What To Look Out For In The Year Of The Fire Monkey

February 7, 2016
​We have officially entered into the Year of the Fire Monkey, 丙申年, on 4th February 2016. A lot of people are confused as to why the ‘new year’ starts on 4th of February instead of 8th February. This is because the traditional Chinese New Year we celebrate is based on the Lunar calendar, whereas BaZi is based on the Solar Calendar and technically the new year starts during 立春 where spring officially starts! In other words, everyone’s luck has technically changed on the 4th of February.
I have been getting a lot of enquiries on what to look out for in the year of the Fire Monkey, especially those that offend the Grand Duke or 犯太岁 this year. As mentioned in my previous post, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be offending the Grand Duke this year. You must look at the whole BaZi chart to be able to determine how the chart will turn out. For example, people who belong to the Tiger Zodiac might be worried of the 寅申 clash this year, but little do they realize that in proper BaZi theory and practice, clashes can be a very good thing. Yes they symbolize instability in some ways, but to get rid of the bad and welcome the good, some disruption and change is only natural.Here are some things to consider before you jump to conclusions:

1) First and foremost, do not neglect your 10-Year Luck Phase or 大运。This holds more weight than your 流年运。You absolutely cannot neglect the role that your 大运 plays and many of the Chinese classics point that out.

2) 丙申年 is a Metal year – it may clash with your Zodiac (for example Tigers), but you need to determine if Metal is overall a beneficial element in your chart.

3) Remember that a BaZi chart analysis is not so simple to be done just by looking at the Grand Duke and the Zodiacs who offend it that particular year. Let’s take Tigers again for example since their offense is supposedly (stress on supposedly) the greatest. By the next year, you will notice that some of your Tiger friends have done extremely well, but yes, there will those that didn’t have such a good year as well.

4) Even if your Zodiac is in 三合 or 六合 with the Grand Duke which technically isn’t an ‘offence’, this does not necessarily mean it’s good for you and that your chart year will turn out smoothly.

If you really wish to find out how 2016 will go for you, go get a professional reading done and take the general forecasts you see in the shopping malls and tabloids you see with a HUGE pinch of salt. It’s a nice novelty to have every time Chinese New Year comes, and it’s also an opportunity for practitioners to market themselves, but really, take it with a pinch of salt as Chinese metaphysics is never that simple, and don’t ever let it affect your year and positivity. Please remember, if you offend the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in a particular year, it does not mean it’s a bad thing. You’ll have to analyze the BaZi chart thoroughly and as a whole in order to find out how the Tai Sui will affect you.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Wishing you health, happiness, and abundance! And thank you to my clients who have trusted me to do your readings even when you have no idea who I am or how I look like. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. =)


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