Yin Wood Daymaster Case Study: Opposites End Of The Spectrum

May 17, 2020

If Yang Wood is the big study tree that doesn’t bend, then Yin Wood is the one that can. This is the reason why Yin Wood is represented by small plants, shrubs and vines. It’s basically any plant that is not like an immovable tree represented by Yang Wood. I wish to re-emphasize that the Yin and Yang version of a particular element makes a world of difference and you should never assume that they share a lot of similarities.

Two BaZi charts can look very similar, but what new-comers to this field fail to realize is just how much difference a single character can make. The position of where this single character difference appears does matter to some extent, but let’s leave that for another discussion.

Comparing Two Yin Wood BaZi Charts With Different Manifestations

Take a close look at the two Yin Wood Daymaster charts below. They look pretty similar, and they even born even in the same year and month. In fact, these two people were born 10 days apart, but one’s born in the afternoon and the other in the evening. I’m rather grateful for the opportunity to come across interesting case studies like this once in a while.

Let’s take a closer look:

The logic behind what a Yin Wood Daymaster BaZi chart needs is very simple. Just ask yourself what do plants need? Plants need water, soil and sunlight. As such, a good Yin Wood chart is always about balancing Water, Earth and Fire. Remember BaZi was developed based on nature’s laws, so you will always hear charts being described a certain way.

Let’s breakdown the chart above:

  • The above chart is a very high-quality one whereby the elements are balanced. You’ll see the presence of Water, Earth and Fire and it is in good balance.
  • The issue here is that Water appears to be overpowering the other elements, so there’s where the imbalance lies and we’ll need to fix it.

An interesting thing to note is that most people who have taken online courses on BaZi may have read that Wood Daymaster people are suitable for industries like education and human development. To be very frank, choosing industries by elements or Daymasters is not something I personally believe in. Your astrology chart is not everything and where you end up still very much depends on how your life has been and where it has led you. If you have a good chart you’ll naturally be pushed in the direction of success.

The chart above belongs to one of my clients who is a fighter pilot in the air force. Yes, the F16 kind of fighter pilot. I was rather surprised as his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart was totally not what I expected of a military person.

I presented this chart in a recent blog post of mine on how to read a BaZi chart and pointed out that this, unfortunately, a very low-quality BaZi chart. If you compare it to the chart above, there is only a difference of three characters – the Day Branch and the Hour Pillar – but I cannot emphasize enough how big the difference here makes. I think one of the things that a lot of hobbyists don’t realize is just how much difference a single character can make to a chart.

A few comments on this chart:

  • Compared to the higher quality Yin Wood chart above, this chart is a lot less balanced. To put it generally, the environment in which the Daymaster is in is not as conducive because the presence of Water is a lot lesser here.
  • Fire is a lot more dominant and Metal is also present to harm Wood. The clash between Fire and Metal here is also completely unnecessary and is seen as more as a disruption more than anything else.
  • Let’s not forget the nature of the ‘gods’ that appear as well – Hurting Officer (伤官) was never a good ‘god’ to begin with, and in order for its positive side to manifest, certain conditions must be met which this chart does not.

The above chart-holder hasn’t gotten very far in his life, with a sub-par career and multiple failed relationships.

You will notice that their 10-year “Luck Pillars” or Elementals Phases are the same, which is expected. But why is it that one ended up being a fighter pilot, is married and has a brilliant career, whereas hasn’t really gotten anywhere else? The difference lies in the qualities of their natal charts. Always remember that your “Luck Pillars” or Elemental Phases interact with your natal chart to form a story of how your chart unfolds.

If you’re a Yin Wood Daymaster person and wish to find out which end of the spectrum you are in, feel free to reach out and get a BaZi consultation done. You can reach out to me first if you have any queries on how the consultations are conducted and what it consists of, although the website would have all the information you already need.

Meanwhile, I’d encourage you to go through the rest of my blog when you can as you’ll find a lot more articles on BaZi there.

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