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Yin Fire Daymaster Case Study: The Need For Sustainability

Like the Yin version of any other element, Yin Fire is the kind of Fire we use in day-to-day life. It's the kind of fire where can be used, manipulated and controlled by human beings. This is the reason why it's represented by a small flame - it could be from a...

BaZi Marriage Case Study: Abusive Male You Should Never Marry

It's an open secret that I screen the dates and potential partners for my close friends. If you had a friend who can read BaZi, trust me, you'd be asking your friend to do that for you too. The last thing anybody wants is to be in a toxic relationship that throws your...

Yang Fire Daymaster Case Study: Blazing, Uncontrollable Fire

Each of the 10 Heavenly Stems represents a certain phenomenon we can see and experience. Yang Fire takes the privileged position of representing the sun. Without it, all life comes to an end. Yang Fire does not have to literally represent this big burning ball of...

Yin Water Daymaster Case Study: Polluted & Unpure

Yin Water (癸水) is best represented by the water we see and use in day to day life. In Chinese, we often call it 人间水 which means the kind of Water we utilize as human beings. Think of it as the water we drink. It is unlike the fast-moving, uncontrollable water which...
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