On Changing Your Name & The House You’re Fated For

April 15, 2017

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while! Things have been really busy on my end so I’ve not been updating my blog as much as I’d like to. I got myself a new laptop after using my previous one for about 8 years now so I’m hoping I’m able to be a lot more productive with my new gadget. I’ll keep this entry short and sweet to slowly get my momentum back. If you are a new reader to this blog – welcome! You probably found me via Google looking for a practitioner to analyze your 八字 or perform a feng shui audit of your house, if so, I sincerely hope you take a bit of time to go through my blog to decide if I’m the right practitioner for you as this blog aims to dispel the myths and misconceptions of this field and educate you on what you should look out for and kind of service level agreement you should expect.

I don’t usually get a lot of requests for name selections or name changes, but over the past few months I’ve seen quite a huge surge in requests for this service, so much so that I decided to change my own name – even my surname. The pronunciation of my name is going to be exactly the same, just that the words and number of strokes used is going to be very different.

A lot of my clients have asked me if changing one’s name can help with one’s fate, and as much as I would like to answer “yes” with as much conviction as I do for 八字 and feng shui, I can’t do that yet because I’ve simply not lived long enough to see a before and after effect of a change in one’s name. That being said, not being able to say this with conviction does not mean that I do not believe in it – I do. The ironic thing is that I’ve never bothered to analyze my own name till recently despite being in this field, and when I did, it didn’t came as a surprise that I had a bad name given how the last 30 years have been. 30 was supposed to be my turning point so I guess you could say that a change of name was written in the stars as well. Some of my readers know that I always emphasize that everything is interconnected, and that someone’s 八字 can give indications of what kind of house one would end up in – I’d say the say for one’s name as well.

If you ever decide to go to another practitioner for name selection, do ask if they will break down what the 天格、人格、地格、外格、总格 and the name’s 三才 for you. It’s not something hard for a practitioner to do, and they should feel obliged to explain to you why a particular name is chosen. There are 81 different strokes in total to consider in a name. Also, do remember an accurate analysis of one’s 八字 is required before a practitioner can choose a suitable name. It’s pretty difficult to get all 7 criteria listed above correct especially if we take one’s surname into account. I’ll go into more detail about the creation of the name selection field another time.

I have a hard time convincing my clients that their house feng shui is closely linked, but recently I’ve found out that this is a belief held even by our ancestors and it is not something new. I’ve been reading some of the Chinese classics I have in my library, and found something I previously missed. In 《八宅明镜》, it states:


What the above paragraph is basically trying to say is that, some people’s lives do not follow their 八字, and the reason that it is such is due to the environment they reside in as highlighted in the sentence 实皆命之合与不合,有以致此也。Don’t forget that one’s 八字 plays a part in determining, or rather, influencing the probability of ending in an auspicious or inauspicious house. Of all the clients I’ve had so far, there has not been a single client who has a bad 八字 but live a good house and vice versa. Whereas one is unable to change one’s 八字, it’s definitely possible to enhance one’s life via feng shui. I’ve touched a lot on this topic a lot in my previous blog entries so do go through them especially if you’re seriously considering a practitioner for an audit.

An old client of mine came back to me and engaged me to help with the design of a landed property he owns (refer to picture below), so I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out in the long run for this client turned friend of mine. His 八字 is one of the better ones I’ve seen, so no surprise that the landed property he just bought is considered a very auspicious one. Major renovations are definitely in the works, and I’ll be working with him closely to bring out the best in this plot of land.

I’m already starting my own hunt for a house, and I’m starting early because a good house isn’t easy to come by, especially when you aren’t able to build it from scratch like some of the wealthy people do and have to settle for apartments, but I guess a good apartment is a start!

Happy house-hunting everyone!


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