Astrology’s Take On Good, Evil, Lessons, And Living Effectively

June 30, 2023

It’s Been 10 Years & I’m Going Through A Phase

It just dawned upon me that I’ve been doing this job for almost a decade. Time really flies. Ten years of chart readings and ten years of blogging. Is everyone sick of it yet? I sometimes revisit my older posts and wonder what I was smoking when I wrote them because it feels as though I am being mentally violated re-reading them.

I’m glad that I don’t feel bored about my job because it can be a very fulfilling job, and if there’s anything I hope I’ve achieved in the past decade, it’s that people know I’m trying to do what’s right, no matter how vulgar or irreverent I may sound. I have no desire for fame, nor am I trying to be an influencer for my industry. I’m really trying to lead a simple, meaningful life. It’s funny that some people still think I paid for my media features because I wouldn’t be the first to be featured if money could make that happen.

I’m morbidly out of touch with the corporate world, and I sometimes wonder where I would have ended up if I didn’t make those mistakes I did in my late 20s and stuck to a more conventional path. I kid you not, but I did not grow up wanting to be an astrologer, and I did not kickstart this career with money in mind, contrary to what some people might think. Money is always nice, but abundance and fulfilment are things money can’t buy. I think everyone would agree that money shouldn’t be an end in itself when it comes to industries like mine.

I know I’ve said this many times, but I cannot tell everyone how grateful I am because everyone’s trust in me gave me my freedom. I do not need to step into an office with a mask of pretence, hoping that metaphorically fellating my boss would give me a fast track to a higher pay cheque and a better life. I’ve said this before, but what I do now and how I conduct it allows me to work anywhere in the world. I’m a digital nomad and astrologer. I do not want to let this freedom go to waste, and I hope it is warranted by my aspiration to do good for my industry and find some meaning in my existence.

As you may or may not know, a series of events got me started on Western astrology. It is a lot more accessible and a lot easier to pick up, especially when I have a foundation in Chinese astrology and am familiar with the celestial map. I used to cross reference BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu to hone my skills in these two techniques, and I’m doing the same for Western astrology because nothing will contradict, and this has already been proven. My Chinese and Western charts paint the same picture, although it is expressed differently.

I attribute all these changes I’m going through to my new 10-Year Phase now. Change is always tiring, and I’m going through a transitional phase, going through the motions and processing everything. It’s been a tiring start to 2023 with some unpleasantries, which I expected, and I don’t regret going through them. Besides, I need to practice what I preach and tell myself that such periods are required for growth. I said my new 10-Year Phase is supposed to be my best, but I did not presume the transition would be smooth.

Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s nothing new, and I’m not trying to make things sound more dramatic. I’m going through whatever everyone’s going through.

I’ve been functioning more or less the same for the past ten years, and I’m at the stage where I’m thinking hard about what else I wish to do with this career. I know I’ve been saying this for a while now, and honestly, I still don’t have an answer, nor am I rushing for one. I know the answer will come to me when the time is right. Perhaps everything will remain the same, and I’m fine with that as long as I get better at what I do because I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if I’m not good at it.

I’ve been sharing with my loved ones that it’ll be nice to leave something behind, and writing a book seems like an excellent way to achieve that. I’m still thinking about what genre the book should be positioned with, but in any case, this isn’t going to be something that will be complete anytime soon, and it’s just one of those passion projects that I hope to get started on.

And I will make it happen before I die because there’s no better way of being an a**hole than by letting everyone know an a**hole like me once existed.

I’ve never thought so hard about my career as an astrologer before because I only started doing this full-time towards the end of 2019, right when the pandemic started. We all knew how those few years went. Everyone just stayed home and tried to survive.

Alas, the road ahead is long. Before I digress too much, let’s get on with what I wish to talk about.

I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Help Myself

It’s been ten years, and the industry is still the same – not that I was expecting it to change. I know I said I don’t wish to talk about other practitioners anymore, and I know I can’t help but still do it once in a while because of how ridiculous things can get in my industry, as seen in this example here, although it’s an old story now:

I won’t repeat whatever I wish to say regarding the Instagram post above. For my thoughts, there’s this blog post:

If you don’t mind, please oblige me by bearing with one more story.

People sometimes fail to realise I used to be in the tech industry and that reading astrological charts isn’t the only skill I have, and armed with some common sense, it’s easy to notice the weird things happening in the industry. As I said, I know every trick in the book, and I’m not going to be coy anymore by saying that representing the country for chess means nothing and that I got lucky. I know what my mind is capable of.

I picked up a lot of complementary skills throughout the years that helped me get to where I am today, such as building a website, SEO, and anything required to get things running efficiently.

The above image show is from my Semrush account which I use mainly to optimise my websie. It can tell me what other people are up to as well, but that’s not the primary aim because what they do is irrelevant to me. That said, one thing is too funny not to talk about.

The above image shows the keywords other practitioners are ranking for and the pages they’ve created for them. It seems like the trend now is to rank for keywords for the sake of it, even when it’s completely unrelated to Chinese metaphysics, hoping the increase in traffic leads to a sale/conversion. I can’t help but notice the complete irrelevance of the keywords and articles, some of which are even plagiarised.

Now, I get the aim – everything starts with visibility and internet traffic. But again, I cannot understand why people take shortcuts and hacks. If the purpose is to help people using Chinese metaphysics and astrology, I don’t see the need to resort to such methods. Then again, who am I to judge? Because I’m the one who is always cussing and berating Category 4 chart-holders, although, to be fair, they don’t even want to help themselves.

People often chide me for throwing shade at other practitioners, which is fine, and I can accept that. Because I do! They do make me feel imbalanced and trigger me at times. Although who will talk about these issues if I don’t point them out? Why on Earth would a practitioner want to rank for a “bidet spray”? Perhaps my constant use of the word “a**hole” manifested this.

I can’t help but feel that these acts only go to show that desperation has set in. Why? Because some practitioners love buying Lamborghinis and Richard Mille watches. I am not exaggerating because they do, which is fine because it’s their right to enjoy the fruits of their labour. But I don’t get why the need to resort to shortcuts when you’re doing well enough to own a Lamborghini. I can’t help but feel something is amiss.

Do people not have pride in what they do, such that they need to rank for “bidet spray” as a practitioner? Forgive me if it feels a tad judgemental. I can’t help but feel how I feel. But hey, the marketing definitely worked, because the next time I hose my astrologer anus down after taking a good shit, I will think of Feng Shui – because the bidet is literally giving me both.

I have too much pride and self-respect to use cheap tricks or churn out shallow content, and I’ve always told myself to work hard and let people know I exist, and that I am not here to mess around and be another caricature practitioner telling everyone I can change their lives with astrology. I’m sorry, but no one can change your life for you. Not even the Goddess of Mercy.

Saturn has moved into Pisces, and I mentioned at one point that people in my industry will now come under judgement, and I guess the desperate measures are a premonition of what’s to come. Of course, I will also be judged, and I have been trying to anticipate the form in which this judgement would come. As I said, I am terrified because I know what Saturn and the universe can do when it really wants you to learn a lesson.

Saturn Moving Into Pisces

Perhaps Saturn moving into Pisces is to weed out certain people, make them realise they’re not cut out for the industry and set some standards. Or maybe, Saturn’s ingress into Pisces is to make everyone more aware of what’s happening and take things more seriously and with some vigour, and that astrology isn’t something to joke around with. Exactly how the planets choose to manifest their effects is something I will never know, and we can only postulate, hypothesise, and appreciate over time. The essence (像) of something can take on countless physical forms (形) after all, more than we can imagine.

I have seen many practitioners come and go, and I am fortunate to make it as far as I did without resorting to funny tricks, and not even advertising. I need not re-emphasize that my industry is not regulated and probably never will be due to its faith-based nature, especially in countries like Singapore, where only secular governance can exist.

I know how this makes me sound, but I am not the only one who says this. Two kinds of people end up becoming astrologers:

  1. People who can and are meant to be astrologers
  2. People who can’t do anything else with their lives

As harsh as it sounds and as arrogant as it makes me look, you know it is true.

I know that most people would think I feel I fall into the first category, and I will very proudly tell you that yes, indeed I do, which is why I am even writing about all these issues when others are trying to shove a Feng Shui item down your throat or up your ass. I wouldn’t be talking about these issues if I didn’t believe in what I do and take pride in my work.

How often must I say that it’s easier to make a killing by selling items and using my experience in chart readings to trick you into believing that they work? I can sell you something right before you have a good year, and you will attribute the positive events to that item and come back to me for more. I told myself since Day 1 that if I were to embark on this path, I would do it right, and I prayed that Heavens would guide me. I survived ten years of it. I even asked a monk in Bhutan to do a divination for me and asked if I would ever get to where I aspire to be someday, and the divination gave a favourable reply.

People don’t realise that claiming and becoming an astrologer is more straightforward than setting up a fruit juice stand and even being a busker. Yes, you need a license to be a busker, but anyone can be an astrologer and start giving so-called life advice without being answerable to anyone. The only entity that can regulate the astrologer is the astrologer him/herself.

I think it’s clear that I have no intention of being the ‘governing body’ or person for the industry. I’m not that presumptuous, and I am too freaking tired and honestly can’t be bothered. I don’t see why I must burden myself with more work for a manufactured title that probably won’t even compensate me for my time. I’m happy with putting down my thoughts on my blog and letting people do their homework because if fate decides you are not worthy of benefitting from Chinese metaphysics or astrology, that’s too bad.

I never once saw my job as an astrologer and Chinese metaphysics practitioner to make you believe in what I want you to believe in. I’m here to give you the correct information to arrive at your own conclusions and make the best of your reality, and perhaps connect with your roots and appreciate the wisdom of those who came before us.

The nature of my job and the state of the industry naturally leads to ‘war’, and this ‘war’ or voracious dirty dancing I have with the industry has been going on for a while now, and I think it’s time to pass the baton to the people who call the shots – everyone else. It’s your money and your life. Clients are the one who ultimately decides who stays relevant and who doesn’t.

I know this is perhaps the most childish and perhaps despicable side of me, but the urge to chide other practitioners is much weaker than when I first started, and I’m glad I’m finally getting tired of it. I think this Saturn transit is also a knock on the head that it’s time to move on because Saturn has also shown that it will do the job for me.

I found my wife and calling when I stopped trying too hard and just focused on the right thing instead. Perhaps it’ll be the same this time.

Thank you for bearing with me all these years. I know some of you enjoyed it, but some of you are probably sick of it too.

If I had a chance to choose, perhaps I’d wish for a different job. Like what? Perhaps being in a boyband. I can sing, dance, and pose for photos while people scream my name like their toes are getting crushed by a steamroller and get paid a shit load of money. But anyone who knows me will know I’m a block of wood when it comes to performing arts, and I will be stoned alive for being an insult to the sanctity that is the human body.

Alas, as fate wills it, I became an astrologer and had to deal with Category 4 chart-holders, and I have no choice but to stick to this path and do my best and perhaps lament once in a while about how messy everything is.

Oh Saturn, Our Dear Saturn

I’ve been talking about this planet a lot because I’ve come to learn that I have an affinity with it, and it’s been spinning up my ass recently. I didn’t choose Saturn to be my ruling planet – perhaps my ‘soul’ waiting to reincarnate did. Should my chart’s affinity be with Venus, I will not hesitate to start an OnlyFans account and pursue another path.

My life changed during my Saturn Return, although it almost ended too because my Saturn Return was tough. Those familiar with my background would know that was the point I severed ties with my family and moved out, and found a new home for myself in the form of a small room that I rented for five years.

Saturn will always be a tough but wise teacher, and some believe if Saturn is handled correctly, it brings greater rewards than Jupiter and Venus, because why not? Who doesn’t deserve a reward after a period of intensive growth? I’ve been hearing stories of Saturn and witnessing it unfold in some of my clients’ lives.

This is a true story: I met a young chap many years ago in my mid-20s. I remember him to be loud, boisterous, and somewhat snobbish. He was a few years younger than me, in his early 20s, and just started college. I remember him packaging himself as someone from a well-to-do family who found success at a young age, always travelling in 1st class and boasting about his connections to influential people. To my vague recollection, it was believed he was investing in companies and managing funds. I recently caught up with people who knew this young chap and discovered that he ended his life when he was 29 in 2019. You would know by now that’s the age when someone’s Saturn Return typically starts. It turns out that this young chap ran a Ponzi scheme, which crumbled when Covid started, and the shame and consequences were too much for him to take.

Alas, that was in 2019. Saturn has since moved on and it’s now in Pisces, and it has begun spinning up the orifice of another group of people – including mine. I have some critical placements in Pisces, so Saturn moving into Pisces did shake things up, but it also made me want to be better. I might be getting ahead of myself by saying this, but everyone should notice changes in how I am in the next 2 to 3 years as I settle into a new phase of my life once Saturn (and Pluto, mind you) stops trying to make my a**hole bigger.

Anyway, thankfully, it is the beginning of my new and best 10-Year Elemental Phase after all, and thankfully it’s nothing I can’t handle nor something that will throw my life off course (I think).

Now, cursing and swearing in front of the clients I’m close to does make things a bit more fun and light-hearted, and having an Instagram page is a perfect distraction from the crap that I have to go through as an astrologer. It was never meant for ill intent other than the occasional shade-throwing for ridiculous stuff. The events of 2023 reminded me that my core should still be about uplifting others whenever I can and showing people how to live effectively with astrology’s guidance. That said, I will always retain my irreverent side because that’s how I cope with the real world and have a bit of fun with what I do, so please pardon me. Fate didn’t want me to have the disposition of a holy figure. I will also be the first to admit I have little to no patience for people who refuse to help themselves and are always self-victimising, and I’m sorry I can’t do better in this aspect. I honestly don’t know if I will ever grow to have the patience and compassion for toxic, vile people who refuse to develop some self-awareness, also known as Category 4 chart-holders on this blog.

I foresaw 2023’s bumps coming, but at the same time, I did not foresee it coming – at least not in the form it took. Understanding your chart intellectually is different from going through it, which is why many people come back to me after a few years to go, “It happened.” It’s fine that whatever happened, happened. That’s just how life is and what we need to go through. Buddha went through shit, too, did he not? I sometimes wonder if he looked back at his days being an ascetic and went, “Dafuq was I thinking?” I never felt that astrology had the ability to completely allow someone to avoid their setbacks and lessons, but it can at least minimise suffering or make sure we get the most out of not just our good times, but bad times too.

I will always have a love-hate relationship with Saturn. My chart and my being embodies the spirit and essence of this planet. In some ways, I know Saturn’s role in my chart has brought me gifts. The stern, solemn side of me that doesn’t compromise when it comes to certain things results from Saturn. At the same time, this planet has also brought me immense pain and suffering, which everyone should be familiar with the story by now. Some Vedic astrologers put it across really well: if Saturn doesn’t love you, it won’t even care, but it gives tough love.

If not for the fact that I was born on the exact day and time that I was, my life would have turned out very differently. I am incredibly grateful for a well-placed Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto for me to survive and turn my pain into something constructive, and I went through a rebirth of sorts when I turned 30. I’ve never said this before, but thankfully, my BaZi chart is not too shabby either.

My BaZi chart would have its explanation for 2023’s events, and so does my Western chart. If you were a bit of a Western astrology enthusiast, one would know I am going through my Saturn transit squaring my natal Saturn right now. Everyone will go through this seven years after their Saturn Return because a square-aspect forms around the third house from where your natal Saturn is. Some lessons, setbacks, and reminders are expected. You will know what I mean when you get there. Saturn opposition Saturn will happen in another seven years. I will be 44 by then, and I have a feeling it has to do with giving the people who gave birth to me one final send-off, and I will have to confront certain emotions that I don’t usually confront.

If that sentence was a hassle to interpret: I expect my parents to pass away around those years, and I will announce it when the time comes, provided I even get the news. Thinking about it already sends my emotions whirling, and it’s a mix of emotions that no one word would be apt enough to describe. I know that when they move on, some past pain and trauma will surface, and it wouldn’t feel good, although I will throw some irreverence in for the sake of it and say that I’ll probably pop some champagne too – because I can, and I want to. Did I really say what I just did? Yes, I did. I will never invalidate myself about how I feel, but I will make it a point to ensure my emotions are channelled constructively at the end of the day (how do you think I write so much?), with some dark humour included.

Learning From Saturn, Grand Duke, Or Whatever

I’ve learned throughout my life that if the universe wants to teach you something, especially Saturn, it’s best to humble yourself and be completely open to it. Resisting it will only lead to more suffering and, in some cases, the end of one’s life, literally or metaphorically. Perhaps I won’t find it in myself to be irreverent anymore when I am 44. I won’t know till I’m there. But till then, let’s get past the next few years first.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that my clients are getting younger, and many are going through their Saturn Return. It baffles me that some people think they can have a good Saturn Return even before it starts. I’ve witnessed 28/29-year-olds declare they have the wisdom and life experience to have a good Saturn Return, only to see them come crashing back down to Earth when it hits. I guess that’s the folly of youth and why a Saturn Return is the astrological coming of age when one hopefully starts to wise up.

Saturn often gets a bad reputation, but it shouldn’t be seen as an evil, malicious planet. Sure, the lessons this planet brings can be tough, but it is a required phase for growth. It is a brutal teacher but a wise one, like Pai Mei in Kill Bill, who won’t hesitate to break your arm if you oppose him and is relentless in making sure you master the “Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart” technique so that you can kill your Bill.

You would have read the Chinese metaphysics angle of this in some of my blog posts: the best state of any element can only be brought out if there is an opposing element, like how Metal requires Fire to forge something valuable. Growth was never meant to be comfortable; you could even argue that a life without struggle is meaningless.

You would have noticed a brief period of silence on my social media, and that was the period where I went into my cave, going through the motions and thinking about some of the events that happened. Saturn is in retrograde now, so I’m feeling a bit better, but it will spin up my a**hole again eventually until it f***s off from Pisces. I spent a lot of time contemplating what lessons this Saturn transit is supposed to have for me, and it’s been a while since I felt this frazzled.

I don’t wish to go into what transpired because I don’t want this post or blog to feel like a tabloid or an emotional dumpsite. Just know it involves Category 4 chart-holders whom I thought were under Category 2. I’ve let my guard down because some of these Category 4 chart-holders are young and came from problematic families too, but they couldn’t handle the pain and trauma very well, and I was unfortunately on the receiving end of the mess.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the lessons of 2023 and what I am meant to learn in this Saturn square Saturn transit of mine. I still don’t have an answer and it will probably take time, although a strange twist of events also led me to this article which I wouldn’t say revealed to me what my lesson was, but it did make me feel better. Perhaps this is what they call a “sign from the universe”.

I want to make it very clear that what I am about to say has nothing to do with the lady in the article above. I don’t know her, but I do wish her well because I’m sure things aren’t easy and that she has difficulties most of us can’t even begin to understand.

I was lying on my bed doom-scrolling, ready to sleep, and this article popped up on my feed. I know you probably can’t relate, but it was a sign that brought me peace. I’ve to say that the article and how it described the events that transpired was also one of the funniest crap I’ve read in a while where someone called the police on the police, and even the public prosecutor got confused. The woman in the report got herself a new name which got me curious because it’s one of those names you know only people in my industry will have, so I Googled it and discovered that, indeed, she also considers herself a practitioner.

Now, it is everyone’s birthright to decide what they wish to pursue as a career, and I am by no means saying I get to decide who should or shouldn’t be a practitioner. That said, if anyone plucks up the courage to ask me whether they should be a practitioner, I will give a brutally honest answer.

This isn’t a topic to joke around, so don’t expect irreverence in my writing. For the avoidance of doubt, I want to make it extremely clear that whatever I say below also has nothing to do with the lady above, just that the article reminded me of a few individuals I’ve crossed paths with.

I want everyone to take what I am about to say very seriously because I don’t say this lightly or as a mockery. My industry has a lot of mentally ill people. Why? I can’t say for sure, although I could think of a few reasons. We don’t see them often because they tend not to be very visible and most eventually don’t commit to this path. Regardless, I tend to cross paths with them because I am in the same industry and somewhat visible.

Some display narcissistic traits – and trust me, I know a narcissist when I see one because I grew up with one. Some were once Charismatic Christians who suddenly felt Chinese metaphysics and selling Feng Shui items were the way to go. A small minority display schizophrenic traits, claiming they are spiritually gifted and can see the future through their dreams, and be so delusional to the point they claim telling you your spouse is going to die just before your birthday is “helping you”.

I swear on my life that the above are all true stories, and I’m sure all of us have met people like that at some point.

I don’t think it needs to be said that I have nothing against mentally ill people – I might be an irreverent prick who writes with flair, but I am not a socially inept monster who jokes about people who weren’t born as privileged and fortunate as most of us are. People born with these challenges need our sympathy and understanding. However, I also need to bring a balanced view and mention that a minority will inevitably and unconsciously become so destructive in our lives and society that our sympathies and empathy don’t count for much. Instead, damage control is needed, and it can be hard to empathise at times because any virtue can be twisted, and anything can be a valid excuse for destructive behaviour these days. This is not to say that recent efforts to be inclusive and remove stigma are not meaningful, but as I always said, there needs to be a balance in everything. We should deal with our shortcomings healthily as much as we can, especially when we have the ability to do so – not weaponise them.

I’ve crossed paths with several such people throughout my career because, as I’ve said, it’s an industry with zero barriers to entry. It shouldn’t be surprising that they are Category 4 chart-holders who cannot function properly in the real world. I don’t say this to demean or invalidate people born with or eventually developed some form of mental illness, nor am I saying all Category 4 chart-holders are mentally ill. The four categories are just a generic way of describing a chart foundation and eventual path. Category 4 means the person’s foundation has some issues, and their growth is impaired too, which, unfortunately, people with mental disorders tend to fall under.

I know saying one can be born with such ailments can be harsh, but it is what it is.

The harsh reality is that these ailments can be identified in the charts, often expected to appear imbalanced and challenging. The expression of the human psyche is so imbalanced that it manifests as something we perceive as a mental disorder.

These people naturally gravitate towards astrology because it is a means of earning a living and has zero barriers to entry because most can’t hold stable jobs. It also fulfils their desire to ‘help others’, which they likely find very appealing because narcissists need attention and admiration, and the mentally ill seek acceptance, validation, and belonging. Astrology is often seen as an excellent vehicle to achieve what they want or further develop their ‘special abilities’, and I have mentioned many times that if one is not careful, astrology inflates the ego, which you can refer to as the inauthentic self that we put up to protect ourselves.

I don’t like to be the one who says such things, but we know the claim of these special abilities makes them feel better about themselves when they don’t realise it’s just a possible sign of psychosis and schizophrenia. To make things worse, they think they are helping people when they haven’t even sorted out their lives. I cannot emphasise enough how destructive these people can be. You might naively trust them at first, but you will eventually be disgusted, and that disgust eventually turns to pity when you realise they are prisoners of their minds, and they’ll keep spiralling downwards.

Most people turn to astrology when they feel lost – I did. There’s nothing wrong with this. But the truth is, reading and studying astrology is easy unless you’re illiterate – but its effective use and practice is an entirely different matter because the real-life application requires you to bring in your character, cognitive abilities, and wisdom.

To put things into perspective: If you are a 60-year-old virgin who has not seen the opposite gender before, it’s unlikely you’ll know what to say when someone asks about their love life during the consultation because, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, you are a 60-year-old virgin.

Life experience counts in my industry, and it counts in every industry. It should be implied by now that “life experience” will never be a matter of age. Suppose you’ve been doom-scrolling through Instagram and TikTok through your 20s, 30s, or even 40s, and you call that “life experience”, I will erect a monument for you in hopes that society honours you as we do for great philosophers because I suppose the saying is, “I scroll, therefore I am.” René Descartes, anyone?

There are certain things you can’t simply read up on and hope to apply in real life just like that. You will have to live through the process; it is simply nature’s laws that you can’t change. You can’t plant a seed hoping you’ll get fruit by the very next day because some things need to go through their due processes.

Whenever I say “real-life application”, I am never merely referring to deciphering the chart accurately – I am referring to making changes to the core of our being, which we all know by now is a monumental task because transcending charts is not something a normal human being can do. Deciphering a chart accurately is meaningless if you don’t know what to do with it.

Many people fall into the trap of seeing what they wish to see in a chart, and everything is interpreted in a way that fits their warped narrative. Being trapped in your own narrative can be dangerous – and this applies to everyone. If you bring this to an extreme, it becomes a form of psychosis where you’re out of touch with reality and comes with dire consequences. For example, I have clients who are insurance agents, and they claim they want to help people towards financial freedom, but they don’t understand why they aren’t doing well. A simple question of, “Do you mean what you say?” shatters their altered reality, and they suddenly realise they’re saying that only to convince themselves they’ve made the right career choice when they’ve not. Some are only in insurance because they don’t know what to do with their lives, which applies to any industry. To be clear, I have many close friends who are agents, and they are in the industry for the right reasons.

Likewise, some people look at their charts and see service and spirituality when the real message is mental illness and being utterly detached from reality.

Again, I’m speaking of these issues not because I am invalidating or belittling these issues that people go through. I’m merely pointing out a trend I’ve been noticing, and I’ve also recently witnessed someone go through a psychotic episode. I do not wish suffering on others, although I hope those suffering do not spread their suffering and seek help.

Saturn has caused quite a few bumps in 2023 that came in the form of people, which was expected because my career revolves around people after all. As annoying as it is dealing with them, it strengthened my resolve to do what I do even better, although I will need some time to recover from this episode. I believe much more can be done, and there are a lot more issues to discuss and address instead of the trivialities we’re seeing on the media and TikTok. I never thought I would end up discussing topics like spiritual narcissism and now mental illness, but I’m glad I got started.

Astrology’s Definition Of Good And Evil

Finally, we are at the crux of the post. Sorry, I took a while, although what I said above does set the context.

I discussed the notion of “good” and “evil” before – but not directly. I figured I should discuss this topic a little more, especially after the events that have transpired and the characters I’ve crossed paths with. When we think of “evil”, we conjure an image of the devil wanting to cause harm deliberately. We think of someone acting out of malice and for self-gain or deriving joy in the suffering of others. These aren’t wrong ways of perceiving what “evil” means, especially by conventional standards. But let’s try to go deeper and approach it from another angle.

The previous few times I took a shot at defining what’s “good” and “bad” was when I was talking about the concept of balance and why it’s essential. Because as Aristotle said, anything taken to the extreme becomes a vice. The Chinese sages concur, hence the saying 物极必反, and why Yin is born at the peak of Yang, and vice versa.

The different schools of astrology convey “good” and “evil” very differently, and whatever I say in this blog post does not override or change what I feel in previous posts. It’s just a different way of conveying things.

The ancient Chinese, being Chinese, were very practical about things. Knowledge and practice of Chinese astrology were limited to the palace and government because of the fear that this art could be used to overthrow the throne, and the zodiac animals were but a way to dumb down Chinese astrology such that peasants could understand them – a social phenomenon that didn’t change much throughout the centuries. It wasn’t an art that was accessible to commoners until much later. Chinese astrology is a very practical version of astrology because it was used to identify who was meant to work in government back in the olden days, and the practicality gets to the point of slotting people into categories.

I don’t think I need to tell anyone that I have been influenced and lean towards the traditional form of how Chinese astrology is applied. I studied it, after all. I don’t feel bad about it because as harsh as Chinese astrology makes things look, it still stands true, and we must acknowledge them. Reality has also not shown me that all charts are equal and that the Yin and Yang contrast still exists and always will. No one is the same, and we cannot expect all charts to be good. As long as Yin and Yang exist, and they will, some charts will always be known seen as 富贵 charts, which will attain wealth and ability, and some charts will always be 贫贱, meaning poor and of lowly status. I spoke about it a long time ago in my post about good BaZi charts vs bad BaZi charts. Do not give me the nonsense about “all charts are good, and it’s just about how you use them” in a world where parents are sexually assaulting their children or putting them in cages.

People have been categorised since the Song dynasty, and astrology was also never meant to be a numbing agent for one’s fragile ego, so don’t put yourself on a high horse and accuse me of inventing a new way to be judgemental. Reality is always in a state of Yin and Yang; “good” and “bad” will always exist, and I am merely a detached observer.

Although I’ve not and will never be able to study ancient Vedic texts, it’s easy to notice that Vedic astrology shares the same tonality in conveying harsh messages, and they will not sugarcoat things if a particular chart trait is negative, such as a Saturn-Ketu conjunction that some Category 4 chart-holders have. “Ketu” is just the Vedic term for the “South Node” in Western astrology, but if you Google “Saturn-South Node conjunction”, you’ll realise the tonality of it is entirely different. The contrast is likely due to cultural differences, especially when India had a caste system too.

I’ve been reading some books written by English-speaking authors and astrologers who came before me, and I wish there were more of them around. I can’t remember which book this came from, but I read this sentence: “Evil has no essence.” In other words, “evil” is due to an absence of good. It is like darkness. Darkness has no intrinsic existence, and it is merely the absence of light, but we perceive darkness to be a thing that exists because of the absence of light. It is also like the theory of Śūnyatā in Buddhist philosophy, where all phenomena have no intrinsic existence until dependent origination sets in.

In some ways, astrology is the same. The “darkness” or “evil” we perceive in astrology is when a planet or element, or entire chart for that matter, cannot express itself adequately or in a balanced manner. The light and virtues that a planet is supposed to have are absent. Of course, just because a planet or element is not in its most exalted state does not immediately mean it’s evil, and you could say there is a spectrum to it. “Evil” is perhaps too strong a word, but its purpose is to explain what happens when the expression of something is taken to the extreme or goes awry.

I initially thought balance was only a Chinese concept, but I eventually realised that all forms of astrology emphasise the importance of balance and that the only difference is the cultural expression of it.

Let’s take Andrew Tate’s BaZi chart for example:

His BaZi chart is imbalanced, which I’ve explored in the above blog post. From the lens of Western astrology, he is famed for having several placements in Sagittarius (Sun, Mercury, and Saturn) and his Mars-Jupiter conjunction. These placements made him who he is. Jupiter also happens to be the Lord of Saggitarius, which is probably why he has such a massive ego since his Sun is in Saggitarius, which Jupiter expands. Did he express himself? You bet he did. Healthily? Arguable.

The interesting thing about life is that some people think of Andrew Tate as a hero, whereas some think he’s the devil. Sure, he embodies whatever his chart describes of him, but the deeper question here is whether the traits are being expressed positively and whether it is balanced. How he is perceived also says a lot about the people perceiving him, and those who see him as a hero would probably do better with some Saggitarian or Yang Water or 乾 Trigram traits. To put it another way, it is the men who have issues with their confidence and masculinity that need to look up to Andrew Tate as an inspiration on what it means to be a man, but, to others, he’s evil and a piece of shit.

The over-expression of his Yang element, Saggitarian traits, landed him in trouble. At the peak of his Yang-ness, he became Yin, and bravado is no more. It’s not just Andrew Tate that goes through this process. We all do. If you think about it, if Andrew Tate dialled it down a little, stayed away from illegal activities, and perhaps worked on some of his trauma instead of taking it out on women, he could be doing really well and leading a fulfilling life by now.

Most of us would intuitively know that we probably couldn’t stand hanging around Andrew Tate and his overtly Sagittarian vibes. I kid you not when I say this, but I’ve met people with equally imbalanced charts but of a different zodiacal influence. I’ve met people with so many Cancer placements that they can’t stop thinking about why no one loves them and why they have no one to love; people with so many Pisces placements that they are out of touch with reality that they think they are the most spiritual person on Earth; people with so many Gemini placements that they cannot stop talking; and people with so many Capricorn placements who cannot get the stick out of their ass.

Balance is important in Western astrology too. Period.

Now, if we define what’s “evil” through an astrological lens and conclude that what is “evil” to you may not be “evil” to others, it begs the question of what is truly evil and what isn’t. The reverse is the same: What is good to you may not be good to others. The cliché and fluffy way to put things is that – it is what it is- an expression of the human psyche and different expressions lead to different outcomes, and it can be argued that bringing imbalances and unhealthy expressions to the extreme is detrimental to everyone.

And because natural law is not enough to ensure everyone plays by the rules so that we don’t harm each other, we have human laws to ensure everyone’s expression of themselves is kept in check. You could argue that human laws express what Saturn represents – order, structure, and law.

Astrology & The Human Psyche

This is nothing new, and anyone vaguely interested in astrology would have heard of this at some point. The planets we use in astrology are linked to the human psyche, which explains why I sometimes love my job, and sometimes I wouldn’t say I like it – because I have to deal with humans and their psyche, the source of every problem we on this planet.

Every sign, symbol, planet, or element that we study in all forms of astrology has some meaning in the context of the human psyche. This is a given because we embody our charts and why charts can be used to describe someone. As for why this is the case, I don’t know. Perhaps because we are all stardust.

My blog has touched on the 5 Elements and their Yin and Yang polarities. To recap, The 5 Elements refer to the 5 Commons (五常), the Chinese virtues we adhere to, and they are 仁、义、礼、智、信。 Ancient Chinese texts also relate the 5 Commons to the 5 Planets, which are 火星 (Mars)、水星 (Mercury)、木星 (Jupiter)、金星 (Venus)、土星 (Saturn). As for why the Sun and Moon are left out, I do not know for sure other than to postulate that the Sun and Moon have to do with our sense of self and emotions, and it doesn’t represent an ideal or virtue that we strive for per se but governs how we express it instead. Together, the Five Planets, Sun, and Moon are the 七政, whereas 四余 refers to 羅㬋、計都、紫氣、and 月孛。

These are just technicals which I’ll share as trivia:

羅㬋、計都、and 月孛 refer to Rahu (North Node), Ketu (South Node), and Lilith, which you will know exists in Vedic and Western astrology. 紫氣 is unique to Chinese astrology, but I won’t go into what it means, for now, other than to say that it refers to the lunar perigee, the point in the orbit of the moon nearest to the Earth. When a full moon coincides with a pedigree, it becomes the supermoon everyone loves looking at.

One interesting technicality is that Rahu and Ketu are considered the North and South node, respectively, in Vedic astrology, but it is reversed in Chinese astrology. If you have some common sense, you would know why this is so because China and India are in different hemispheres.

Anyway, back to the main topic.

In Western astrology, the planets represent different parts of the human psyche and how it expresses itself, and the twelve zodiac signs signify psychological needs. Knowing there’s a difference here between needs and expression is essential.

Whatever is below is not my work or insight. I got it from the book “Astrology and the Authentic Self”, and credit must go to Demetra George – the kind of astrologer the world needs but doesn’t deserve.

I quote from her amazing book:

From the perspective of modern astrology, the twelve signs represent the twelve universal psychological needs:

Aries—the need to be independent and develop self-awareness
Taurus—the need to be resourceful and get productive results
Gemini—the need to communicate and make mental contact with others
Cancer—the need to give and receive emotional warmth and security
Leo—the need for creative expression and appreciation by others
Virgo—the need to analyze, discriminate, and function efficiently
Libra—the need to relate to others and create harmony and balance
Scorpio—the need for deep involvements and intense transformations
Sagittarius—the need to explore and expand mental and actual horizons
Capricorn—the need for structure, organization, and discipline
Aquarius—the need to innovate, be original, and create social change
Pisces—the need to commit to a dream or ideal

Astrology and the Authentic Self – Demetra George

The psychological functions of the planets are:

Sun—basic identity, will, and conscious purpose
Moon—emotions, feelings, habitual responses
Mercury—capacity to think, speak, learn, and reason
Venus—capacity to attract what is loved and valued
Mars—capacity to act and be assertive based on desire
Jupiter—search for meaning, truth, and ethical values |
Saturn—capacity to create order, form, and discipline
Uranus—unique individuality and urge for liberation
Neptune—capacity to transcend the finite self through union with a larger whole
Pluto—capacity to transform and renew

Astrology and the Authentic Self – Demetra George

Astrology is not difficult to appreciate because the list above speaks to everyone and our aspirations as human beings. Perhaps it’s harder for the layperson to appreciate because most people have reached a point where it’s hard to meet others and get a peek into their inner world and how different charts are expressed. In contrast, I meet new people daily, figuring out how their inner worlds work, and I will never cover everything in this lifetime because of the infinite possibilities of the way a chart can express itself.

That said, what makes life complicated and exciting simultaneously is that everything in the list above does not exist in silos, and it’s always linked with one another – just as it should be, just like how the entire chart is linked.

When someone is unable to express himself or herself healthily in any area of life, it becomes destructive. In minor cases, we see it as an inconvenience. In severe cases, it causes collateral damage, and I suppose that’s what we perceive as “bad” or “evil” that sometimes even the law has to step in. An easy example to use is that some people attract love by being the embodiment of it, whereas some people feel it’s something that can be bought or gained through manipulation or force. Another example is career and wealth: We all want to feel useful and that our skills and knowledge mean something, leading us to a comfortable life, but some choose shortcuts and cheating over hard work. The endpoint and aspirations for everyone are the same, but how everyone chooses to get there is what makes us and our charts different.

Whichever approach the universe will reward at the end of the day is for everyone to figure out themselves, although the answer should already be clear if we were to know the intrinsic values and virtues of what the elements and planets represent.

I don’t want to go too much into examples of what it means to express the needs and psyche of a human being because the examples would be obvious, and I would like to think all my readers have some common sense.

Again, we all want the same thing; perhaps we want certain things more than others. We arrive at our destination differently because that’s just how different charts express themselves in the real world, and we can only pray that we can express it healthily.

Yin & Yang; Good & Bad: They Are The Same

I wrote a long time ago that good and bad are the same. One leads to the other, and it is all a cycle. This is our Eastern wisdom that everyone in my part of the world should be proud of.

Any Chinese metaphysics practitioner who practices Yin & Yang would tell you this. I’m sure Western astrology has its own take on it, but it’s not in my position to discuss using that angle for now.

It is especially relevant to bring this up again because everyone’s going through a rough patch due to the celestial shifts.

A bad phase will always precede a good one. Likewise, a good phase will always precede a bad one. Our very own Yin & Yang symbol represents this cycle.

It’s like the changing of seasons. If you like spring, then be prepared to go through winter first. If you like winter, then be prepared to go through summer first. The events of our lives and the experiences we have gone through have the same cycle because everything abides by the law of Yin and Yang. The most common way we appreciate this is the saying, “Wealth doesn’t last three generations”. The third generation would be so comfortable and weak-willed to know the hard work required to attain wealth. Yang has waned, and Yin has taken over.

Pluto and Saturn are shaking everyone’s life up. Mine included. When one planet is about rebirth and transformation, and the other is about tough lessons and karma – you know you’re in for a ride, especially when they are shifting into new zodiac signs around the same time and even doing a cocktease via a retrograde by moving in, out, and back into a sign.

I am having an orgy with the planets now because it is dancing around the different houses and signs in my chart, and I have my reasons not to look forward to a 癸卯 year. I don’t want to be crude, but Pluto and Saturn are taking turns to f*** me in the ass, and as weird as this sounds, I am trying to find my inner lube and enjoy it while appreciating the meaning behind the metaphorical decimation of my unbleached, Chinese a**hole.

As weird as it is to say this, I hope people find comfort that even the Dalai Lama had a taste of Saturn for his “tongue-sucking” faux pas a month after Saturn moved into Pisces, the same time Saturn decided to f*** me too. It’s as though Saturn is telling everyone, “Hey, you might want to change the way you’re doing things a little.”

And guess what? He’s 87, and he should be nearing his third Saturn Return. I’m not saying this to say he deserved it – of course not. I’m just saying everyone is affected, and I mean everyone.

You are free to disagree with me on this. I don’t feel the Dalai Lama had any ill intent, hence my use of the term “faux pas”. It has also been clarified what the cultural context of “suck my tongue” or “che le sa” means. I can’t help but feel that the world’s reaction to the incident was more of a reflection of ourselves than His Holiness, and the haste to character assassinate even the Dalai Lama was as astonishing. It’s also disappointing that most major media chose only to report the sensationalised version of events without giving the other side of things. It also reminded me that politics is, indeed, disgusting and makes you lose faith in humanity sometimes.

Anyway, I’m sorry. Did you think you would only have one Saturn Return in this lifetime? Oh no, you won’t. Saturn will go around the Sun once just to return to f*** you once again when you’re nearing 60 and 90 (provided you live that long), so you better have your chastity belt ready this time. On a serious note, though, it’s often argued that the second Saturn Return won’t be like the first one, provided you’ve been living well, so don’t worry. From what I’ve read, the second Saturn Return can be extremely rewarding, and an excellent example of that is Michelle Yeoh.

I say this in jest, but it seems to me that Saturn will never stop trying to f*** you, no matter how old you are, so get some lube, bend over, spread your a**cheeks, and enjoy the ride.

Chinese metaphysics-wise: 2023’s 癸卯 Pillar has some significance in its impact on someone’s chart, although it can’t express it as elegantly as Western astrology. The significant shifts are due to the state of Yin Water 癸水 and when it is sitting on 卯 Wood. 卯 Wood, being a cardinal Branch (四正), also makes things slightly more salient because Wood is a tangible element.

Alas, the transits of the planets and the cycle of birth and death of the elements are but a way of bringing back the balanced we’ve either yet to find or have lost. I would have probably ended up on the path of a stand-up comedian instead of an astrologer if 2023 did not keep me in check, and in case this needs to be said, my blog is the “real” me. My Instagram is just a persona and how I derive some fun and joy and how I conduct what I do.

As with many clients around my age or those undergoing their Saturn Return now, I’ve had a bumpy start to 2023. Being an astrologer does not allow me to live perfectly or avoid all setbacks or negative signs in my chart. I try my best, but if fate dictates that I go through destined experiences to grow and bring about meaningful change, I have to grit my teeth and go through it.

I know everyone’s probably still wondering, “What happened?” Simply put, I accidentally allowed a Category 4 chart-holder into my life, leading to, well, some bumps. My close friends will know the details, but I see no need to share the full details here. The incident reminds me of the person who made me start screening all my clients, and it was a lady in 2016 who blamed me for not detecting her cancer that eventually developed when she didn’t even ask about her health but was more concerned about her love life. I remember telling her life would get better, and it did. She’s still alive and with a stable career, and I wonder what she would say to me now.

As I said, I had my guard down, and I know this is my Saturn square Saturn fated event which I am now embracing. The timing felt like divine geometry because this person is going through a Saturn Return right now, and I guess you could say I was involved in triggering it. Triggering someone’s Saturn Return is nothing to be proud of, by the way. I’d rather not.

Did I bring it upon myself? I absolutely did – because I will always remind myself that I am part of the cause-and-effect chain. I also remind myself that good and bad are the same and that some good will always emerge from the bad and bring me to greater heights, provided I learn my lessons with complete humility instead of declaring I have some power over Saturn as some morons do. I’ve been through much worse, and I do not look back to those years feeling bitter about it. I am grateful for it because I am so much better because of it, and I will always make it a point to turn any challenge or setback into something constructive.

I am still figuring out the lessons here because it’s not clear to me yet, and I don’t expect it to be. Should I raise my standards to filter out Category 4 chart-holders even more? Or am I supposed to learn to develop compassion for them? Or perhaps I should just learn not to be tilted by them at all because they will always exist. Or is all this just a twisted way of getting me started on Western astrology?

I don’t have an answer yet, but one thing that came out of my brush with difficult people is that it reminded me to be grateful for my life, marriage, and the mind and astrological chart I am blessed with. For now, I’m open to the lessons and am making it a point not to waste my time detesting this, or any Category 4 person for that matter, and I do wish this person well and am thankful I learned a lot from this event. Whatever it is, what transpired was a very humbling event. It doesn’t change my resolve for everything I’ve been working on for the past ten years, but it did make me question if I should tweak my approach a little.

Perhaps it is the universe’s way of nudging me towards the right direction because I know irreverence and dark humour can’t bring me where I ultimately wish to go, especially if the plan for me is that my work and thoughts reach more people, although that’s not for me to decide.

I am cognizant of where my disgust and aggression towards Category 4 chart-holders come from, and it is something I am working on, so perhaps this is the lesson, but I also don’t want to be presumptuous to think that I am the one to do anything for them because I really don’t know what I can do for people who sexually assault their children, torture their domestic helpers, and self-victimise like they are about to start the next religion that will save humanity.

Whatever’s coming next is none of anyone’s business, but I want to put them down for the sake of it because it fits the theme of figuring out what’s “good” and “bad”:

Picking Up Western Astrology

The events that led to me picking up Western astrology were uncanny and uncomfortable but led to a good outcome. It first involved a historian who did his PhD in the history of astrology, and it was a pleasure meeting him. Then, it involved meeting a few people who made things difficult.

I knew of Western astrology’s existence way before I knew of Chinese astrology’s existence. The first time I saw the term “horoscope” was in primary school when there was a trend of getting your classmates to fill up their notebooks (a physical Facebook) with their details, including their zodiac sign.

I spent a good amount of time over the last few months reading up on the history of all forms of astrology, and the process naturally included me reading up on the technical aspects of Western astrology. As much as I hate to say this, I must admit that Chinese astrology falls short in many areas, but that’s not to say any form of astrology is inferior. I guess I shied away from Western astrology partly because I wasn’t satisfied with my proficiency in Chinese astrology and partly because of professional pride. You would want the technique of your ancestors to be the best form of astrology, but you’ll realise that astrology doesn’t care about your race, gender, or background. It’s impartial in that sense, and it’s silly that I denied myself the knowledge I deem universal.

That said, my studies have also shown that the different systems of astrology will not always have direct parallels, and things like the 8 Trigrams and 10 Heavenly Stems are unique to Asian civilizations because this system of measurement worked better for them, given their geographical location.

Chinese astrology doesn’t do as well as Western or Vedic astrology in assessing one’s personality and preferences. However, a general assessment of the person’s character and morals is still possible. Chinese astrology in itself often feels more practical, perhaps leaving the moral and character development aspect of things to traditional Confucian values.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Western astrology as much as I did. It’s a lot more accessible and relatable, and one huge plus is that the knowledge was preserved much better than in Chinese astrology.

There were a few bumps along the way, but I am grateful for these bumps. Saturn does mean being forced to grow and mature, and the timing of my picking up Western astrology feels a tad divine because it’s been a while since I picked up new skills and upgraded myself.

Acknowledging My Gifts

It’s funny that I am finally saying this, but perhaps I did suffer from some imposter syndrome. I’ve often been told that I write well, which I often find odd because I was never trained in writing. I don’t know what “writing well” entails too. Is it because I write clearly? Or because of the style in which I write?

Whatever it is, I guess the credit I give myself is that I write from my heart. I enjoy writing because when I do, and when it happens to be a post that I enjoy and put my soul into, I know it’s not my ego speaking – it is the purest expression of my soul and who I am. I will never write out of self-pity or portray myself as the victim – that is not who I am.

It is a joy to lose oneself in an activity that one enjoys. If you have a hobby, you’ll know what I mean.

I don’t ever want this blog to be dry, and I think it’s evident by now that all the posts and stories here are through the lens of my daily life as not just a practitioner but a normal human being – just like everyone else. I never understood why some people could bring themselves to say they have prophetic dreams or that they are the spokesperson for the Jade Emperor. Mental illness, I guess.

Anyway, I guess it’s time to acknowledge that, yes, perhaps I do have this gift. Not in the sense that I can produce the next “Fifty Shades Of Sean Grey”, but what I put in words can speak to someone. That said, I know I can churn out a “Fifty Shades of Sean” if I want to.

I’ve secretly mentioned this somewhere (although I can’t remember where), but I have this thing called a Mercury Cazimi, which I am very fortunate to have. If you want to go into palmistry even, I have a goddamn Sun Line. Deep down, I’ve always known I’ve been very blessed, and I don’t want to let Heavens down and make a mockery of what I do.

For the uninitiated, a Cazimi means “in the heart of the sun”, meaning the planet in Cazimi is in perfect conjunction with the Sun, allowing it to show its best, dignified state. Cazimis are known to be rare and extremely auspicious, and I’m lucky to have this along with my Jupiter. All these snippets of my chart I’m sharing led me to where I am and led you to this blog because these are all expressions of my chart.

I finally decided to acknowledge this gift because I’ve met enough people with charts that are dichotomised versions of mine. While dealing with them is like shoving a cactus up my asshole (I could have just written “a pain”, but that wouldn’t be fun, would it?), their existence allows me to appreciate my chart so much more. It’s also been almost ten years of putting down my thoughts in writing, and knowing people are still enjoying what I penned down years ago is extremely fulfilling, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate how blessed I am without the problematic people I meet, and I am sure everyone can relate to what I said. This is not about demeaning them, but I sometimes fail to slow down and be thankful for what I have.

Compassion vs Self-Abandonment & ‘Helping’ Others

This has a bit to do with some of my reflections during my Bhutan trip. If you’ve not read it here, it’s here:

I’m sure it’s not just me, but everyone was taught about the importance of compassion from a young age. I won’t repeat whatever I said in the Bhutan post and what my view of compassion is, although I will provide a different perspective.

What happens when compassion is taken to the extreme? It becomes self-abandonment. Not being self-centred is great, but complete self-abandonment to the point where you cease to function is not the way to go either. Because self-abandonment is akin to you denying your right to exist and be happy. Why would you do that? Some people feel that compassion entails letting an irresponsible person burden you to the point where both parties cease to function and start suffering together.

Compassion is the aspiration to alleviate suffering, not propagate it by joining the suffering.

I hope people understand that you are abandoning yourself when you choose to stay in a toxic relationship/marriage or give in to your vile parents simply because they are your parents. If you can’t regain your autonomy or value yourself, you can only dream of having a good life – because you are rejecting one. Do not expect anyone to empathise forever when you choose to abandon yourself.

The reason why I like to talk about balance, Yin & Yang, and the blurred definitions of “good” and “evil” is because by understanding these notions, you can make the best decision that is not just selfless in the grand scheme of things, you are also doing everyone and the world around you good.

Another issue that gets me peeved is when people say they wish to “help others” but aren’t doing anything meaningful or constructive about it, which is another form of self-abandonment. I need to point out that there is a difference between genuinely wanting to help others vs seeking external validation because people often mix up the two. Wanting to help others is a great aspiration, but some people don’t realise that the prerequisite of helping others is to get your own s*** together first. If you are in a toxic marriage, and yet, you’re giving relationship advice, something is wrong; if you’re bankrupt and you’re giving financial advice, something is wrong.

If you wish to declare that you want to help others, you had better ensure you’re ready to work for it and make sacrifices instead of saying it flippantly. Helping others sometimes means focusing on doing your job well instead of being an empty vessel mouthing noble statements, which any mediocre person can do. I know it’s harsh to say such things, and it will hurt some people’s feelings, but you know I’m not wrong.

I have friends in various industries that I rely on, and I don’t need them to give me special treatment or discounts – I need them to do their jobs well because I need their expertise. I always tell my close friends this, but the first step in ensuring the friendship is fulfilling is to focus on ourselves so that we know our help will be impactful if the situation arises. We do not be irresponsible with our lives and burden each other, and expect the other person to clear up our mess.

There always needs to be a balance in all things. This extends to what you wish to achieve and the inner work you need to put in yourself, which, for some reason, people don’t seem to understand.

Compassion & Kindness As A Marketing Tool

My industry is one of those industries that bastardises and cheapens compassion and kindness, and it seems as though there is nothing more pleasing than the mental masturbation known as “virtue signalling”.

“I want to help people and spread positive vibes. Let’s all be kind to each other.”

There’s nothing like using these virtues as a marketing tool and spreading toxic positivity for a quick profit in the name of Chinese metaphysics and astrology. Whether this is a good and wise thing should be implied throughout my years of writing about these topics. It is concerning because this is basically how cults start, and it is not the cult leader who suffers – it’s the followers. Saying these things all the time has also become meaningless, at least to me, because these things should be a given, and even common sense, and I see no need to be verbose about it.

Positive vibes are great, but when something is wrong, you point it out, as harsh as it might feel or sound. Of course, you do it constructively and in a way that suits the person. Some people need to be harsh and blunt, whereas others don’t. The last thing you should do is spin something negative into something positive and expect reality to transform to suit your narrative. The universe centres around no one.

I’ve said this time and again, but kindness and compassion, like the desire to help others, need to be exercised with finesse and wisdom. It is easy to position yourself using “compassion” and “kindness” to get popularity and acceptance, but if the hidden agenda of advocating these virtues is to be popular, what becomes of these virtues then?

Suppose we were to all believe that there is some hidden law governing the universe that witnesses the good and bad that we do. In that case, I hope those who use compassion and kindness as a pretence will be brought to justice someday – because I am so sick of it, and it’s one of the things in the world that truly disgusts me. I said a long time ago that there is difference between 阳善 and 阴德 – things you do when everyone is looking, and things you do when no one is looking.

I understand that wanting to be validated and seen as important is a basic human desire. The populist method of advocating compassion and kindness is the best way to do this, but if this desire is unhealthy and comes from a void, it sends someone down the wrong path, which is why we have people who proclaim they wish to help others, but at the same time, are selling Feng Shui items and Pi Xiu bracelets, pretending to do good when they’re not.

It is worrying because virtues like kindness and compassion can be twisted for selfish gains, and if you can’t see what’s wrong with that, I have nothing left to say.

Compassion and kindness should never be about pretence or parading oneself to win praise. If you cannot appreciate this, perhaps ask yourself why the Goddess of Mercy doesn’t grant wishes just like that despite her being called the Goddess of Mercy.

Compassion and kindness will never be about the superficial act of giving you what you want or flattering you with words. That’s what the devil does. Because you know if you pray for money and She gives it to you, you will squander it away; if you pray for love and She just gives it to you, you will mess up.

If you want something but expect someone else, or a deity to do the hard work for you, you might as well don’t exist.

Everyone Is Feeling It. Everyone.

I mean it. Everyone is feeling it. Of course, some people feel it more if the areas affected are personal, meaning it has to do with career, marriage, or health, to name a few examples.

Some of my friends have been retrenched; I know it feels horrid. But this retrenchment also means the beginning of better days to come. Some are moving on to better companies or finally have the time to pursue what they genuinely wish to do, such as spending time with their children or monetising a hobby. Some clients have left a dysfunctional marriage, and whilst it was a painful process, they found a much better partner shortly after. Some became new mothers and suddenly realised they fun much more fulfilment in being a parent than slogging away in the corporate world, despite motherhood being an even more exhausting job (unpaid too).

There is a lot of wisdom in acknowledging that good and bad are the same and how they give birth and lead to the other, and this is something I always get my clients to try to understand. It is not a cliché, new age saying. It is natural law. As embarrassing as it is to say this, things have been going quite well for me in the last couple of years, but lo and behold, the universe will throw a wrench into the gears.

I’m perfectly fine with it because I don’t want to lose track of the bigger picture, and I want to stay true to my path and conduct my practice in a proper, dignified manner.

I say this often, for good things to come, change needs to happen, and change is always uncomfortable. It is foolish and naive to think otherwise.

The Best Gift Of Astrology Is To Live Effectively

The best gift of astrology is not for one to feel popular at parties or to fill a void by pretending to be helpful. The best gift of astrology is learning how to live effectively.

Trust me when I say this, but every single client comes to me with the same desires and wants, and this transcends our race and culture. I’ve had the privilege of speaking to people from all over the world, and everyone, by virtue that we are all human, is the same.

Life’s magnificent experiences come from the beauty that everyone is different on the outside but similar on the inside. We all want health, to be useful and invite wealth, a good marriage, and surrounded by friends and loved ones. We all want to exist and live with some meaning.

I don’t want people to feel that astrology exists to quash your dreams – it doesn’t. Although it often reminds us of our limitations, makes us question whether we’re truly ready for what we seek, and reminds us to make adjustments.

I have no right to preach about balance and living effectively if I do not try to live by what I preach, and I want everyone to know that I am doing my best. I will stumble at times, but I, with loving reminders from my wife, will try to bring myself back to the right path whenever I stray.

We all want that balanced, high-quality chart and a chart with all our planets in domicile or exaltation, but we forget to remind ourselves that our charts are us. So if you want to change your chart, you know what’s the real thing you’re supposed to change. There is no need for scammy BaZi changing rituals with fake graves; there is no need for superficial feel-good sessions; and there is no need for wearing anything (I don’t mean that literally).

Perhaps to put it another way: What will you do with your chart, and how would you express it? Let’s not care whether it’s a high or low-quality chart because no one’s chart is perfect anyway, and you’ll never have a different chart in this lifetime. What will you do with it in the limited time you have so you can leave this place without regrets?

I am by no means saying that you should do whatever you desire without thinking things through. The point is still to live effectively, accompanied by dignity and hopefully some wisdom.

Everyone knows by now that my favourite quote is, “The astrologer’s purpose is not fortune telling or entertainment; it’s to show people how to live effectively.”

Astrology’s purpose cannot be put any better.

This quote sums up many things I’ve tried to convey over the years, and I want people to understand that I do not exist as an astrologer so that I can show people I’m right, whereas others are wrong. I exist to get people to think about what is right or wrong and what is good and evil for themselves. Being self-righteous does nothing for me.

Living effectively does not mean you take shortcuts to fulfil your desires, nor is astrology a magic tool for desires to manifest. “Living effectively” summarises everything well – to seek balance, pull through tough times, force yourself to grow, cherish good times and not be complacent, and let our existence mean something because, like it or not, everything is going to come to an end when you take your last breath, and you’re probably going to wish you did better. Or perhaps you’d end up wishing you did things you never go to, like my non-existent Blackpink concert.

Any astrologer will tell you that our birth charts reflect our karma and that our chart holds lessons we need to learn. Through these learnings and overcoming our weaknesses and negative emotional patterns, we can start living our authentic selves and reach our own form of enlightenment, and we cease to suffer. Yes, from a very Buddhist point of view, your chart can lead you towards non-suffering, provided you work on it, and there is a reason why astrology exists in Buddhism. No one said ever there was only one path to enlightenment, and there are many ways to get there because our obstacles, like our charts, are different.

Before I end off, whilst Pluto and Saturn are both retrograding and will come spinning back up our orifices soon (especially mine), I hope everyone keeps well and takes good care of themselves.

It’s a tough season, but I hope something beautiful emerges eventually for everyone.

Keep me updated, everyone! Then again, I don’t mean everyone per se – preferably those I know through my work and have some kind of relationship with. I mean… If I don’t know you, then dafuq you updating me for?

Till then! And don’t forget to lube up.

– Sean

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