Single’s Inferno Or Hellhole? An Astrological Case Study Of Lee Gwan Hee (이관희)

January 3, 2024

(Disclaimer: This post is not meant to induce hate on Lee Gwan Hee. No one is perfect, and his chart does have a lot of admirable qualities. This is just a case study that has a bit of the irreverent writing flair I’m known for. You’re free to form your own opinions of him. I’m just here to study the charts and understand why things happen. If you know me well enough – I ‘hate’ a lot of people, namely the Category 4 chart-holders.)

Let me just put it out there and say that I am a huge fan of Single’s Inferno. It’s the next best thing since Terrace House, which was unfortunately discontinued. I need a show like this to make me forget that life is suffering, only to be reminded that I am suffering watching people suffering in the latest season. I struggled with the title of this blog post as I don’t know whether to call it Single’s Hellhole or Lee Gwan Hee’s Gloryhole. I went with the safe option eventually.

I loved the first two seasons. The cast was so endearing. You genuinely wanted them to find their match, fall in love, make babies, and live happily ever after. Season 2 of Single’s Inferno also blessed us with this “God’s Gift To Both Men And Women”.

I am so freaking thirsty right now…

Hawt damn~! I’m not gay and as straight as an arrow, but even my heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on this spicy young man and that unforgettable entrance where he tore everyone else to shreds while radiating Big Dick Energy – Asian too! The existence of this man just screams, “It’s a good day to be gay.” and a small part of me wished I knew how it felt, but thank Heavens, I have Lisa Manobol, so life’s not too bad. It’s not just how he looks but his mannerisms and overall vibe. He oozes charm. I love this man, and I was delighted to see him on the panel of hosts, which made Season 3 of Single’s Inferno that much better. Just so we’re clear, I have a lot of gay friends, and I hang out at a gay bar sometimes, so please don’t see this as me cracking a joke at their expense. I love my gay friends (you should see how they swoon at the male cast of Single’s Inferno).

Alas, as we were all expecting another warm-and-fuzzy, gush-worthy season, no one was expecting the earth to split open and amidst the hellfire emerged someone who makes us lose faith in love and humanity:

Wear your tie properly FFS…

I present to you the person whom every Single’s Inferno fan wouldn’t want on the show – Lee Gwan Hee (이관희) – although he certainly allowed the show’s title to live up to its name. Single’s Inferno Season 3 is truly Hell, and my eyes and brain are singed watching this incubus try so hard and fail so badly to get laid that making love to a basketball would be more fulfilling. He can certainly do layups, but that’s the only laying he’s gonna get.

Any fan would know who he is by now, what he did, and the antics he’s been up to. Never once have we witnessed on world reality TV, by the blessing of Netflix, cockblock himself with such a level of precision, conniving, bravado, and even arithmetic that we question where the cock even went.

Wait. He didn’t block his own cock. He freaking blew it up. And if I were to say he blew his own cock – that doesn’t sound too right, although some of us probably think he’s better off doing so.

Moon in Libra vibes…

I initially wanted to call him “Forrest Gump From Hell”, but it dawned upon me that Forrest Gump is a likeable, inspirational person, albeit fictional. Even Forrest Gump got laid.

I’ve been curious about Lee Gwan Hee’s chart since his antics on the show started. I thought about it one day, and voilà, I returned home to watch the episode where he delivered it to me on a silver platter, and it is now public information to the delight of nonsensical astrologers with nothing to do – like myself. Fate and predestination.

We’ve confirmed that he is indeed a spawn from Hell in Episode 9. He is truly the incubus who is trying very hard to get laid but can’t because, clearly, both heads are missing. He probably got banished to Earth (the irony) by Satan to take part in the Single’s Inferno to show us what dating hell is like and true mastery of self-cockblocking.

Yes, this is hell. I don’t know why I’m so worked up about this. There are just so many layers of self-pwnage here that it’s too interesting and fun not to write about it. I need to decompress. So yes, I got to work. I. Got. To. Work.

Reverse Engineering Lee Gwan Hee’s Birthtime

I’ve said this before, but Western astrology is a lot more helpful in reverse engineering someone’s birth time. Without looking into the various possible charts yet, two Ascendant signs came to mind: 1) Leo and 2) Scorpio.

Leo is the sign everyone loves to hate, and Scorpio loves to hate. (I say this in jest. Don’t get sensitive on me now.)

It’s a tough choice between Scorpio and Leo because that ego of his is the size of Jupiter, and you could also witness a bit of vindictiveness with the way he tries to ‘get back’ and others for not making him feel wanted.

Let’s lay his charts on the table first:

As much as I hate to admit this, the Chinese astrological charts didn’t help much with the reverse-engineering of his birth time, so I’m really glad I picked up Western astrology because it’s turning out to be extremely useful (especially for trivial case studies like this).

Let’s break it all down and see how all three techniques paint the same picture.

Digging Into Lee Gwan Hee’s Western Astrological Chart

Let’s look into his Western astrological chart first:

First and foremost, don’t ask me why the charts are in Chinese. Ask yourself why you can’t read Chinese, you Chinese.

I have to state first that I might still be wrong, but the main reason why I chose this chart is because of his profession as a sportsperson. Let’s break it down:

  • I zoomed into his 10th House, Aries, ruled by Mars – the most aggressive and combative planet that’s representative of competitiveness. We then look at where Mars lands, and I expect it to land in either the 6th House, which represents competition, or the 7th House, which represents opponents. It lands in the 7th House, which fits the bill of him being in a highly competitive field. His 7th House is also Aquarius, so there are themes of community or competition coming in the form of a group.
  • The Ruler of his Ascendent is the Sun, which lands in the 10th House (Career). His life will revolve a lot around his career, for sure. The Ruler of his 2nd House (Money/Assets) is also Leo, as the two Houses share the same sign (I don’t use Whole Sign for those who know what I’m talking about). It does somewhat suggest he uses his body to make his money, which a sportsperson naturally does. You don’t necessarily need to be a cognitive genius to succeed in sports, but you need an exceptionally fit body.
  • Jupiter also conjuncts the Sun in his 10th House. Jupiter expands, whereas the Sun is one’s ego, which is probably why he has such a huge one and seems like he’s on a mission to glorify himself knowing three ladies are into him on the show. This is on top of Pluto being in opposition to his Sun as well.
  • He has a Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter Stellium in his 10th house. Mercury is the Ruler of the 11th House (Community, Friends, Groups), and Jupiter is the Ruler of his 5th (Romance, Play, Self-expression) and 8th House (Goals, Sex, Shared Finances). His 10th House Ruler is Venus, which lands in his 11th House, so, again, there are themes of his career revolving around community, teams, etc.
  • Mars has a Square aspect to his Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter Stellium in his 10th House. I don’t exactly know how to interpret this other than to say that Mars squaring his Sun does suggest intense competition since Mars is in his 7th House, and Mercury is the Ruler of the House that represents community does give it a theme of the competition coming from groups. I don’t quite know how to decipher the Ruler of the 5th & 8th House in the context of his career.
  • One interesting thing to note is that most of his planets are also in peregrine, except Saturn and Moon, although the harsh aspect between them doesn’t make it any better. Venus is also in Gemini, and we all know what Gemini can be like – fickle.

Some of his quirks that show up in his chart are also:

  • His Ruler of 7th (Marriage, Partners) is Saturn, which lands in his 5th House, representing romance, love, and play. I can only say that he’s very ‘structured’ when dealing with relationships, and everything he does feels like he’s trying to strike a deal or sign a contract.
  • Saturn squares his Moon, which governs emotions; his Moon is in his 3rd House (Communication) and the Ruler of his 12th House. The 12th House represents mysteries and hidden things and the subconscious, which is why this shows up in his communication style. You don’t quite know what he’s thinking, and Saturn squaring him does allow him to execute on these hidden agendas. Saturn squaring Moon also suggests he’s not sensitive when dealing with other people’s feelings, which we’ve all witnessed.
  • Now, as for why he’s so popular with the ladies. I’m not too sure if it’s right to interpret it this way, but his Ruler of the 7th House is in his 5th House, after all. 7th House is partners, and 5th House is romance, so he has a lot of action going on there.
  • The Sun opposition Pluto is interesting, too, as it usually denotes a struggle with one’s ego and self-expression, and there’s even a stellium involved here.

Interestingly, and I hope I’m not falling prey to confirmation bias here because his BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu chart says the same thing.

Digging Into Lee Gwan Hee’s BaZi Chart

It comes as a bit of a surprise, but his BaZi chart is actually not too shabby because he’s in a very positive 10-Year Phase now, which is his 庚申 10-Year Phase running from 2020 to 2030. Note that Yang Metal (庚) is also built into his natal chart, and this is his “Useful God”/Critical Element, so this 10-Year Phase will have a huge positive effect on him that’ll probably help him in his career. Basic BaZi theory tells us that Yang Metal can bring out the best side of Yang Wood, so having it in his chart is a good trait, although this 庚 Metal sits on 午, which makes it lose some of its admirable qualities.

Despite being in a positive 10-Year Phase, the initial and middle portion of this 10-Year Phase, which are the Fire Annual Phases, aren’t going to be good for him, and it’s probably going to happen soon starting this year in 2024, probably due to the backlash of his antics on Single’s Inferno.

Mr Virgin Grinch here is so popular with the ladies because every part of his natal chart has an element representing women. To those with some basic BaZi knowledge, you’ll see several Yang Earth 戊土s in his natal chart – his Year Pillar, Month Branch, and even one hidden in his Day Branch of 寅。Yang Earth being on the Year Stem and Day Branch at the same time is akin to him being born to be surrounded by women. He even has a Yin Earth 己土, which also represents women, but it shows up as Direct Wealth (正财), whereas Yang Earth (戊) represents Indirect Wealth (偏财). Now, to have both Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth appearing at the same time means he’s going to be the spineless Casanova that he’s shown all of us that he is – he can’t make up his mind, which is a very Venus in Gemini trait, I suppose.

A lot of the troubles he’ll encounter in life will also be due to women and relationships, best symbolised by that 辰辰自刑 that forms, which is often associated with repressed emotions, self-sabotaged, erratic thoughts. I would reckon this 辰辰自刑 is most representative of his Saturn square Moon. Another thing to note is that his Day Branch, which is the Marriage Sector, is 寅, and it’s a positive element, but not only is it being drained, but his 10-Year Phase of 庚申 also comes in to clash it. This clash is not necessarily bad for his personal growth because all Yang Woods (甲) will need Yang Metal (庚) at some point, but it will still come with a bit of turbulence because it is a clash, after all.

I know what some of the BaZi hobbyists are thinking. “Isn’t his Daymaster weak? Why would you say his current 10-Year Phase of Yang Metal being 7-Killings is good?” That’s for me to know and you to find out.

The Parallels In Lee Gwan Hee’s Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

This is the fascinating part because the synchronicity, coincidence, or whatever you want to call it is so uncanny that it gives me goosebumps. I didn’t actually look at his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart until I was confident of what his Western chart was.

He is a freaking 贪狼 (tān láng) Zi Wei Dou Shu chart-holder. You would have heard me say this in my other case studies, but 贪狼 is the biggest Peach Blossom star in Zi Wei Dou Shu, and anyone born under this star will have an extremely strong affinity with people of the opposite gender. But that’s not to say that all 贪狼 people will be like Forrest Gump From Hell. The problem with him is that his 贪狼 is under the influence of 文昌 (wén chāng) and 文曲 (wén qū). In most cases, 文昌 and 文曲 are considered benefactor stars that imbue people with scholastic or artistic talent, but it doesn’t mean all charts welcome them. 贪狼 dislikes appearing with 文昌 and 文曲。Why? Because 文昌 and 文曲 are also Peach Blossom stars, and for them to appear with 贪狼 is too excessive. It makes the chart-holder not just fluffy but impasse and indecisive when it comes to love, and they will always be chasing the next high because, deep down, they are hopeless romantics chasing after that high. I can assure you that this is written in every Zi Wei Dou Shu book.

There are several other traits in his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart that point out his cringey behaviour, such as 天机化忌 being in its worst position in his 子女宫, which governs romance, intimacy, etc. 天机化忌 does make someone scheming, and the show does confirm this. You can’t help but feel there was a bit of scheming and malice going on, which is a very typical 天机化忌 trait.

What Does Lee Gwan Hee’s Future Look Like?

Alright, I have no reason to hate him, and it’s just a show. He has his own form of charm, but seeing him demean women and play mind games on international TV doesn’t sit well with me because he’s messed with our queen:

To see him treat Choi Hye-seon with such disrespect is offputting. His mannerisms during their final date were appalling and repulsive as hell. I wanted to give Lee Gwan Hee the benefit of the doubt and blame it on creative editing and scripting, but his actions and behaviour, and his BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Western astrological charts all concur that he is truly from Hell. He’s extremely insufferable on the show.

The above being said, I still have to be objective and say that his astrological charts still have their admirable qualities and are considered above average. It’s actually quite a good chart, just that the signs, planets, and sectors governing love & romance and emotions aren’t doing too well.

If I were to describe his chart, it’s a bit like a flawed gem in the sense that there are a lot of tarnished good qualities. For example, his most critical element (Yang Metal 庚金) appears on his Hour Stem, but the natal status of his Yang Metal can be better given that it sits on 午 Fire and is under pressure by 丙 Fire on his Month Stem. But as I mentioned, his current 10-Year Phase sends this Yang Metal into a highly empowered state, which is why he’s getting a bit of fame and is probably doing well for his career for the time being. If I were to use Zi Wei Dou Shu, his 贪狼 is in a 化禄 state, but it is affected by 文曲 and 文曲, but there’s a 流出忌 that diminishes 化禄’s positive side. In other words, his life has a theme of turning good situations into bad ones or having missed opportunities. Bringing in Western astrology, his Jupiter and Mercury are in combust, so he doesn’t benefit from the positive aspects of these planets as much and his ego overshadows everything. It could have been a very high-quality chart if not for these obvious flaws, but regardless, he’ll still achieve way more than others.

I must also point out that he’s about to go through what all 37 and 38-year-olds go through – his Saturn square Saturn transit. Saturn is in his 5th House (Romance, Love), and the transit will form when Saturn is in his 8th House (Sex, Intimacy), and note that Saturn rules his 6th (Habits, Work Ethic) and 7th House (Partners). There are strong themes of him getting a lesson regarding relationships and how he treats people in general. Just in time for his Fan Tai Sui year in 2024, followed by the Fire years of 2025 to 2027, which won’t be easy for him because his critical element is being harmed. His toughest year should be 2026, so let’s see if we catch any news of him at that point.

2026 is a 丙午 (Fire Horse) year, and it’ll cause the Yang Fire 丙火 on his Month Stem to harm the Yang Metal 庚金 on his Hour Stem. Perhaps he’ll be too distracted by his newfound fame that he forgets what his core career is, and his teammates end up being displeased with him. Let’s be objective here: Lee Gwan Hee does not have a chart of a celebrity but of a sportsperson, and he will never be in the same league as Kim Jin-young.

If Mr Casanova here is not celibate now, he’s definitely going to be a Celibate Casanova for the next few years. The irony of Season 3 of Single’s Inferno is that Lee Gwan Hee makes singlehood feel like Heaven. The hype from the show aside, I’m sure he’s a nice, fun guy to hang out with outside of the domain of love, but the way he treats women does tarnish that boyish charm of his quite a bit.

Gawd… What a season… For goodness sake, have some class and respect the ladies… If a man ever treats my daughter like that, he’s dead.

– Sean

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