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My BaZi (八字) & Feng Shui (風水) Journey

My Background

I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Singapore, going through the typical path of a Singaporean and graduating with a degree from NUS Business School and the University Scholars Programme.

My affinity with Chinese culture & history and started when I was 18 when I first started to get in touch with my Taiwanese roots. I ventured into the field of Chinese metaphysics with a lot of appreciation and respect for Chinese history and what our ancestors developed. It is for this reason that I dug deep into the Chinese classical texts written in Literary Chinese (文言文)。 As a result, I’m one of the few practitioners who can explain the theory, as well as the history of BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu (casually referred to as ‘fortune-telling’), and Feng Shui in both layman English and Mandarin.

I’ve read more than 1,500 charts professionally since 2014 and got to witness first hand how this art is still relevant till today and the profound impact on people’s lives. You will likely find me very different from the incumbent practitioners who have been around for a while now, and there’s a good reason why I am different which I hope you’ll eventually find out why as you explore this site.

The Journey So Far

This website had humble beginnings, with less than 10 visitors a day when it first started. Today, it’s one of the highest ranking and most visited websites on Chinese metaphysics globally. I’m considered a thought-leader in this field by my readers and the companies that I work with and am one of the leading practitioners in Southeast Asia despite this being my part-time job.

My mission is to translate ancient wisdom into something that can be easily understood by the modern audience, as well as educating the masses on this field such that no one will be harmed by the blatant and intentional misapplication of Chinese metaphysics plaguing our society right now.

I would highly encourage you to visit my blog which is the most important part of this website. My posts are aimed at dispelling the myths and misconceptions that are plaguing this field which often leads people to misapply Chinese metaphysics, make the wrong decisions and end up harming themselves. There is a lot we can learn from our ancestors and what they developed, but sadly it has been bastardized by misleading and unethical practices. I hope my work and what I write here can one day set new standards in this field, and that all may benefit from this art the way our ancestors intended it to.

If this is your first time to my website, take your go through the trove of articles in my blog and understand my philosophy and approach to this field. There’s no need to rush for a consultation – I’m going to be around for a very long time and I’m easily accessible. My contact details can always be found on my “Booking An Appointment” page.

My Specialisations And What I Do 

BaZi | 八字 |天源術 | 사주팔자

Many clients have come to me for BaZi consultations to ask about topics such as career, wealth, marriage, health and other aspects of their lives. It gives me great satisfaction to know that my knowledge in this field is able to help others find clarity and direction. Do note that I can only give my personal opinions on matters and you should never regard it as a replacement for proper professional help and advice from doctors or counsellors.

Whatever stage of life you’re in now, you can always benefit from a reading to prepare for what’s ahead. Remember, nothing is set in stone. BaZi (八字) is the manifestation of nature’s laws and describes the unfolding of these laws – where the path ultimately leads to is still up to you. Our ancestors developed BaZi (八字) as a guide precisely because we have the ability to change and influence ‘fate’. Our ancestors would not spend centuries developing this art only to tell us that we are unable change things.

Should you wish to do a consultation, do take a look at the FAQ section and testimonials to help you with your decision. I’d also encourage everyone to read through my blog to understand my views on the subject and decide whether I’m the right consultant for you.

Zi Wei Dou Shu | 紫微斗数

Without going too much into the history and technicals, Zi Wei Dou Shu is basically another form of Chinese astrology which came at a later point in Chinese history. It’s regarded as a more advanced method which can give more insights compare to BaZi, but it’s also a lot more complex which makes it virtually impossible for layman to understand what’s going on.

My Zi Wei Dou Shu consultations are no different from my BaZi consultations. I use both BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu concurrently doing my consultations for added depth and insight, so you get to benefit from both methods with a single consultation with me. My reports will be more focused on BaZi as it is easier to break down and explain to you. I will bring in Zi Wei Dou Shu accordingly to point out the details and areas you’ll need to focus on based on your questions.

Do not worry about which method I use at the end of the day. Both methods will always have the same conclusion and will not contradict each other. They merely describe cause-and-effect in a different way.

Feng Shui | 風水

If you are looking to have your current house’s feng shui assessed or are in the process of looking for a new home, I would strongly encourage you read through my blog to hear my thoughts and views on the subject. You’ll notice that I hold very different views from the incumbent commercialized practitioners who rely solely on metaphysics for their income. There’s a saying that goes 七分命理不出门, 三分风水闯天下。It is easy for anyone to pass off as a feng shui master; the real test lies in their knowledge in the theory of metaphysics (命理) and astrology.

There are tons of feng shui masters out there and you may be wondering “What makes all of you different”? My blog aims to answer that question and help you make an informed decision. This service is not something I feel like I should hard sell, and the role I see myself playing has always been that of an educator to demystify and pass down what our ancestors have developed.

My feng shui clients get to benefit from my knowledge in Chinese astrology, as all these different methods will be brought together to help you plan what your next moves will be.

In case you’ve missed the announcement: I’ve also recently been appointed as the Key Opinion Leader of 99.co, Singapore’s largest property portal, for Feng Shui related matters!



I’m your everyday person who happened to develop an interest in metaphysics since young. I hold a full-time job at a start-up and this is my sideline and I intend to keep it this way for various reasons – ethical reasons in particular. I don’t rely on this as my main source of income, and that takes away all moral hazards when I conduct my consultations and develop myself in this field. I don’t feel it’s right to use marketing gimmicks to make people part with their money and neither do I believe in charms or items and I see this field strictly as a means to improve oneself and nature’s laws that we are bound to.

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BaZi (八字) is a form of Chinese astrology, more commonly known as the ‘4 Pillars of Destiny‘ in the West; 天源術 in Japan and 사주팔자 in Korea. To break it down further, in essence, it is a time-keeping system linked to the 24 Solar Terms and the sexagenary cycle which repeats itself every 60 years. The ancient Chinese believed in the ‘unison with the Heavens’ (天人合一),and through the process of measuring time and the laws that bind us to it, they realized that our lives paralleled nature’s laws. BaZi is a description of the interplay of these laws which allows practitioners to explore the potential, strengths and weaknesses of the individual and how he or she interacts with the world.

BaZi is an art is that is relevant till this day. Society may change, but the laws of the universe doesn’t.


I’ve read through all the Chinese classical texts that are deemed a must-read before anyone should even start commenting on a chart or house. The knowledge I possess does not come from the internet nor books written by modern authors; the books I read are from China’s dynastic period when this art flourished without being tainted by commercial motivations. Some of these books, to name a few, are 《三命通会》,《滴天髓》,《子平真诠》,《穷通宝鉴》,《沈氏玄空学》,《八宅明镜》,《阳宅十书》,《黄帝宅经》,《葬书》。

You will find that a lot of ‘practitioners’ out there have never touched a single Chinese classic. If I say something in my report, I will always be able to point out which book and chapter I got it from and explain the theory behind it to you.

Again, I am not an advocate of buying lucky charms or figurines to change your luck. There is no mention of such ‘remedies’ in Chinese classical texts, so be wary of practitioners who suggest items as a remedy.


I had a challenging start to life and was simply looking for an answer which eventually led me to metaphysics – just that I went deeper than most people given my ability to read Chinese as someone born in Taiwan. I didn’t go into this field harbouring intentions to monetize it some day. It started off as a genuine interest in the subject and it was always used as an ice-breaker when I meet new people at social gatherings.

Many of my friends felt that I could help a lot of people with this knowledge encouraged me to do this as a sideline. I decided to give it a shot and never looked back. It was uneasy at the start, but seeing how some clients have really benefited from this, it’s turned out to be a really fulfilling job.


This art is something I take a lot of pride in. It has helped me a lot in my life and I had the privilege of seeing how this field can help others too. My knowledge comes straight from the Chinese classics and I will explain step-by-step how I arrived to the conclusion regarding your BaZi chart or house. What’s important is that you complete the consultation with a feeling of clarity and direction – it is not supposed to confused you further which is something that happens rather often.

What I can offer on top of my expertise is my sincerity and appreciation for your trust in me. I will always do my best for my clients. Yes, you may find me expensive, but rest assured I’ll make it worth your while. Do spend some time to go through my testimonials and blog.

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