Does C-Section Affect Someone’s BaZi (八字) ?

March 27, 2016

I’ve been getting some questions on whether having a c-section delivery can change or alter the child’s BaZi, fate and fortune. It’s a topic that many practitioners in the field have been tackling with actually, and from the perspective as a practitioner, the best way to get an answer is really through case studies and observation. Theoretical knowledge on how our ancestors viewed the world and how they derived BaZi will definitely help as well.

There are two schools of thought:

  • People who don’t agree that choosing a c-section delivery date can alter someone’s BaZi because it is not natural
  • People who argue that the c-section delivery date is your true BaZi chart because c-section delivery is a natural development of an ever-evolving world and reality

Personally, I believe that choosing a c-section delivery date does affect someone’s BaZi. For the simple reason that I am a c-section baby myself and my turn has turned out exactly the way my chart said. When I was exploring the topic of c-sections, I went through my own chart once again and looked at the time two-time segments before and after my true birth time. Meaning, if I was born during the shen Hour, I would have looked at wu, wei, you and xu Hours under the assumption that I would have been out by that time if I went through a natural delivery.

Looking back at my life, the things I had to go through and the kind of family I had, those timings were entirely impossible.

My mother had to go through a c-section for emergency reasons. This was part of her chart and what was fated for her, just like how my chart was fated for me.

An Ethical Practitioner Will Not Encourage You To Go For A C-Section

Now some people might say that practitioners say this because we just want another channel or service to offer so we can earn more money, and I just want to assure everyone that real practitioners who respect this field of practice will never play around with someone’s lives for the sake of monetary gain.

There’s one thing I wish to make clear, which is that an ethical practitioner will not encourage you to go for a c-section for the sake of getting a good BaZi for your child. The simplest way to put it is that all these things are, in a way, fated. Getting a date chosen doesn’t actually mean you will get that date. In order to get a good BaZi, so many things have to be in the right place and these are things out of your control.

I do not recommend that you go for a c-section just for the sake of your child’s BaZi – do it only when c-section is already a medical necessity.

Why C-Section Babies’ BaZi Charts Are Accurate

One belief is that your true birth day and time is when the baby take his or her first breath. That’s where the engine of change and the laws of nature starts to kick in.

In other words, you’re destined to have whatever BaZi you have regardless of the mode of delivery. If one goes into Yin-Yang theory as well as the 5-Elements theory and understand how our ancestors viewed reality, how it manifests and how it evolves, we could come to the conclusion that this whole debate might be unnecessary. Yin Yang theory and the 5-Elements theory did come from the oldest Chinese classic of all, The Book of Change, or what we know as the  《易經》。There are three laws that are described in 《易經》 which they call 《三易》, which are 《簡易》、《變易》and 《不易》。

《簡易》represents the simplest of laws, like gravity and seasonal changes that can be observed by anyone. 《變易》represents the complex interactions between all phenomena that exists in our universe, but hidden deep within this complexity are actually very simple laws, and the interaction of these simple laws makes it appear as if the manifestation has a life of its own – in modern scientific context we call this “emergence“. 《不易》would be the laws that will never change no matter how much complex 《變易》seems to make them appear. An example of this would be cellular automaton – something looks as if it has a mind of it’s own, but in actual fact they are just following extremely simple laws.

If we put it into modern context, the technology and techniques to allow for c-section deliveries is the 《變易》within the 《不易》。We might be given more options and flexibility to deliver babies now (變易), but it doesn’t change the nature of how laws unfold or interact with each other (不易). Exactly how metaphysical laws translates into technological and medical advancement is something that is beyond me and human understanding at this point. Some would simplify this whole theoretical discourse and just say that it is “Heaven’s Will” for a child to be brought to this world at a particular time, which does kind of make sense at times. I’ve had clients who have looked for me for c-section dates and timings before, but they couldn’t get the time they wanted in the end because the doctor wasn’t available. The reason why couples want to choose a time for a c-section is, of course, to make sure the child will be born with a good BaZi chart, and some have argued that when couples do not manage deliver the baby in the chosen timing, it’s because their own charts doesn’t support having a child that will soar to great heights.

For now, based on what I know from what I’ve read on the 《易經》and from my experience in BaZi, I do stand on the side which believes that BaZi charts can be affected by c-section timings and I am still constantly collecting case studies to verify this. So far, all the case studies that I have of people born via c-section are all positive and support my stand.

I know I said whether or not you manage to get a good date is fated – in more ways than one, this will always be true. If the parents’ chart indicate that their child will face some issues, it’s unlikely the child will have a good BaZi if we allow nature’s laws to play out on it’s own. The question that comes now is that, what if you are fated to have a good child? How will it come about? It may be through natural birth or it might be through a c-section delivery with a date selected by a practitioner. No one will know frankly. All that I will advise is to always put health and safety first – don’t get a c-section delivery for the sake of it. If you’re meant to have a good child, it will come to you naturally. It’s either you managed to deliver a child naturally on a good day and time, or you’ll meet a practitioner who can help you make that happen.

When the opportunity arises, I’ll post a case study on this and how big of a difference it can make should your Day Pillar or Hour Pillar shift a step forward or backwards. It’s a lot more salient and observable if we apply this to Zi Wei Dou Shu as you can immediately see the stars shift to different sectors in the chart, but it’s a lot harder to see it in BaZi without going in-depth.

If you’re an expecting parent and have any questions on c-section date selection, please don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions.

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