Diary Of A Young ‘Fortune Teller’

A Blog On BaZi (八字), ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗數), Feng Shui (風水) & My Life Through The Eyes Of A Metaphysics Practitioner

Facing Directions, Structural Layouts And Why Most People Don’t Get To Benefit From Feng Shui

Too Long; Didn't Read (TLDR) Summary: The kind of house you stay in is, in a way, fated. The feng shui of a house can impact you, but whether you get to benefit from feng shui...

Saving Yourself A Heartbreak With Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

Hey everyone! Well, technically Chinese New Year is over but here's another belated Chinese New Year greeting! Hope everyone has had a good time with friends and family. What a...

Stay Woke. Think Critically. Don’t Be The Family Goon This Chinese New Year.

I think everyone can tell from the title of this post that this is going to be one of those emotionally charged posts. Or maybe not. Whatever it is, read this in a cheeky tone...

[Podcast Feature] The Millennial’s New Interest In Chinese Astrology

Hey everyone! I recently went for a podcast interview by Something Private, a podcast production under Our Grandfather Story, a digital video publisher covering overlooked...

Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Case Study: The US – Iran Conflict

News on the US and Iran conflict is all over the place and I'm sure everyone is somewhat aware of it. I'm not an expert in international politics and relations and I'm not here...

Chinese Metaphysics Applied In Investments And The Real World: A Case Study Of Softbank and WeWork

I gave it some thought and felt like I should do something a bit more refreshing. I usually shy away from commenting about what's going on in the real world in my blog, taking a...

Closing A Decade And Stepping Into Another: A Thank You Note For 2019

It just dawned upon me that it’s not just another new year, but a new decade as well and what a decade it has been. This feels somewhat like an obligatory year-end post as always...

Introduction To Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲): Catching A Cheating Spouse

Hi everyone! I'm pretty sure the title of this post caught the attention of a lot of people. A bit clickbaity I know. Sorry! But then again, if you have friends who are on...

Hard Truths That Usually Aren’t Discussed In Chinese Metaphysics But Should

Hi everyone, I think it's one of those times where I need to put up a post to bring everyone back down to earth and share some very honest thoughts about this field I'm in, the...

A Discussion On What The Definition Of A “Good Life” Is – A Chinese Metaphysics Perspective

Hey everyone, Turns out even though I don't hold a corporate job now, I'm not as free as I thought! The Chinese New Year crowd is starting to come in and I'm noticing a spike in...
Sean Chan | 嶦孝顏

Sean Chan | 嶦孝顏

Metaphysics Practitioner | Tech Start-Up Guy | Taiwan-Born Singaporean |

I’m your average Singaporean who came from Taiwan when I was 4 months old. I first got in touch with metaphysics when I was 18, and as I grew older, I dug into the Chinese classics to guide myself through my tough start to life and now here I am. Through this website, blog and what seems to be the rest of my life as a practitioner, I hope to dispel the myths surrounding this field, educate and, hopefully, help people with the knowledge and wisdom passed down by our ancestors.

Every article here is meant to be an answer to some question you may have regarding this field, complemented by some light-hearted updates of my life which is seen through the eyes of a metaphysics practitioner. I’m not a fan of gimmickry when it comes to metaphysics – I will always be authentic and real with you.

I don’t believe this field should be about pushing sales or saying things to make people part with their money which a lot of incumbents do, and because of that, I will never do this full-time and will always hold a corporate job. I love the company I’m working at now.

I would encourage anyone seeking a consultation to go through as many articles here as you can to get to know me a bit better, get yourself into the right mindset for a consultation and decide if I’m the right consultant for you.

I’m gradually building this website so pardon the primitive design! Don’t be afraid to reach out! I don’t bite!



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