I’m going to talk about a very uncomfortable topic today. I think it’s important that I address this once in a while, and continue my efforts in educating people who are interested in metaphysics or just starting to explore this field. Readers who follow of this blog closely know me as someone who speaks his mind and that I don’t sugar coat things. I say it as it is because I really wish to drive a certain point across and really let my readers see things from a different perspective. This field is harming more people than it is helping people due to all the myths being perpetuated and the excessive positivity spun around this field as it makes it easier to sell as a life-changing tool.

Before I continue with this post, let me just make it clear that I’m NOT invalidating or belittling people’s struggles – they are people out there who really need our help of course and it’s not always about telling them to stop finding excuses or victimizing themselves. This post’s aim is to offer a more holistic view of metaphysics, and it’s addressed to the people who don’t realize how fortunate they already are, and are self-sabotaging themselves without knowing.

I want to orient everyone a little first and talk about why I wish to write this post. I understand some practitioners out there will always put a positive spin to things and will promise you the stars and infinite possibilities after you get a chart reading. It’s not that they are doing something wrong and I do admire that intent and spirit, but even such things should have a limit. Too much of positive spinning and you are misleading, as well as deluding the client.

I am a realist and practicing metaphysics in a way makes you so. I genuinely feel there are certain things that need to be addressed despite it being uncomfortable and bring it out to the open for discussion. Having the courage to accept that things may not always go your way is the necessary catalyst to real, long lasting change. A lot of the bad decisions that made by individuals are due to having an unbalanced view of things or the misreading of a situation, and I can say with absolute certainty that it’s counterproductive to only focus on the positive side of things. Balance is paramount. The whole philosophy of Chinese metaphysics was built on the concept of balance, hence the Ying Yang symbol and the duality, as well as dichotomy it represents. 

The best real-life example I can give is a client rushing into business with all the zest and positivity in the world, without having a clear gauge of their capabilities nor a back-up plan in the event that they fail – most of them they go into business thinking everything will go smoothly and they suddenly find themselves on the edge of a cliff when things go south. A superficial view on a situation like this is to admire this person’s spirit, but a wiser person would be able to read the situation much better and see the potential pitfalls.

Anyone who has gotten a consultation with me will always hear me say this: “Our ancestors would not spend centuries developing this field of Chinese metaphysics, just to tell us we can’t do anything to change our lives.” The whole point of getting a reading is to help you identify blind spots and areas where you can improve on, and give you clarity on why you to go through certain things. Why in the high heavens would our ancestors spend so much time observing the stars and nature’s laws, just to tell us in the end “Oops! Sorry! You can’t do anything about it. I guess life sucks and you die?” The people who developed metaphysics weren’t so stupid to waste time like that, and neither did they get into this field for glory.

You guys get my point right? In fact, there are so many Chinese classics on metaphysics that keep stressing about personal cultivation so that we can transcend our charts. The founders of metaphysics said it themselves! It’s not something I made up!

Objectively speaking there are definitely charts of different qualities in the eyes of metaphysics. This is the harsh truth and this is a fact. In fact, these are laws, and there is no such thing as subjectivity when it comes to this. There is a Yin and Yang to everything; there is always a duality or dichotomy to things. That applies to us as human beings and our lives as well. If you’ve ever picked up a Chinese classic on BaZi (八字) to read before, you will definitely hear the word 富貴, which means wealth and nobility. You will find a lot of modern day books on BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu that focus on what makes a chart worthy of wealth and nobility. How about the flip side then? If you’ve gone through the Chinese classics before, you will also often see the world 貧賤, where 貧 means poor and 賤 means a lowly status (it can also mean cheap but in a different context). You won’t find a lot of modern day books that talk about bad chart under the ‘poor and lowly status’ category (貧賤),because no one likes reading about such things and I doubt such books will sell. No one wants to pick up a book just to find out their chart falls into this category. Selling hope is easier and more profitable.

And yes, I said it. There are some charts that fall into this 貧賤 (poor and lowly status) category. In fact, the number of charts in this category drastically outweigh those in the wealth and nobility category. It’s something I find it hard to bring up myself because it’s an extremely sensitive topic and no wants to be told that their charts fall under this category. I’m sure everyone agrees that the existence of bad charts is not something I made up. It’s just that people shy away from such topics so much that they fail to see the importance is thinking about the flip side of things, and metaphysics was distorted into something that offers a quick fix to things. This is just life and the hard truths. It sounds morbid yes, but at the same time, it makes success much sweeter should you choose to attain it.

I repeat: “Our ancestors would not spend centuries developing this field of Chinese metaphysics, just to tell us we can’t do anything to change our lives.”

BaZi is not everything. It’s just a small part within the grand scheme of things. It represents nature but it does not take nurture into account – and nurture is something we can control.

So you might be asking, what happens if I have a bad BaZi chart? Before I get to that, perhaps let me break down charts into 4 major categories before I talk about the difference between a good and bad chart. When you assess a chart, you need to look at both the natal chart and the luck phases. You can not look at them separately, so we can roughly breakdown the chart types as such:

  • Category 1: Natal Chart + Good Luck Phases (命好,運也好)
  • Category 2: Poor Natal Chart + Good Luck Phases (命不好,運好)
  • Category 3: Good Natal Chart + Bad Luck Phases (命好,運不好)
  • Category 4: Bad Natal Chart + Bad Luck Phases (命不好,運也不好)

There’s a common saying that 命好不如運好。It’s more important to have good elemental phases that a good natal chart. But bear in mind one’s elemental phases spans many years, and keeps changing every 10 years, so the key to the quality of a chart is to encounter as many of these positive 10-year phases as possible.

Charts in category 1 and category 2 stand the highest chance at success because their elemental phases are on their side. Clients and people who get a reading tend to underestimate the importance of your luck phases, and I’m talking about your 10-year luck phases (大運). When you flip through the Chinese classics, you’ll always see cases studies focusing only on the 10-year luck phases because that is the prerequisite and determinant of how well or how badly your life will unfold. Having good Annual Luck (流年運) is rather meaningless if your 10-year luck phase is bad. This is the reason why annual forecasts are absolute nonsense because it’s not grounded in theory at all and you will never see me participate in the bastardizing of this field.

You can see your natal chart as referring to your inner world, the talents you are born with and your character. It’s basically a description of you according to nature’s laws. The chart you were born with is like a snapshot of the laws that were in place at that given point in time. If you were lucky, you would be born during a time where everything is balanced and something valuable is formed as part of natural phenomena. If not, you would be born with a chart that indicates that you are at a death and decay phase of the cycle.

Your Elemental Phases, on the other hand, describe the changing environment around you and how you interact with it. These two aspects will interact with each other and paint a story of how your life will unfold. You can never separate your natal chart and your Elemental Phases.

Please pay close attention to what I just said: your Luck/Elemental Phases describe how you interact with the world around you and put in a layman way, it refers to your attitude and how you deal with things as well. The word “luck” is not a very good word to use in Chinese metaphysics, because it implies good things will happen on its own and we don’t have to do anything about it. If you feel metaphysics is about getting “good luck” and you expect good things to happen to you with no effort put in, I’m pretty sure you fall into category 3 or 4 – I’ve done enough consultations to know. There is no such thing as “luck” in Chinese metaphysics – this word “luck” is not a good representation of what 运 truly means.

I’ve started this consulting sideline around 3 years now at this time of writing (don’t mistake this for how long I’ve studied metaphysics), with more than 600 readings done professionally and counting, so I’ve definitely encountered clients from all 4 categories before. If you’re wondering how people from these categories are like, let me describe them to you because I think it’s important to everyone to know, and perhaps ask yourself (don’t ask me during the consultation please) which category you fall under.

Note that the descriptions aren’t from the Chinese classics, but my own portrayal of what I’ve experienced thus far and the descriptions aren’t exhaustive and can take many different forms, but the general idea is there:

Category 1:  Natal Chart + Good Luck Phases (命好,運也好)

These people, by the fact that they have a good natal chart, are born into good families that people will envy. They have a solid foundation and their environment is a very positive one, helping them develop as a person. My experience with them is that they are very grounded, hardworking and generally very intelligent. They possess qualities that any human being would and should look up to. Because their luck phases are good as well and these phases are a reflection of their mindset, they keep developing themselves as a person, and because they have a positive environment on their side as they develop, they will eventually attain wealth and success – it’s just a matter of time.

This group of people makes up the smallest proportion of my clients because they simply don’t need a reading. Their lives are going well and they are enjoying their lives. In fact, I can learn more from them than they can learn from me.

Category 2: Poor Natal Chart + Good Luck Phases (命不好,運好)

People under this category start off with a tough life. Perhaps their environment is not as ideal, or maybe they are not as talented – it could be either or a mix of reasons. But through sheer hard work, resilience and a positive attitude, they got their breakthrough and they attained success. They never give up and they create their own opportunities. You could say Li Ka Shing falls under this category. He had a really tough start to life, but look at where he is now. Remember, the word “luck” is not exactly the best word to use when it comes to metaphysics. People with good “luck phases” work extremely hard to get to where they are. It’s not that good things happen to them while they were standing still and doing nothing. Metaphysics is but a way to describe cause and effect.

Two people can start from the same starting point, by why is it that some of them can end up doing so well, but some of them keep going downhill? Yes, you could say it’s because their ‘luck phases’ are good, but what is ‘luck phases’ exactly? Again, metaphysics is just a way of describing cause and effect, and the only difference between someone in Category 2 and Category 4 is their mindset.

Category 3: Good Natal Chart + Bad Luck Phases (命好,運不好)

They are the ones who are fortunate to be born into a good family, are naturally very talented and intelligent, but got complacent and things start to dwindle. They assume things always will go their way and tend to make really bad life decisions. Because of the way they are, people around them start to get unhappy and things start to get rough for them and in the end, they can’t reach their full potential and their later years can get a little rough. The degree of how tough their life gets depends varies from chart to chart, but the road is generally bumpy for them and it’s often a huge waste of good talent. They may be wealthy, but they aren’t necessarily happy.

Category 4: Bad Natal Chart + Bad Luck Phases (命不好,運也不好)

This is the group that you will never find people in category 1 and category 2 hanging around with. They are the ones major character flaws to work on and these flaws can manifest in different forms.

Some can be toxic, negative and always finding someone or something to blame. They think the world owes them a living, lack complete self-awareness and expect things to go their way without putting in any effort. It manifests differently for different people – some of them are self-entitled, some are disrespectful, and some simply think too highly of themselves. They want a short cut solution to their problems. 

Some of them can simply lack confidence and have no particular skill they can leverage on for survival. They are the ‘drifters’ that are always lost.

In general, people under this category have no significant achievements in life and if they are lucky, they get to live pay cheque to pay cheque. There is a high chance that the people they hang around with also fall under this category. Do not ask me if you fall under this category during the consultation – if you lack the self-awareness or humility to do some introspection, the answer should be clear even without me saying.

This is the most critical part of this post, so pay attention.

Whenever you put someone with a high-quality BaZi chart next to someone with a low-quality one, anyone would be able to tell the difference in their character, their mindset and their calibre. You don’t have to be a practitioner to see the differences. Why I’m making this comparison, as uncomfortable as it is, is because you need to see that metaphysics is not about “luck”, or who is “luckier”.

We are a product of nature’s laws, and our charts describe these laws, how we develop and who we eventually become. The chart is a reflection of these laws and these laws follow a cycle and pattern, which is why practitioners can do what they do – because we are simply just studying nature’s laws. The fortunate thing about being human is that we are not inanimate; we can choose to mold our own minds, but the reality is that not many people choose to exercise this option and I’m sure you agree with me.

Metaphysics isn’t some mystical skill to generate good luck so that one can sit back and wait for good things to happen. One would be a world-class imbecile to believe in something like that. Successful people are successful because they make good decisions, to the extent that even the way they feel and their attitude is a decision. You use metaphysics to make better decisions; metaphysics isn’t supposed to make the decisions for you. You are supposed to turn into an empowered, self-actualized individual with the help of metaphysics – not some superstitious goon who can’t think critically.

It doesn’t help when the media and certain ‘practitioners’ package metaphysics as a short-cut or as a tool to attract “good luck”. We are know functioning in a society where metaphysics harms more than it helps. If you are truly interested in metaphysics and want to benefit from it, give this field the due respect and go read up on Chinese history and philosophy, the theory of Yin Yang & The 5 Elements. Put yourself in our ancestors’ shoes and try to understand how they viewed the universe and its laws. They deserve that much.


The reason why I need prospective clients to fill up a form first is because I try my best not to take on clients who fall under category 4, so I do screen them first. Because they are the ones that no matter what I say, they won’t be happy with the reading. They want a short cut solution to their problems and they think metaphysics is a short cut to life’s issues – it really isn’t. Reading books, talking to people and getting honest feedback from others would benefit them a lot more than getting a BaZi reading. Please remember that I am also human and I have my limits, and frankly I really don’t like dealing with people under category 4.

I try my best to be compassionate and uplifting but some people are really just downright toxic, and frankly, I have no patience with them because I did not allow myself to be that way and I don’t have friends like that. I refuse to have people like that around me. I am not a counsellor, and I don’t intend to be one. My job is to decipher charts and educate people on this field. I can give my opinion as a person or friend, but I can never solve anyone’s problems and you should not see me as someone who can. Only you can solve your own problems.

I promised everyone that I will always remain genuine and authentic, but I hope I have everyone’s understanding that sometimes I need to say things that are uncomfortable but underlying my harsh tone are good intentions. If you are serious about transcending your chart, then these are the things that you have to accept. Pretending they don’t exist, choosing to ignore them isn’t going to change anything. It doesn’t matter who you consult, but I hope you do go to a good practitioner, and when you do go to one, please be in the right mindset.

If you think your life’s problems can be solved by placing crystals in certain areas of your home or wearing a certain colour everyday, you really need to take a good look at yourself and try to think critically – do all these things even make sense? What makes you think life is so simple? Some of you might already have a good chart with good luck phases, so these tricks seem to work and some practitioners ride on it and make a killing selling you an expensive item, but how about the people in the other categories? Do you really think by wearing a ring that costs 5 figures can turn your life around? Watch the confirmation bias and think of the people who believed these things only to have their lives become worse because they are further in debt.

So what exactly does one need to do to transcend your chart and to change things if you happen to have a bad chart? All you need is self-awareness, will power and humility. Everything is interconnected, and everything has a cause and we need to accept that we will always be part of the cause-and-effect chain. Your chart tells a practitioner how you are, how you think, and what your mindset is like. The moment you develop the self-awareness and humility needed, practitioners will not be able to get your chart right. Out of all the chart readings I’ve done, I have only met ONE such person who seems to have transcended her chart. Your chart is not everything, and if your luck phases are a description of your mindset and how you interact with the world, all you need to do is to change your mindset and the way you deal with things to ‘change your chart’.

This sideline of mine has allowed me to have a much better life, and I’ve made a lot of new friends through this, but I do not intend to insult our ancestors and continue to bastardize this field by participating in all the nonsense that’s going around. I am not that kind of person and I am not that kind of practitioner.



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