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Giving Thanks For 2024 So Far And Musings Of The Chinese Metaphysics Industry

I'm on paternity leave. There are no BaZi reports or Q&As due, so I thought it made sense for me to write and pen down some of my thoughts before I know the avalanche that's going to hit me hits me. I will be in touch with everyone in the queue very soon. I...

2024 Musings & Harsh Truths: Revisiting The Important Topics

2024 has been off to a crazy start, and I am grateful. I’ve written about a lot of topics over the years, and this post helps you revisit them.

The Semiotics & Inherent Fallacy Of Feng Shui Items

Ah, yes, Feng Shui items. If the universe was a living entity with a digestive system and it took a shit, it'll come out as Feng Shui items. Let me start off by saying that Feng Shui items are scams and do not work, and I will try to argue my point in this post....

The Problem With Toxic Positivity In Chinese Metaphysics & Astrology

My peak period is here, and my bandwidth is getting limited, but I thought I'd drop some quick thoughts. I'm cleaning up the Blog Categories for my posts, and I'll be labelling some under "Musings" for posts that aren't as lengthy or deep. These will be posts to dump...

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