Your Astrological Chart (BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu) & House Feng Shui Are Interconnected

January 20, 2019

I’m getting to a point where I have so many posts that I’m starting to forget what I’ve written before. I believe I touched on this point before but I think its a good time to do a refresher.

I’m going to put this right out there:

Your house feng shui, or even your office feng shui, is interlinked with your astrological chart – it doesn’t matter if we’re using BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu, or even asit diftrological methods from other civilizations. It doesn’t matter which astrological method we use -despite having its own pros and cons, it will always point towards the same conclusion and not contradict each other. If your astrological chart shows some issues, your house will likely say the same thing 99% of the time. The old Chinese saying goes 福人居福地 – not everyone has the kind of good fortune or karma to stay somewhere with good feng shui.

There is no reason for us to assume that astrology (BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu), our so-called fate, is separate from the place we eventually reside in or work in. I’ve always believed in this, and the cases I’ve handled goes on to confirm all this.

I’ll try to use some case studies I’ve come across recently to elaborate on this.

Office Feng Shui: My Third Year At My Regular Corporate Client

I wrote a blog post on a corporate feng shui audit I did around Chinese New Year last year: An Incredibly Insightful Case Study On Office Feng Shui.

I got invited back for the third time this year as part of the annual ‘catch-up’ with the CEO and COO. How I felt this year was defintely similar to how I felt last year – it’s a very humbling experience seeing the senior management put so much trust in me.

As always, here’s my typical way of showing I was there (look at the date on the Straits Times landing page):

The experience, again, was invaluable to me as a practitioner. To see things unfolding and how theory translates into real life is fascinating and it reinforces what we practitioners learn.

Back in 2018, I gave a very thorough breakdown of the office’s feng shui and identified where the problem area is. Naturally, somewhere in the office would be a department that gets the worst hit for 2018’s configurations.

Long story short, it turns out that most of 2018’s problems really did come from that department and the people there didn’t exactly have a good time. One of the staff almost lost her life in a car accident.

Now, you might be thinking, wouldn’t that mean all other people sitting in that particular area will get into a car accident? The answer is “no”.

Everyone Will Experience Feng Shui Differently

Feng shui isn’t everything, and bear in mind your astrological chart will always come first before feng shui.

Most laymen tend to overthink what feng shui can or cannot do due to the misunderstanding of the field. If we were to take the above example of the office situation, everyone who was sitting in the worst sector in 2018 where Star 5 was will experience Star 5 differently. How different it is will depend on how their BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu charts are like.

Some people would have experienced it as bad health, some would have experienced it as having a really stressful year with a lot of work and politics, and severe cases would experience it as accidents.

The above two charts were two staff members sitting where Star 5 was in 2018. Technically speaking, if we were to apply feng shui at a very rote level, both the above chart-holders should have had a really tough 2018. They did of course although it manifested very differently. One just had a really busy year because she had to hold the fort, whereas the other met with a near-fatal accident.

If you have some background in analyzing charts, make a guess which is the chart that encountered the accident.

Your House Feng Shui Will Paint A Coherent Story With Your Chart

I’ve actually written about this way back in 2016 during the really early days of starting my blog. It’s buried deep in the archived and the content and focus topics were very well organized back then so people probably missed some of the points I was trying to bring across. This really old blog post can be found here:

The reason why I will always look at the BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu chart of my feng shui clients’ BaZi is simply because it is a must. You will not be able to get a holistic picture of the client’s life if you don’t do so, and this is also the reason why I started out heavily in BaZi first when I first entered this field. A BaZi reading, at least as a first step, will be a lot more beneficial to the client.

I’ve always believed that our astrological charts and houses we stay in will paint a similar picture if we were to analyze it from a metaphysical angle. Time and again I’ve been proven right by all the cases I’ve come across.

Let’s take these two charts as an example:

Father’s chart
Daughter’s chart

This is the house they are staying in which is Facing south. Note that the facing direction is taking from the balcony’s facing direction, not the main door. It’s a mistake to take the house’s facing direction from the main door and a lot of people just blindly follow what’s written on modern-day books without understanding the fundamentals, and tilting the door as a remedy is a ridiculous practice.

The description of this house, based on the Chinese classics, is as follows:


The really interesting thing is that the owner of this really does own some real estate although it’s actually more of a rental. They owe a brick-and-mortar business basically.

What I wanted to point out here is the “小儿虽生风病脾疾” quote. This phrase means the children of the course will likely have health ailments related to one’s stomach and spleen, which turned out to be true.

If you were to back and the two BaZi charts I’ve attached, it’s actually of a father and his daughter. You can almost immediately tell that the stomach and digestive systems of both charts are considered the weaker organs due to the Earth element being a nuisance in the chart. I guess the daughter inherited this from the father. The difference here is that the daughter will likely experience more complications from this because Earth is also harming her beneficial element of Water which represents the kidneys. I won’t comment further as I’m not licensed, but from my limited knowledge, all organs have some form of impact on another.

Let me give another example:


This chart belongs to a very recent client of mine. The only I’ll point out in this chart is that the element representing her husband, which is the Yang Wood 甲木 you see in her natal chart, is extremely weak. 2013 was the year where she started entering into a very negative 10-Year Elemental Phase (大运)。

After analyzing her house, this was what I found out about the structure:

This has is under what we call 绝命宅 which literally means “life comes to an end”. It’s the worst structure for a house in feng shui terms. In the Chinese classics, it goes, 「名称绝命,主水受土克犯坤坎,中男命不存,出寡妇,绝二门。绝二门,肚腹疼痛,生积块,黄肿疮疾,男女之夭。」

I won’t go into the details of what happened. The only thing I can say is that whatever is written in the books was exactly what manifested – to the word. The tenant’s husband passed away a few years after moving into this place. How my client ended up with this house was also a rather peculiar story. Turns out this house was on the auction because the previous tenant went bankrupt, and she snagged it at a deal.

There’s no way the tenants of such a house will find themselves growing or progressing in this house, so it’s no surprise that the track record and history of this place isn’t quite up to mark. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered a house under 绝命宅,and when I did, it naturally belonged to a Category 4 chart-holder.

The purpose of a feng shui audit is to ensure you don’t end up in a house like that. Yes, the houses we end up in are fated, but the point is to try to alter the course as much as possible using Chinese metaphysics.

Similar Layouts: Feng Shui Of The Entire Apartment Stack

The above examples were all in condominiums, and you might be wondering what happens to the people in the entire stack where the building orientation and house layout is the same.

This is where the differences in the quality of your BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu chart will play a part. Not everyone will experience what my client did. Remember, feng shui is just a complement and your chart definitely holds more weight. Your chart will always be the foundation of your life and things unfold from there.

If I were to draw a parallel from nature, different seeds planted in the same plot of land will grow differently depending on the quality of the seed. The quality of the land remains the same. The same logic goes for us and our homes. I’ve been proven right time and again when I said that the quality of your chart will determine the quality of your house.

Another way of explaining this is using the Eight Mansions method, because certain Facing Directions will impact people different based on their gua number.

Should I Get A BaZi Or Zi Wei Dou Shu Reading Before A Feng Shui Audit?

In my opinion, ideally, yes. Your BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu chart can tell a practitioner a lot more than your house feng shui. This is precisely the reason why I focused on BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu when I first started this consultating sideline because it lays a good foundation for feng shui.

If I were to look at someone’s house without looking at their BaZi, I can never quite get a complete picture and it’ll be rather hard to point out what to look out for. One reason for this is because people aren’t going to stay in their current homes forever, and people do shift houses – sometimes, this coincides with a change in their BaZi’s 10-Year Elemental Phases.

What this also means is that some people may end up in a good house but not stay long enough to reap the benefits of it. On the flip side, those with good charts may also likely ‘escape’ a bad house before the negative effects kick in and I’ve seen this many times at places I’ve audited.

Remember, the effects of feng shui takes at least 3 years to take effect.

The Reason Why Feng Shui Is Given So Much Attention

The answer is very simple. It’s because feng shui is believed to give us that uplift that everybody wants. I won’t go as far as to say that it will help you transcend your chart or life, but our houses and environments do matter.

If a seed is weak, the least we could do is put it in good soil.

Whenever any of my clients end up in a bad house, I’ll reassure them it’s not that the house will ‘put a curse’ on them. We are all, in a way, fated to be staying at wherever we are, so it’s really just nature’s laws playing out. Analyzing the feng shui of a place is a bit like projecting into the future. Continuing to stay in whatever bad house one has chosen is just a reaffirmation that yes, whatever that can be seen in one’s BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu chart will likely come through if nothing is done. There is a reason why everyone’s astrological charts and house feng shui paints such a similar story.

I keep re-emphasizing that you should not expect a practitioner to go into a house and expect him or her to turn a bad house into a good one. The laws of nature are not that ‘weak’ for us to be manipulated using mere items and colours – this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what feng shui is about.

The best way to tap into feng shui is that you either get a practitioner to hunt together for a house with you, or if you are lucky, you get to build your house from scratch from a plot of land you own. Do not rush to buy a house and expect a miracle to be performed later. Some skeptics (mostly my clients’ friends) feel that I’m proposing this only because I want to siphon more money from my clients – it’s really not.

Take Another Look At What You Understand About Feng Shui

Feng shui is a field that most people know nothing about, and we constantly get bombarded by propaganda saying that feng shui is about colours and items.

I urge everyone to take another look at what they understand about feng shui and start questioning the things they keep hearing from the media.

Colours are nothing but an abstract representation of the cardinal directions. The animal zodiacs are nothing but an abstract representation of the energies a particular time of the day represents. Tai Sui or Grand Duke is actually the planet Jupiter. The 5 elements are but a way of description of how Yin and Yang interact with each other – not the literal fire, water, wood, metal or earth you see in life.

Please everyone – unbrainwash yourselves.

If Chinese metaphysics is about zodiac forecasts (I don’t care how famous the practitioner is – it’s still a misapplication Chinese metaphysics that will only harm others), colours, magical items or trying to artificially ‘ingest’ the 5 elements… Well, then just about anyone can come out to be a “feng shui master” – and I guess that’s not a good thing.

– Sean

P.S. (Read this is a cheeky tone please everyone) To the people who lack Metal in their BaZi charts: What on earth do you actually intend to do if you believed so much in the flawed logic I’ve been trying so hard to debunk? Eat a car? The last time a close friend asked me this, I jokingly told him to get a metal rod. What I told him to do next is up to your imagination.

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