When Your Client Ends Up On International News: A Perfect Example Of Everything I’ve Been Saying

July 26, 2020

What I’m about to do in this post will be a first and might be a bit controversial. In all of my posts, no one will ever know who the charts belong to. I do post screenshots of my WhatsApp conversations and emails, but no one’s identity has ever been revealed. What I’m about to write about is so out of this world that it’s impossible to not know who I am referring to if I were to start speaking about it.

If I said one of my clients got caught for illegal intelligence activities in a foreign country, you’d immediately know who I am referring.

I’m going to make an exception this time. Honestly, I do feel a bit uncomfortable, but I hope everyone grants me this exception due to the special nature of this because withholding the name, at this point, is just going to feel rather coy.

For my past and prospective clients, you can be assured that no one will know you ever had a consultation with me unless: 1) You told someone else yourself 2) You are a criminal. 3) Your situation is so unique that everyone will know it’s you.

I know some people might perceive this as an opportunistic attempt to market myself. I won’t deny that I acknowledge this as an opportunity to do so, but it’s mostly because it’s just too fascinating not to write about it. I also wish to take this chance to reiterate a lot of the things I’ve been saying in my blog and stress why it’s so important to think about our approach towards Chinese metaphysics.

Anyway, here’s the story.

Finding Out My Ex-Client Was ‘Four-Eyed James Bond’

Everyone woke up on Friday to find out that a Singaporean has put the country in an awkward position, and in some ways, disgraced the country. Instead of acting in the interests of his motherland, he was, for the lack of a better word, a “spy” for another country. He is Singapore’s first four-eyed rogue James Bond. I’m not going to cover the name because I think anyone who has tuned in to the news or followed any news channels on social media would have seen it by now and as I said, if I went “I have a client who got arrested for espionage”, I might as well just put the name down.

Personally, I would have felt different about the situation if he acted for his own country, but to do so for another while jeopardizing his own motherland is extremely foolish.

I usually turn on the TV and let the news run in the background while I’m doing work. When I first heard the name, it didn’t occur to me that it was my ex-client until I saw the photo. I crossed paths with this person in 2017 and he eventually came for a consultation with me that year.

Let’s get this out of the way first. I was not a target for recruitment. I wouldn’t be writing about it if I were. I’m also the worst recruit possible for reasons I’m sure everyone knows better than me. Do I look like a subtle and quiet person to you? Jokes aside, there are certain things about humanity and how the world works which I detest, and countries trying to be ‘funny’ with each other is one of them. It is not in my charts to be involved. I’m all for a simple, quiet life.

I remember this particular client vividly because, and I’ll be frank, you could clearly tell this person had issues he was dealing with when you speak to him. The excessive selfies also gave some hints when we first crossed paths. Personally, he’s not the kind of individual that I want around me. I know it sounds judgemental, but little things tell a lot about a person and it’s the reason why he was a target for recruitment in the first place.

An article on SCMP quoted a Singapore academic stating that Yeo had an “inflated sense of his own importance and in need of recognition and validation”. This is an accurate description based on my memory of him. Four-eyed James Bond’s chart paints the same picture as to how other’s describe him. I’ve spoken about how the need to be recognized and validated has driven a lot of practitioners in the Chinese metaphysics field to do silly things too and this isn’t limited to just the metaphysics field.

Anyone who knows how the dark side of the real-world works know that people with a void within them are the easiest to manipulate and make the best recruits for tasks that require absolute loyalty and obedience. It doesn’t have to be on such a grand-scale of espionage – you just have to look at multi-level marketing companies to get what I mean.

Four-eyed James Bond is a perfect example of a Category 4 BaZi chart. It really doesn’t matter whether he has a PhD or not. Like I said time and again – your income, your title, your degrees are but labels that don’t matter in the eye of metaphysics. It’s great that you possess the cognitive prowess to get a PhD, but one’s life can still be horrendous, your spouse can still cheat on you, and you still be unemployed.

I stressed time and again to always keep questioning what is the definition, or rather your definition of a good life. Do not let anyone else decide that for you and get carried away by society’s superficial definition of what success is.

Coming back to four-eyed James Bond: I didn’t have a lot of good things to say about his chart. It’s a severely imbalanced chart with the consolation of a few positive 10-year phases initially. Things started going downhill by the fourth 10-year phase (the one he’s in now) where the flaws of the natal chart are all triggered. Any practitioner could easily tell he’s not going to have an easy time.

In the eyes of Chinese metaphysics, it’s extremely sad if one encounters negative 10-year phases all the way from their 30s onwards. I say this because I know how a negative 10-year phase feels like, and to have it run from your 30s all the way to your 60s just paints a really bleak picture of one’s life where you’re regressing instead of enjoying your prime.

I Did Give Four-Eyed James Bond A Warning

In case you’re wondering, I don’t actually remember the things I say to people because of the volume I’m handling, which is why I need clients to keep emails to the same email thread so I can refer back to what I said.

I was looking back at the report I wrote to him. Turns out he did ask me about working in a foreign country previously. You can read some of the things I told him back then and I have to say it’s kind of daunting looking back at this past case and seeing how things turned out.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Explanation
BaZi Explanation

I was not, of course, able to tell from his charts exactly what he was doing or involved in. Neither did I look at possible jail-time as that’s not something I usually look out for in a chart. The things that immediately stood out was that 2019 and 2020 were going to be extremely bad years for him and getting into trouble with authority is an absolute given. 2019 and 2020 are basically the ‘trigger’ years within his current bad 10-year phase.

Most of the time, charts won’t be able to tell you the exact manifestation, but it can still definitely tell you the big picture and the form the event will take upon manifesting. I initially thought the trouble he would get into would be with his employer, but turns out it was far bigger than what I imagined.

Laypeople who are unfamiliar with Chinese metaphysics concept of “form” or ‘xiang’ (象)。 The nature of the word “form“ or ‘xiang’ already implies abstractness. The exact manifestation and form it takes is something that only you will know. The above example is a good one where authority could mean a lot of things, but in his case, it turned out to be the government instead of his employer.

I know everyone’s thinking about what is going to happen to him based on his charts. Honestly, if you were to ask me, the theoretical way of looking at this is that he is not going to be able to turn his life around.

Also, if you have not read my blog post about how certain events seem auspicious on the surface actually aren’t, do read it. Never, ever look at something superficially.

Why Someone’s 10-Year Phases Are Worse Than Others

I’ve written about this before but not as a standalone post.

We all go through negative 10-year phases at some point, but why is it that some people experience negative phases way worse than others? Because at the end of the day, you cannot ignore your natal chart. The old Chinese saying that your Elemental Phases are more important than your natal chart is there as an encouragement to people with poorer natal charts who had big ambitions, and a reminder that they can be just as or even more successful than those with good natal charts.

Your 10-year phases interact with your natal chart and that’s how events unfold. You can try to think of it this way: Two people can go through similar events, but the outcomes are different because their natal charts are different. In other words, the way they are and how they react to things are different.

Your natal chart, unfortunately, is also what Heavens think you deserve to go through, so there is always this element of certain things being out of your control like who your parents are or the innate capabilities, or lack thereof, that you’re born with.

There is no point getting a consultation if the only way you’re going to learn your lessons is by going through calamities.

Many people have reached out to ask me if Four-Eyed James Bond is the worst Category 4 chart I’ve ever seen. It actually isn’t. Breaking down charts into four different categories is over-generalizing things, but my point is that setbacks, or to put it more severely, calamities can manifest in different ways.

Why Some Events Are Just So Hard To Avoid

There is a Chinese saying that the bigger the event, the harder it is to avoid it because Heavens wants you to go through it.

The case of Four-Eyed James Bonds will surely get a lot of people to question a topic I’ve always talked about, which is how do we transcend charts or alter the course. For my regular readers: Guys, you already know. I’ve written about this plenty of times.

Most people would be asking whether this four-eyed James Bond could have avoided getting himself into his current predicament especially when he (sort of) got a heads up. In my opinion, of course, he could have. He simply needed to say “no” or at least back out while he still had the chance. If you can understand why it was so difficult for him to say “no”, then you’ll understand why it’s so difficult to transcend one’s chart. The desire to feel important and validated was simply too strong. It was his chance to shine and be different from the rest of the population.

We all have this innate need to be validated and it can appear in different forms through relationships and career ambitions. But I don’t think anyone needs me to remind them that this needs to be approached with balance and in a healthy manner. We also need to be reminded that the way we grew up and what we go through may contribute to whether we seek validation in a healthy manner or not.

Sometimes, transcending a chart boils down to a split-second decision. One single decision can completely alter someone’s course. But then again, our decisions are influenced by our who we are. Developing the kind of wisdom and character make-up required to make the right decisions take years to develop. It’s not something you can pull off just because someone tells you to.

The topic of why certain people make certain decisions opens up a huge discussion on how our baggage, emotional state and psyche influences the decisions we make. Four-eyed James Bond’s situation here is no different from why someone can be so into multi-level marketing, be stuck in a toxic or abusive relationship, or run for politics while being oblivious to the fact that everyone hates you. For some, the pain of feeling alone, unimportant where your existence doesn’t matter is far greater than the risks of stupid decisions. Four-eyed James Bond probably enjoyed the idea of being a spy as it fed his ego. A lot of people rather take the risk of completely messing your life up than to take a step back and ask “Perhaps there’s something about myself I need to work on first”.

And may I take this opportunity to remind everyone that career choices… Are extremely important… Even if you do aspire to be a spy, why on earth would you do it for another country?

A Quick Note On What Commercialized Practitioners Are Saying

Some commercialized practitioners out there are saying things like astrology isn’t used for predicting accidents or negative events like what four-eyed James Bond is going through because the future is not written. I have no idea why they would say such a thing, because if astrology is not about projecting into the future, then what is it for then? Selling false hope and get-high seminars?

The ability to project into the future is inherent in astrology because you’re studying laws and cycles and you can use it to predict accidents and personal calamities, it’s just that it requires an extremely skilled practitioner that commercialized Chinese metaphysics businesses are not able to produce. Which is why the focus is always on coaching like seminars. If we used four-eyed James Bond as an example, what are we supposed to tell him then? Go live your dreams and fulfil your full potential? That’s probably what his handlers told him.

These commercialized practitioners are so busy generate nonsensical content to cover business overheads they can’t even remember when was the last time they analyzed a chart properly and thoroughly. Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest because the pandemic situation has intensified the amount of garbage content some practitioners are churning out.

I really hope this post helps to reiterate a lot of the things I’ve been saying in my blog. Getting a breakdown of your chart doesn’t do anything unless you’re willing to take that information and do something constructive with it.

Most of my clients who get a heads up from me were not able to avoid what was written in the charts. Divorces happened, lawsuits came and debts mounted. You name it.

Transcending your own chart is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. It is not something that you can avoid at that given moment a problem is presented to you. When the problem arrives, it’s already too late. You need to see and appreciate how every year and every phase is connected and how the root cause of something was planted many years ago. It’s meant to be difficult because if it isn’t, you wouldn’t get a chance to learn a valuable lesson and grow.

Also, coming back to our favourite topic of Category 4 charts because I’ve been meeting so many of them recently: There have been many times where some clients inadvertently tick me off because, for some reason, they have a gift of turning the consultation into something else. Their ability to destroy things, especially their own lives, is remarkable. Everyone knows I filter and screen my clients, and those that get filtered out are always the ones who fall under Category 4. I do this for practical reasons and I won’t repeat why here.

I don’t reject every single one of them as long as they come with an open mind and am willing to have a conversation. However, very often, the Category 4 chart-holders can be seen becoming defensive, playing the victim, or even trying to intellectualize an issue to a point where everything else is the problem instead of them. They start to not just question my role and duty as a practitioner but also Chinese metaphysics itself. It is a mindset that I don’t understand, but then again, it is precisely why they don’t have good charts in the first place.

Let’s use an example: I had a client whose wife cheated on him. Yes, the wife did something wrong and should have worked things out instead of cheating, but never once did the client feel he’s actually a bad husband himself. He refuses to acknowledge this of course as he sees himself as a good catch with two masters degrees. I usually start off by putting things in a more subtle way in the report, but most Category 4 people don’t get the hint, then comes the hammer. Don’t blame me if it comes to that point.

I want to make this clear again. I’m just here to decipher charts as accurately as I can and convey the message to you in the best way possible. If you choose to get defensive and take it personally when it is nothing like that, I’m sorry but I really have to say that’s on you. It’s your life, not mine. You don’t have to prove anything to me, get my approval, nor try to impress me. My job is to breakdown your chart in a way that you can understand, and hopefully, it gets you thinking. ‘Forcing’ you to read my blog is also part of the consultation. If you feel that it’s a good investment of your money, then you’ll always have me as a hidden ‘advisor’ for the rest of your life.

I really don’t care if you have a big paycheque, two masters degrees, or even three balls. Your chart tells me everything I need to know. If you do come to me, then please just trust me and let me do my job. Don’t make things difficult for me.

My job is not to critique nor to judge. I do admit that the way I convey the message at times can, of course, be better. I often have to be blunt (with no malicious intent) because if I go along with the client’s emotional state and vibe, they will never get to see things from another perspective.

The nature of how I conduct my consultations often gets me accused of not being empathetic nor compassionate – which I can fully understand. I am not offended when someone calls me that. Whether I am empathetic or compassionate is something I’ll leave for Heavens to decide. I’d like to bring in another real-life example: When you choose to stick to your toxic partner and you eventually cheat on him/her, you get caught, and then come pour it out on me and you go on a rant about how you are still torn between two people, then my question is whether empathy and compassion really what you need in order to grow?

What is the difference between empathy and compassion? When is the right time to use what, how do you execute it and what do you hope to achieve with them? I do think about these things.

If I lean towards the extreme or adopt a superficial view of empathy and compassion and I tell someone to follow their hearts only to have it tear a family apart – is that real compassion? And am I being compassionate to the family and children? Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, it’s suddenly the world’s fault for not being kind enough. Category 4 people are absolutely right when they say people don’t understand them and thank Heavens most people don’t. We shouldn’t, because if everyone thought like them, we will still be stuck in the Stone Age.

The only tangible way of getting someone to see things from my perspective is through words, but no one will ever be able to get in my head and experience or perceive reality like I do because I am fundamentally different. Some people like my style, some people love it, some people don’t. That’s fine.

Whatever it is, my point is that will do my best to convey what the charts are telling me in a way that best suits the person and the situation. If I have to be blunt, please understand why. It’s nothing personal. I don’t even know who the majority of my clients are or how they look like, and I’ll most likely forget we even spoken after a few weeks.

Lastly, I can definitely give my opinions on what you can do, especially for simpler issues. I can draw on my own experience as when it comes to relationships and someone who has been through the corporate world. The more complex issues are the ones that have to do with the core of who we are, and I hope whatever I said helps people come to the realization that if you need to be spoonfed what to do grow as a person, you can never, ever transcend your chart or alter the course. You’ll have to end up learning the lesson the hard way and waste many valuable years.

No one ever, ever listens to me or takes me seriously. I really don’t understand why. OK maybe not “no one”. A lot of people…

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  1. G

    I love this real life example! It’s rounding out this idea about how you have free will but there are some things that are fated. I really don’t believe there are such a thing called ‘victims’, but that’s a trigger topic lol.
    Thanks for doing what youre doing.

  2. Jaslin

    Very well said. We all need to learn to be true to ourselves and see our own shortcomings first. Life isn’t always equal or fair but everything really happens for a reason. Until we learnt the lesson(s) intended, challenges of similar nature will continue to be thrown at us. Certainly i don’t have a good chart myself but like what Sean told me back then – To stay positive and see the hidden good in everything.
    Just be contented and tell ourselves more of “at least” and less of “if only” and “what if”…


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