Toxic Yang Energy & Masculinity: A BaZi Case Study On Andrew Tate

February 7, 2023

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Hello, hello! I survived Lunar New Year, or should I say Chinese New Year. I don’t understand why there needs to be a controversy about whether to call it Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year. Using the Moon as part of the calendar system is not something that’s exclusive to the Chinese, you know?

It’s funny how some people like to champion things not because they are worth championing but because they just need something to make them feel important and get noticed.

This year’s Chinese New Year has been my busiest, and I am just starting to recover from a bit of burnout. I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging again and it’ll take some time to get my momentum back. I don’t think I can churn out another philosophical post unless something triggers me or I come across something I feel strongly about.

Don’t worry. There are a lot of things I feel strongly about.

I decided to start off with a case study to get back in the groove of writing. It has dawned upon me that case studies need not just be technicalities, but they can also be a good way of bringing across the philosophies that I like to talk so much about on my blog.

The previous case study of Meghan Markle’s BaZi was quite well received, and I’ve posted on Instagram asking whether I should do another one Andrew Tate, so here I am. This fella is no doubt an interesting piece of shit work, so it makes for a good case study, and it also brings the opportunity to talk about a few important topics.

Let’s begin, and figure out why Andrew Tate exudes such small-d*** energy.

Some Thoughts On This Weird Fella & Things He Stands For

First of all, I had no idea who he is until he started to get really notorious and show up occasionally on my social media feeds. I also cannot believe that this fella is my age.

I read somewhere that Andrew Tate didn’t exactly have a good time growing up. He’s the result of what happens when a person doesn’t heal or find balance within themselves. It’s not difficult to understand why he is the way he is. There are many people out there who don’t take trauma and suffering very well and overcompensate. The difference comes in the way people express it. The really dry way of putting things is that the severe imbalances indicate all these unhealthy ways of expressing oneself.

It’s funny how this fella got famous for ‘teaching’ others how to be a real man, but then goes on to abuse women, gets arrested for human trafficking, and basically goes against everything he is ‘preaching’. I cannot help but be reminded of people in my industry as well where people like to position themselves as trying to help others and make the community better, but you know it’s really for their ego and self-gain.

There’s an old Chinese saying called 「物极必反」 which I’ve mentioned on my blog on some occasions. Anything taken to the extreme is going to backfire or end up being destructive in nature, and you could say Andrew Tate is the epitome of what happens when you take Yang energy to the extreme.

He’s dangerous. As much as I wish people like him did not exist, his existence does give us the opportunity to learn a few important things. I’ve written about this before, but there is a cosmic reason why bad people exist.

If Yang Represents Man – What Is A Real Man?

This is a touchy topic that I shy away from talking about, but I’ll try this time.

Before anyone asks, books on Chinese metaphysics don’t tell you what a “real man” is. Whatever I say here are my own thoughts and it’s not a representation of Chinese metaphysics, nor are these things written in the Chinese classics, although you can extrapolate very simple Yin & Yang theories and try to see how they work in our day-to-day life.

Also, just in case, I want to make it very clear that I cannot speak for women I’m not going to attempt to do so because it does not take a genius to know that I do not have the right to talk about topics concerning women.

I will keep my thoughts here really simple and it will be from my perspective as a male and how Chinese philosophy has influenced the way I look at my gender and how it expresses itself.

We know that men are represented by Yang and women by Yin. Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other. Both co-exist and are also responsible for giving birth to each other. There is no such thing as Yang being better than Yin. Yin and Yang is just the universe’s law that everything has a polar opposite, but that’s not saying one side is better than the other.

Also, it is worth taking note that the notion of “Yang = Man and Yin = Women” are Yin-Yang expressed on a grand scale and it is required for life to continue. It does not mean that all men are pure Yang energy and all women are pure Yin. You will bleed from all your orifices and die if you are pure Yang, and you would already have become a ghost if you are pure Yin.

The micro-view is that within each of us is also our own Yin and Yang balance expressed through our character, personality, and preferences, which is why we have our lovely LGBTQ+ community. A man who is Yang on his exterior can feel Yin in his interior, and a woman who is Yin on her exterior can feel Yang in her interior. I need to reiterate this again, but ‘practitioners’ who said LGBTQ+ is unnatural because of the imbalance between Yin and Yang really need to get educated.

Within both Yin and Yang is yet another level of Yin and Yang, and the unfolding process of reality keeps on keeping on.

People with no brains like to misinterpret that because “good” and “bad” are polar opposites, we can apply this ‘logic’ to genders as well. This is bulls***. You do not mix one notion of polar opposites with another notion of polar opposites.

A lot of people treat the dualistic nature of Yin and Yang as arbitrary and impose their own value systems on its interpretation, which is why you end up getting twisted beliefs like there is such a thing as a stronger, better gender.

The simplest way for me to attempt to even describe what makes a real man is to simply look at what gives birth to Yang in the first place – which is Yin. In other words, your Yang is nothing without Yin. The notion of “what a man is” cannot exist without “what a woman is” which I shall not try to define here. I think what I am trying to say here is this: Whether or not you are a real man or not really simply depends on how you view and treat women, and give them the honour and respect for why they exist.

For a misogynist to be telling others what a real man should be like is a sick joke, and it is sad that young people who don’t know what toxic masculinity actually listen to this abomination.

I’ve been married for a while now, and I think what I can tell everyone is that I feel most like a man when I can let my wife feel most like a woman. I won’t bother putting down the nuances behind what they mean in words. If you can relate, you can relate. If you can’t, that’s really not my problem either although I hope life allows you to appreciate what I just said.

My identity, pride, and honour as a male come from whether I can add value to my wife’s life and make her happy – basically. I think everyone is sick of me saying that she brings out the best in me and helps me with the things I need to work on character-wise. But it is what it is. I can easily write a 10,000-word post on how much the right woman – my wife – has changed me, but I shall keep that private for the time being.

Before I say anything more, I also want people to remember that somewhere out there in another parallel universe, is a female practitioner saying the same thing for the opposite side, and I hope someone is out there speaking out for men as well because character flaws are not exclusive to a particular gender.

At the end of the day, I just hope we stop weaponising our genders and the senseless comparisons, because till the day comes when humans can reproduce asexually, let’s just all shut the hell up and focus on being decent human beings, although I shudder at the thought of how men are going to survive childbirth when that day comes.

This is just trivia, but I found out recently that some people actually weaponise what I put on my blog instead of trying to use it to look inwards. How big of a shallow, low-IQ moron do you have to be to do that? And they wonder why their charts say they are meant to have failed marriages…

I once said that men who do well treat their wives right and there is a reason why the Wealth Element is also the Spouse Element for male charts. Some people actually used this as a tool to manipulate their husbands. So, again, character flaws are not exclusive to one gender.

Don’t ever forget that you also end up with the kind of partner the universe thinks you deserve, which is why the charts of all couples will paint a congruent picture. I don’t understand what’s so difficult to understand about that.

That’s the harsh side of reality and astrology, but it holds important lessons for us.

Andrew Tate’s BaZi Chart

Let’s not digress too much. Here’s Andrew Tate’s BaZi chart:

The online consensus is that Andrew Tate was born around 2 pm to 4 pm which is shared between 未 (‘wei‘) Hour and 申 (‘shen‘) Hour. My professional opinion is that he was born during the 申 Hour.

We immediately know that his winter-born Yin Earth Daymaster is weak, and it’s a chart which requires “climate regulation”, or what we call 调侯 in BaZi. Remember, BaZi’s development was based on observable phenomena in nature, so charts are always described idiomatically. The reason behind winter-time Earth needing Fire is that Earth is in a very low-quality state during winter. It cannot be put to use and it cannot nourish life.

His “Useful God” (用神), or what I like to call “Critical Element”, is no doubt Yang Fire 丙火。 Unless the chart falls under a special category of charts, winter-time Earth will almost always need Fire, especially Yang Fire 丙火。 Yang Fire can strengthen his weak Yin Earth Daymaster, as well as achieve regulation for the winter period he’s born in. Next up, he’ll also benefit from Earth and Yang Earth 戊土 in particular. His Destructive elements would be Metal and Water, especially Water, and Wood would be more of a neutral element.

Andrew Tate’s BaZi chart is unfortunate because it could have been a very rather good chart but the birth time changed everything. His chart is a good example of why I discourage trying to analyse a chart unless there is the exact birth time because whether the “Useful God” or most destructive element appear on the Hour Pillar makes a world of difference.

His Hour Pillar effectively puts his BaZi chart as a “Broken Structure” (破格) because his “Useful God” now has not one, but two built-in flaws that harm his “Useful God”. Even Yang Earth 戊土 is also being weakened quite severely.

Andrew Tate’s Elemental Phases

Andrew Tate’s Elemental Phases aren’t actually positive and I am struggling to see a single positive one:

  • 癸卯 10-Year Phase: This is his current 10-Year Phase, but we know very intuitively that both 癸 Water and 卯 Wood here do nothing to balance his chart.
  • 甲辰 10-Year Phase: One might think that this Phase is positive because 甲 Wood here forms 甲己合 (Yang Wood + Yin Earth combination). This Stem combination is supposed to produce Earth, but does it though? We cannot ignore that 寅卯辰三会木局 will form which triggers a lot of the negative areas of his natal chart.
  • 乙巳 10-Year Phase: Again, one might think that 巳 Fire’s appearance here is going to be positive for him, but that’s not the case.

What His BaZi Chart Says About His Character

BaZi charts with a Broken Structure, by theory, should always find themselves getting into trouble, but I’d like to remind everyone that negative events in our lives often don’t happen arbitrarily. The root cause of these negative events is often traced back to the actions of the chart-holder because they are a certain way, and the cause-and-effect chain of things eventually gets people into trouble.

Andrew Tate’s BaZi chart very clearly shows some character flaws. Let me explain:

  • His 亥 Month Branch holds Yang Water 壬水 and this is the dominant element of his chart, and it shows itself on the Hour Stem as well. This Yang Water 壬水 is, unfortunately, also his most destructive element. To have your most destructive element (忌神) as the strongest element in your chart is not a good thing.
  • Quite obviously, the critical element of Yang Fire 丙火 is being severely harmed by Yang Water 壬水。 It expresses itself not just via 壬 Water controlling (克) 丙 Fire, but also via 寅亥合。 Yang Fire is not just being harmed on the Stems, but its ‘roots’ as well because the Yang Fire 丙火 in the 寅 Branch is also being harmed.

Now, the root of his chart’s problems lies in his 亥 Month Branch. To make an assessment of his character, we can simply use whatever 亥 represents, the role it plays, and its impact on the chart to make a deduction about his character. His misogynistic side can also be assessed from here, but I won’t go into the details of that for now. Just in case: It doesn’t mean everyone who has 亥 in their BaZi charts ends up being misogynists, so please do not jump to conclusions.

We can also couple this with his Day Branch of 卯 because one’s Day Branch is often used as a means to deduce how one expresses oneself. In this case, 亥 and 卯 obviously share a link with each other as they are part of the 亥卯未三合木局 Branch combination.

A Quick Comment On Andrew Tate’s Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

Here’s his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart:

Andrew Tate's Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart
Andrew Tate’s Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

Ah! 廉贞化忌 in its worst position… Why am I not even surprised?

The most classic trait of such charts is that success is also short-lived and a farce and the fall from grace will be ten times greater in magnitude than the rise to fame.

From my experience, most people under-estimate what 廉贞化忌 can do. I’ve had a few clients who were affected by this star and it wasn’t even in their Life Sector (命宫), and they’ve ended up in jail before.

There are a few interesting things to share:

  • Western astrologers who reverse-engineered his chart pointed out a very strained relationship with his parents, especially his mother. He was hurt by the females in his life and is now taking it out on them.
  • The mother is represented by 兄弟宫 in Zi Wei Dou Shu. There is this interaction occurring:

The above is the most salient sign, in Zi Wei Dou Shu terms, of a very strained relationship with the mother. The sectors involved are all related to the mother and her relationship with the home. There are a lot more arrows I could draw to illustrate the interactions between the different Houses/Sector, but in all these interactions, not that Andrew Tate’s 命宫 is still involved.

What’s also interesting to note is that his 福德宫 sits 孤辰 whereas his 夫妻宫 sits 寡宿, the two stars that are deemed inauspicious when assessing relationship issues and they are in the Houses that cause the most trouble.

BaZi paints the same picture because if you know basic BaZi theory, we know Yang Fire 丙火 is his 正印 ‘god’, which is also the ‘god’ representing one’s mother. The fact that Yang Fire 丙火/正印 is being harmed here means the mother was not able to fulfil her role in his life, and she was likely also abused by the husband.

What Andrew Tate’s Future Holds

I know most of us are wondering how is it that a weak natal chart with weak Elemental Phases can end up being so wealthy.

Well, for one, I’ve always said that money should never be the only measure of one’s quality of life. Even if Andrew Tate were that wealthy, please ask yourselves if he will get to spend it peacefully. The world out there is a lot about faking it till you make it, and you don’t even need to go to TikTok to notice that. Just go to LinkedIn, and you’ll see that every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Karen is trying to be an inspiration.

Of course, we will never know if Andrew Tate is truly wealthy or not and whether the money is legitimately his because he’s definitely not the first social media personality to have faked it till he made it.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a chart that we conventionally regard as a wealthy one. But I guess a better way to put it is that it is unlikely that he will be able to hold on to his wealth.

One thing that I’ve yet to explore is whether ill-gotten wealth is still considered real wealth in the eyes of astrology. There is no doubt that the Wealth Element, represented by Water, is the strongest element in Andrew Tate’s chart and it the wealth element directly gets absorbed into his Daymaster via 卯亥合 and also 卯申暗合。 I can’t say for sure, but perhaps that’s the sign that Andrew Tate will have a lot of money, but we cannot ignore the fact that Water is still his most destructive element, so the pursuit of money does make him get into trouble as well.

From what I’m seeing in his 10-Year Phases, the future doesn’t look good for Andrew Tate. I’m particularly interested in seeing what happens to him in his 甲辰 10-Year Phase starting in 2028, with 2030 being the highlight year that will be quite memorable for him. Both his BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu charts indicate that the events will involve women and money again, which should surprise no one.

Then again, when you peel away all that glamour and embellishments on social media, you get to see reality for what it is.

Credit: ABC News

I cannot help but notice the stark contrast in images when I did a search on him while looking for a featured image for this post. Funny how he looks like a homeless man instead of a trillionaire now.

There is universal truth when it comes to coherence between social media and real life, which is that the only people who are glamorous on social media and the real world are Black Pink because they don’t need to hit me with DDU-DU DDU-DU – they can hit me with anything, and I’ll die with no regrets.

Andrew Tate’s Arrest In 2022

It’s not difficult to see why Andrew Tate got into trouble with the law in 2022. The fact that 2022 has his most destructive elements of Yang Water 壬水 appearing is already conclusive enough that he’s going to have a bad year.

Andrew Tate got arrested on 29th December 2022. December was also a 壬子 Month, so 壬 appears again to set things in motion. I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be arrested on a 壬子 day as well, but lucky him, 壬子 day fell on Christmas, although things should have been set in motion the moment 壬子 day came and the police were just waiting for the holiday to be over before going back to work.

There are a few methods to use when assessing whether one is prone to getting into trouble with the law and possible jail time. In Andrew Tate’s case, the signs are not as clear although I can say for sure it has to do with the 寅申冲 (yin-shen clash) that happens in 2022. Again, because anyone who is not fated to be a practitioner attempts to act like a practitioner, it doesn’t mean 寅申冲 in a chart means the risk of jail is high. If it isn’t obvious enough, I am deliberately leaving out a lot of the nuances and details behind the interpretation because of the existence of low-IQ ‘practitioners’ out there with no notion of what hard work and having pride in one’s work means.

Andrew Tate may have a lot of money, but like I said, good luck having the time to spend it. All the money in the world cannot you love, respect, and a full head of hair.

To the men out there: Please understand what toxic masculinity is. If you think Andrew Tate is a role model and he’s what it means to be a real man. I have one cosmic piece of advice for you: Don’t breed.

Trust me, I know the struggles and difficulties of being a man. But please remember women don’t have it easy either. I’ve spoken about this in my blog posts from my early days, but I was also once scared that if I weren’t wealthy and successful, I wouldn’t deserve love or affection from a woman. That is really not a healthy worldview to have. If you always need validation from something outside of yourself, and it can be money, popularity with the opposite gender, or whatever, you will always be as toxic as Andrew Tate. As cringy and difficult as it is to say even now, you love yourself first no matter what, and loving yourself can mean a lot of different things – like having a direction in life and focusing on yourself first.

If you can do that, and Heaven wills it, I don’t see why you will need to worry about spending the rest of your life alone.

I think over the course of my career as a practitioner, I can say that relationships and marriage come in two forms (you will even hear this about children too):

  • The first kind is the difficult kind that manifests to teach you lessons. Until you choose to learn from it, you will be stuck in relationships of this nature.
  • The second kind is the kind that, when you are ready, will appear and take you even higher, and it will help you appreciate what it means to be alive and be human.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy when I say this, but a lot of people aren’t ready for the second kind of relationship because they only want to be in a relationship because they are scared of being alone, or they have some void to fill. I will be candid here, but I always roll my eyes when people spam me with questions and display how eager or desperate they are to find love. It doesn’t work that way.

Your mother won’t be the one telling you this, nor your father, nor your best friend who doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so I will say it: No one wants to be with a desperate, energy-leeching person who cannot be happy by themselves.

Wanting to be loved is a very human need, but you cannot demand or expect it from others. If it comes, it comes, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare for it and work on your own issues. Andrew Tate’s chart is when the expression of this need to be loved goes absolutely haywire. There are many discussions out there regarding his chart, and Western astrology has a very interesting take on it because not only does he has four planets in Sagittarius, the planets aren’t aspecting well with other planets too.

This is just a side note: I’ve been spending a lot of my time reading whatever stimulates my mind. I binged bought a lot of books on Hellenistic and Vedic astrology on Amazon. It’s been a fascinating read and it’s good to see how the older generation of legitimate astrologers practised this art form. I will share some of my learnings in another blog post someday when I can write something good about them and give these other schools of astrology the due respect they deserve.

I’m starting to appreciate what Hellenistic astrology can do that Chinese astrology can’t, so I’ll be doing what I can to get competent in Hellenistic astrology. The last time I was so into books was when I first start self-studying Chinese astrology. But I will always position myself as a Chinese metaphysics practitioner because I feel my life’s calling is there and there’s garbage to clear out in this field.

And, well, I’m also ethnically Chinese.

– Sean

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