What Being A Category 4 Chart-Holder Is & Isn’t

August 28, 2023

The tonality I will use for this blog will be different because I think the previous few posts are already pretty unhinged and irreverent. As much as I enjoy injecting dark humour into my writing and day-to-day life, I remind myself that my job, ultimately, is to hopefully still be able to uplift people through my experiences and what I know. This post will feel more muted, although I hope it can somewhat uplift even though whatever I’m about to talk about is nothing new.

Everyone knows what I mean when I say “Category 4 chart-holder” by now. It’s funny because it’s become a bit of an adjective thrown around by my followers. If my clients encounter a difficult person at work or someone with a character flaw, they go “Category 4!” and I will immediately know what they mean.

I know everyone’s already sick of me talking about Category 4 chart-holders. Then again, sometimes I feel people enjoy seeing me thrashing it out and doing away with the pretence and industry diplomacy. I speak, bitch, whine, and write about Cat. 4 chart-holders all the time. Frankly, this topic is pretty fun to discuss, but only so because my industry is plagued with toxic positivity where Cat. 4 people are actually the main cash cow. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s so much easier to make money from people who can’t think for themselves, and such money is often made by making life worse by deluding them? My industry is a bit like fast food, where you know it’s terrible for you, but you can’t help but order those Chicken McNuggets at 1 AM with extra curry sauce.

The purpose of my blog is for people to get to know me a little, but please remember that I won’t be able to show every single side of me just via this blog. You won’t know what I’m like in public, with waiting staff, or with friends. By virtue of my Big Three consists of both Pisces and Gemini (if you even know the significance of that), I’d like to think I’m somewhat multi-faceted. I don’t exist as an astrologer or Chinese metaphysics practitioner to keep bashing the Category 4 chart-holder. That said, neither do I wish to make astrology about positive fluff and ‘higher vibrations’.

I’ve written almost 200 posts now, and many important ones that show a different side of me are now buried deep in the archives, which I tagged “Must Reads” for everyone’s convenience. I would encourage anyone new to this blog to read those posts.

I will always throw shade at a Cat 4. person, and it’s mostly to blow off some steam from the stresses I get from work. If and when I use “Cat. 4”, it’s also not personal. I use the term as a generic way of referring to people who can’t function well or whom we question their value and reason for existing.

Thankfully, my job doesn’t just revolve around deplorable people. I love my job because I get to interact with all sorts of people, whereas most people tend to meet caricature versions of themselves in the corporate world, in a controlled environment where people pretend to like each other while only caring about their interests, afraid of showing others what they’re really like outside of work.

It’s been almost ten years, and I can’t even begin to tell you the plethora and diversity of clients I’ve crossed paths with. They can be people around my age from various industries. These clients are either much older or younger than me, they can be hawkers, CEOs of MNCs, entrepreneurs, mentally ill people, parents with autistic children, homosexuals, transgenders, and I’ve even had clients who were once sex workers. What’s more, my clients come from all over the world, and they bring new perspectives, different ways of expressing themselves, and stories of adventures most of us can never even dream of being on.

Be that as it may, everyone’s still the same at the core. We want love, meaning, friends, and a fulfilled life. There hasn’t been a client who told me, “I love suffering.”

I can be extremely good at deciphering a chart and pinpointing events. Still, I think everyone knows by now that it would be a waste if astrology and Chinese metaphysics were reduced to just being about predicting events. Perhaps a better way to put things is this: Astrology should be about making you question events and why they happen.

You may never arrive at a definite answer, but the point is that you question.

Why are some things destined from the moment of birth? Why are charts congruent? These are big questions that I can’t answer.

What prompted this post is that I’ve been getting some cases and clients who, theoretically, fall under Category 4. The form they take is the interesting part. 2023 is meant to be a bumpier year for me, no thanks to this group of people, but it is also gratifying to see the positives that come from it. The other reason is the news articles I’ve been seeing recently have been tilting me quite a bit. Donald Trump, practitioners getting jailed, nurses killing newborns, and preschool teachers abusing children.

Please Understand The Purpose Of Categorising

First, whenever I talk about Category 4, I refer to able-bodied people with sound minds. I need to make this very clear in case anyone wants to quote me out of context. My discussion on such topics always revolves around someone’s character. It’s not about invalidating the struggles of those with physical ailments or mental health issues. Besides, some people with physical ailments and mental health issues live with more dignity and are worthy of more respect than some who don’t have such challenges, so it’s really not about the ailment you were born with.

I also wish to make it clear that this post is not targeted at anyone. Just that I felt that it was a good time to discuss these things again. If I wish to be blunt, no Cat. 4 person is important enough for me to dedicate an entire post just because of one person. Get off your high horse because the world does not revolve around your life.

I wish to reiterate that I did not invent with these four categories. I’ve mentioned this in my previous two blog posts discussing bad BaZi charts. Here they are:

Most newcomers to Chinese metaphysics have never heard of the four categories because people usually embark on their Chinese metaphysics journey with extremely shallow books written in English. On the flip side, the Chinese books on BaZi, especially those written in the past, will always discuss the four categories. They go as far as to say that whether you’re born a genius, or a complete tedious imbecile is fated, and even use terms like 「下贱废人」, meaning you are a useless low-life. Don’t believe me? Here you go:

And people think I’m the blunt one…

It seems otherwise, but talking about the four categories was never about throwing shade at others or gloating that we have a better BaZi chart. People should know me enough by now to understand that I’m not that shallow and that a practitioner exists not to make the world or someone’s life tougher than it already is.

The purpose of establishing the four categories and doing the uncomfortable act of comparing them is to show people why some people have a good life and some people don’t. What are we missing? What can we learn? How should one think? How should one live?

Our time here on Earth is incredibly short. Not thinking about these things and getting our lives together is a huge waste. Do you really want to look back at your life knowing you’ve achieved nothing and no one will bother attending your funeral? I wouldn’t.

Natal Chart (命) vs Elemental Phases/Transits (运)

The Chinese always use the term 「命运」。 We should all know that by now. These two words should be seen as separate. 命 is your natal chart and what you’re born with. It is the cards you are dealt. 运 refers to your Elemental Phases, or what Western astrology calls transits, and it is how you play those cards in an everchanging environment.

Your natal chart sets the stage; your Elemental Phases, or transits, is the cosmic dance where you’re the dancer. Again, everyone should know this by now.

Please look at the image below:

The above graph is something you’ll often find in Chinese books on Chinese astrology. I’m just giving my own uglier reiteration here because I can’t find one on the web to copy and paste. The above image is why I never made it very far in the corporate world, and I can’t believe I studied for a degree to make PowerPoint decks for business plans that are out of touch with reality and solely for the mental masturbation of management. MMMs aren’t “Monday Morning Meetings”. It’s “Management Mental Masturbation”.

The x-axis is time, whereas the y-axis is how you wish to measure your quality of life I labelled “Whatever”. I’ll let you decide what “quality of life” means for yourself, although I think it’s generally the same for everyone.

The four lines represent the trajectory of one’s life, and without me even labelling the lines, you should know which line represents which category. Green is Cat. 1; Blue is Cat. 2, Orange is Cat. 3; and Red is Cat. 4. The crests and troughs represent the Annual Phases that constantly oscillate between favourable and unfavourable.

Here are a few things to point out:

  • The green line is basically Lisa Manobal, and just because she’s born in rural Thailand doesn’t mean she’s Category 2. She probably had a better childhood than you, and she didn’t even need to take PSLE or O-Levels to be more successful and lovable than you.
  • The part where the blue line reaches up to touch the green line is when someone basically starts to experience a supportive 10-Year Phase, and I said before that one’s life can completely change when that happens.
  • The downward trending orange line is when someone is born into a good environment but chooses to squander it away. He’s the degenerate from that wealthy family with a listed company, but he can’t decide whether to marry his fiancée or his ex. Yes, you read that right.
  • The red line is where everyone doesn’t want to be. There will be occasional respite, and life feels as though it’s about to get better, but if the lessons aren’t learned, nothing changes, and the person keeps spiralling.

My first blog post on Bad BaZi charts vs. Good BaZi charts should already describe what the life of different categories may be like. But please note that they are very broad examples.

There’s another thought experiment or visualization:

Now, I didn’t change the actual length of the red line. It’s from the same graph as the above. The crests and troughs of the red line are more pronounced, and the line terminates earlier. It’s our ancestor’s way of saying that you will have a shorter life if your life has too many ups and downs. Some of you might prefer a shorter life, so make sure you enjoy the ups and downs then.

A balanced BaZi chart is considered better because the magnitudes of these ups and downs are small, life is more stable, and you generally live longer. You won’t need to spend half your lifetime trying to find inner balance and peace.

Clients would sometimes hear me say things like their charts are more volatile because of how their natal charts are structured. Elements might be skewed too much to one side, or a critical element is weak and under harm. In such cases, a negative Elemental Phase can trigger a torrent of events that are hard to handle. A volatile chart means the swings are greater, and life can feel tiring and cumbersome. You could argue that someone who doesn’t have his or her shit together will experience greater swings, which is why an imbalanced BaZi chart sometimes also means character flaws.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’d rather have a stabler life that is slightly longer so that I can at least see my grandchildren or see more of the world instead of dealing with unnecessary hassles. I don’t want to be the embodiment of “Oh Gawd, life is so tough!” and then I suddenly drop dead.

Now, I think it is fair to say that we all don’t want our lives to be represented by the red line, which brings me to the crux of the post.

Let’s Not Define Category 4 Charts Superficially

Some people, by virtue of that they are haters or perhaps intellectually lazy, will think I define Category 4 as people who don’t earn a lot or don’t hold a high title. To the cognitively impaired simpletons out there who really think that lowly of me: Do you presume I wouldn’t know that if I were to define Category 4 simply using someone’s income and social standing, I would be no different?

My stance has been clear right from the start and even before 2020:

A Category 4 chart-holder can be anyone and anywhere – even the president of the United States. How a Category 4 chart-holder can even make it to become president is something I am unable to explain astrologically at the moment.

Everyone should know by now that I’m not someone who looks at things on the surface. My blog posts should have made this abundantly clear by now. Why is it that someone earning $20,000 can be considered someone who is “poor” by BaZi standards, and why is someone earning $8,000 considered “wealthy”? I explored these topics and argued that a good life and wealth are about the balance you have with your environment.

Have you met people with a lot of money, sitting in a high position, but are always miserable? I have, and I meet them all the time. Rest assured, by the time someone like them needs to look for someone like me, you know their income and titles no longer matter because it’s not as though these factors shield you from other things you need to deal with in life. They have everything materially, but that’s all they have. They are like machines, and the ‘relationships’ they have are only because of the money, titles, and so-called connections they have.

More cash is always nice, and cash can be one of the variables of a good life. I don’t deny that, but it is just one variable. But I guess the argument here is that we need to think about the intangibles, too, and how we wish to define them. As cliché as it sounds – it matters. I know it’s a tad idealistic for me to be talking about such things, especially when the costs of living are increasing, but I guess I could argue that we got into the mess we’re in today because we don’t think about such things enough.

Define Category 4 For Yourself

Everyone has been relying on me to define what Category 4 is or what a bad, negative, inferior astrological chart looks like. I think it’s perfectly fine if you try to define it for yourself and see what you can come up with. My only advice here is to please not define it wrongly.

Someone being Category 4 can’t simply be defined as someone you disagree with.

I like to compare Category 2 and Category 4 chart-holders because the dichotomy presents something interesting and meaningful. One thing I didn’t make clear enough, although I did try to emphasise, is that Category 2 and Category 4 aren’t separated by family resources alone despite one’s natal chart encompassing those factors. Needless to say, what separates a Category 2 and 4 chart-holder is their character as well. In the spirit of our ancestors, a Cat 4. “useless low-life” can come from any family.

Put another way: Why do two people with equally challenging or even different starts end up having such different outcomes in life? Astrology presents an explanation in the form of charts and the Phases you go through, but even with astrology aside, we should all know the reason behind these different outcomes.

Tying the arguments back to my more recent blog posts, which Category you fall under is simply whether you’re living effectively. No one said you can only be happy, have a good life, or find fulfilment if you’re a banker, lawyer, or doctor. You can have a meaningful life regardless of what you are, especially if you make it a point to do it well. I know this makes it sound reductive, and life might be too simple, but whether you are Category 1, 2, 3, or 4 really boils down to what kind of person you are.

Everything that I said above should already be things people know. These aren’t new topics.

The important exercise, or the point of talking about all this, is perhaps to remind everyone to think deeper and stop looking only at the surface. Let’s bring in one of my more irreverent blog posts:

Sam Bankman Fried was once called “the most generous billionaire“, and everyone probably thought, by my definition, that he was a Category 1 chart-holder. Talented, rich, at the forefront of a growing industry, only to have it suddenly collapse and have his true colours revealed. It’s not just Sam Bankman Fried, but people like Do Kwon and Andrew Tate as well, whom I’ve all blogged about.

Sure, they probably had one or two positive 10-Year Phases or even Annual Phases, which gave them a brief moment of fame and achievement, but if you have more negative Phases than good ones, you will ultimately still revert back to a Category 4. These people usually don’t cherish the opportunity to redeem themselves and make do with a good Phase.

You Will Be Surprised Who Are The Category 1 to 4s

As per the section title, you will be surprised who the Category 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s are at the end of the day. Trust me, you really will. You may not be able to appreciate this, so it’s my job as a practitioner to help you appreciate it.

Let me put things into perspective for you. You, especially the “you” in Singapore, might think that the Category 1 chart-holder is your lawyer friend driving that Ferrari. But this Ferrari-driving lawyer is probably a low-level Enneagram Type 3, thinking he is only worthy of being loved if he has money and a sports car. It’s an unfortunate state to be in – only to feel worthy of being loved if you have money or material things. Of course, they are nice to have, but they should not determine your intrinsic value as a human being and whether you are worthy of being loved. Ladies, the men you meet who are always trying to show off, name drop, basically haven’t healed from this daddy & mommy issues of theirs.

Perhaps real Category 1 chart-holders are people who find simply joy in walking, but they take walks at a place like this:

To be fair, I can’t speak for the people staying in Lauterbrunnen because people there may very well be unhappy and wish to stay in the city. But for me, happiness means taking walks in a place like this. Who needs a sports car anyway?

You may have studied hard your entire life to get to where you are now, earning five figures a month and answering to your toxic boss, but you suck it up because it’s five figures a month. You might feel that an OnlyFans creator flashing his butthole all day has a weaker chart than yours, but he has a beautiful wife and earns six figures a month. Who the hell are you to say that he has a weaker chart than yours? Heavens blessed him with a beautiful butthole worthy of 6 figures a month. If someone were willing to pay you six figures to wash dishes, you would do it, so don’t be a hypocrite and get off your high horse.

Do you really think the people earning millions from OnlyFans are unhappy or care about what you think? Some might argue and criticize them by saying they are taking shortcuts to life, but the irony here is that these are the same people who would subscribe to their OnlyFans account if they were free.

Like I said, you will be surprised who has the good, Category 1 chart all of us wish to have, and you will be surprised who are the Category 4 chart-holders. Time will tell.

It’s important to point out that it’s silly to try to compare who is in which Category. My purpose in discussing these things isn’t for us to start comparing or justifying the rat race, especially when I made it clear life isn’t just about money and titles. Focus on what it means to be a Category 1 or 2, and that’s all you have to do. You are in no position to judge someone who wants to start an OnlyFans account or the most successful gay bar in Singapore. They are living the best version of their lives – you focus on yours and stop being a sour grape.

My Relationship With Category 4 Chart-Holders

Let us hold on to the definition that being Category 4 is not about socio-economic status – it was never about that. To me, being Category 4 or not has always been about the person you are at the core, although it can be argued that who you are at the core has a huge influence on your socio-economic status eventually.

I would think it’s fair to assume that my relationship with Cat. 4 chart-holders shouldn’t be any different from most people. We cross paths with them every day, and they can be anyone: a colleague, your boss, some impatient driver on the roads, or even your spouse. They are everywhere, and Cat. 4 chart-holders aren’t as scarce as you think, and they aren’t limited to the extreme cases on the news from time to time.

Everyone should know the reason why I abhor Category 4 chart-holders by now. Two Cat. 4 chart-holders gave birth to me, which thankfully turned out to be a case of two negatives giving birth to one positive. The earlier days of my career were also plagued with Cat. 4 chart-holders. As a corporate worker, I’ve always had toxic bosses and swore never to be like them. As a practitioner, I dealt with people incapable of being accountable for their lives and always playing the victim.

Help Them Or Abandon Them?

There is always this dilemma of whether we should help this group of people, or abandon them. It’s not just a matter of our personal lives, but it’s something governments have to deal with, too. Like how governments decide how to deal with people who refuse to work and squander their lives away, we make similar micro-level level decisions on whether we want a dysfunctional person in our lives leeching on us.

I know life can be unfair sometimes, and a better world and a more fulfilled life means helping those who aren’t as privileged. In that sense, perhaps we should all help because that’s part of being human. Ideally, we are helping those who are willing to help themselves. Then, there comes cases where help is rendered but taken for granted, and we’re at the risk of being dragged down by them.

The right thing to do here should be implied, and I suppose the same old saying applies here. Balance.

We do what we can, but not to the point where we end up harming ourselves to the point that we end up unable to help other people who might benefit more.

Category 4 Chart-Holders Stick To Each Other

I need to make it clear that this observation might be tinged with a bit of bias, or it might not. This is just an observation I have that probably stems from my personal choices. You may or may not be able to relate to them.

Category 4 chart-holders stick together because it makes them feel safe. Sometimes, they marry each other. Ego-preservation is achieved, and no one is there to challenge their reality or tell them they are wrong. It appeals to the human need to belong to a community. They prefer it this way because facing reality and acknowledging something is wrong is infinitely more painful than remaining status quo. The most relatable scenario is why you took so long to break up with your toxic ex – because breaking up, to you, is more painful than staying in an abusive relationship. You rather be lost in the illusion that you are loved when you’re not.

It doesn’t mean a Cat. 1 or 2 people will not be friends with a Cat. 3 or 4. Nothing is absolute. I’m just saying that I rarely see this happening for reasons that should be obvious. It’s like the Pope hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein – what on Earth can either of them get out of it?

We don’t owe each other anything; this is a lesson I’ve learned since I was young. If someone helps you, don’t take it for granted because this person didn’t need to. If people don’t help you, then perhaps ask yourself why because not everyone in this world is unkind or unaltruistic.

The Paradox Of Yin and Yang

There exists a paradox by virtue that reality is dualistic and interdependent. Your reality cannot exist on its own. It has to have something that opposes it, and the state of this opposition is already intrinsic, and it doesn’t matter what you think.

Suppose a Cat. 1 person is Yang (阳), and Cat. 4 is Yin (阴). The Cat. 1 person believes he or she is whatever humanity should strive towards and is high functioning. However, from the perspective of a Cat. 4 people – they are Yang, and Cat. 1 is Yin. You see this most in politics and when elections are around the corner.

The Cat. 4 person will perceive themselves as the high-functioning ones because Cat. 1 people don’t understand how life works as they had it too easy, or they must have cheated or exploited to get where they are.

Our similarities, differences and conflicts are nothing but an expression of Yin and Yang and its ever-changing state. We love to hate on each other because we stand for different things and our realities are different, but rejecting what makes us different often gets us to where we don’t wish to be.

What do I mean? When a Cat 1. person rejects the existence or possibility of becoming Cat. 4, they take things for granted and eventually become the very person they detest. In simpler terms, we call it taking things for granted, arrogance, or hubris. When the Cat 4. person rejects the existence or possibility that Cat.1 lives or people exist, they will stay where they are and never ne able to ascend.

There is a reason why the concept of “balance” is constantly mentioned in Taoism and Buddhism and why even Greek philosophers touched a bit on it. Rejecting the opposing view and reality, at the end of the day, will only be to your own detriment.

Life is shit, but it is also beautiful. People are beautiful, but they can also be shit.

Why Do Category 4 Chart-Holders Exist?

Most of us who’ve had some brush with a Category 4 chart-holder that scarred our lives will always ask why they have to exist. Why did you marry that toxic person? What did your business partner cheat you? Why are your parents such twats? Why, why, why?

We would be better off reincarnating as a tree in the Amazon jungle if we want our lives to be smooth all the time.

The funny thing is that a Category 4 chart-holder him/herself will also be asking why they exist, especially when their life is mostly about suffering.

I’ve explored this topic before and given my take on it. As much as they can be a nuisance, their existence has some cosmic value in the grand scheme of things. Yang, or the “good”, can only exist when Yin, the “bad”, exists. Perhaps, to put it less philosophically, some Cat. 4s stop being Cat. 4s when they realise there’s someone even more Cat. 4 than them – if that makes sense to you.

I hate dealing with them, and I’m sure anyone reading this hates it too. That said, some of my biggest life lessons were learned through them. There is a reason why I call them “cosmic fertilizer” because their existence keeps humanity in check – we know right from wrong, and we shouldn’t be a certain way.

I guess the big question here is, “Do you wish to be the cosmic fertilizer for others?”

The thing that I find hard to accept is the amount of anguish Cat 4. chart-holders can cause is sometimes so immense you sometimes wish they’d drop dead. Nurses killing babies, parents putting their children in cages – it is beyond “not living effectively”.

Why do they exist? I don’t know.

The Astrological Chart & The Enlightened Person

The other heading for this section could have been, “What Should You Do If You’re Category 4?” although that feels a tad uninspiring. That said, I know it’s something everyone is probably asking.

Or let’s put it this way: What makes a Cat. 4 chart-holder a Cat. 4 chart-holder?

As you know by now, I’ve been studying Western astrology independently, and I read something that really appealed to my Buddhist side. I briefly mentioned it in my blog post on living effectively. The book’s author asked her Buddhist teacher how a Buddhist should view an astrological chart.

The answer was beautiful, and below is just a paraphrasing of it:

When we look at an astrological chart, we are looking at what needs to be done for someone to reach enlightenment.

No chart is perfect – that much we should know. There will always be a flaw somewhere, and there’s always something we need to work on. Enlightenment does not mean you must become like the Pope or Dalai Lama. Buddhism already puts it in the simplest way possible: enlightenment is the cessation of suffering.

Dumping your shit of an ex, telling your toxic parents to screw off, or quitting that job you hate. All of these can be viewed as moments and acts of enlightenment.

If the chart points out a specific weakness, and you deal with it, suffering can cease. I guess the problem here is most people don’t know how to deal with it. There are also situations where we are unable to deal with it, so it begs an even deeper question of why we go through the things we do.

The inability to deal with our issues is sometimes a matter of our age and stage in life; sometimes, things are simply out of our control. We shouldn’t expect a child to be able to deal with the harsh realities of life as well as an adult ought to.

Perhaps the entire blog post boils down to this: Your refusal to deal with the issues is what makes you a Cat. 4 chart-holder.

I explored the topic of “transcending charts” a long, long time ago, hoping to tell everyone that our charts need not bind our lives. Of course, one blog post will not be enough to cover everything or guide you. The blog post is merely me trying to express my thoughts. The most common mistake people make is thinking transcending charts means you can attain anything you desire, which is perhaps the biggest trap and fallacy in the idea of transcending charts.

Yes, sometimes it’s about working hard because many of us are lazy. However, more often than not, it’s about letting go.

The funny thing about life is that you sometimes end up getting what you want after you can truly let go, and it feels like it’s Heavens way of saying, “You are ready”. I’ve experienced this for myself, and I hope some of you can relate. It can be commonsensical:

  • You won’t find a fulfilling relationship if you cannot overcome the fear of being alone and unloved. This is why some people stay stuck in toxic marriages for decades, only to look back and realise they’ve wasted their entire lives being leeched by a toxic partner.
  • You will never know your true calling until you let go of the incessant need to make money and impress others.
  • You will never break free from your past if you don’t relinquish the identity you crafted for yourself due to your history. Do you still think of yourself as the abused child, the scorned lover, the ostracised teenager?

It is easier said than done, I assure you. It took me on being on the brink of being suicidal to make me realise I had to hit the reset button. But even so, there are still things I can’t let go of until today. It takes a lot of courage to let go, especially when the process involves acknowledging your limitations and flaws and challenging your reality. You’re unable to let go of that toxic relationship because it makes you question whether you’re worthy of being loved, or perhaps it’s your toxic parents because it challenges your perspective of what’s right and wrong. The examples go on and on.

“Why does suffering exist?” Philosophers have been having a discourse on this for centuries, and I am no one to claim I have an answer to this. The pragmatic side of me would simply say, “If I have to suffer, I might as well let it mean something or get something out of it.”

Perhaps suffering is the next best option from reason because if we are unable to think about these issues, I guess pain will force us to.

What if, just what if, the difference between a Cat. 1 vs. 3 or Cat 2. vs. 4 is knowing why one has to suffer? Because I’ve argued that your 10-Year Phases describes your growth as a person.

I struggle to find an inspirational and uplifting way to end this post, but I shall try.

One of the most fulfilling things about my job is that people enjoy what I write. I want people to relate to it, and I hope I’ve done a good job at it. Because Heavens forgive me if I have to make this entire blog a boring, technical one just to show people how technically proficient I am.

My fulfilment doesn’t come solely from knowing you derived the entertainment value of seeing some irreverent practitioner tearing everyone to pieces. I know it can be fun, but it cannot be just about that. The fulfilment comes not just from knowing something I wrote brought you to laugh but also brought you peace or changed your perspective.

You will not find another practitioner that asks you to go “f*** your mum,” especially when they are toxic Cat 4. people, and I am the literal proof that it’s actually OK to tell your mother to go f*** herself. Do you see me getting cancer, my marriage failing, or our parent’s generation’s favourite – struck by lightning?

My job is done if you find yourself thinking more, thinking deeper, and questioning things.

Just like how I am questioning if I should try my luck with OnlyFans, and sell pictures of my butthole for six figures a month.

– Sean

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