Revisiting My Qi Men Dun Jia Forecast Of 2020’s US Presidential Election

November 8, 2020

When the universe decides to take a dump – you get someone like Donald Trump.

Can I just say that I am glad someone like Donald Trump is out of the White House? Some people might feel that astrologers are very detached from the world and take on an “it is what it is” approach – which can be true at times – but I certainly still have my own opinions on certain issues and politics. If you are a reader from the US and you voted for Trump, this post is about my own opinions on him and how I view him via the lense of Chinese metaphysics. It’s not a judgement piece on the people who voted for him.

The four years Trump spent in the White House is a perfect lesson on why it’s important to have someone virtuous, as well as competent, in a position of leadership and power. I detest Trump. He is a loser and I want everyone to accept the unpleasant reality that losers exist in our world. He is the epitome of what a Category 4 chart-holder is like.

I know some people will feel that I’m being elitist or unempathetic whenever I ‘put down’ Category 4 chart-holders, but if you think about it, the Category 4 chart-holder we are talking about now was the President of the United States. Is being a loser or Category 4 person about the job you hold or how much you earn? Of course, it is not.

I’ve been looking forward to the US presidential elections for some time now for both personal and professional reasons. The past few days were both absolutely nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Everyone thought Donald Trump would get re-elected because the swing states were leaning red when the ballot counting started, but justice prevailed as votes slowly swung into President-Elect Joe Biden’s favour.

I did feel my heart drop a little when the ballot counting first start because, at that point, I really thought Donald Trump would get reelected. That would mean I’d lose faith in both humanity and what I do for a living because my Qi Men Dun Jia forecast went off course. To top it off, I was also reading up on other practitioners’ forecasts and some of them felt Donald Trump would be reelected.

I was all ready to write a blog post on how I got the forecast wrong and explore where I went wrong in the analysis. I don’t want to be the kind of practitioner that hides my mistakes, deletes my blog posts and backtracks on what I say. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly admit it. Guys, I’m human – I make mistakes too.

I’m glad the forecast came true because I cannot imagine having to spend another four years seeing a degenerate like Donald Trump spouting nonsense on the news.

Revisiting April‘s Forecast

I wrote a piece on the 2020 US Presidential Elections back in April partly because I was running out of things to blog about and partly because I wanted to experiment with Qi Men Dun Jia and test my hypothesis that Donald Trump’s birth time is different from what most astrologers believe it to be.

It was meant to be a casual forecast that was meant to satisfy my intellectual curiosity that went on to become an urge to write about it. I do remember being as sincere as I could when I posed the question and I went on to break it down as best as I could. Some signs in the Qi Men Dun Jia chart did jump out at me as I saw the chart.

I know what some people (and my haters) are thinking: “But it’s just a 50/50 guess, you got it right and you’re milking your lucky guess forecast for what it’s worth now!” No one’s fault for thinking that way because that’s what I’d think too. I guess it’s like striking the lottery too – you either strike it or you don’t. 50/50! (If you can understand what I’m getting at here, we have the same sense of wit and humour.)

Jokes aside, his is precisely the reason why I make it a point to be technical in my consultations and blog posts because, at the end of the day, this is not about my opinions or guesses. The charts are descriptions of the laws that unfold and I’m just doing my best to interpret it correctly.

Below is the Qi Men Dun Jia chart I generated back in April, and you can see within the chart itself that it was generated on 5th April 2020 at around 8pm:

The breakdown of the chart is in my previous blog post, so do visit it if you’re interested:

I’ll add on a few comments that weren’t touched on in my April post:

  1. Qi Men Dun Jia is a tool to look into the future and we often look at the Earth Chart (地盘) to determine what the future is like. The really funny thing is that the symbol represents Donald Trump, which is Yang Fire (丙), does not appear anywhere in the Earth Chart. Perhaps that’s because Donald Trump has, had, and will never have a future. Jokes aside, the question posed was for the presidency, so Yang Fire not appearing anywhere in the Earth Chart does hint of him not becoming president.

  2. Yang Water (壬) does appear in the Earth chart which is expected. It’s in the top-right box which is the ‘Kun’ (坤) sector. What’s interesting when the chart was first generated is that Yang Water appears together with the symbol representing the president.

  3. This is on hindsight, but looking back at my own analysis, I remember taking a look at the symbols representing the electorate (the other Heavenly Stems and 景门) to see who will have the advantage, but there was nothing that stood out when I first looked at the chart. By theory, I know that the Hour Stem represents younger voters and it so happens to be Yang Water (壬) as well. I thought it was just a manifestation of me asking about Joe Biden since he was born during a Yang Water year. Turns out the younger voters really did make the difference this time. The most obvious sign of Joe Biden winning the elections, to me, is still the point 2 above where Yang Water appears with the symbol representing the president (值符 or the ‘Chief’ ‘god’ if we follow conventional English terms).

  4. One more interesting I noticed is this. We know Void Emptiness (空亡) sits with Chief (值符) which represents the seat of the president being empty. Following that logic, when 空亡 is removed (and this can be done in a few ways), it would mean the seat will be filled. The Qi Men Dun Jia chart I generated does point towards January, which is also technically the official month presidents usually get sworn in.

I am still really fascinated by Qi Men Dun Jia because it really feels as though it knows when you’re going to ask a question and it even knows what kind of question you wish to ask. This is perhaps how the universe shows that we will always be inadvertently bound to it.

Some Interesting Thought Experiments

This probably has crossed some people’s minds too, but if different practitioners did a Qi Men Dun Jia forecast at different times, would it reveal the same signs and outcome? Personally, I believe it’d be a “yes”.

If these big events are really written in the stars, by logic, every chart generated should point towards the same outcome. However, my view is that for this test to be fair, the questioner needs to be sincere when the chart is generated. It’s only after this has been established that we can bring together the different Qi Men Dun Jia charts generated to see if the signs align.

Below are some charts generated by others forecasting the results of the US presidential elections:

The way the question is phrased and the state of the questioner are important factors that need to be taken into account. I won’t know what went through the minds of the people who generated the charts above so I won’t comment on them as it might not be a fair comparison.

The reason why I bring up this “sincerity” issue is because that’s just how divinations are supposed to work. You don’t go into a tarot card reading session wanting to play poker with the cards or go to a temple thinking about what’s for your clearly non-vegetarian dinner. Just sharing a bit of my experience: I do generate Qi Men Dun Jia charts for myself for the fun of it sometimes and even while I’m taking a dump (yes you read that right) to ask a variety of questions, but those forecasts usually don’t end up very well nor are they accurate. Guys, it’s forecasts for myself – not my clients.

I’m collecting all the charts that were generated by other practitioners for my own self-study and it should yield some interesting insights and lessons. I’d love to blog about this at some point, but I’m starting to experiencing a spike in consultations probably due to 2021 being around the corner. Then again, I also don’t want to come across as critiquing others so I guess I probably won’t blog about it. You can find a lot of these forecasts on YouTube, although you’ll have to enter Chinese words in the search bar. If you’re a student of Qi Men Dun Jia, it’ll be an interesting piece of homework you practice with.

A Quick Look At Joe Biden’s Hypothesized BaZi Chart

By theory, Joe Biden’s chart should show some signs of him having a positive year in 2020. I’ve been trying to reverse engineer Joe Biden’s birth time, and this is what I believe his chart is based on his life events:

I won’t go into the detailed breakdown of why I feel this is his chart although it’d make for a really interesting case study. The unfortunate demise of his family members do give very big hints on what his birth time would be. Zi Wei Dou Shu also points out these significant events even more clearly.

Assuming that I am right about his birth time, I must say this is a beautiful BaZi chart. Not perfect because no chart is, but definitely still a very enviable chart. Both Direct Officer (正官) and Direct Resource (正印) are rooted in his Month Branch. If you’re studied BaZi a little, you would have probably heard of the saying 无印官非真。 Direct Resource brings out the best in Direct Officer. It’s a very well structured natal chart although it’s lacking one critical element – which is Yang Metal.

Some practitioners hypothesized that it’s going to be a bad year for Jor Biden because 2020’s 庚子 clashes with Joe Biden’s 壬午 Year Pillar (子午冲), but as I always say, clashes do not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing – it simply means change. And what a year of change it is for President-Elect Joe Biden. Besides, whether his Year Branch gets clashed or not is just one of the many signs on how his 2020 will be and we shouldn’t just look at this factor alone.

To make the assumption that it’s going to be a bad year for Joe Biden without his birth time is a huge assumption. The Hour Pillar makes a lot of difference and the Yang Wood (甲) changes everything. This is the reason why I try not to decipher charts without knowing the birth time because not many people appreciate the magnitude of the Hour PIllar’s impact. If this birth time I’ve assumed is correct, 2020 is a fantastic year for Joe Biden. 2020’s 庚子 is exactly what his chart needs.

Yang Metal 庚,Yin Fire 丁,and Yang Wood 甲 appearing together. Beautiful.

Some Important Things To Remember: The Form Is ‘Empty’

When I say “form”, it’s referring to the Chinese word ‘xiang‘ (相) which you’ll hear a lot of in Chinese metaphysics. It’s referring to the manifestations in our reality world and they don’t just refer to physical objects. Concepts, dynamics, beliefs all fall under the umbrella.

There is something transient and ethereal about astrology, in the sense that we should not just look at things on the surface. Yes, someone got into one of the highest and most powerful positions in the world, but that is not necessarily a good thing.

I’ve been arguing this for a while now, that a good life or good chart are not determined by these things which, in a way, are social constructs. In Donald Trump’s reality and Yin & Yang, he managed to claw his way up into the top position of a country. Someone else with the exact same chart as him may have schmoozed his way up into being a CEO of a company or even started a company himself just to name himself the CEO, only to be stripped of that title when things come crashing down.

It’s akin to the Buddhist concept of “Emptiness” which I studied at one point in my life. We put labels on everything positions of power are often seen as indicators of success, money, and a good life. But is it? Would you trade your life for Donald Trump’s? You wouldn’t.

Donald Trump’s BaZi

Here’s a story I’ve mentioned before: The Chinese emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang (朱元璋) wanted to hunt down someone with the same BaZi as him and execute this person as he feared that his throne would be taken away from him. The emperor did end up finding someone, only to find out he was a bee farmer with nine bee farms just like how the emperor had to rule nine provinces in feudal China. In other words, Chinese metaphysics is saying that this bee farmer is an ’emperor’ in his own right and the bees are parallel to the population the emperor has to take care of.

An emperor-level chart can exist anywhere and in any form, just like how a cosmic garbage-level chart can exist anywhere and in any form. The universe doesn’t care how much you earn, whether you got an MBA from an Ivy League university or what your title is. We all go through tough times and sometimes that causes us to become people we don’t want to be, but if you choose to live your life as though you’re the embodiment of decay and not grow from the things you go through, the universe will do its part to remove you from the equation.

A decay somewhere leads to growth somewhere else – that’s the laws of Yin & Yang for you. Everything living and growing feeds of something that has decayed. What do you think trees, other organism and even yourself are feeding on? I’ve always called Category 4 chart-holders the ‘fertilizers’ for the people with the better charts, because, without them, we will never be able to truly grow. Category 1 charts exist because by virtue of the Category 4 charts that exist. Be thankful for the people who have wronged you.

Perhaps the blessing that Trump brings to the world is that he reminds us that he’s everything a human being shouldn’t be. His moral decay will become humanity’s moral compass. We all have daddy and mommy issues, but there comes a time where you really just need to simply grow from it instead of expecting the world to pacify you.

To toss the philosophical discussions aside, what it simply means is to go live the best version of yourself and your life. These dichotomies that are sometimes uncomfortable to us because someone is wealthier or hold a higher title than you exist only because you allow them to. This is also the reason why our ancestors keep harping on being content because when you are, Yin & Yang doesn’t exist anymore. There is no longer any need for comparison. Things simply exist as it is and that’s perfectly fine.

OK. Enough of this new age mumbo jumbo although what I’m trying to say here does stem from Buddhist and Chinese beliefs.

Coming back to our guy whose life is about to be living hell soon, Donald Trump’s presidency will be his biggest curse and hopefully, he has time to redeem himself because if you were to look at this BaZi chart again, things do not look good for him. Just wait and see. The signs should start to show in 2022 when he enters into a new and unfortunately negative 10-year phase, and 2025 to 2027 would be absolute hell for him.

Never, ever see each year and each 10-year phase as separate. They are bound together in intricate ways as I’ve argued in my blog post here. You may get your way for a while, but if you take that for granted or abuse it, you’ll be in for a ride:

A Tongue-In-Cheek Epiphany

Donald Trump invading in my headspace recently has let me come to an epiphany which I want to share with everyone so that people can perhaps empathize with me a bit better. I’ll try to keep this short.

As my name gets out there and the number of consultations I’ve clocked increases, the number of people I sometimes inadvertently offend grows too. I guess it’s just part of the growth of any business. I’m not perfect as I’ve always mentioned. Everyone probably knows how much I dislike dealing with Category 4 chart-holders and I will usually tell them off. If you’ve been my client and you went through the whole Q&A process, you’ll know I’m not malicious and I am grateful for the trust you’ve put in me and there’s definitely mutual respect.

Clients or not, I know I have haters (definitely Category 4 people) who will leave hate comments on my blog and on forums. I also know some of them are even budding practitioners trying to establish themselves in this field and I can perfectly understand the emotions they feel because I was once in their shoes.

Now, imagine this: Some people/clients that I, unfortunately, come across are exactly like Donald Trump. So, please understand why I get so frustrated sometimes. Do you really want to serve a Donald Trump? Do you? Really? I’m not the Dalai Lama, and heck, even the Dalai Lama has haters because that’s the kind of messed up world we live in. Unfortunately, I am not someone who knows how to be polite to such people. It’s really not in me. Don’t get me started. Call me arrogant, or egotistical. Whatever. The only way to serve these people is to spout nonsense and patronize them which I am incapable of doing.

As for my haters, seriously, even my own mother hates me for crying out loud. She even said she wanted to kill me when I was a baby, so I’m not sure what my haters are trying to achieve here. I overcame that and made it a point to make sure I live a fulfilling and dignified life. Find something constructive to do please?

Dang, it just dawned upon me that my mother is kinda like Donald Trump too – maybe worse. I know what you’re thinking. Did an Asian really say that? How dare he! Please don’t get me started on all the books I’ve read on filial piety and how parents also have the categorical imperative to deserve being filial to. If the term “categorical imperative” rings a bell to you, I like you.

Finally, if you are an aspiring practitioner, just remember we all have our own paths to walk and we’re still bound by our charts. Whether being a practitioner makes our lives better be it emotionally or financially, whether you like it or not, is already written in our charts. Hating me isn’t going to bring you anywhere. Your only concern should be your clients. Trust me, whatever you’re feeling, I’ve been there. Just read my older blog posts and you’ll understand. I know how I come across and the vibe I give off sometimes. I’ve been called cocky, arrogant, egotistical, but hopefully, there’ll be an opportunity for you to get to know me better someday.

It’s interesting to see how people only see whatever it is they are seeing now and not consider the things I’ve been through, my intent and where I come from, and the hard work I’ve put in. I’m experiencing the things I used to read in motivational articles.

Anyway, Trump’s behaviour in the next few days, in fact, his behaviour all along, will give you a good idea what I mean whenever I say “cosmic garbage of the galaxy and the excretions of the universe”. It will also prove my hypothesis that Category 4 people and only attract more Category 4 people into their lives.

Losing or failing does not make you a loser. We all have bad phases. Your reaction to your failures and challenges does. Trump’s indignities are the embodiment of what it means to be a loser. Don’t be like him.

Regardless of which astrological method you use from whichever civilization, it points towards the world being very different when we enter into Period 9. Let’s all hope it’s a much better world without imbeciles in positions of power. Yes, that includes that boss you wish you didn’t have. I feel you.

Finally, congratulations to President-Elect Joe Biden! Let’s all keep him in our prayers and wish him good luck, health, happiness, and all the blessings in the world. It’s hard to imagine he’s 77 and still willing to serve and clear up the mess left by his predecessor.

Till next time,

P.S. Don’t generate Qi Men Dun Jia charts while taking a dump. It’s… Disrespectful. And trust me, you won’t be able to focus – you get what I mean.

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