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Peach Blossom In BaZi: The Different Nature & Types Of Romance

Peach Blossom, also known as 'Tao Hua' (桃花), is generally used to measure someone's affinity with the opposite gender, attractiveness, and when romance will occur. Having Peach Blossom 'luck' is arguably something everyone would like to have in their charts. It just...

Are Noblemen Stars In BaZi Always A Good Thing: A Yang Fire Case Study

A common question in BaZi consultations is always whether one has noblemen in their lives. When we say "noblemen", we're basically referring to benefactors. Those serendipitous angels on earth that give us a lift and makes thing easier for us. I wrote about the topic...

Eating God (食神) Case Study: Is It Always Positive?

Eating God is one of the more popular 'gods' in BaZi because it has always been deemed a very positive 'god' and one would be lucky to have it in your chart. It is the 'god' which your Daymaster gives birth to and it has to be the same polarity. Meaning, if you were a...

BaZi Marriage Case Study: A Man Destined To Have A Failed Marriage

Most people know that BaZi can be used to determined when someone's pratner will appear, but enthusiasts often don't go beyond that and talk about how BaZi can be used to assess the dynamics within the marriage and the xiang (像) it takes. I've wrote about marriage and...
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