Feng Shui Flaws Of Modern Day Apartments & Condominiums In Singapore


Posted On Last updated May 27, 2020 | Published on Apr 16, 2019

It has been a while! In case you’re wondering: No, I didn’t get into any legal trouble for my previous post on feng shui masters and what goes on behind the scenes. Expressing my opinion, which is based on facts, isn’t going to land me in hot waters. I really just wanted a break to recharge – I kind of always do. There’s really too many things going on in my life and this has been the case for the past few years and juggling two jobs can be quite a challenge at times.

This post isn’t going to be one of those technical feng shui articles, but rather, it’s going to be on what I’ve observed as a practitioner over the past few years. I’ve been wanting to write about a phenomenon I’ve been noticing for quite some time now but I kept getting distracted by other topics I’d like to talk about how our homes are designed these days and I’m talking about the modern day apartments in particular.

First Impressions Of Condominiums These Days

The bluntest way I can summarize what I wish to say in this post is this: I really, really hate how modern condominiums and apartments are designed.

Metaphysics and feng shui aside, I never understood why people wish to over-leverage and purchase such an expensive place which is not only cramped but also, in my own words, “uninspiring”. Yes, fine, it’s still a space you call home and fits a family, but for the amount of money you spend, I would have expected these new apartments to make one go “wow” and actually feel good stepping into it. But no – you get a cramped area, a corridor which looks like a prison and a living room with no privacy (because you can see people in the opposite block). What’s worse – you are stuck having to work for the rest of your life to service the mortgage.

I personally feel ut would have made more sense to use that money to really do a really good renovation on a HDB apartment.

I’ve lost count of the number of feng shui audits I’ve conducted at newly launched condos. With all due respect to the developers, I’ve not been to a newly launched condo which I am impressed with both from the aesthetic front as a layman, but also from a feng shui perspective as a Chinese metaphysics practitioner. I absolutely hate modern-day apartments.

I’m sure everyone can tell that condominiums these days are built with a template and you can’t help but feel that developers are just churning out new buildings for the sake of it in order to feed an irrational demand from the market. Here’s what I mean:



I’m sure every Singaporean around my age has heard of the saying or meme “same same but different”. That is the exact situation we have in the real estate market right now – everything is the same, but yet, different. It says a lot if the government has to step in to control the minimum size of a given unit because the intent of developers is clear – squeeze as many units in there as possible in order to get maximum returns on a plot of land. It is a business after all and people are feeding the business despite these obvious issues.

Now, why am I talking about all this and where does feng shui come into the picture?

What I’ve Noticed About Modern Day Condominiums & Apartments

If you look at the examples I’ve put above: One thing that you can almost always say for certain is that the main door and master bedroom are always at the diagonal extreme opposite of each other. If the main door is at the bottom right, the master bedroom will be at the top left; if the main door is on the bottom left, the master bedroom will be at the top right.

You can name any newly developed condominium and it will look like the above: Kingsford Waterbay, Affinity @ Serangoon, Lake Grande, Riverfront Residence and even Jadescape. You name it. It won’t differ too much. You will only find floor plans where the master bedroom is anywhere else but the extreme diagonal opposite from the older apartments from an era where houses weren’t mechanically manufactured or built.

Do you know what’s the disappointing thing? Even government/public-housing apartments are being built like the above two floor-plans these days.

I’m not familiar with what goes through the minds of developers as they build these projects, but as a practitioner, I have to say it’s quite a pity from a feng shui perspective and these templated designs will likely be the reason why I will never purchase a ‘modern-design’ condo. Let me explain.

If I’m spending that kind of money on a house, I would want the house to have perfect or near-perfect feng shui. I would not feel good knowing that I’m staying in a less than ideal house especially after witnessing first-hand how things can manifest. The sad reality is that you will never find an apartment with perfect or near-perfect feng shui from these modern day condominiums and apartments because of the way it is designed.


Near-perfect apartments do exist but they exist only in the older apartments with unique designs. Trust me, you won’t find them being built anymore. If you take the above structure as shown in the Chinese text, for example, the structure is not one whereby the main door and master bedroom are at opposite ends.

Feng Shui Implications For Modern Day ‘Designs’ & Templates

Now, let’s assume that the floor-plans and layouts of these newly developed condominiums are indeed always the same. The issue lies with the position of the main door and the master bedroom. Depending on the facing direction of your unit, you may end up with a few possibilities in terms of the feng shui structure.

Please note that facing directions matter and I’m not saying that modern day apartments are bad. The issue I’m focusing on here is the templated design and layout where the optimal positioning of the key rooms (main door, master bedroom and kitchen) are simply just not possible.

If you are fortunate enough, you will end up in a house with generally acceptable feng shui but it will come with certain caveats and it won’t be “perfect” or “near perfect” if I could describe a house that way. Take a house under 离门坎主 for example: This would be your 延年宅s where the description goes as such.


The above 离门坎主 structure is one where the main door and master bedroom are at diagonally extreme ends. This is a structure which I’ve encountered the most during my feng shui audits. Progress for the tenants is still possible under such a house, but the downside is that it is not good for the female of the house health-wise and hence the 久居克妻 stated in the verse from the Chinese classics. Just look within your own circle of friends and I am sure you will be able to notice somewhat of a trend when it comes to health. For my foreign-readers, 克妻 basically means the wife will be “harmed”.

On the flip side, if your ‘luck’ is in the gutters, you may end up in the worst possible layout under the 8 Mansions method which holds the name 绝命宅 where 绝命 translates to “life coming to an end”.


The whole sentence above practical says nothing positive. The last sentence which mentioned 动宅 is the only positive part of the sentence, but it will no longer apply to any of us in this day and age as it referring to an architectural style in feudal China which no longer exists. Basically, if you ever end up in a 绝命宅,do not expect the house to bring you any form of progress. People with poor or low-quality BaZi charts usually end up in such houses as I’ve explained time and again.

The Biggest Feng Shui Pity In My Opinion

When I hunted for my own place, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect feng shui-wise, but I knew it wasn’t going to be able to find it from one of these newly developed condominiums so I didn’t waste any time there. I was not going to settle for anything less than perfect or near-perfect.

I find it a pity that people will no longer get to benefit from houses with an optimal layout and that there will always be some form of feng shui flaw in the house. I ended up getting a resale unit instead where the layout doesn’t follow the typical modern-day templated layout. I don’t know about you guys, but if you could apply feng shui, you would want your house to be perfect wouldn’t you?

A lot of enthusiasts only pay attention to the Facing Direction of the house, which does matter of course, but my personal opinion is that the layouts do matter too and my feng shui consultations, combined with BaZi, have always shown this to be the case.

If you happened to be someone who missed out on the launch of these new condominiums, don’t fret – it can be a good thing that you didn’t end up in one. I never felt they were impressive to begin with. Sure, the showrooms and artist impressions look nice, but the actual product was a far cry from the vision, or sales and marketing collateral rather.

I’m in a bit of a unique position to say such things because the nature of my job allows me to visit a lot of houses. I’ve seen a lot of these projects go from the showroom phase all the way till completion phase and stepped foot in them as well. I’m not a real estate agent trying to sell a house, so I remain objective in how I feel and I suffer from no cognitive dissonance. If the development is ugly and disappointing, then, by all means, I will say so.

Feng Shui ‘Masters’ Partnering Up With Developers To Sell Units

I’ve noticed that there is a trend of developers getting ‘practitioners’ down to pitch the development to the public. I’ve not been to one myself, so I’m not sure what is said during such events but it’s safe to assume that these ‘practitioners’ are brought down to say how good these developments are feng shui-wise so that more deals can be closed. It’s just another one of those charades which I am very against.

The only thing I wish for my readers to know is that in any development, there will always be good units or stacks and bad ones. You can never make a sweeping statement that every single unit within a development is good. That’s a bit of a long-shot.

Like I always say: Apply some critical-thinking and learn to make better decisions. Don’t just look at the surface of what’s going on.

The right thing to do would be to get a feng shui practitioner involved in the design process, and not get him or her down after the development plan is finalized or when the construction is complete to say good things about it.

We all know that’s not going to happen. No developer is going to make the process more complicated by getting a practitioner involved in the design process, because why should they? Just build wherever and whatever – people will still buy.


How Do These Layouts Impact Us & How Does It Manifest?

This part has nothing to do with the technicals of feng shui per se and I am purely just sharing my observations. Having visited and audited all these houses, I find myself asking what happens to the tenants who reside in these modern-day condominiums in the long run. Things are supposed to manifest according to what’s described in the books, but how exactly? This isn’t an issue that affects just a few families – this is happening on a macro level throughout the country because every single development looks the same. More and more people from my generation will move into these ‘flawed’ houses.

Looking at some of the possibilities in terms of feng shui structure, you can’t help but wonder if a majority of new home-owners will really experience what’s written in the books. Take the above two examples I gave: Will all the females of the houses under 延年宅 start having health issues? Will the tenants in 绝命宅 start to stagnate and suffer? Time will tell.

I’ve audited a lot of houses under 延年宅 (the structure whereby the health of the female will dwindle), and a lot of times I realized that the female tenant’s BaZi chart does paint the same story. Quite often, they would have issues conceiving as well. Speaking of which, I need to write a blog post to address this for my female readers soon as I’m getting quite a lot of cases related to this.

What I’m trying to say is this: I do think about whether the way our houses are built is a premonition of how society as a whole would be like in the future. Not that I have any say in society’s governance or how things should be – I’m really coming from the perspective of an observer:

  • Would a lot of the females suffer from ill health in the future? Reason being they are simply too overstretched having to juggle work, family, and children at the same time.
  • Would families truly progress in all aspects of their lives, which includes their career, finances, health, and emotional well-being?

We don’t have control over feng shui or where we live as much as people think they do, which is why I always say you need a good amount of fortune to end up somewhere with feng shui. Such things are fated in a way. Where you stay is a reflection of how your life was meant to unfold.

A phenomenon here in Singapore is that new development launches are swooped up and sold out within weeks. I never understood why. Is it because people really don’t have a place to stay? Or property is seen as a quick way to the riches? Let’s not forget that these are people who can only afford one house – it’s not that they currently residing somewhere and are investing in a second property. People are actually selling their homes in order to stay in these newly developed apartments, with the intention to flip it for a profit when the moment comes – assuming the moment even comes.

I’m all for investments and putting your money to work, but there is something about this trend of buying properties that concern me. I’m sure everyone knows that the government has implemented cooling measures for the property market, and interests rates are higher as well, and it literally dashed the hopes of people who are hoping to become wealthy by flipping their property.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you do end up selling a unit for a profit, won’t you just end up spending that money on an equally, if not, more expensive house with an inflated price? I’m not done the numbers for myself, but the amount you earn doesn’t seem to make sense for all the trouble.

Also, good luck trying to sell your house when a recession hits in the next few years and let’s not forget about the people who will lose their jobs during that period.

I’ve also handled several cases whereby the client sells the house first before starting to look for a place, and the whole process was so rushed that they had to settle for a house with much worse feng shui than their original unit. I would rather spend my time and resources finding other ways of growing my wealth.

A lot of people I know are now stuck with a much higher mortgage due to higher interests rates, with an asset (their house) which is depreciating in value. Their lives have very much become about chasing that next paycheque in order to service the mortgage and all the other expenses that come along with taking care of a family. I can’t help but find this a rather precarious situation for people, because you are basically a slave to a system you unknowingly put yourself into. You are so busy trying to survive that you can’t really enjoy what life has to offer.

Of course, this isn’t a phenomenon that just applies to people who bought the newly developed condominium and I’m also definitely not saying that it’s the end of the world for people who moved into a newly developed condominium. What I described above could apply to anybody from any walk of life. I think the point I am trying to bring across and what I’m trying to explore is what this trend of new condominiums mean and how would things manifest from there. It’s a very macro way of looking at feng shui and it makes you question whether if this is the beginning of a major trend where the females from the new generation of homeowners will really start to have poorer health, and people actually do start to struggle because of the extra financial burden.

Having knowledge in metaphysics does allow me to look at situations and environments using a lens not available to most people. From what I’m seeing from both a feng shui and economics perspective, there are simply too many things that do not make sense to me right now. I find it hard to bring myself to say that houses these days will truly help us improve the quality of our lives.

Just so you know: The people who will get to build their houses from ground up with and tap into every positive aspect of feng shui would be – you guessed it – the people you are buying these new apartments from.

– Sean

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