Astrology Case Study Of A Goddess: Will Lisa Manobal Leave YG Entertainment?

July 15, 2023

OK. As much as this is a case study on Lisa using BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Western astrology, this has got to be the most complex and dangerous blog post I had to write because I don’t know if I will get doxxed, f***ed, slammed, or shat on. I might offend too many groups if I don’t choose my words carefully because it’s one of those situations where no matter what I say, some group out there will be offended.

Blackpink fans, Blackpink haters, my wife… There are many factors to consider. You must be one of those corgi-abusing pricks to have something against Lisa. Like seriously… What’s wrong with you? Did your parents not love you enough as a child? Mine didn’t. But I turned out OK? So what’s your excuse, eh?

Alas, a good, dignified life is about taking a stand and being proud of what you believe in. This is what people with good BaZi charts ought to do. So write, I shall. May I also just say that this blog post was churned out in record time while spamming Blackpink videos on YouTube. Holy f***ing boombayah, I just found my new way of being productive.

I love Lisa Manobal. (But I love my wife more. Saying this for personal safety reasons.)

There is no reason not to love her. Heck, even my wife loves her. We sometimes talk about her as though she’s our daughter.

Once every few millennia, the stars and planets conspire to give birth to a legend. The atoms in the stardust that makes up the universe fall perfectly in sync, and suddenly, there is reason to believe our futile existence has meaning, graced by a presence that is surely divine. Her life makes up for all Category 4 chart-holders – because your sins are now forgiven.

Image Credits: Bvlgari

Seriously, look at her. Look. At. Her. Angelic. Cherubic. Seraphic.

Wait… Do you hear that? I think the gates of Heaven are opening and my dead grandparents suddenly developed a heartbeat going “DDU-DU DDU-DU” once again because, hell yes, what a time to be alive in an era when Lisa is around – that even my dead grandparents want to resurrect to see Lisa’s performance as though it was a ritualistic fast-lane to reincarnation.

Why can’t Buddhist statues take inspiration from a real-life living goddess? Someone told me that the Goddess of Mercy was always in white, and I think I am laying eyes on the living embodiment of her.

Boybands? You want it that way? As long as they love you? Nah, f*** off~! Michael Jackson? OK, he was great. I liked him.

But move aside, because Blackpink is here. It is time for the ladies to rule because men tend to mess things up all the time.

I would do a case study on all four of them, who can all be called goddesses in their own right, but let’s start with the one whose story fascinates me the most, originating from none other than the Land of Smiles, blessed by the Buddha himself.

Every Legend Has A Modest Start

Alright. Let’s take some deep breaths and CTFO, and thank Heavens I’m way past puberty. I won’t go into the technicals yet, and I’d like to share a few thoughts first.

I love Lisa Manobal. Oh wait, I already said that.

Lisa has one of the most fascinating stories one can come across. It’s almost like a fairy tale. She came from a province in Thailand that most of us would not have even heard of, and look at her now. You cannot help but wonder if she is Heaven’s favourite child. The series of events that need to happen in the cause-and-effect chain that leads to Lisa’s popularity, and fame, is nothing short of a miracle.

A rural Thai girl went to Korea, became famous there, and now everyone in the world knows who she is and loves her. Can you imagine that? Especially when you can’t even pass your driving theory test? She is living proof that if the universe wants to help you, the universe will go all out to help you.

Before I forget, Heavens and Buddha bless Thailand because I love that country. I’m not saying it for the sake of Lisa, but I’m really very fond of that country. I’ve spent time in rural Thailand before during my troubled younger days and found solace there. That’s a story for another time.

You cannot help but be happy for her because you have to admit, she does give off such wonderful vibes, and you can tell she is a very pure person with no airs about her. It doesn’t feel like she chased fame at all. She focused on what she loved doing, brought people joy with her talent, and fame came to her. You can’t argue with the notion that something about people like that pushes them to the right places, and I guess it’s the result of their charts being expressed well, in their purest form, and their lives are a beauty to behold.

Looking at how her career’s going always makes me go, “Who would have thought?”

Lisa Manobal’s Astrological Charts

I will have to credit Western astrology for this case study because it was Western astrology that helped me reverse engineer what I think is her birth time. Here are her charts:

Below is her Western chart:

What Stands Out In Her BaZi Chart

Without the help of Western astrology, it would not have been easy to imagine this to be her BaZi chart. Most people would be misled by the fact that this chart has an extremely strong 7-Killings (七杀) appearing on the Hour Stem and might conclude that this is a low-quality chart.

Let’s go deeper:

  • She’s a Yang Earth 戊土 Daymaster born during spring, and her chart has 寅卯辰三会木局 forming. Her Yang Earth Daymaster is clearly weak.
  • If we didn’t know the above was Lisa’s chart, most BaZi hobbyists would assume the chart is low quality simply because there is a super-powered 七杀 on her Hour Stem putting pressure on her Daymaster.
  • It’s true that this 七杀 on her Hour Stem can be a source of pressure, but is it?
  • Before we move on, let’s establish that her chart needs Fire first, Earth second. It needs to avoid Metal and Water. Wood is neutral.

The first thing to know is that where 七杀 appears in the chart matters. Yes, there is a difference, which has been addressed in the Chinese classics. I won’t give the details here because dipshit practitioners who have no pride in their work exist in my industry.

The second thing that is more obvious is that Lisa’s BaZi chart has a built-in remedy to 七杀, and it is none other than the Yin Fire 丁火 on her Year Stem, which harnesses 七杀’s strength and transmute it into something useful. Basic BaZi knowledge will let you know that this is a very common 印绶化煞 structure, meaning Resource (印绶) allows Indirect Officer (七杀) to put to use. To make it simpler for the layman, the flow of elements in her chart becomes Wood=>Fire=>Earth.

There is one small concern, which is that the Yin Water 癸水 on her Month Stem will harm the Yin Fire 丁火 beside it. Thankfully, that is being remedied too and is via 戊癸合, which has the possibility of giving birth to Fire. What makes it even better is that this 癸 Water sits on 卯, one of the best positions for 癸 Water to be on. This 癸卯 Month Pillar of hers is also why wealth is almost guaranteed.

Lisa’s chart has a lot of positive traits that are not immediately obvious, and this is on top of the fact that the two flaws in her BaZi chart are immediately remedied, which is an excellent sign.

Wait till you see her Elemental Phases:

Seriously, how blessed can one be? She avoids all negative Elements and only encounters positive ones. Her current 10-Year Phase is 丙午, which is not arguably, but definitely her best 10-Year Phase. Her entire BaZi chart comes alive during this 10-Year Phase of hers. Her chart needs Fire, and 丙午 is the strongest possible Fire Pillar in all the 60 Pillars. My only worry for her is that her leg might suffer when she’s in her 40s.

This is the power of having good 10-Year Phases, which, time and again, people fail to appreciate. And it’s not just about ‘luck’ – Lisa works hard, and we all know that. I’ve often argued that one’s 10-Year Phase is how we grow and engage the world, and Lisa engaged her world and environment like the brave, beautiful soul she is.

There are a few other interesting things that stand out:

  • Lisa moved to Korea in 2011, a year after moving into her 2010 乙巳 10-Year Phase. Her good years started ever since she moved into this 乙巳 10-Year Phase.
  • Although she only moved physically in 2011, the event triggered in 2010 after she passed the YG Entertainment auditions. How ‘coincidental’ it is that her audition with YG Entertainment was also on the year she switched into a positive 10-Year Phase? It’s definitely written in the stars.
  • It’s fascinating because there is no better Pillar to symbolise movement and relocation than 乙巳, and it is one of those fated events for her.
  • 巳 is one of the 四马 (Sky Horse) Branches, and it represents travel and movement for Lisa. The likelihood of her moving was extremely high, especially given how her BaZi natal chart is structured that takes advantage of this 巳 Branch that appears. Movement, for sure, will be positive for her because 巳 is a Fire Branch, which her chart needs.

Her Blessed Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

I was expecting her Zi Wei Dou Shu chart’s Life Sector (命宫) to have extremely well-placed main stars in their best positions – basically stars in their domicile positions we all 庙。To my surprise, it didn’t. She’s under 「日月同宫」in 未, which isn’t bad actually, just that I was expecting her to be under a 太阴 in its best position kind of chart.

But here comes a good twist.

Although 太阳 (Sun) and 太阴 (Moon) aren’t in their best positions in 未, the saving grace here is that her 太阴 is in a 化禄 state, so it is as good as being in its best position. Her charm, grace, and charisma, is definitely a 太阴化禄 trait. I say this with 100% confidence, but a female born under 太阴化禄 will have an incredible amount of charm and an aura that makes you drawn to them. This is on top of that the fact that her 父母宫 has 廉贞,天姚, and 红鸾。父母宫 can be used to assess someone’s looks and general vibe, because this also governs someone’s reputation, and these three stars are all 桃花 stars, which is why you cannot help but feel she is เผ็ดมากมาก (P̄hĕd māk māk). OK, เผ็ด means spicy, not hot, but who cares? I’m unsure what word they wish to describe someone as “hot”.

Oh, by the way, did you know I can speak a bit of Thai?

The above is not the only thing that stands out about her chart. Lisa’s Zi Wei Dou Shu chart has something incredibly rare, and we call it 「三奇嘉会格」where 化禄,化权, and 化科 are all in her critical sectors:

  • 化禄 is in her 迁移宫 which is as good as it is in her 命宫。
  • 化权 is in her 事业宫 which is arguably the best place for 化权 to be.
  • 化科 is in her 财帛宫。

The only other case study that has this extremely rare chart structure is the case study I did on Masayoshi-Son:

Oh? I’m sorry. You think that’s it? That is not all!

This chart is also under the blessing of 左辅右弼 (zuǒ fǔ yòu bì), which you would have heard me bring up many times, especially when we’re talking about whether or not one has noblemen. 左辅右弼 makes one kind-hearted, jovial, and they will be well-liked. What makes it even better is that her 左辅右弼 appears together with 化权 and 化科。 Lisa’s chart is ridiculously blessed.

This is an excellent time to remind everyone that people with noblemen in their lives ARE JUST EXTREMELY LIKEABLE.

Spiritual narcissists can feel free to disagree with this, and their opinions can oxidise on my crack: You will only help someone if they are worth helping, and likeable, because why would you help someone who is not worth your time, annoying, and will only go on to harm others if you ‘helped’ them?

We all don’t know Lisa in person, but everyone takes pleasure in wanting to make her life better, even if it’s just screaming her name to make her smile. I have a client who is in the music industry, and he shared with me that Lisa goes back to Thailand without bodyguards because that’s how loved and respected she is over there. She also helps her mother and aunt with the groceries.

Does Lisa deserve all the noblemen and love from people? She definitely does. People like asking me what Category 1 chart-holders are like. There you go. She is so likeable that even writing about her is making me happy. My gawd… Is this how enlightenment feels like? Is this Nirvana?

Anyways, small flaws here and there are expected because the negative stars have to land somewhere somehow, but for a chart like this, it’s not going to affect her at all because the natal chart is strong enough to withstand it, and even turn it into opportunities.

Her Western Astrology Chart

Again, I am just taking a crack at it because I am still new to Western astrology. Western astrology helped a lot in identifying her birth time, and when I looked at her Zi Wei Dou Shu and BaZi chart after, everything made sense.

I’ll list my train of thought and the reasons why I feel this is her chart:

  • We know she’s an Aries, and she is very outwardly Aries as well. One would naturally assume there is a possibility that she is an Aries Ascendant because of how energetic and passionate she is. This was the first thing that stood out to me.
  • I focused on her level of fame afterwards, and the above chart paints the story perfectly. Jupiter is in the 11th House, and this house governs fame because it represents friends, groups, and aspirations. Jupiter is also Lord of 9th, representing travel and cross-cultural relations. Her fame is not just in Thailand or Korea – it’s worldwide.
  • The Lord of her Ascendent is Mars, which is in the 6th House. The 6th House governs work ethic. We know when she performs, she gives her all, always. There was never a time when people felt she didn’t dance her heart out, and you can tell she’s always enjoying every single moment of it.
  • Her Lord of 10th, Saturn, being in her First House makes it even more so because the 10th House is one’s career. This makes her disciplined. Saturn also represents the masses, which is why everyone loves her, especially when there is Sun + Venus conjunct in her First House too. Even Jupiter forms a Trine with the Stellium (Saturn, Venus, Sun) in her First house.
  • One interesting thing that’s harder to see is that her 1st and 6th House also has what Western astrology calls “Mutual Reception”, which takes things up another notch because these two Houses are linked via Mars and Mercury. She will absolutely love what she’s doing.
  • I also noticed that Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are in their Planetary Joy Houses. Mercury finds joy in the 1st, Mars in the 6th, and Jupiter in the 11th. These planets can express themselves even better.
  • If I bring in transits: Saturn is in her 12th House of Pisces now, and Saturn is also in its Planetary joy. I read somewhere that it means one will have no enemies because Saturn rests in the 12th House. Her Saturn Return will come soon, but I foresee this to make her even more hardworking because those would be her positive years BaZi-wise.

Some of my readers who study Western astrology on their own have also pointed out that her Neptune, Uranus, all work towards her favour and why she is so darn popular.

There’s really a lot more that I could go into regarding her Western chart, but I’ll put a pause to it for now. I know I’m new to Western astrology, but from my studies so far, it seems to me that her Western chart is also set up to be exactly where she needs to be. It looks like a really blessed chart to me.

Lisa’s Love Life

I know this is something everyone is probably thinking about. As much as I can give a very thorough breakdown of what I think may happen, I won’t comment on this for several reasons.

Several reasons that I don’t want to go into.

The only thing I’ll say is that 2023 and 2024 are years where she’ll likely have some developments in her love life, which we all know is already happening as rumours of her dating the LVMH heir. 2024 and 2025 have Wood appearing, which is her Spouse Element after all.

I don’t want to add to the speculation and talk about what might happen next because this is the side of the entertainment industry I’m not too fond of. She deserves her privacy.

Let’s just all wish her well and happiness. That’s all that matters.

Will She Leave YG Entertainment?

Lalisa leaving YG Entertainment is the talk of the town now. I have to admit that as much as I love Lisa, I don’t know much about what’s going on contractually for her. I know her contract with YG Entertainment is up for renewal in August, and everyone’s concerned about our dear Lalisa’s future.

Rumours say that Blackpink’s world tour is their disbanding tour and their last obligation to YG Entertainment. Don’t worry. We all know this is not going to impact our dear Lalisa even if she goes solo, although it’ll be sad seeing Blackpink disband.

What I can am very confident of is that Lisa’s best years in her current best 10-Year Phase are not even here yet. Her chart needs Fire, and we are moving towards the Fire part of the 12-year zodiac cycle. Soon, both her 10-Year Phase and Annual Phase will be on her side, and things will get even better for her. Whether the better years are with YG Entertainment or not is something I won’t know as I don’t know how their industries work.

I know people feel she’s not treated well in YG Entertainment, so if a better life means leaving, I hope she goes too. Some of these rough patches with her agency do show up in her BaZi chart because although 2020 is the start of her best 10-Year Phase, 2021 to 2021’s Annual Phases weren’t that good for her as her harmful elements came into the picture, so some difficulties are expected. Her chart will not welcome Metal and Water as I’ve mentioned, and the difficult years where she was mistreated were Metal and Water years.

But like I’ve always said, sometimes, these events happen to set the stage for better things to come. If I were a rival agency and I found out that Lisa was not treated well, I would try to win her over, and we’re seeing this happening as Lisa moves towards the better years of her current 丙午 10-Year Phase. Bad years and Phases will always precede good ones, and Lisa’s chart is an excellent example of this. In other words, Lisa will do even better because YG Entertainment didn’t cherish her.

For her fans, know that things will be even better, and the universe will look after her. Because with a chart like that, she really is Heaven’s favourite child.

I try not to do Qi Men Dun Jia divinations for matters that aren’t deemed important because I don’t feel the universe will allow me to decipher a chart correctly if I ask about something trivial, but for the heck of it, let’s take a look – because Lisa is not trivial, and I am sincere in wanting to know what will happen to her:

First of all, let me just say that this chart stands out as painting a parallel picture with what’s happening in real life. Here’s what I’m seeing:

  • Everyone will think I’m saying this because I don’t wish to put my reputation at stake and give a definite “yes” or “no” answer, but the above Qi Men Dun Jia chart says there is no conclusive answer yet at this stage. There are a few things that need to happen first. That said, it’s definitely reflecting the current situation: YG Entertainment responds to rumours of Blackpink’s Lisa leaving the agency. Don’t think a Qi Men Dun Jia chart must always be a “yes” or “no”.
  • Lisa is represented by 丁, and YG entertainment is represented by 值符 and is interchangeable with 戊 Earth. It’s not surprising that both are in the same sector right now, which is the lower-right sector of 乾 Metal. 开门 (Open Gate) is there, and this is the best Gate to represent ongoing negotiations and contracts. 天马 being there now also means things are ongoing, which we know is true. Lisa is still negotiating her contract with YG Entertainment.
  • Now, 值符, represented by 戊 Earth, is in its Tomb (墓) position. One might interpret this as YG Entertainment not being in a position of strength because the symbols representing YG Entertainment are in its Tomb position – this is not true. At this stage, it represents consolidation. I’m not sure how their industry works, but I’m sure YG Entertainment has leverage. The Tomb can also be a Vault (库) sometimes. Being in this position also means losing the ability to manoeuvre somewhat.
  • Because 值符 and 戊 Earth are interchangeable in this chart, it means 值符 is in its Tomb position as well. This means the chart is not ready to move forward or proceed to the next phase because 值符 is the ‘god’ in Qi Men Dun Jia directing the flow of the entire chart.
  • As mentioned, Lisa is ‘chilling’ in the same sector as 值符 right now, which reflects ongoing negotiations. The main reason why I said everything is still uncertain is because 丁 Fire does not appear anywhere else on the Earth chart (地盘), meaning 丁 Fire is a very new variable. The chart has not decided what will happen to it yet. Lisa gets to decide what happens next, which is obvious and what we all want. That said, what may happen is not entirely unforecastable. There are still some signs on where 丁 Fire may land next.
  • Finally, we can move on to look at the Qi Men Dun Jia structures that appear in this 乾 sector they are in. There’s 戊 + 癸 and 丁 + 癸。戊 + 癸 is 青龙华盖,where 丁 + 癸 is 朱雀投江。Interestingly, 朱雀投江 means there will be troubles related to contracts and also gossip/rumours. The books will point out 「文书口舌是非」。
  • Taking a step further, we can see what’s happening to 癸 Water in the Heaven’s Chart (天盘) to assess exactly what’s going on. 癸 Water is in the bottom-left sector of 艮, which suggests the contractual issues are business and money-related. 癸 sits on 辛, which we call 网盖天牢, which also suggests contractual issues. If we wanted to take an even further step to look at how the contractual negotiations will go, we can, and all we have to do is to look at what’s happening to 辛 Metal.
  • One salient projectable thing in the above chart is what may happen to YG Entertainment, and we can do this by observing 值符’s movements. From what I’m seeing, things do not look favourable to them. YG Entertainment might even consider legal disputes, but it will be detrimental to themselves, so they will likely sit on their hands. If things do go south, Lisa will, of course, be implicated and will have to deal with it, and this will be determined by where 丁 Fire lands next (which technically is possible to find out). The techniques applied here are advanced – I won’t reveal them for now, other than to say that Qi Men Dun Jia charts may look static but are not. It flows. It’s the same for horary astrology.

Sorry that the title feels like clickbait, but I expected a QMDJ chart with more salient, clear answers on how things might develop. If I had to make a forecast, I can only say things aren’t going to unfold smoothly, so we probably won’t get any concrete news so quickly. I’m expecting development earliest in November, if not January next year, and the nature of it might be what I said above. November 2023 is when 贪狼化忌 triggers, so the core events of 2023 will happen for Lisa, but I don’t know if it’ll be reported on media.

Even if I were to bring in Zi Wei Dou Shu, it would paint the same picture:

If you look at her 2023 Zi Wei Dou Chart, you will notice that her 10-Year Phase and Annual Phase charts overlap, which means her 10-Year Phase 化忌 and Annual 化忌 will also overlap. They land in the top-right corner, which is her 交友宫, the sector representing her superiors and who she has to answer to, meaning YG Entertainment. Do the charts point out where the issues come from? Of course, it does. Zi Wei Dou Shu can point out the root cause of the obstacles, which lies in her 父母宫, which is the sector governing contracts and legal issues, amongst other things. The interesting is, her 夫妻宫 has a 化禄 going into her 父母宫 in 2023, so it does suggest help coming from a partner – which can be both professional and romantic, which in her case, might happen to be the same person.

This is just trivia: I have acquaintances with two to three degrees of separation from Lisa, and it’s known that she’s into astrology. She probably has an astrologer of her own she goes to for advice.

The bottom line is this: No one has to worry about our dear Lalisa. She is blessed, she will be fine, and her best years are ahead. I am very sure she will always end up in better places. I am not exaggerating here, but I’ve not seen such a high-quality chart for a while. Then again, it’s Lalisa we’re talking about, so I’m not surprised.

A Few Predictions For Our Dear Lalisa

Given what I’m seeing in the above Qi Men Dun Jia chart, and also taking another close look at Lisa’s BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu charts: I do see some signs of her travelling and moving again in 2025, so I won’t be surprised if she ends up in another country, which also means she’s going to be with another agency by then. If you’ve noticed, 2025 is 乙巳 year, the same Pillar as her previous 乙巳 10-Year Phase that saw her moving to Korea. The scale of the movement may not be as significant because 乙巳 is on the Annual Phase instead, but it’s not that she needs another life-changing move because her life has already changed. This will likely be a career change because her 正官 ‘god’ is involved after all, and if her 正官 ‘god’ is involved, her Direct Wealth (正财) ‘god’ will definitely be involved as well.

Using the information from Qi Men Dun Jia and what I see in her BaZi chart for 2024, I won’t be surprised if 2024 is spent sorting out all her obligations before she makes another big move in 2025. 2024 is 甲辰 year, and Yang Wood 7-Killings does appear, and 辰’s presence will also trigger more than half her natal chart. No doubt, 2024 will be a busy year for her with a bit of pressure, but nothing she won’t be able to handle.

BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, or Western astrology – Lisa’s chart is fantastic, and she is truly blessed, and we’re very lucky to have her spreading joy through her performances.

Her very best year would be 2026, so Lalisa still has a lot more room to grow regarding her success and fame, and I suppose staying in Korea puts a ceiling on her growth. I can’t wait to see what will happen to her in 2026.

Let’s see what happens!

Turns out! Writing case studies of Category 1 chart-holders is pretty fun! A good change from writing about Category 4 chart-holders who don’t evoke the same emotions as Category 1 or 2 chart-holders.

The case study shows one key thing everyone needs to understand.

My biggest failure in life is not being Lisa’s astrologer. Someone send this blog post to her.


Anyway! Let’s all wish the best for her!

– Sean

P.S. In case this needs to be said: Ladies, you don’t need to be a Lisa to be appreciated or loved. But for the sake of balance, please do not be a Category 4.

Image Credits: YG Entertainment, YouTube, Bvlgari

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