Astrological Case Study Of Mitchell Ong: Man Suspected Of Killing Woman In Spain

May 3, 2024

There are a few things I wish to say before I begin this case study:

  1. Please bear in mind a Singaporean died. She was brutally murdered. The news is still fresh in everyone’s minds, and I will not be flamboyant with my words as I don’t want to disrespect the victim. That said, I will be ruthless with my commentary on the person’s character in this case study. Someone did pass me the victim’s birth details, but it’ll be for my own studies.

  2. If any ‘practitioner’ copies this case study without crediting, I will do a case study on the ‘practitioner’. Trust me, I have my ways of finding out your birth details. Wait, I already have everyone’s details. Try me. I dare you.

  3. Investigations are still ongoing, and it has not been proven that Mitchell Ong (MO) is guilty. He’s an alleged killer, and this case study does not equate to me saying he committed the crime. I am not giving a verdict. That said, I will pick apart his character and have an opinion. I’ll update this post when the investigations have concluded.

  4. May I also use this opportunity to reiterate how stupid and pointless Annual Zodiac Forecasts are? 2024 zodiac forecasts mentioned that Roosters are supposed to have a great year, but you’ll realise the MO (he’s. Rooster) has utterly ruined his life this year.

Now, let’s begin, and allow me to remind everyone why I absolutely abhor Category 4 chart-holders and make it a point not to waste my time on them.

Some Opening Thoughts

There has been a lot of sad news recently in Singapore. This case I’m writing about is one of them, and the Tampines traffic accident where two people were killed is another. It’s hard to swallow that life can be so tragic and that these tragedies could have been avoided if not for Category 4 chart-holders, people who think the world revolves around them and that they somehow have the right to spread their suffering to others.

I’ve been a practitioner for ten years, and everyone knows I’m a realist. I say it as it is. I see the merits of Chinese metaphysics and astrology’s feel-good, optimistic, and spiritual aspects. But I don’t feel this should be overdone. It clouds judgment and makes it seem like no one has flaws to work on anymore. We like to talk about strengths, but we don’t talk about your best being someone’s worst. The industry’s approach to astrology has never been balanced, but that’s how it is.

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a philosopher. Contemplating what evil means has always been an interesting thought experiment, especially since I grew up witnessing evil.

Evil does exist. A long time ago, I tried to define what’s evil in the eyes of astrology and that it is an unhealthy, imbalanced expression of the laws of astrology. It is when the Aristotelian Golden Mean is lost. Mars’s courage becomes destruction; Saturn’s coldness becomes desolation; Jupiter’s expansive nature becomes avarice; and the light of the Sun incinerates everything around it. All these imbalances show up in different ways in real life.

I guess one purpose of this case study is to remind everyone that Chinese metaphysics and astrology are not always fun and games. There is a very raw, visceral, and cruel side to it. Some people are born evil, and they will cause nothing but harm and destruction to others. Read the news – you know I’m right. I don’t think anyone in Singapore is nurtured to be a killer, and there are few explanations as to why a human being can fall to such a level other than nature.

First Impressions Of Mitchell Ong

No one knew who this piece of garbage was till the day the news broke. A Singapore woman was brutally killed in Spain, with Mitchell Ong as the suspect. It’s been a very long time since something as spine-chilling as this happened.

I think anyone who has perused MO’s social media accounts and has a bit of life experience to discern someone’s character can tell that he’s a bit ‘off’. I know a narcissist when I see one because I grew up with one, and I’m sure many people can tell he displays classic signs of narcissism. He reminds me of a client who got himself on international news a long time ago because he got caught spying on the US for China:

The excessive selfies, the self-grandiose speech, and the incessant need to feel important and looked up to. Such people show up in different forms and can be anyone, anywhere.

I’ve got quite a few followers who reached out to me to share stories about him, and some of the things I’ve heard were pretty interesting:

Update: More people reached out after the post went up

You can check out his Instagram and YouTube channels to see how you feel about them. I definitely feel that there’s something off, and he’s not the first of his kind that I’ve seen. Sadly, some people in my industry also display such behaviours and characteristics.

Bringing In His BaZi And Zi Wei Dou Shu Charts

Before I begin commenting, I know what everyone’s thinking. How did I get his birthday? Let’s just say I am an extremely resourceful person and that I have my ways. It’s been verified, and I can assure you that it is correct.

Below are his Chinese astrological charts:

Reverse engineering his birth time was not easy because it’s not like I’m doing case studies of alleged killers every week. There’s no textbook answer on what to look out for. I’ve done a case study on a convicted murderer once, and it was on Charles Sobhraj. It was part of this blog post here:

BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu books of the past don’t usually have case studies of killers, and the signs simply don’t jump out as much. But look hard enough, and you’ll start to be able to see some signs. One weakness of Chinese astrology is that it doesn’t touch on the psychological aspects of a human being very well because feudal China has always been more practical, in the sense that people just wanted to know if they’d end up working in the palace, or if they’d be wealthy. What I usually try to do is to look at the possible events and major flaws of a particular chart.

Reverse engineering his birth time required me to use all three methods I know concurrently. I had my phone, iPad, and laptop displaying his BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Western chart at the same time as I tried to paint a coherent story. No technique was favoured this time.

Breaking Down Mitchell Ong’s BaZi Chart

The first thought that crossed my mind was that if this person was really capable of killing someone, it would be a chart with a Broken Structure (破格), meaning a flawed BaZi chart that’s meant for people with serious character flaws and moral defects. The 巳时 time segment made the most sense. Let me explain:

  • MO is a Yin Earth 己土 chart-holder born during winter. Basic BaZi knowledge will tell you that Fire would be regarded as his most important element, or “Useful God”, because 调侯 is needed. His Year, Month, and Day Pillar all do not have it, so the chances of his natal chart being of low quality are very high.
  • Now, for his BaZi chart to be considered a Broken Structure, Fire needs to appear and get harmed, so the 巳 Fire Hour Pillar makes the most sense because 巳亥冲 forms, and 巳 Fire, which is supposed to be his most important element, is being clashed away. This forms what we call a 贪财坏印 structure, which is an inauspicious structure in BaZi.
  • Even without his birth time, his birth date already holds a 亥亥自刑。 It implies someone who is power hungry and brings Yang energy to an extreme. Because his Day Branch is involved, this spills over to his marriage and relationships, and it’s generally how he expresses himself. It’s very similar to Andrew Tate’s BaZi chart.

I’ve seen a lot of BaZi charts with 贪财坏印 where the Wealth Element appears and harms the Resource Element, with the Resource Element being the “Useful God”. That doesn’t mean all such charts belong to killers.

What stood out, though, was what his 巳 Fire Branch held within it. His 巳 Fire Branch holds both 羊刃 and 白虎。 It resides within a positive Branch, but this positive Branch is being clashed. 羊刃 and 白虎 are therefore triggered. Read up on 羊刃 and 白虎, and themes of bloodshed and violence will come to mind because these auxiliary ‘gods’ (神煞) signify these things.

Another trait that stood out was that his Month, Day, and Hour Stems are all 己 Earth, which is his Daymaster. I interpret this as a sign of him being personally and physically involved in whatever mishaps happen. 己亥 clashing with 己巳 is also a more severe form of 巳亥 clash.

To put it simply, the 巳 Hour is the worst possible birth time of the day he was born.

You might wonder why such a degenerate went to schools like ACS and RJC. It’s because his first three 10-Year Phases supported him quite a bit, and they were his 戊戌,丁酉, and 丙申 10-Year Phases. The 丁 and 丙 Fire that appears would have helped him with his studies since they are his Resource (印绶) ‘gods’.

That said, his BaZi chart doesn’t innately portray him as a wise person who knows how to be a decent human being. His BaZi natal chart is garbage-level; it’s just that he had a good start to life, but he slowly degenerated into what he is today.

Does His BaZi Chart Match The Events That Transpired?

There’s a bit of hindsight and confirmation bias here, but I’ll just list down what jumps out at me:

  • 2024 is a very significant year. It’s the year where he shifts into a new 10-Year Phase of 甲午。 The appearance of 甲 here is significant because it causes 巳亥冲 to form.
  • 2024 is also a 甲辰 year, and 甲 Wood appears once again, causing 巳亥冲 to form.
  • Do the calamities involve the law and females? Of course, they do, and 巳亥冲 express this. 亥 represents authority and law; 巳 represents females.
  • You might think that 甲己合土 is supposed to be a positive thing, but it is not.
  • I am particularly interested in his 2025 for the following reasons:
    • 2025 is an 乙巳 year. 巳亥冲 will get triggered again, and it is in a much more severe form because 巳 itself is involved this time, and you would have remembered I said 羊刃 and 白虎 are involved.
    • 巳’s appearance here does form 巳酉合 with his Year Pillar. There is a good chance he might be extradited back to Singapore after investigations in Spain have been completed. The extradition is expressed via the 巳酉合 that forms.

Whatever it is. It doesn’t look good, and you don’t need to be an astrologer to know it doesn’t.

Breaking Down Mitchell Ong’s Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

It was a lot harder to use Zi Wei Dou Shu to pinpoint his birth time, and I had to use BaZi concurrently to let the ZWDS chart make sense. I won’t break down every sector and go into every aspect of his life. What I am looking out for are character flaws. Here’s what stood out:

  • One would be easily thrown off by this chart because it seems like a good chart. His 命宫 has 七杀 in a 旺 position, and it has the blessings of 天魁 and 天钺, which are benefactor stars. You wouldn’t usually associate a chart like this with character flaws. That said, we cannot just look at one sector.
  • What jumped out at me was that his 福德宫 is extremely weak and filled with flaws, and one’s 福德宫, arguably, assesses one’s character a lot more effectively than one’s 命宫。 His 福德宫 has 火星 and 陀螺 both in their debilitated (落陷) positions, so the negative effects of these two stars are at its maximum. Having one negative star in a debilitated position is bad enough, but now there are two. His 福德宫 even has a 自化忌。
  • Here’s the fascinating thing: If you are a close reader, you will realise this is the exact trait that Charles Sobhraj’s chart has – just that the two malefic stars are in his 命宫。 This is not a coincidence – some people are just born evil.
  • Signs of narcissism are a bit harder to decipher, but they involve how his 命宫 (self),福德宫 (mind), and 疾厄宫 (body) are linked together. I won’t go into that for now.
  • One additional interesting trait is his 子女宫宫 having 巨门化禄, and his 疾厄宫’s 化禄 going into his 子女宫。 These are signs of a hedonist and womanizer.

His Zi Wei Dou Shu chart’s transits are interesting. He moves into a new Zi Wei Dou Shu 10-Year Phase in 2024, and some 2024 configurations clearly show why he got into trouble this year. His 命宫,田宅宫,事业宫, and 迁移宫 are all implicated and taking a hit this year and it’s spread out between his 10-Year Phase chart (大限盘) and Annual Phase chart (流年盘)。 When these sectors are hit simultaneously, there’s a special name for it in Zi Wei Dou Shu, and I can assure you – it is calamitous and can be metaphorically life-ending.

The charts above make the most sense from a Chinese astrology perspective and feel like his. We will do one final check using Western astrology – everything should paint one big, coherent picture.

Mitchell Ong’s Western Astrology Charts

The superficial way of figuring out whether this chart is his and whether it has tendencies to kill would be to look at Saturn and/or Mars and whether they form any harsh aspects. We could also assess Pluto, as it is the planet that represents death and rebirth. Perhaps we could also look at the Moon and see if signs of mental ailments are there.

You’ll realise that none of his planets are in Fall or Detriment, and one would assume that such a chart is a good one for a high-functioning individual because the planets exhibit their qualities properly. But let’s go deeper:

  • We know he’s an insurance agent. His Ruler of the 10th House (Career) is in his 8th House (Other’s Assets), a clear sign of managing other people’s money.
  • Moon is in Leo, which pretty much explains his demeanour and his need to be appreciated or even admired by others, especially when it lands in the 7th House.
  • He has a Sun that’s not being aspected at all, which some say accentuates the energies of it. I sometimes interpret this as the chart-holder not having any clear direction or aim in life. The only Sun aspect is with a non-traditional planet, Uranus, which may explain his eccentricity. Uranus is also the secondary Ruler of his Ascendant. The Sun rules his 7th House (Partnerships/Relationships) and lands in his 10th (Career). I interpret this as why he incessantly needs recognition and validation of his career achievements, and this is even more pronounced since his Moon is in Leo. That said, it’s normal for one to want to be recognised for one’s work, so where does one’s vileness and scheming come from? We’ll get to that later.
  • He has a Jupiter conjunct Pluto, which I’ve not seen before. They’re in his 9th House, which governs our beliefs, philosophy, law, and ethics. His desire to do great things comes from this part. But this alone is not enough to explain why he would kill.
  • His Saturn and Venus are in Mutual Reception formed between the 9th and 12th Houses. To put it simply, the themes of the 9th and 12th Houses will keep activating each other. The 12th House represents our subconscious, hidden things, and jail. It’s regarded as an inauspicious House. In his case, this Mutual Reception shows up as a square aspect, so this isn’t a friendly Mutual Reception, so there should be a lot of activity in his 9th and 12th House throughout his life. Again, this trait, in itself, shouldn’t explain why he would kill.

No matter how you look at the planets, where they land, and how they aspect each other – it doesn’t paint a picture of him being a killer. We must look deeper.

Here’s what I found:

  • In Western astrology, there is a subject called Degree Theory. Planets end up in a sign, but within that sign are different degrees, and each sign ranges from 0° to 30°.
  • Despite Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury not being in their places of Fall or Detriment, I realised that they are not in good degrees.
  • His Jupiter is on an anaretic degree. Some sources say that the anaretic degree is strictly 29°, but some consider it to be within 27° to 29°. Anaretic degree often points towards crises, and it involves his Jupiter, which is in his 9th House of Libra.
  • His Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are Via Combusta. This, and the fact that his Jupiter is on an anaretic degree, are the only signs in his Western chart that explain his behaviour. I will talk about Via Combusta next time.
  • His Via Combusta Mercury squares his Moon, which suggests he can be manipulative, but he’s able to do this with tact and charm as his Mercury sextiles his Mars and Venus.

What really stands out to me is that Jupiter is both on an anaretic degree and Via Combusta. I interpret this as Jupiter losing all its positive qualities and becoming corrupt. Bear in mind Jupiter has no aspects with other planes as well, and its Depositor (the planet that rules the sign that another planet is located in) is Venus, which is in the 12th House. In layman’s terms, within the context of his chart, Jupiter has Venusian influences, and the Mutual Reception between Saturn and Venus will take effect here.

Jupiter is supposed to represent all that is good and wise, so imagine how daunting and vile things can get when even the wise and morally upright can suddenly become corrupt. Let’s not forget Jupiter also conjuncts Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, and they are both in his 9th House, which is supposed to govern his morals.

If he is indeed guilty of the crime, I wouldn’t be surprised that there’s an economic motive behind it as the media has suggested. Why? Because Jupiter is also the Ruler of his 2nd House (Assets, Finances), for Jupiter to corrupt and conjunct with Pluto almost feels as though he’s swinging between bankruptcy and barely surviving. This doesn’t feel like a crime of passion because nothing in his chart tells me he cares about reciprocated feelings.

What really stands out to me is that Jupiter is both on an anaretic degree and Via Combusta. I interpret this as Jupiter losing all its positive qualities and becoming corrupt.

The Transit Charts

The incident happened on April 10th, a few days after the Solar eclipse on April 8th. I won’t want to go into the details in case I come across as disrespectful or insensitive to the victim, but I plotted this piece of garbage’s transit charts, and everything I mentioned above got triggered between 8th and 10th April. The story really does jump out from his transit charts, especially when you look at the malefic and corrupted planets.

His corrupted Jupiter, Via Combusta Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and even Pluto were all involved.

Note what I’m saying here: It’s not just the transits of 10th April. It’s the transit between 8th and 10th April. I mentioned a long time ago that we shouldn’t decipher a BaZi chart and look at each year (流年) as separate, independent years that have nothing to do with each other. They all link up together to paint a story of how things unfold, and I believe this is true for Western astrology.

There is no moral of the story here. Someone’s daughter and friend died because of a Category 4 piece of cosmic garbage. It would be even more heartbreaking to know that the victim’s chart paints the same story, but I don’t want to go there.

I’ve always reminded people that bad, vile people do exist. It’s not always a matter of, “It’s not a matter of what your chart is like, but how you use it.” Some people ‘use’ their charts for selfish purposes, and they will never get ‘get it’ that living this way has consequences. My question to everyone is this, “What do you do in the face of evil?”

The terrifying thing about this narcissistic man is that he’s an intelligent person, and if he really did commit the crime, the amount of premeditation and manipulation that went into it is horrific. Intelligence and good grades alone are not enough for a good life. There is a reason why I say whether you’re Cat. 1 or Cat. 4 is really not a matter of your educational background, title, or who you are connected to. They mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I absolutely detest, abhor, and hate Category 4 chart-holders who are evil and corrupt and think the world revolves around them as though they’re victims or martyrs, and they still have the audacity to think they’re a good person or that they are Heaven’s special-child that was granted gifts. There’s an old Chinese saying that one shouldn’t fear the 「真小人」, but the 「 伪君子」instead. The evil person who pretends to be the good person is the true abomination of society.

It’s been a while since Singapore has had such a gruesome, cold-blooded, and premeditated act of crime. I’m not here to give a verdict, as that’s not my job, and I want to let the law do its job. All I can say is I won’t be surprised if he really did it based on what I’m seeing.

There’ll always be the debate of nurture vs. nature. A large part of me will always feel that some things about us are set from the moment of birth, but I’d like to think that we always have a choice. Perhaps the purpose of astrology is not just to remind us that we do have a choice, and that our choices have consequences. What kind of human being we wish to be – is also a choice.

It’s sad to see the ignorance of one useless low-life can shatter the lives of so many others. It’s not fair – and it shouldn’t be this way.

May the victim’s soul rest in peace, and may this guy’s soul burn in Hell.

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