What A Year 2020 Has Been

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year, everyone!

What a year 2020 has been.

It’s hard to put in one sentence what 2020 has taught me especially when there are so many different ways to frame it. Whether it’s the best year of your life or worst, I guess what we can agree on is that 2020 has made everyone shift their perspective on career, family, and life in general.

The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which happens every 20 years showed up again on 21st December’20, ushering in Feng Shui Period 9 in my opinion. Astrologers from all civilizations have always believed that the Grand Conjunction represents the start of a new era, and with it, society, its focus, and its values will change. It was interesting to see that this shift had to come with a pandemic as a catalyst although the impetus of some of these shifts started quite some time ago. Of course, I did not appreciate the impact of a Great Conjunction 20 years ago when I was just 14. This time, though, I’m observing how things with bated breath and a new lens of seeing the world.

2020 was no doubt a horrible year in many ways. But I hope it is also a year which marks the beginning of good things to come for the people who are ready for change and society as a whole.

There’s been a tradition of me writing a personal post at the end of each year, and quite frankly, I’m struggling to find something to write about as the year comes to a close. It’s partly because I’ve already done a reflective post some time back, and also partly due to me feeling a sense of peace and calm as I step into a new year.

This peace and calm I’m feeling is something rather new to me. Perhaps its because I finally have a home of my own and have settled down in a marriage, or perhaps it’s having a sense of security in knowing that I have a knack for what I’m doing and a skill I can monetize. The years before 2020 were hectic. I did not have a home and there was still a lot of uncertainty in my life. 2020 has allowed me to ease into a comfortable momentum and gave me a chance to balance out the different aspects of my life which you’ll often hear me preaching about. It was no longer just about work for me, but also moving forward, getting closure, and starting a new chapter.

I really don’t have much to say this time. Even if I did have something to say – it’ll sound the same so I guess I’ll spare everyone this time. Whatever I feel most passionate about is already somewhere in this blog and I hope for new-comers to take some time to read it.

It’s a bit weird and perhaps premature to say this, but this website will be gone someday when my time is up. While this website still exists and my thoughts and memories exist in digital form, I hope whatever I put here speaks to the hearts and minds of whoever has the affinity of reading it.

Writing a blog post is certainly not easy and it’s more time-consuming than most people think. Writing is a skill that I didn’t know I had and I still don’t really recognize it as a skill I possess despite getting compliments of “You write really well”. I never saw myself as a writer. Whatever I wrote or will eventually write are things I am excited to share with everyone because they are things I feel will benefit and help everyone relate to this esoteric field a lot better. Perhaps the most fulfilling thing is knowing what I write has an impact on others. This is the reason why I enjoy writing about the philosophical aspect of Chinese metaphysics so much more than the technicals. I’m not someone who enjoys being in front of the camera, so writing will still be the medium that I prefer using to convey my thoughts especially for such a complex field.

For readers who have been following my blog closely, one might have been able to notice a gradual change in tone. Gone are the days where I write posts jabbing or throwing shade at other ‘practitioners’ whom I know are doing unethical things. I’ve already let that out of my system and I’ve accepted that there will be things about this industry I am unable to control. Practising what I preach and focusing on my own growth is more important than caring about irrelevant people who will eventually have to answer for their own charts and karma. They now serve only as reminders of what I don’t wish to become and I also do not want to lose sight of what’s important and the core mission of what I’m trying to do.

I read my older blog posts once in a while and, sometimes, I don’t remember even writing them. It’s a bit like walking down memory lane because whatever is here is a personal journey as much as it is a professional one. I am learning, unlearning, and growing in different ways and this will always be the case. Whatever that has happened in the course of my career as a practitioner was beyond my imagination. I never expected to be on national media, magazines, or social media live streams. Neither did I imagine did my website would one day gather more than 10,000 visits a month when it started off with 10 a day.

It has been an amazing journey and I am still discovering new things about Chinese metaphysics every day. Like many of what everyone goes through, the earlier part of my life was spent struggling to find meaning in why I existed and why I had to go through certain things.

The past 6 years of me being a practitioner and everyone’s trust in me has made me realize exactly why. I am thankful for that.

– Sean

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