manner.
    3. He has a real interest to help. You can feel it in the way he replied and asked.
    4. Although there is a 7 days time limit to ask questions, he is not inflexible to cater for my schedule.
    5. I like his email consultation service approach. The reason is that I can...
    read more

    Lee Lim Avatar
    Lee Lim
  • Have been looking for a reliable Metaphysics Consultant who provides concise explanations behind their analysis, is sincere and does not charge exorbitant prices to give readings that leave you with misgivings regarding their authenticity. I found Sean after some googling and was initially skeptical, but was convinced after reading his backstory and motivations regarding his work, and the testimonials on his webpage. And the idea of the online report + Q&A after sounded really cool.

    True enough, he fulfilled all of my expectations and more. His readings pointed out some really accurate truths about my life; each of his analysis has...
    read more

    Fnc Zhou Avatar
    Fnc Zhou
  • It was awesome. Fascinating and totally recommended. Sean's reading was clear and made easy to understand, and the things that he touched on like personality, family, wealth and career, were all strikingly accurate. The accuracy was baffling, kinda creepy (in a fascinating way!) and really interesting. Sean was also thoughtful in his advices which was very helpful and encouraging. On top of that, he explains things very patiently and promptly. I find him easy-going, relatable and approachable, and he’s made it easy to contact him whenever, via text message or email. I believe he’s not only LEGIT but also a... read more

    Laine Zhang Avatar
    Laine Zhang
  • I have had the opportunity to engage Sean for advice on my Bazi and feng shui, and he has proved to be a very friendly and professional master who knows his stuff. He is very pleasant to work with, and responds quickly on enquires and questions. He gives detailed explanation and provides report and chart that complement his reviews. This is very helpful and makes things easy to understand, as most of us probably don’t have much knowledge on this. You can easily identify past major events that had happened by reading his Bazi report, and Sean gives... read more

    Lawrence Lam Avatar
    Lawrence Lam
  • Very professional, sincere, friendly, responsible and enthusiastic guy with in-depth knowledge in Bazi and strong customer focus. Report meticulously prepared and delivered promptly with chart dissected and summarized into details with technicalities and the explanations in all aspect. Initially skeptical with his work and charges slightly on the high side,I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the quality of the report. Unlike other FSM, his analysis is pretty accurate and more spot on. The initiative to conduct Q&A session is commendable, allowing free flow, unlimited question for 1 week and proactively answered them. Not a short, sweet and simple YES,... read more

    Khoo Sheue Yuan Clement Avatar
    Khoo Sheue Yuan Clement
  • I have been searching for a Bazi shifu for quite some time and am lucky to have met Sean. He was very fast with his response and his readings was very detailed as well. What was better is the accuracy of the report. Breaking down to some stuff, the report was able to pick it up as well. He is also a very patient guy and able to answer most of the questions I ask him. I highly recommend giving him a shot! Great stuff Sean thanks!

    C Shiyun Liu Avatar
    C Shiyun Liu
  • I recently contacted Sean to ask for his advice on some personal matter. Sean has proven to be a very unconventional master that I've had the opportunity to talk to. He is sincere, honest and open, while incorporating a modern view in his reading and advice. I really appreciate the way he tries to put his explanation into context, catering to different concerns that I have. Overall - a very pleasant and helpful experience.

    Mai Nguyen Avatar
    Mai Nguyen
  • If you are reading this review you are probably on the fence whether to engage Sean for 八字 reading. You're thinking: is he a scammer? Is he really accurate? Why so expensive? He's so young, 'sure boh'? What use do I have for my 八字 if everything that's meant to happen will happen? Let me take you through the process from being the one with all these questions to being a satisfied customer.

    1. No, he's not a scammer. I got the charts and report in my email within 24 hours after paying and quality is guaranteed. And he answered all...
    read more

    Mabel Wong Avatar
    Mabel Wong
  • My husband and I have engaged Sean as our Fengshui master for our new house. He has been very friendly, honest and helpful! Clear explanation with detailed analysis as well his willingness to follow up and check if everything is ok for us.

    Chen Suxian Avatar
    Chen Suxian
  • Sean is a very honest, attentive and patient shifu and I'm very sure he knows his stuff as he was able to break down the theories and explain it to me clearly in detail. I ever consulted other shifus and they were very hostile when I asked a little more on the theory, didn't bother to advise me on what I should look out for and even tried to hard sell me other services which I didn't need at all.

    He was able to list out problems I had even before I share anything with him. and what surprise me the...
    read more

    Xiaoting Zheng Avatar
    Xiaoting Zheng
  • Very professional consultant and able to point out accurately past events and own characteristics. Very responsive to my questions and I am absolutely pleased with his services. Highly recommended if you are seeking for advices.

    Lynn Koh Avatar
    Lynn Koh
  • I was looking for a Master to read my bazi and has been searching for one for quite sometime. Personally I have been to a few masters referred by friends but I don't feel that the readings were detailed and accurate and often general phrases are used. Before you know it, sessions over, no more questions. I was sceptical.

    Then I came across Sean's Facebook. I decided to go ahead and try given the good reviews and maybe he is the one that can really advice me. To be very frank, the one week period for questions is absolutely useful! ...
    read more

    Anson Poon Avatar
    Anson Poon
  • Sean is very helpful and sincere in helping me and my husband. He is also very knowledgable, able to analyse our bazi with theories. His analysis on our bazi give us a clearer picture on why certain things happen for a reason. Kinda accurate when we reflect and think back. He also did a great job in doing our house fengshui audit. Telling us suggestion what to do without the need to spend on any ornament on additional costs. Feels like friend when we talk to him. Highly recommended.

    Leong Weini Avatar
    Leong Weini
  • Very kind and sincere person. Sean helped me a lot during my lowest time, to the extend that when my life was messed up, when i was sick and weak, he gave me a lot of advise and support. Helped me to get rid of all those toxic people who consume me. He is more like good friends to me than a feng shui master. I think i met him for a reason. Don't doubt his ability because he's still young because he knows what he's doing 🙂

    Pamela Ardana Avatar
    Pamela Ardana
  • Sean is extremely professional and responsible, a modern age fengshui master, not what you would typically expect but definitely reliable.

    YuanYu Tan Avatar
    YuanYu Tan
  • A very professional Metaphysics consultant who knows what he does. He is willing to give detailed and constructive feedbacks promptly and does not limit the amount of questions his customers can ask. Really thankful for his suggestions as it give me an ease of mind now. Really hope u will continue in this profession and help out those who are lost in their lives and need some guidance. Thumbs up for u. =)

    Ng Ying Hui Avatar
    Ng Ying Hui
  • Been to a couple Masters before and in comparison, Sean's reading is more spot on. Not only does he makes it easy to understand (for someone who can't understand mandarin much), he makes it super relevant to what you need to focus on. Added bonus that he's proactive and answers any doubts I had.
    Good stuffs & highly recommended for sure!

    Joanne Kok Avatar
    Joanne Kok
  • Thank you for the detailed analysis of my potential and destiny! Sean is very friendly and responds very quickly to my emails even though we don't live in the same time zone. He's always available to answer my questions and very patient with me even though some of my questions doesn't make much sense. He is also very honest about limitations in the bazi reading. Overall I'm very happy with the service and would gladly do another one when I need it in the future.

    Jingsi Li Avatar
    Jingsi Li
  • Really good at explaining down to the theory, very patient with clarifying issues, and altogether a pleasant experience.

    Gong Xing Xing Avatar
    Gong Xing Xing
  • Recently, I was looking for a reliable fortune telling consultant due to some personal issues and I came across good reviews about Sean on the forum. Hence, I decided to engage Sean to do a Bazi reading for me. He is patience in explaining the chart professionally to me. And I would say he indeed knows his stuff very well comparing to some fortune tellers I encountered. He has been accurate spot on some events I had experienced. He actually accurately predicted the year where someone close to me passed away which actually did shocked me a little! He has... read more

    Grace Tan Avatar
    Grace Tan

The Thing You Always Hear Me say

“Our ancestors wouldn’t spend centuries developing this field just to tell us life sucks and we can’t do anything about it.

No prizes for guessing who said this.

This Gets a little heavy

My Story & Fate

I know what everyone is thinking. I’m just another self-praising practitioner who is out to make easy money.

I did not enter this field motivated by the money. Life naturally pushed me towards being a practitioner. Things happened – and I needed to pay rent and eat better for the sake of my health.

I always prided myself on being different from other practitioners, and I want you to know my past and my story. It’s a heavy story, so bear with me.

There’s too much about Chinese metaphysics to tell you, and honestly, I don’t know where to start.

This is why I have my blog. I’d really encourage you to head there when you can so that you can approach Chinese metaphysics the right way.

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It’s My Blog

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