What Taylor Swift is REALLY LIKE – According To Her BaZi (八字)

March 6, 2024

Wow, it’s really been a while since I blogged about something. Anyone who has been following my updates on Instagram knows that I’ve had the craziest Chinese New Year peak period this year. I’m still clearing the backlog from the Chinese New Year.

The humongous spike was unexpected. As you all know, I’m a fan of Single’s Inferno, and the latest season featured a dingus of an incubus called Lee Gwan Hee. I wrote a case study on him, and a client-turned-friend of mine, who also happens to be an influencer, shared the post, and my Google Forms for BaZi consultations blew up. A three-digit queue accumulated for the first time in my career. I wish to clarify, though, that the case study on Gwan Hee and my friend sharing it wasn’t planned – it was spontaneous.

Anyway, I figured I’d get into the groove of writing again by doing a highly-requested case study. A queen in her own right – Taylor Swift.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a Swiftie, but there’s so much buzz around her these days I cannot help but jump on the bandwagon too. I mean, my taxpayer money has gone towards subsidizing her concerts afterall. But hey, I’m all for supporting Taylor Swift performing here. It’s amusing to see how Taylor Swift has an impact on geopolitics of the reigion, and I’ve never seen a celebrity’s name get mentioned by the Prime Minister’s of other coutnries and in parliament so many times. At one point, I was half-hoping that Taylor Swift would just go, “Vote for the PAP!” during her concert. It would have been amusing, and I would be very impressed if our government pulled that off. They would have no secured my vote for the next General Elections without a doubt.

Anyway, let’s dive the hell in.

Taylor Swift’s BaZi Charts

Let’s lay down the charts first:

Unlike my previous case studies, this time, I used Chinese astrology first to reverse-engineer her birth time, and the anchor event that I focused on was, of course, The Eras Tour. There should be a lot of signs of travelling in her BaZi chart, and the birth time that made the most sense was the 寅 (Tiger) Hour because this was the birth time that indicated the most amount of travel in 2024.

The fascinating thing (and I swear this is true), is that the general consensus online stated that she is either a Scorpio Ascendant or Capricorn Ascendant. This means her birth time is either between 4 AM to 5+ AM, or 8 AM to 9+ AM, which means her birth time being under 寅 Hour is highly plausible.

I lean towards her being a Scorpio Ascendant, meaning she’s likely born between 4 AM to 5 AM thereabouts, which happens to be the 寅 Hour as well. There is a very small chance that she falls under a Libra Ascendant if her Western chart was plotted using Placidus, but it requires her birth time to be 3 AM to 3:05 AM. That doesn’t change her Chinese charts, though.

Her Western chart is considered very blessed, and I am not surprised why she’s so damn successful in her career. But let’s get to that later.

Deep Diving In Taylor Swift’s BaZi Chart

I’ve seen a lot of case studies done on Taylor Swift by other practitioners. I know how this is going to sound but because some of the ‘practitioners’ were once my ex-clients whom I know are Cat. 4 chart-holders, I really wanted to puke listening to their analysis that is so sloppily done, you know it’s done for the pure sake of clicks and views. Oh well, no wonder they have to livestream on TikTok every week trying to sell useless Pi Xiu and Abacus bracelets. It’s funny. If you don’t even bother trying to reverse engineer the birth time when hints are already given to you, how on Earth would you know what the chart needs, and what is the critical element required to balance the chart?

Anyway! Moving on…

Let’s set the parameters and lay down the basics first:

  • Contrary to what most practitioners would say, her Yin Fire (丁) Daymaster would be considered strong despite her being born during winter when Fire isn’t being supported. Please note that just because your Daymaster isn’t supported by the season/Month Branch doesn’t mean it’s automatically weak.
  • Her critical element, or “Useful God” (用神), would be Yang Metal 庚金, and the only source of this is hidden within her Year Branch of 巳 (Snake). There is absolutely no debate about this. If you know the nature of Yin Fire, you will know why it needs Yang Metal.
  • Her other beneficial element, or 喜神, would be Earth, and Yin Earth 己土 in particular – which you will see showing up on her Year Stem, and also on her Day Branch. The fact that her Year Stem sits a positive element already indicates that she’s pretty blessed because the Year Stem is starting point of it all.

Everyone should know that our dear Taylor Swift is doing so damn well now, and the reason for this is because her current 10-Year Phase is 己卯。You will see her beneficial element of 己 Earth appearing. Mind you, 己 Earth isn’t even her true beneficial element – it’s 庚 Metal, and her next 10-Year Phase is 庚辰 and 庚 Metal finally appears. I know some people might ask, “Isn’t her 己卯 10-Year Phase right now her 空亡 (Void Emptiness) position?” My response to that would be, “So what?” What makes you think that 空亡 is going to matter here?

I can assure you with both my left testicle, the right one, and my imaginary middle one that Taylor Swift is going to do even better moving forward, and 2029 + 2030 look like pretty glorious years because they are 己酉 and 庚戌 years. But remember, that’s not to say every single year leading up to 2029/30 will be smooth-sailing. The fact of the matter is that 2025 to 2027 does see her negative elements appearing as Fire appears, so she will have some bumps to deal with.

Now, the reason why I feel Taylor Swift’s birth time is 寅 Hour is simple. As I’ve said, indicates the most amount of travel, and even her 10-Year Phase shows this. I’ll explain:

  • Basic BaZi knowledge will tell you that her 巳 Year Branch is a movement Branch because it’s one of the 四马 positions. It gets activated in her current 10-Year Phase, and very strongly, mind you. Firstly, because of 己 Earth appearing on her 10-Year Phase, and 卯 triggering 巳。To put it simply, her entire Year Pillar, which holds both of her beneficial elements (庚 Metal and 己 Earth), gets activated by 己卯。This is also the reason why her money comes from movement and travel.
  • If you have been paying attention to the Annual Pillars, 2023 was a 癸卯 year, and 卯 appears again, which is why her tour started last year and on a 卯 month even as it formally kick-started on 17th March 2023.
  • Now, 2024 also sees a movement Branch being triggered, but instead of 卯 triggering 巳, it’s 辰 triggering 寅 instead. It is also a very strong trigger because 2024 is a 甲辰 year, and 甲 Wood, together with 辰,triggers her movement Branch of 寅 which also holds 甲 Wood. I initially thought her birth time may have been 卯 Hour, but it wouldn’t have made sense for her 2024 travels. Being born under 寅 Hour lines up perfectly for her travels in both 2023 and 2024.
  • 2024 sees her coming to the other side of the world, and you can see this from her BaZi chart as well because it’s her Hour Pillar being activated this time, signifying that it’s far from her birthplace which the Year Pillar represents. Fascinating? It is.

As for the other aspects like her love life and whatnot – it’s pretty easy to decipher once you know what her chart needs (which the entire industry is getting wrong). Let’s take a look.

Taylor Swift’s Love Life

If there’s one thing about Taylor Swift people pay attention to, it’s her love life. I don’t know much about the details other than recalling she’s changed a lot of boyfriends, and her love life has quite a bit of change usually. No one should blame her because her chart does mention that she’ll meet a lot of low-quality men:

  • The most salient sign of this is the Yang Fire 丙火 sticking out on her Month Stem. This represents the opposite gender, which happens to hold 咸池 as well, which refers to the hedonistic pleasures of the flesh. There is no doubt that she has a lot of male attention, especially when her Year Branch holds Yang Fire as well, so she’s born with good Peach Blossoms.
  • This Yang Fire 丙火 also happens to sit on 子 Water, which is her secondary spouse element of 七杀, with her main Spouse Element being Yang Water 壬水 on her Hour Stem which is also her 空亡 position. Without going into too many details, I don’t see her settling down anytime soon because 子 Water here is under pressure via 子未相害, whereas there will be problems for 丁壬合 forming with her 壬 Water Spouse Element.
  • I do feel Taylor Swift wants to settle down, especially when her Day Branch sits Yin Earth 己土, which is probably the element that most symbolises stability. I’m sure she knows what the media would say each time she changes her love interest, and she’s definitely not the silly sort to wish to create that kind of tabloid news for herself. But you don’t always get what you want, and I think her level of fame does attract the wrong kind of men. Trust me, she does not have the chart of a player, and I guess that’s the most heartbreaking thing in her chart because she is capable of loving someone deeply.
  • 2026 seems to be an interesting year for her love life because it’s a 丙午 year. You’ll notice that 丙 Fire, representing the opposite gender, reappears. At the same time, 子午冲 forms, clashing away her secondary spouse element of 七杀 represented by 子, and 午未合 also forms, sending 丙 Fire into her Day Branch/Marriage sector. 丁壬合 also indirectly triggers, so her Daymaster absorbs her Spouse Element of 壬 Water. The 午未合 might seem like she finally settles down with someone, but the 子午冲 that appears along with it does feel like someone will come along and replace Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce’s birthday is 5th October 1989, and deep-diving into his chart should reveal the same story, but I’ll leave that for another time. In other words, yes, it seems like Taylor Swift will change boyfriends again.

Taylor Swift’s Relationship With Her Father & What She’s Like

It’s known that Taylor Swift is extremely close to her father and even dedicates songs to him (I kinda like her already). Her bond with her father is so easily decipherable from her BaZi chart:

  • What element represents her father? It’s Yang Metal 庚金, which I said is her most important element. It even appears on the Year Pillar.
  • What’s the element showing up in the position representing her father? It’s Yin Earth 己土 – her other beneficial element. Also, remember I said Yin Earth is both on her Year Stem and Day Branch? This is why her father is together with her during her tour and is always around her, because the element representing him shows up on both the Year Stem and her Day Branch, and her current 10-Year Phase of 己卯 activates it。
  • The thing that I love most about Taylor Swift’s BaZi chart is the fact that her Year Stem and Day Branch is Yin Earth 己土, and it is her 食神 ‘god’. This 食神 ‘gods’ is the reason why she has her elegance and why she’s so well-liked, and I have no doubts that she is, deep down, a very kind and wholesome person.
  • Now, go back to what I said about her 2025 to 2027: 2025 is an 乙巳 year, and this 乙 Wood does harm the 己 Earth on her Year Stem, so I do foresee some negative events related to her father showing up.

Are you confused by the technicals? I know you are. That’s why I’m the practitioner – and you’re not. More importantly, that’s why I get to keep my left, right, and imaginary middle ball.

Taking A Jab At Her Western Astrological Charts

I want to make this a little simpler this time as I specialise in Chinese astrology after all, and I wanted to show how BaZi can interpret just as many details as Western astrology can. That said, one strength of Western astrology that I acknowledge is that it can go into the psychological makeup of someone a lot better than Chinese astrology can, so reading a Western chart is always fun because you’re getting to know the person without getting to know the person.

Here are some of the things that stand out to me:

  • Anyone who reads up a bit on Western astrology knows she’s a Sagittarius by now, meaning her Sun is in Sagittarius. The Sun is Sagittarius, basically, the Lord of her 10th House of Career. Given that the Ruler of her Ascendant, Mars, is also in her Ascendant House, it is no surprise that her personality shines through, especially when it comes to her work.
  • Her Pluto is very close to her Ascendant, and Pluto happens to be the secondary ruler of Scorpio, so she has two really powerful and well-placed positions in her Ascendant House, and her intense energy levels, ambition, and aggression sometimes come from these two planets.
  • I personally love it that her Jupiter and Moon are both in Cancer as well because Jupiter is exalted there, albeit in retrograde, and the Moon is domicile in Cancer too. The 9th House governs aspects like one’s beliefs, wisdom, ethics, and philosophy. The simple way for me to put this is that her chart paints her as, well, a really nice person. I don’t feel she’ll ever be the sort that lets her success get to her.
  • I think one more extremely fascinating trait is that her Chiron is in the 9th House too together with her Jupiter and Moon. Chiron represents where one needs the most healing, or where one would experience the most growth spiritually. Taylor Swift comes across as the type that finds her higher-self through helping others, and we all know how giving she is and how well she treats her staff. As big of a celebrity she is, Taylor Swift’s chart does come across as someone who is deeply spiritual too.

Her Western natal chart breakdown is already all over the internet, so I won’t spend too much time on this, but one last thing I’ll point out as a way to put into practice what I’m studying is that her current Jupiter transit (Jupiter is Taurus now and it aspects several planets in her natal chart) is pretty interesting:

  • Jupiter’s transit in Taurus does form a Trine with her natal Saturn; her natal Saturn conjuncts her natal Mercury and has an opposition with her Jupiter. Take special note that both her natal Saturn and Jupiter are very well placed because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and Saturn is domiciled in Capricorn.
  • Even though her Saturn and Jupiter are in opposition, I don’t actually feel it causes anything negative in her chart. Perhaps it is this opposition that makes her songs so well received because it has a touch of Jupiter’s softness and the relatability of Saturn. Mercury being in the picture just adds the flavour because it’s the Ruler of her 11th House, which represents her community.
  • I said this when I broke down her BaZi chart above, but the Ruler of her 7th House is Venus, and it lands in her 4th House, and I do see this as a sign that she would want to have a meaningful relationship to settle down in. But before marriage comes into the picture, we’ll have to use Jupiter to assess her romantic partners as it rules her 5th House, and I suppose the numerous oppositions on Jupiter means she’s still figuring a few things out, especially when Neptune and Uranus are involved. Jupiter is transitting her 7th House (Marriage) now, and which is why Travis Kelce showed up, but we’ll have to see how it goes moving forward. I won’t go into that for now.
  • Do remember her Jupiter is together with Moon and Chiron, and I think what she’s really looking for is someone who shares the same worldview, and even spiritual views as she does. If that’s truly the case, then it’s no wonder now many people can fit the bill.
  • One fascinating thing that jumps out to me is that because her Jupiter is so meaningfully placed, this transit is perhaps one of the most significant transits in her lifetime. Her natal Jupiter conjuncts her Moon, and her Sun is in opposition with her Moon as well, so this transit activates even her Sun, which is the ruler of her 10th House, resting in her 2nd House. This is the most salient sign in the chart that explains why her career is getting such a big uplift now, and there’s nothing quite like a positive Sun placement.

I think my favourite part of her chart is still the fact that her Jupiter conjuncts her Moon, and both are in Cancer. Honestly, I don’t know much about Taylor Swift, but seeing this trait in her chart is already swiftly turning me into a Swiftie. But of course, Lisa Manobal will always be the truly special one to me. But hey, both of them are amazing, talented individuals, and they really deserve the success they have today.

Oh, I heard Taylor Swift has a couple of good break-up songs. I know my ex has a habit of stalking her exes because she stalked her ex in front of me before I made her my ex. I would have dedicated this song to her:

If you see this, you know you’re gonna be single AF forever. Whew, don’t get me started.


– Sean

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