My Views On The COVID-19 Pandemic & Donald Trump’s Re-Election

April 5, 2020

Hi everyone,

Before I pen down my thoughts, I hope everyone’s family and friends are safe and well.

I’ve been thinking very hard about whether to write this post as I generally don’t like commenting on anything to do with current affairs and politics because I never felt like I was in the position to give me views on these things. But given what the world is going through now and the requests I’ve been getting, I’ll give some opinions on the current situation from a metaphysics perspective.

The frequency of my posts might be a little low as I’m really struggling to think of new things to write about other than case studies, so I’m trying very hard to make every post worth your 5 to 10 minutes of reading.

There are two things that have been on mind lately. The first is definitely the pandemic situation the world is dealing with now, and the second is looking at our world leaders dealing with the situation. What bothers me more than the virus itself is how some of us, especially those in positions of power, react to it and it’s times like this that you get reminded of just how many imbeciles there are out there in the world.

On the topic of politics and leadership: I’ve always been someone who believes that to sit in a position of power, one had better be worthy of such a position and do a proper job, if not, millions will suffer due to the incompetence of a bad leader. I try not to comment much on politics usually because I don’t see myself as someone who is fit to comment on such issues because I don’t feel compelled to put myself in such positions with high pressure and make a career out of it. I know I’ll never have the competence nor energy to do what some of our leaders are doing, but I think I’ll speak up a bit about it this time especially when 2020 is the year where we’ll see elections happening.

I’ll give my comments on the whole COVID-19 situation first.

Those Who Will Take A Serious Hit & Those Who End Up Doing Better – It Can Be Seen In Their Charts

One interesting thing I notice is that some of my clients who are taking a really serious hit from the pandemic have very clear signs of a horrible year in their charts, and these are usually people running their own businesses.

If you take a close look at their charts, the 2020 庚子 year sees several negative interactions appearing and it could be a 冲 (clash) or 合 (combine). Both 冲 or 合 are not inherently good nor bad – it depends on what the chart needs. Some beginners will think that 冲 always denotes a negative outcome and 合 always denotes a positive, harmonious outcome, which is wrong.

My clients who are affected by these global events have very clear negative interactions appearing in their charts due to 庚子。As such, you can conclude that 2020 will be the ‘trigger’ year for these individuals and negative events will manifest. Just that 冲 suggests change so it’s likely this will manifest as the business closing down which is a negative change, and 合 likely represents some form of a burden, likely to be business overheads causing them to burn cash but there is no immediate closure per se.

I had two clients recently – one from Hong Kong and the other in Australia, and both of them are in the food & beverage industry with clear signs of 2020 being extremely tough.

You can definitely tell wealth loss from such charts and a horrible 2020, but what I could not tell was, of course, the way it hit them, which is the COVID-19 pandemic the whole world is dealing with right now. I won’t post any BaZi case studies here for now as they should be quite basic.

Interestingly, some of my clients ended up doing better in this situation as the pandemic served as a catalyst for changing their business. This is a chart of an old client of mine who is a close friend now:

If we go by theory, 2020 is supposed to be a good year for the chart above. So turns out that the pandemic forced my client/friend to become more efficient and diversify his business, and he ended up being more profitable than before the crisis hit.

Is It Possible To Predict Pandemics & Global Events Using Chinese Metaphysics?

First and foremost, I want to clarify that I did not foresee this pandemic coming. I was ready to wind down after Chinese New Year and travel, and COVID-19 happened. I’m not going to try to jump on the bandwagon and say that “I told you so”.

My application of Chinese metaphysics has always been on an individual level and focused on individual lives. That’s my business model anyways and I don’t try to gather a large crowd in a convention hall and try to upsell stuff. Predicting country-level or global events requires different techniques which we call 六壬 (liu ren) or 太乙 (tai yi), which are very uncommon techniques and nowhere as popular as BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu or Qi Men Dun Jia as three methods are better at forecasting individual lives as opposed to macro-events which people might be apathetic to. 六壬 or 太乙 are traditionally more suited for governance but we all know that modern-day leaders no longer turn to astrology for guidance – which is totally fine of course.

Perhaps rulers or governments should continue the tradition… Anyway…

The whole pandemic situation did start to get me curious about using metaphysics on a country or global level. It’s not something that I’m used to or a fan or because I’ve always lived life with the philosophy that no matter what happens in the country or the world, I’ll just adapt to it so never really bothered applying metaphysics on a macro level.

There are a few theories going around explaining why 2020 was going to be a year where such an outbreak occurred. I did not come up with these theories and neither do I agree nor disagree with them. I’m simply listing it down for my own learning and reflection.

The most prevalent theory has to do with 2020’s pillar itself, which is 庚子。 Now, 庚 Metal has always been known to be related to the lungs, which is part of the theory. In 2020, 庚 Metal sat on 子, which is the 死 (Death) position of 庚 Metal, so a lot of practitioners are using this to deduce that this year’s problems will have to do with the lungs. There are articles that even linked it back to 2019’s 己亥 year, saying that 2019 and 2020 are linked, which I can agree with philosophically. The articles suggest that the pandemic’s origins had to do with the digestive system because of 己 Earth is involved which represents the stomach, referring to the consumption of wild animals. 亥 of 2019 was 庚 Metal’s 病 (Sickness) position, so the deduction was the issues with the lungs already started since 2019 as a consequence of 己亥。

I have to be completely honest and say that this is new to me as these issues weren’t really discussed in the Chinese classics, and I studied mostly from there. I usually don’t comment on global issues because it’s beyond what I can do. Applying what I know of BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu for global events would seem inappropriate as it’ll feel like throwing something against a wall and seeing if it sticks. I’ve yet to try forecasting global events using Qi Men Dun Jia so maybe I’ll do that when 2021 is nearer.

I tried looking at past pandemics to see if this 庚子 representing sickness in the lungs argument holds:

  • Spanish flu (1918 to 1920), which were 戊午,己未 and 庚申 years
  • Asian flu (1957 to 1958), which were 丁酉 and 戊戌 years
  • Hong Kong flu (1968 to 1969) which were 戊申 and 己酉 years
  • SARS (2002 to 2003) were 壬午 and 癸未 years but this wasn’t really considered a pandemic as it was limited to Asia
  • H1N1 flu pandemic (2009 to 2010), which were 己丑 and 庚寅 years

You can see the official list here: All these are influenza pandemics so technically speaking they affect the respiratory system so looking at 庚 Metal should still be relevant.

A further look into the positions the Year Stems sit on and 庚 Metal’s relation to them shows this:

  • Spanish flu: 戊午 (帝旺 – 天上火。庚 Metal’s 沐浴),己未 (冠带 – 天上火。庚 Metal’s 冠带), 庚申 (临官 – 石榴木。庚 Metal’s 临官。)
  • Asian flu: 丁酉 (长生 – 山下火。庚 Metal’s 帝旺) ,戊戌 (墓 – 平地木。庚 Metal’s 衰。),
  • Hong Kong flu: 戊申 (病 – 大驿土。庚 Metal’s 临官。), 己酉 (长生 – 大驿土。庚 Metal’s 帝旺。),
  • SARS: 壬午 (胎 – 杨柳木。庚 Metal’s 沐浴。), 癸未 (墓 – 杨柳木。庚 Metal’s 冠带。),
  • H1N1: 己丑 (墓 – 霹雳火。庚 Metal’s 墓。), 庚寅 (绝 – 松柏木。庚 Metal’s 绝)
  • COVID-10: 己亥 (胎 – 平地木。庚 Metal’s 病。),庚子 (死 – 壁上土。庚 Metal’s 死。)

I am trying to find a pattern here.

At first blush, the inconsistent years are 己未,庚申,丁酉,癸未 because 庚 Metal is supposed to be strong during these years, so the ‘庚子 = Lungs Will Have Issues’ logic would feel a bit weird here. However, if we look at the 纳音 (‘Melodic’ Element for the lack of a better way to translate it), we’ll notice the elements during these years are Fire (己未), Wood (庚申), Fire (丁酉) and Wood (癸未) respectively and they technically put pressure on 庚 Metal despite the Branch’s of the respective years support Yang Metal. The remaining years listed above do show 庚 Metal to be very weak and indicate either 病,死,墓 or 绝, which are the last four stages that lead to the complete removal of a particular element out of the 12-stage life-death cycle (十二长生)。

Now, you might be thinking then how about the years 1978 to 1980 because those years had the same Stems and Branches as the Spanish flu pandemic. At first, the inconsistencies felt weird because if we could truly identify world events using just the pillar of a given year, the same event should occur every 60 years. I did some digging and found this: Russian Flu Has Arrived In the U.S. Technically, there was a pandemic in 1978, but it was a lot more low-key.

The other experiment would be to look at the previous 庚子 year which would be 1900 and 1960. There was no historical record of any pandemics in 1900 that was similar to COVID-19 but there was the bubonic plague pandemic in 1960 but it was an infection of the lymph nodes instead of lungs.

One thing I found particularly interesting was that during the SARS outbreak, research showed that the virus damaged the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Whether or not it has to do with the Melodic Element being Wood (representing liver), I wouldn’t know. Source:

There is some pattern, interestingly, and I hope I’m not committing confirmation bias here. I have to say this opens up even my own eyes because I never bothered to do such research and look back at years before I was even born. My only question is that why is it always the lungs? If we go by this logic, there should have been periods with global mass diarrhoea where everybody needs to keep taking a dump. I’ll explore this another time.

All these being said, we need to take into account that the world is different now and disease, as well as information, spread a lot easier, so the magnitude will not be the same.

When will this all end?

I did use Qi Men Dun Jia to take a look at this, and I did this three times on separate days and weeks the interesting thing I observed is that all three divinations show clear indications that the situation will only come under control in 2021. To be more precise, the Qi Men Dun Jia charts showed the month of 丑, but the month of 丑 would mean we are in the year 2021 already, which is the last solar month of 2020.

I’ve always said that Qi Men Dun Jia is a bit pointless unless you know when the event you asked about will occur. Both charts are to do with the COVID-19 situation, and despite the fact that the above two charts look very different, the one consistent thing is that both charts mentioned it’s during 丑 month when the situation gets better. I will not go into the technical of this, but if you are interested in learning, you can always check out my online school. I’m not trying to be commercial here, but I think I made it clear I won’t be teaching people how analysis is done via my blog. Also, if you haven’t joined my Discord channel, please do so. You can find the link on my online school’s landing page.

Here are two of the charts that showed up:

For the current situation of the virus, we usually look at where the star 天芮 and god 值符 resides in. It’ll give us hints on whether the virus is still spreading or being kept under control. From the looks of it, it’s not going to come under control anytime soon.

The Next Topic I Wanted To Talk About – The US Presidential Elections

The next thing I want to talk about has a bit to do with politics. There are a few reasons why I want to write this.

Firstly, I do care about politics, although not to the extent of wanting to be involved in politics. I just care about what kind of leaders we vote into office, and I think many people don’t understand the implications of having the wrong kind of leader sit in a position of power.

Second, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s people forcing themselves into positions of power when they are clearly not fit to govern or lead. Countless people will suffer because of that. Most of you would know what I mean when you have the crap of a boss at your workplace. Many people want to lead not because they find fulfilment in it or they can, but because of superficial reasons like a high paycheque, prestige or stroking their ego.

Third, elections are coming, and many people look at how their leaders handle this crisis before deciding their next vote. Also, I’m sure many practitioners will be blogging about elections soon, not just to flex their credibility a bit but also to gain some internet traffic, so I’ve decided to participate, too, for once.

Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite clown president – Donald Trump. He’s someone who has always intrigued me because, in my opinion, he’s everything a president should not be. I never bothered looking at his chart until recently, when I had more time on my hands.

His birth date is known, but not his birth time, but there has been a consensus online that his birth time was 10:54 am, and I believe this first appears on a website on Western astrology. Many Chinese astrologers and blogs on BaZi followed this assumed birth time without diving deep into anything or cross-referencing it to real life.

This is the corresponding BaZi chart based on the 10:54 am birth time:

I categorically disagree that this is his chart, and 10:54 am is his birth time. Let me put down my thoughts in point form:

  • Firstly, we all know what Trump is like, and you don’t need a Ph.D. in political science or international relations to know that he’s someone with character flaws. The above two charts do not paint an accurate picture of his character, especially his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart.
  • Second, a lot of Chinese astrologers assumed that 10:54 am which is 巳时 is his chart because it falls under a special Category we call 转旺格 or what is known as a Vibrant Chart where the Daymaster is so extremely strong that we continue to strengthen it.

Here are the inconsistencies:

  • If he falls under a Vibrant Chart category, technically, he would not have been able to win the elections in 2016 because both his 10-year phase and annual phase would be considered destructive for him because Metal appears.
  • The above Zi Wei Dou Shu chart also shows him to be born under 日月同宫格 and I’ve read enough charts to know that someone with such a chart structure will not end up like Trump.
  • Just because someone is born under a special category or with a Vibrant chart does not make them special people. It is just another chart. Many blogs on Chinese metaphysics appeared to associate Vibrant charts with people in positions of power, which I don’t agree with.
  • Perhaps what’s most inconsistent is that the above Zi Wei Dou Shu chart indicates a very healthy and happy marriage. We all know that that’s not true.

I went through all 12 chart possibilities for 14th June 1946 and one chart stood out:

The reason is simple. Out of all the 12 possibilities, this is the only timing that clearly indicates that the chart-holder is going to be a massive, massive prick. But of course, let’s be a bit more rigorous here and I’ll focus on Zi Wei Dou Shu as it’s a lot easier to reverse engineer someone’s birth time using Zi Wei Dou Shu rather than BaZi:

  • It was easy to reverse engineer his birth time because the 11 other chart possibilities don’t show any signs of character flaws, but this chart with 廉贞化忌 does. Any avid learner of Zi Wei Dou Shu will know that having 廉贞化忌 in your 命宫 (Life Sector) is no joke. I know people in real life who are under 廉贞化忌, and they’re, unfortunately, some of the most toxic people I’ve ever met. The consolation for Trump here is that his 廉贞 is not in its weakest position, so he somehow survives all the drama in his life. Also, people under 廉贞化忌 tend to be promiscuous too since 廉贞 is the second biggest Peach Blossom (桃花) star while 贪狼 is the biggest, which lands in his 福德宫 which governs his inner-world and disposition.
  • His marriage sector (夫妻宫) has 破军, which is a volatile star that does not like ending up in sectors representing family or people. 破军 landing in his marriage sector means instability, so no surprise with the three marriages. What’s interesting is that there is also a 天马 and also 左辅。天马 being in the marriage sector represents that his spouse (or spouses) will likely be from far away or another country, and we know two of his three marriages are to women from other countries. The 左辅 here represents the third party which will appear at some point, and a simple Google search will reveal that his 2nd marriage was an affair while he was still married to his first wife. One more interesting point is that his chart shows that his spouse has a karmic debt towards him, so it’s definitely not going to be a sweet, loving marriage for the female. Source:
  • There are tons of other signs that are consistent with his real-life and his father and family background is the best indicator of this. His 田宅宫 has 天同化禄,so naturally he’ll be from a well-to-do family and no surprise he’s in real estate because 田宅宫 represents real estate. His 父母宫 sits very strong stars, suggesting a capable father and his 父母宫 supports Trump’s 事业宫, meaning Trump’s career received a lot of help from his father.
  • One last telling trait that his birth time is under 申时 was looking at the year 1999 when Donald Trump’s father passed away and it can be seen in his is indicated in the Zi Wei Dou Shu chart too. Don’t ask me how to see this in the charts, as this is not something I’m willing to teach.

As such, I am very confident that 申时 is his actual birth time and not 巳时。

Now For The Big Question – Donald Trump, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders For The Next US President?

Chinese metaphysics aside, I hope he doesn’t win, of course.

Looking back at 2016, when he won his first presidential election, it was 丙申 year is supposed to be a very favourable year for him due to 申 Metal here. 2020 is 庚子, and although both 庚 Metal and 子 Water here are supposed to be his beneficial elements, the situation here is a bit different.

He’s still in his 辛丑 10-year phase, which started in 2014, but 丙申 vs 庚子 makes a huge difference because, naturally, the interactions in his natal chart are going to be different. Natal chart side, the 子丑合 alone, which forms from his 10-year phase pillar and annual pillar, is a clear enough indicator that things are going to be different in 2020 because his positive element of 子 is being weakened here.

A simple Qi Men Dun Jia divination also points out that things are definitely not in his favour. In case everyone’s not aware, Qi Men Dun Jia can be used for a multitude of things:

Interestingly, 值符 and 空亡 are in the same sector. 值符 here would refer to the position of the president because 值符 represents the leader and the person on top, so 空亡 here suggests that the position will be ’empty’. 值符 lies in 坤 sector, which is of Earth, and Trump now sits in 坎 Water which is Water, so the situation does look unfavourable to him. The funnier thing here is that 死门 (Death Door) is in the sector 丙 (representing Trump) is in too. We all know he doesn’t actually enjoy being president, which 死门 represents.

Trump’s competition would be Joe Biden, who was born in 1942, which was a 壬午 year. Interestingly 壬 appears in the same sector as 丙, representing Trump. The chart does suggest that it’s going to be tough for Joe Biden too, so I don’t think it’ll be a landslide victory. The biggest difference here is that 壬 is stronger while in the position of 坎。It’s also interesting to note that 值符 is in the 后天坤 (Earth chart‘s 坤) position. At the same time, 丙 and 壬 are in the 先天坤 (Heaven chart’s 坤) position, so basically, what I’m saying is that the symbols representing Trump, Joe Biden and the president’s position are all intertwined with each other as though it was fated that this 丙 person and 壬 person will be competing with for the position of the leader.

What’s even more interesting is when you take a look a Bernie Sander’s birthday too. He was born during a 辛 year, and you’ll see that 辛 also ends up in 坎 alone with 丙 and 壬, so all three symbols representing each of the candidates are in the same sector. A close assessment of 辛 Metal’s position shows that it is not as favourable as 壬 Water here, so the Qi Men Dun Jia chart shows Joe Biden will have the advantage which is what’s happening on the ground now.

Is it a coincidence that 丙,壬 and 辛 all end up in the same sector? Perhaps. But if you perform enough Qi Men Dun Jia forecasts, you’ll know that Qi Men Dun Jia knows when you’re about to ask the question.

Now, I want everyone to pay special attention to the top left sector where 休门 is. This perhaps has the most interesting sign that Joe Biden has a very high chance of winning because of the nature of this sector. It’s an advanced technique in Qi Men Dun Jia which I’m tempted to reveal (so that I can flex a bit), but I’ll hold back for now and wait till November. Chinese metaphysics aside and without looking at the charts, I never felt he stood a good chance in the first place.

A Qi Men Dun Jia chart, after being generated, can not only be used to look at a state of the situation in the past, it can be used to project a bit into the future as well. One other interesting observation is that 壬 also appears with 值符 but 壬 appears the Earth chart along with 值符 instead of the Heaven’s chart like when it is in 坎, so this is a very clear sign that when it comes to the presidential role, there’s definitely still a future for Joe Biden.

My professional opinion is that Donald Trump will not win the 2020 elections.

For a more in-depth look at Donald Trump’s BaZi chart, you can refer to this blog: Donald Trump’s BaZi: An Yin Earth Daymaster Case Study

– Sean

P.S. I’m aware that many other practitioners, world-famous and whatnot, do read my blog and copy some of the things I say, which is fine as long as it’s the right message. I just thought I’d let my readers know. I can’t stop them, and quite frankly, I do get inspiration from other people’s content too. Just don’t do the copying so blatantly, please.

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