Yin Earth Daymaster Case Study: When Yang Wood Fails To Bring Out Its Best

June 8, 2020

We have spoken a bit on Yin Earth before in our case study of Donald Trump and we have an idea of what’s required to bring out the best in it.

The Earth element has always been a bit special because it’s known to be a transitional element in Chinese metaphysics. For without it, the birth of Metal would not be possible as Fire would continue to harm Metal. This is the reason why Earth chart-holders are known to be all-encompassing and are highly tolerant of others, because they play the role as the faciliator. If you’ve always wondered why there is no season that is specific to Earth and they are found in between seasons instead, this is also the reason why.

Yin Earth is the kind of soil that mankind requires in order to survive. It is the kind of earth that can be manipulated easily for man’s own use, which is why it’s often called ren jian tu (人间土), which means the ‘earth of mankind’. Yin Earth is the kind of Earth you use for farming, build houses, and the kind where you see help life flourish. This is the opposite of Yang Earth which is a very raw form of mother nature where Earth appears as huge landmasses like mountains.

As mentioned in the previous entries on Yin Earth, the state of Yin Earth is important in determining the quality of the chart.

The above is more definitely a strong Yin Earth chart. It paints of picture of Yin Earth being extremely arid and compact. In other words, Yin Earth in such a form is close to being useless because you cannot do anything with it. You cannot plant crops it in, and you can’t break it down enough to build houses.

A compact and arid Yin Earth needs to be loosened up and moisture also needs to be introduced. If not, Yin Earth’s value will never be realized.

The critical element for the chart here is Yang Wood (甲木) which appears on the Month Stem. However, it is in an extremely weak state and it needs to be supported. Unfortunately, we can only use Water to support Yang Wood here, but you’ll realize Water is non-existent in the chart. Yang Wood here is also her spouse element.

The overall structure of the chart is extremely weak because the key beneficial elements are not able to fulfil their roles. Imagine trying to loosen up the soil with an extremely weak plant – the plant will perish first before a balanced state between Wood and Earth can be formed. Whatever it is, the above chart can never be regarded as a blessed one and is in fact, a very low-quality BaZi chart.

The above chart holder is a widow and to my knowledge, is still unemployed ever since her husband’s passing. The lack of Water in her chart clearly suggests the ability to acquire wealth, and it is only a matter of time before she starts to hit a really difficult period financially.

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