How To Ensure That You Get The Best Possible House For You and Your Family

December 28, 2015

A lot of people make the mistake of engaging a FengShui consultant only after they have made a purchase of the house, thinking that the flaws that come with the house can be remedied by placing a few auspicious items at the right places.

There are a few issues with this:

1) Misconceptions on remedies: There is no mention of using items or figurines to remedy bad FengShui in the Chinese classics. All remedies involve changing the landscape and structure of the house. Using objects are remedies serve as psychological remedies at best, which does help in some sense in the well-being of people looking for FengShui advice.

2) Not getting a chance of knowing your FengShui consultant and their approach: There are many schools of FengShui and different practitioners will have a preferred approached. For example, I would look at the general structure of the house first before jumping into the Flying Stars method, whereas some practitioners would only apply Flying Stars. It’s really up to the practitioner see how far he/she would go in terms of making the right choice for the client. You are paying hard-earned money, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before officially engaging someone. Practitioners should be able to explain the theory to you using foundational knowledge on astronomy and geology which ties in with the ’bagua’ (八卦)。

3) Not being in control of the layout of the house: Most people do not realize every house has a particular structure to it which is determined by the position of the main door, kitchen and master bedroom. By not taking these into consideration, many people unknowingly purchase a house that is not so ideal. It was easy to control the placement of the rooms in olden days where but with modern day apartments and flats, it’s almost impossible to control the layout of the house. If you take a look at my feng shui case study, the owners of the house went through several blueprints with me before deciding on the house to buy, and we managed the find the perfect house for them, being classified as a 生气宅。 The interesting thing is, I advised the partner going through a better BaZi luck phase to do the hunting, and the house in the mentioned case study was the very first house he picked while previous blueprints picked by the partner going through a tougher luck phase were rejected.

4) Not taking into account the current FengShui Period: The yearly flying stars is just one of the many things to take note of in FengShui. Like how we always consider the 大运 first in BaZi to assess the overall quality of the chart, considering the macro view of the house is paramount in FengShui. The quality of the house will change according to FengShui period – in the interest of long-term planning, it’s important to consider if the quality of the house would change as we enter into Period 9 especially when you know you’re probably going to continue being at your current house as we cross into Period 9.

I will discuss a bit on things to look out for when we transition from Period 8 to Period 9 in the FengShui cycle in a later entry, hopefully with some pictures for ease of reading. Do keep track of this space!

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