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What I Observed About The Chinese Metaphysics Industry In 2020

For my overseas readers, the "Circuit Breaker" is the Singapore government's initiative to impose movement restrictions during this delicate period. It's similiar to what some other countries are doing albeit with a different name. I'm someone who likes to think a lot...

If You’ve Always Wondered What I Sound Like

Hi everyone! Nothing important for this post and it's really just on an FYI basis. I did an Instagram Live interview last Thursday with Home And Decor Singapore and shared some of my views on feng shui. It's nothing new and a reiteration of whatever is on my blog. As...

Don’t Be Your Child’s Biggest Burden: Toxic Parents From A Metaphysics Perspective

I hope everyone's coping well with the current COVID-19 situation and everyone has not gone insane from staying at home yet. I'm going to warn everyone here first and say that this is an emotionally charged post, so turn away if you're thinking "There goes one of...

Closing A Decade And Stepping Into Another: A Thank You Note For 2019

It just dawned upon me that it’s not just another new year, but a new decade as well and what a decade it has been. This feels somewhat like an obligatory year-end post as always as everyone feels a bit more contemplative. Not that I don't enjoy writing it. I've...
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