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Diary Of A Fortune Teller

A blog on BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia and everything Chinese metaphysics. Oh, and 
Feng Shui too. 


The industry is a mess and it’s doing more harm than good. This blog aims to tell you what Chinese metaphysics is and isn’t.

Astrology & Religion: Reflections On My Pilgrimage Trip To Bhutan

Astrology’s Purpose & The Pitfalls Of Spiritual Narcissism

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Sunsetting MailChimp – Follow My Instagram!

Sunsetting MailChimp – Follow My Instagram!

Dear readers, thank you for following my blog all these years. I will be sunsetting my MailChimp blog post updates for the time being until I find a more cost-effective solution for my blog updates. Being billed monthly when I sometimes can't even find the time to...

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About me

I’m your average Singaporean who came from Taiwan when I was four months old. I first got in touch with metaphysics when I was 18. I dug into the Chinese classics to guide myself through a tough start to life, and here I am. Through this blog and what seems to be the rest of my life as a practitioner, I want to dispel the myths surrounding this field, educate and, hopefully, help people with the knowledge and wisdom passed down by our ancestors. The Chinese metaphysics field is in a mess, especially in English speaking countries, and I hope to do something about that.

Sean Chan

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