Donald Trump’s BaZi: An Yin Earth Daymaster Case Study

May 10, 2020

Update: Check out the below posts related to Donald Trump and 2020’s US Presidential Elections!

I previously blogged about Donald Trump and in the context of the COVID-19 situation and his reelection, but he’s too interesting a character to not warrant a closer look at this BaZi chart.

There is a consensus online that he was born during si hour (巳时) which the 9am to 11am segment, but I mentioned in my previous blog post that I categorically disagree and included a Zi Wei Dou Shu explanation for it. I’ll focus purely on BaZi for this post for the purpose of clarity.

Let’s talk about the online consensus, of the incorrect BaZI chart first.

Online consensus of Donald Trump’s BaZi chart

Donald Trump’s birth time first appears on Western astrology websites, and Chinese astrologers just took it for what it is, and soon, articles on his BaZi chart appeared all over the place and everyone chipped in.

One consistent thing you’ll always hear is that he falls under a Vibrant Chart (转旺格) which can be easily seen given the Fire Directional combination caused by si, wu and wei, and also the Yang Wood + Yin Earth combination which gives an output of Earth.

There’s nothing wrong saying that the above chart is a Vibrant chart. Theoretically, that’s correct. But the main question is still whether that’s truly his chart.

The reason why most people think the above is his chart is because we assume Vibrant charts are meant for people with amazing accomplishments and high title. That isn’t wrong. However, the context of the world is now different, and what title means in the past is very different from what it means now. In feudal China, title referred more to one’s ability to lead and govern, and whether that person is worthy of respect.

Beneficial Elements of the Above Chart

If Donald Trump’s BaZi really were to be the above, his chart’s beneficial elements would definitely be Fire and Earth. But here comes the inconsistencies:

  • If Earth were to be his beneficial element, his 1984 to 1994 10-year phase or wu xu (戊戌) should have been a glorious one, but this is not true. That period was a time where Donald Trump lost billions of dollars. It goes against all theory and we all know that’s not true.
  • The chart above is supposed to have a good, health marriage where the chart-holder benefits from the spouse, but we know Donald Trump’s marriages do not end well.

There’s no need to dig too much into every single event, because the 1984 to 1994 10-year phase is more than enough to show that him being born during si hour is wrong.

Donald Trumps Real BaZi Chart

Donald Trump’s actual BaZi chart

Given the events of his life, his chart will definitely fall under a normal category. Why was shen hour (申时) the hypothesized time? Zi Wei Dou Shu points this out very clearly, but let’s focus on BaZi.

We all know that Donald Trump would not be where he is today without his father. As such, the element representing his father should be playing a positive role in the chart, which it does as his chart needs Water. This is the first biggest clue and it should appear in a strong manner in his chart.

Now, looking into his Elemental Phases or Luck Pillars: Metal is his most critical element. Being born during the shen hour gives Donald Trump an opportunity to form a Metal Direction Combination forms by shen, you and xu. This involves the interaction with his Year Pillar, which naturally brings his father into the picture. This Metal combination is a much needed lift for his chart quality, as Yin Earth is simply far too strong and needs to be drained. Furthermore, Metal here will strengthen Water while preventing Earth from harming it. His 1974 to 1984 10-year phase is his most glorious one before things came crashing down the moment he entered into 1984’s 10-year phase.

We know that Trump was made president of his company in 1971 which was a xin hai year which has Metal and Water, both of which are his beneficial elements. The Metal elements at play during his bing xu and ding you 10-year phase play a crucial role in uplifting the BaZi chart’s quality.

Those were periods where Trump did make progress in his life, although it was rather short-lived. And due to the volatile nature of his imbalanced chart, the swings will be huge, which is why a successful business can suddenly end up in bankruptcy.

Please reach out if you have any comments on his true birth time!

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