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The house we end up staying in is fated.

 Whether it involves a practitioner or not, well, I won’t know.

Why House Hunt?

The Rationale Behind

House Hunting

If you believe in feng shui and the laws that govern this ancient art, it’s only natural that you ought to believe that these laws extend to all things – including our lives and what fate has in store for us.

Most people who are into feng shui but never once thought that the houses they live in are fated and the story their houses paint are an exact parallel to what their astrological charts depict. This notion isn’t anything new. The Chinese sages and our ancestors also believed in this.

Peace Of Mind

Purchasing a house is a huge commitment. You’ll be spending hundreds of thousands and even millions on it.

It makes sense to make sure you get a good one.


Uplifting Your Life

We are all born with weaker aspects of our lives.

Feng shui is not a magical cure for everything but it will still help make up for certain weaker areas if applied correctly.



Taking Control

Purchasing a house and inviting a practitioner to fix the problems afterwards is not the way it works.

We can’t change the layout of the house nor the orientation of the building. Focus on getting a good house from the start.


There’s A Story Behind This

Why I Provide House Hunting Services

I take on a very traditional approach to feng shui and focus on the fundamental theories and knowledge passed down by the Chinese sages.

I am a practitioner who does not believe in feng shui items.  There is absolutely no basis to this. A mere item as a personification of Chinese folklore cannot alter nature’s laws. To me, feng shui items are a scam brought about by the commercialization of Chinese metaphysics.

The earlier days of my career as a practitioner were marked by delivering bad news to clients, telling them that they have just bought a house with bad feng shui and that there’s nothing much I can do to help because I cannot possibly alter the layout or shift the orientation of the building.

I eventually decided that I needed to house-hunt with my clients to stop them from getting a bad house in the first place.

Please go through my blog posts tagged under “Feng Shui” to find case studies and stories from my journeys.

Yes, they are real people. Click on their profiles.


Or call them. I’ll give you their number. 

More On The House Hunt Process

Feng Shui House Hunt FAQs

What is the process of the house-hunt like?

As the eventual homeowner, you will have to be the proactive one in the process. My role would be to offer guidance and screen the houses you select until you find a suitable one.

The process usually follows these steps:

  • After coming onboard and making payment upfront, you will be given a few initial instructions on what to do while you’re visiting the houses. These instructions include some general tips on what to look out for, as well as how to take compass measurements.
  • Send me the measurements along with the floor plan. This is for the initial assessment of the house and whether it is worthy of even being considered.
  • Once I’ve received the floor-plan and measurements, I will give my comments on whether to reject or shortlist the place. It will not be a full analysis of the house, but a quick assessment and “yes/no” approval along with some explanations on why I’ve rejected or accepted a house.
  • The full assessment will only come once you’ve decided on a house and am ready to make a purchase, after which I will close off the case and deem the service complete.

Up to 15 floor-plans/houses will be screened. I will only head down onsite ONCE to the final shortlisted house you wish to purchase to double check everything.

Why can't you head down to every single house with us?

The house-hunt service is not “perfect”. Unfortunately, I cannot be at every single house with you.

It does not make sense for me economically and efficiency-wise to head down to every single house unless I am charging for each house visited, which then does not make sense to you. We’ll have to meet in the middle so the way the feng shui house hunt is structured achieves this.

Instead of paying $1,888 x 15 ($28,000+) to audit 15 separate houses, I’m charging a fraction of that sum with the hopes that I can find you and your family a good place, so please understand why you have to be involved in the process and why I can’t be physically present for each house you visit.

What if I exceed 15 floor-plans?

It is very unlikely that you will exceed 15 floor-plans.

You will be guided on what to look out for during the house-hunt process to make it more efficient, so be prepared for it to be a very iterative process with some trial-and-errors at the start.

To date, no one has needed to use up the full 15 floor-plan limit.

Why do you believe that the house we end up in is fated?

This belief is nothing new and it’s definitely not something I came up with. Our ancestors believed in it too.

It’s just that my conviction in this belief grew stronger with more charts read and houses assessed. It’s come to a point where I know this is, in fact, a law in Chinese metaphysics. A person with a weak chart is unlikely to end up in a good house, just like how any weak plant or organism cannot survive in an environment where everything else is thriving. Someone’s astrological chart and their house will always paint the same story and you have to be worthy of a good house.

It’s a notion that hard for the layman to appreciate because people don’t study the lives of other through charts and the houses they stay in, but I do.

Why house-hunt if the house we end up in is fated?

This is a good question but it is also a chicken-and-egg question.

The thing is, even I won’t know whether the process of you getting a good house involves a practitioner or not. I won’t know where you stand in the cause-and-effect chain of things and I won’t know if I’m meant to be part of that process. You’ll just have to believe in affinity.

There is an old Chinese saying called 福人居福地。Places with good feng shui are meant for people with good fortunes and karma. Any practitioner worth this salt will know that this is true if they’ve looked at enough BaZi charts and houses.

It’s the same scenario when approaching a practitioner for a c-section date selection. If you are fated to have a child with a great chart, no one will know whether the process involves a practitioner or whether you’ll end up finding a good practitioner – the child will simly arrive at the right time because it’s meant to be.

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do given these scenarios, then just believe that whatever is meant to happen, will happen.

Can I have a good house if my astrological chart is bad?

I can’t say for sure. It really depends and I’ve seen a lot of different scenarios.

In some cases, yes, I’ve seen people with bad charts ending up in good houses. Perhaps it’s because they were going through a good phase in their charts and it gave them the uplift they needed.

For others, I’ve seen them being forced to move out of the house as though fate decided they weren’t good enough for the house. It could be due to a divorce, or financial pressure.

Then, there are those who simply moved out because they want an upgrade, not knowing that they left a really good house behind.

At the end of the day, many factors must be in the right place for you to end up in a good house:

  • If you do not wish to engage a practitioner, you need to have the good fortune to find one by chance, or fate.
  • If you do engage a practitioner, you need to make sure he or she is a legitimate one.
  • Once you’ve engaged a practitioner, whether you are able to find a good house is still depends on whether one is available, and if you are able to outbid other buyers.
Why is the house-hunt service so expensive?

The house-hunt service is my most taxing and time-consuming service. In terms of the hourly returns, it’s offers the lowest return for my time. The fees ae to justify the time and effort I have to spend on hunting when it could be spent elsewhere. It is not a service that I have to provide because I’m busy enough with BaZi consultations – it exists because clients want such a service.

The alternative scenario which does not make sense for prospective clients is to pay for every single house and I’ll head onsite for each of them.

The fees are a middle-ground for myself as a service provider and a paying client. It’s $5,888 vs $28,320 (15 houses screened in person), so I hope everyone knows where I am coming from.

Engagement Fees

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