Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Inner World: A BaZi Case Study Of Royals

December 14, 2022

Meghan Markle is the talk of the town now, and I’ve been getting requests to do a case study on her. It’s interesting to note that not many practitioners of BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu have spoken about her chart, and I guess it’s due to a disinterest in politics. This is a case study of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but I will only be using BaZi for now as it’s more than enough to showcase how their lives are playing out according to their fate.

Before I move on with the post, there are a few things I need to make very clear.

I’ve always been very upfront with my intentions: I’m going to admit I’m jumping a bit on the bandwagon here because she’s a trending topic. Given what happened with the previous case study, I’m also testing how Google’s algorithms will react to this. It’s also partly motivated by some readers wanting me to comment on this really hot topic now, so much so that even people at my co-working space will talk about it during lunchtime. It’s my way of engaging with my readers. Whatever my intentions are, please withhold judgment. If not, please write to all the tabloids in the UK and berate them first.

I will not use any flair for this post because it’s inappropriate, although I’m still thinking of the next best thing to call Sam Bankman-Fried aka Pubes For Hair. I do not know enough about the royal family, and I’m cognisant that the royal family is part of another country’s history and culture which I’ll need to respect no matter who is involved or whatever’s happening, and neither am I in a position to comment on the monarchy’s past because I was fortunate enough to be born during a peaceful era. Meghan Markle has also done nothing to me and doesn’t deserve such indignation, and I can’t help but mention that watching Suits back in the days when I was still renting my room did make my days there a lot more enjoyable.

I’m going to make it a point to be neutral here, so this post may sound a lot more bland (as it should) compared to the other posts, where I’m at more liberty to inject some personality into my writing. Whatever I say here is purely from the perspective of a practitioner and astrologer.

Needless to say, I do not come from a place of judgement. It’s someone else’s life and someone else’s marriage and family, albeit a very public one that we can’t help but pry into. I don’t let anyone tell me what to do with my family, so I don’t feel I should get hypocritical here or be presumptuous to think that I’m in a position to comment.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

Meghan Markle’s BaZi Chart

The first thing we need to resolve is Meghan Markle’s birth time. The online consensus is that she was born at 4:46 AM.

Meghan Markle's BaZi Chart
Meghan Markle’s BaZi Chart

I tend not to trust online sources regarding the birth time of a high-profile individual, but surprisingly, the online consensus seemed to be right this time. The best way to check is to use the year her son was born, which was 2021 – a 辛丑 year. There were interactions with the parts of the chart representing children and childbirth, so the 4:46 AM birth time does make sense, and I will stick with it. The proposed birthtime also makes sense if we look at what’s going on in her marriage, which we’ll explore in a while.

Here’s a quick breakdown of her BaZi chart:

  • Despite her being born during a season when the strength of Wood is supposedly waning, we would still regard her Daymaster as leaning slightly towards the strong side. It’s a bit intuitive for her case, but the fact that she’s born during an Earth month of 未 (‘wei‘) may throw some people off.
  • The support from the two 寅 (‘yín’) Woods are clear, but these two factors alone aren’t enough to conclude that she’s a strong Daymaster.
  • What pushes her chart over to the strong Daymaster category is her Month Pillar being 乙未, so there’s still some support coming from 乙 Wood, which translates to receiving support from the season she was born in. Any BaZi beginner will know the season one’s born in has the biggest influence on the strength of the elements.
  • As such, it’s a chart where we need the Daymaster to weaken. The question now is which element do we use to achieve this. In other words, what is the “Useful God” (用神) for her chart? There are two possibilities: 1) Yin Metal 辛金 on her Year Stem 2) Yang Fire 丙火 on her Hour Stem.

And I really have to get this off my chest: I hate using modern-day technical terms because “Useful God” sounds so lame.

Meghan Markle’s BaZi Chart Structure

The first thing to point out is that she belongs to a negative “Rob Wealth Structure” BaZi chart because Yin Wood 乙木 is on her Month Stem. It’s also “rooted” (通根) on her Month Branch, meaning this Yin Wood 乙木 is the strongest and most dominant element in her natal chart, hence giving the chart its structure.

“Rob Wealth 劫财” is traditionally considered one of the four ‘Inauspicious Gods’ in BaZi, with the other three being 7-Killings 七杀,伤官 Hurting Officer, and 偏印 Indirect Resource. I said “traditional” because labelling these ‘gods’ as negative is a very old-school way of assessing charts, and it is from the perspective of people living in feudal China. These ‘gods’ can still play a positive role in the charts, just that if it happens to be negative, the negative effects can hit very hard.

It’s quite clear that Meghan Markle’s Daymaster is strong, which means her Yin Wood Rob Wealth is a negative ‘god’. The negative traits of Rob Wealth tend to make one a lot more self-centred and opportunistic, and because this Rob Wealth appears as Yin Wood, it takes on the essence of Yin Wood. The nature of Yin Wood makes it the Stem that is most able to adapt, bend, or twine itself around something but do remember everything has two sides, and it is the Yin and Yang nature of things. When Yin Wood appears as Rob Wealth is negative, one can also become more manipulative or weak in principles because the person metaphorically bends all the time.

Because Meghan Markle is a Yang Wood 甲木 chart-holder, Yin Wood 乙木 can also represent people of the opposite gender, which she will have a very strong affinity with.

The “Useful God” (用神) In Meghan Markle’s Chart

This is where her chart starts to get interesting because if you look at her natal BaZi chart, there are two possible elements we can use: The first being Metal and the second being Fire. Metal directly controls Wood (克), whereas Fire drains (泻) Wood.

What makes her chart interesting is the biggest flaw of her BaZi chart because the chart now becomes ‘confused’. Do we use Metal? Or do we use Fire? When the “Useful God” (用神) becomes unclear or ambiguous, it’s not a good thing because the state of the “Useful God” is meant to be focused or exclusive, for lack of a better way to put it.

Now, the big question is: Which is the “Useful God”? I have to admit even I am a bit confused even with the number of charts I’ve seen in my career. Let me explain why I say this:

  • If I were to assume 辛 Metal is her “Useful God”, it would be because 辛 Metal is technically stronger since she was born during an Earth month when Fire is being drained.
  • However, this is 辛 Metal we are talking about. The form of Fire which appears is Yang Fire 丙火, and what happens here is that 丙辛合 (Yang Fire + Yin Metal combination) can form. The worrying thing about this is that this Stem combination between Yang Fire + Yin Metal has the potential to produce Water, which is a negative element.

To put this in a way that laypeople can understand: Both Yin Metal 辛金 and Yang Fire 丙火 could have been her “Useful God”, but both also have the ability to cancel each other out.

After some careful consideration, I would regard her “Useful God” as Yang Fire 丙火 despite Yin Metal 辛金 being stronger, and the reason for this should be obvious.

Many people have commented on her contradictory actions of wanting to have her privacy but yet, choosing to appear on Netflix. The ambiguity of her “Useful God”, plus the fact that she’s under a negative Rob Wealth Structure (劫财格), may explain her behaviour.

Megan Markle’s BaZi Chart & Real Life

I think the first thing that anyone would want to figure out is whether the dynamics of her marriage show up in her BaZi chart. It does, and very clearly too. Let’s drop her chart here again so that everyone doesn’t have to scroll up:

Meghan Markle's BaZi Chart
Meghan Markle’s BaZi Chart

Here’s what to take note of:

  • The Spouse Element for her chart is Yin Metal 辛金 which shows up as the ‘god’ Direct Officer (正官) on her Year Stem.
  • Now, the thing about Megan Markle’s chart is that this Yin Metal 辛金 was supposed to be the ideal element to use to balance her chart, but the presence of Yang Fire 丙火 negates it. You could almost say Yin Metal here loses its dignity because it loses its place in the chart. When Direct Officer is meant to serve as the most critical element in the chart, it should not under any circumstances come under harm or unnecessary interaction.

Now, you might be wondering, does the mere absorption of Yin Metal by Yang Fire result in whatever we see now in real life? Yes, it does. Firstly because Yang Fire 食神 here governs Meghan’s expression, her own needs, and her own ‘abundance’, and it will take precedence over her husband, Prince Harry, for sure, especially when Yang Fire 丙火 can also be found in her Day Branch, which represents the physical self. The Yang Fire + Yin Metal combination (丙辛合) is also known as 威制之合, and 威制 (‘wei zhi‘) means to control forcibly and with power. There’s no need to take the wording too literally, just that the kind of Stem combination that forms can give hints on the dynamics of the situation.

If I were to go into even more detail, her current 10-Year Phase would amplify the negative themes in her chart because she’s going through a 庚子 10-Year Phase after all. 庚 here forms 庚乙合, which we call 仁义之合 and 仁义 represents justice, but you could almost say it’s a misused or poorly executed sense of justice because 庚乙合 here does not do anything beneficial for her chart. The fact that she’s in a Water 10-Year Phase also makes 丙辛合 even more detrimental, especially to herself, since the output of Water due to 丙辛合 will harm her critical element of Fire.

Anyway, for the heck of it, I’ll put in her Zi Wei Dou Shu chart as well:

Her Zi Wei Dou Shu chart puts her under a 贪狼 (‘Tan Lang’) chart, which is no surprise because I think we can all agree that Meghan Markle does exude charm and the kind of charm that 贪狼 is known for.

What stands out about Meghan’s Zi Wei Dou Shu chart is that her Spouse Sector (夫妻宫) and Karmic Sector (福德宫) do appear problematic. The Spouse Sector governs the quality of the marriage, naturally, whereas the Karmic Sector governs one’s inner world. These two sectors, traditionally, are considered extremely important for female chart-holders, especially the 福德宫 but note that this is from the perspective of a very feudal China mindset.

There is a very negative interaction between these two sectors, which we call 互换忌。 The stars involved can describe the dynamic of how this plays out, but I won’t go into that, for now, other than to say that whatever we can observe in reality is what this 互换忌 is showing. Her Karmic Sector itself is weak, with 文昌化忌 and a 陀螺 in a debilitated position, which traditional Zi Wei Dou Shu books will classify as belonging to a scheming person. The fact that Meghan is born under 贪狼 would, of course, mean that she would use her charms to get what she wants because 贪狼 is the biggest Peach Blossom star in Zi Wei Dou Shu. 文昌化忌 being in her Karmic Sector adds to this. Her Life Sector is how she presents herself, almost like the Ascendent we hear of in other forms of astrology, whereas her Karmic Sector is her inner world.

To Meghan’s credit, I don’t think her chart points towards her being an evil or malicious person, especially when her BaZi also has 天德 and 月德 on her Day Pillar. Still, the mere appearance of 天德 and 月德 doesn’t mean one has a drama-free life because the effects of Auxiliary ‘Gods’ like 天德 and 月德 still very much depend on what the chart needs. Her 10-Year Phases do point out very clearly that her current environment is so against her, so it’s natural for the outcome of some of her actions to backfire.

Does Prince Harry’s Chart Paint the Same Picture?

I did not want to bring in Prince Harry’s BaZi chart for this post, but I took a quick look at it, and it’s too interesting not to say a few things about it. I trust that his birth time is correct because it should have been announced publicly during his birth:

I don’t wish to be too long-winded about this, so here’s a quick breakdown:

  • His Yang Water Daymaster is, without a doubt, a strong one; we need it to weaken.
  • The really interesting thing here is that Prince Harry’s chart has the same problem as Megan Markle’s. We are caught in a situation where we need to choose between Yang Wood 甲木 and Yang Earth 戊土, which is very annoying.
  • Yang Wood and Yang Earth can weaken his Daymaster of Yang Water 壬水, so when they appear together, they interfere with each other.
  • One interesting trait is that you’ll realize Prince Harry’s natal chart has no Fire elements, which are his Wealth Element and Spouse Element. He met Meghan in 2016 (丙申), which was the first time Fire appeared in a while, and it was also the year when his Day Branch gets interacted with via 子申合, which is probably why he met Meghan. It became official in 2017 because 2017 was 丁酉, which forms 丁壬合 with his Daymater and 丁 Fire, also his official Spouse Element.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s charts both have the same theme of not being able to commit to a path and stick to it, often doing contradictory things, which, in the end, brings more complications to their lives. I’ve had clients with charts sharing similar traits, and the way their mind works is similar – they waver and cannot seem to come to a decision they can stick with.

I don’t wish to do a deep dive into Prince Harry’s charts. What I do wish to point out is the marriage aspect of it. Here’s what I see:

  • The first thing that stands out like a sore thumb is his Day Branch sits 子 Water appearing as the ‘god’ Rob Wealth (劫财). For those uninitiated, the Day Branch represents one’s marriage. We know this is a negative element and ‘god’ because he is a strong Daymaster.
  • When Rob Wealth lands in the Marriage Sector, it will resemble being drained of resources or wealth.
  • The nature of 子 can also be assessed, meaning being trapped in a situation or environment. Many of my clients have charts with this trait; true enough, their marriage feels stifling and like a cage. One interesting thing to note here is that Prince Harry’s Year Branch is also 子, which implicates his family since the Year Pillar represents parents and the family. Although the positions of the two 子s are different, they are still linked.

If I were to go into Prince Harry’s Elemental Phases (运), things don’t look that good on the marriage aspect of things because:

  • His current 10-year phase is 丁丑。 This Yin Fire 丁火 is his Direct Wealth (正财) which represents his wife, Meghan Markle.
  • Whether his “Useful God” is Yang Wood or Yang Earth, Fire will still be regarded as a beneficial element. However, this Yin Fire 丁火 is in an extremely weak state, especially when it is sitting on the 丑 Branch. You could even say Yin Fire 丁火 is trapped or forced into hiding due to what 丑 represents in relation to Yin Fire 丁火, which arguably translates to Meghan’s situation.

As such, if I were to assess Meghan Markle’s future using Prince Harry’s chart, things don’t exactly bode well. The only consolation and saving grace here is that Yin Fire 丁火 here forms 丁壬合 and 子丑合 also forms, so the entire 丁丑 10-Year Phase Pillar is absorbed by the Day Pillar, which may explain why Prince Harry is holding on to her so relentlessly. This combination also protects 丁 Fire somewhat.

Now, the issue is that 壬子 here absorbed 丁丑 will be broken at some point, and it will have implications. Let’s explore that.

What Does The Future Hold For Meghan & Harry?

I’m not writing this portion to speculate or add to the gossip or tea revolving around Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but some interesting things stand out.

The years 2025 and 2027 stand out, or rather, the years of 2025 leading to 2027 stand out, because I would see some interesting events unfolding those three years.

2025 is 乙巳 year. Of the two charts mentioned in this case study, this 乙巳 is going to represent a third party for one of them. I won’t say which one, but it should be obvious if you’ve been reading this post closely. It will likely be a fleeting thing since 乙巳 is just from the Annual Phase (流年运), so it’s one of those things that will come and go quickly, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cause any damage.

From a chart theory and marriage perspective, the more worrying year would be 2027, which is a 丁未 year. I’ll explain:

From The Perspective Of Meghan Markle’s BaZi Chart

  • First of all, before 2027 even comes, 2026 is a 丙午 year which is going to cause 丙辛合 to trigger off, which means Yin Metal 辛金 is going to be rendered useless metaphorically speaking and also harmed in the process.
  • 2027 is 丁未 year, and in the context of Meghan’s chart, Yin Fire 丁火 here is her Hurting Officer (伤官). It is the nemesis of Yin Fire 辛金 which is her Direct Officer (正官) and her Spouse Element. The nature of the harm on Yin Metal 辛金 will be different and more severe.

From The Perspective Of Prince Harry’s BaZi Chart

  • 2026 is a 丙午 year which is going to cause a 子午 clash on his Day Branch, suggesting that their difference in ideals and views will start to show itself and be at its peak. As to what it relates to, we won’t know for sure, but it might be due to whatever happened in 2025. As I’ve always said, if you string every year together, it’ll paint a story.
  • Now, when 2027 丁未 is here, it interrupts his Day Pillar of 壬子 absorbing 丁丑 with his Spouse Element. To put it in layman’s terms, his Spouse Element will no longer be under protection, and his affinity with his spouse would also suddenly drops as a result.

Whatever happens next is going to be anyone’s guess. I don’t want to deep-dive into the possible events because it’s none of my business, and as much as I enjoy putting case studies on my blog to remind people how much time and studies I’ve put into this field, I don’t wish to turn my blog into a gossip corner or tabloid. I’ll only say that things will likely get worse, but it’ll need a while before things manifest.

I guess one big takeaway for everyone is that, royals or not, we are still bound by Heaven’s laws and are human. I’ve mentioned many times that the title we hold matters very little in the grand scheme of things, in the sense that our charts will still play out the way it is supposed to. It doesn’t matter what your title in the real world is; the universe is impartial. The social construct of royalty is interesting, and I would say it is even normal because feudal China was once the same. The idea of the Emperor was based on observing that the stars revolved around one single, unmoving star – the Polaris (紫微) star.

I’m not sure if any readers of mine are into Western astrology, by the Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction in Dec’20 marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, so expect social constructs to be challenged. The repeal of S377A, questioning the relevance of royalty, whether we should put spreading avocados on our toast, and why I always need to have cafe food instead of local cuisine and libations – are all in question.

Till next time, if I survive the Chinese New Year peak season.

– Sean

P.S. Ok, I got to admit. This was a little bit annoying.

Why, Meghan? Just… Why?

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