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Hurting Officer Case Study: An Elitist Who Ended Up Nowhere

The Hurting Officer 'god' is perhaps one of the most controversial 'gods' and is one of the most talked-about topics in BaZi. In a chart where Hurting Officer is playing a positive role, they can be the most creative and intelligent people who break the mould and come...

Indirect Resource: The ‘God’ In BaZi That Can Go Both Ways

Let's talk about one of my favourite 'gods' in BaZi - the Indirect Resource 'God'. Also known as pian yin (偏印). You might be wondering what's up with the feature image above of the owl. I'll explain later. This 'god' falls under the Resource category, meaning it is...

BaZi Charts of Billionaires: Masayoshi-Son

Let's face it. BaZi charts of billionaires are extremely rare and most of us don't even have to entertain the thought of whether we fall under this category. Charts of billionaires are arguably 'close to perfect' broadly speaking. In theory, there's no such thing as a...

Yin Earth Daymaster Case Study: When Yang Wood Fails To Bring Out Its Best

We have spoken a bit on Yin Earth before in our case study of Donald Trump and we have an idea of what's required to bring out the best in it. The Earth element has always been a bit special because it's known to be a transitional element in Chinese metaphysics. For...
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