Yin Water Daymaster Case Study: Polluted & Unpure

May 21, 2020

Yin Water (癸水) is best represented by the water we see and use in day to day life. In Chinese, we often call it 人间水 which means the kind of Water we utilize as human beings. Think of it as the water we drink. It is unlike the fast-moving, uncontrollable water which Yang Water (壬水) represents. Yang Water role in nature remains within nature itself, which is to influence and alter nature and its surroundings. It is too vast for humans to control it. They would be represented by rivers, waterfalls, oceans – basically huge, uncontrollable bodies of Water that have the ability to shape the landscape and environment.

Yin Water people have always been known to be the quiet, silent-nurturer on the side. Yin Water is constantly still and quiet, hardly noticeable, but yet, their presence is important. They’re like the water dews in the morning and that nourish plants. They can also represent rain, which also nourishes. Gentle and often fleeting, but yet, play an important role in nature’s cycle.

As I’ve always said, the positive qualities you read about a certain element is always a best-case scenario in an extremely high-quality BaZi chart, but we know for a fact that most charts are average, so please don’t assume that every single Yin Water person you meet are nurturing and patient.

Yin Water BaZi charts are often much harder to decipher, especially for a newcomer to BaZi. Why is that?

Beginners are often too hung up on trying to identify whether a Daymaster is strong, or weak, which will then allow them to identify which of the Ten Gods In BaZi are favourable in their charts. Most beginners assume that this is all there is to analyzing a BaZi chart which is a huge mistake.


The above female BaZi chart is definitely of a weak Yin Water Daymaster and it is a test that I put up for many of my students. I’ll simply ask them if the above a good chart in my opinion and most of them would answer “yes”. The chart above does indeed give off an impression that it is a good chart because of so-called auspicious ‘gods’ like Eating God and Direct Wealth, but it is actually an extremely low-quality chart. It is considered a very ‘polluted’ chart which we call 浊气 in Chinese.

I won’t reveal the answer here. You are welcomed to post and engage me in the forums: Sean Chan’s Chinese Metaphysics Forum.

To be able to fully decipher the chart above, you must know the nature of Yin Water inside out and what brings out the best in it. Yin Water needs to remain purified and cleansed before its best side can be brought out. Imagine trying to drink water filled with impurities.

If you’re an Yin Water Daymaster chart-holder and wish to get a BaZi consultation done, don’t be afraid to reach out.

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