Vladimir Putin’s BaZi Chart: A Case Study On His Rise & Fall

April 23, 2022

Unless you’re a frog in a well, I’m sure you know what’s going on in the world now. It prompted me to take a look at Putin’s BaZi chart to try to understand why someone would want to do something he did and leave such an atrocious legacy behind.

I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I was on a post-CNY break and am just getting back into the groove of writing so I decided to do a case study to get the momentum back while I think of something meaningful to write about.

This is strictly going to be a technical case study on Putin’s BaZi chart. I don’t want to speak too much about the current situation of the world now and pretend to be a very woke person. I’m in no position to comment or pretend to comprehend what the people suffering around going through now.

I just wish things didn’t turn out this way.

I guess the first thing I’d like to say is that I’m glad Putin’s downfall is coming and it can be seen in his chart, but before we even get to this conclusion, we would need to figure out what his birth time is. That’s always the challenge because such information isn’t readily available.

Now, a lot of online sources hypothesized Putin’s birth hour to be either 卯 Hour (5am to 7am) or 辰 Hour (7am to 9am). There are some websites that even propose 巳 Hour (9am to 11am). I took a look at those charts and I categorically disagree that these are the hours Putin was born. When the birth time of a prominent figure is unknown, it is possible to try reverse engineer the birth time and I did it once for Donald Trump’s BaZi while disagreeing with many of the hypothesized birth times listed on other websites.

Reverse engineering someone’s birth time is definitely possible if his or her life is public enough which is usually the case for high-profile individuals. Putin’s BaZi chart was not difficult to reverse engineer because of his character and what he’s known to be like.

Why I Don’t Feel The Above Two Birth Hours Are Correct

Putin’s Incorrect 辰 Hour Chart

One thing that I always don’t understand is why hobbyists and the online community like to assume that people in positions of power have to have a Follower Chart. The same mistake was made for Trump’s BaZi chart and it was made again for Putin’s BaZi chart.

Putin’s birth date is 7th October 1952 and the above 辰 Hour chart for that particular day is considered to be a Follower Chart where his Yang Fire 丙火 Daymaster is in an extremely weak state and it needs to continue to be weakened. I’m not sure if this birth hour became the consensus by virtue that it is a Follower Chart but, again, it doesn’t mean Follower Charts get a higher chance to sit in a position of power. It should be extremely obvious that this birth hour is not possible because if that were true, it would mean that he’s entered a negative 10-Year Phase in 1993 when Wood came into the picture. But if you look at what happened in real life, Putin’s rise to power began around 1990 when he officially stepped into politics after retiring from the military. His first premiership was in 1999 which was a 乙亥 year during his 甲寅 10-Year Phase where Wood was prominent.

To put it simply, it’s not possible for him to rise to power during a Wood phase, assuming that he has a Follower Chart where we need the Daymaster to continue to weaken.

Looking at the ZWDS chart for this particular time makes it even more obvious that it’s impossible that he was born under 辰 Hour:

Putin’s 辰 Hour Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart

There’s no need to go into too much detail because it’s extremely clearcut why this chart cannot possibly belong to Putin. Someone as ruthless and scheming as him cannot possibly have a chart where 太阴 is in a 落陷 position because someone with a chart like this would be busy sulking and wondering why life was so harsh rather than plotting his rise to power.

Trust me, I’ve seen enough Category 4 charts and dealt with enough people with a weak 太阴 chart to know that a chart like this can never rise to power.

Let’s take a look at the other possible chart which is the 巳 Hour chart:

This 卯 Hour chart does paint a better picture of what Putin is like especially given that the ZWD chart is under 武曲化忌 which is known to be a star with an extremely alpha, a masculine disposition that is capable of very cold, rational decisions. If there’s any star that is the epitome of being cold and ruthless, it’s 武曲 when it’s tagged to 化忌。 Read any book on ZWDS and you’ll know that the star 武曲 has the highest affinity with the military.

This 卯 Hour chart did stand out when I was scanning through the 12 possibilities for Putin’s chart but this chart still doesn’t make sense because it’s not supposed to be a wealthy chart. Although no one can prove Putin’s actual networth, we can assume that he’s wealthy.

It’s highly unlikely that the 巳 hour chart is the correct chart because it’s not a very high-quality natal chart because the 7-Killings on the Year Stem isn’t being remedied at all and this chart is also a weak Daymaster chart with 官杀混杂。

Putin’s Actual BaZi & ZWDS Chart

The chart that I feel Putin falls under is actually the 酉 Hour (7pm to 9pm) chart. Here are the charts:

Let’s talk about the BaZi chart first:

The chart is definitely considered a weak Yang Fire 丙火 chart that requires strengthening although we’d be missing out on one very important detail, which is that Yang Water 壬水 appears 7-Killings (七杀) on his Year Stem. When 7-Killings appears in a weak Daymaster chart, we always need to address that first.

For the newly initiated BaZi hobbyist, the first impression is that this BaZi chart is not a good one because the chart comes across as a severely imbalanced one. Truth is, it is. But it doesn’t mean that a severely imbalanced chart won’t be able to achieve anything, just that the chart-holder’s life will always be a lot more volatile.

We know that Yang Water 7-Killings is the main problem, but the positive thing about this chart is that there are two possible remedies here. One of them is 己 Earth on the Month Stem and the other is 丁 Fire on the Hour Stem:

Please note that we cannot blindly say that both these elements are remedies. Only one of them is the true remedy which is why I said “possible remedies” above.

In the case of 己 Earth which appears as Hurting Officer 伤官, we know that it has the ability to control 7-Killings to form an auspicious structure we can 伤官制杀 (Hurting Officer controlling 7-Killings), similar to how Eating God can do the same although the Eating God version is always deemed more auspicious or popular. Now, the issue here is that 己 Earth cannot be used in this case so we will not regard 己 Earth as the ‘Useful God’ or 用神 which is referring to the critical element required to balance the chart.

The true remedy here is Yin Fire 丁火 on the Hour Stem because it helps to deal with Yang Water 壬水 as well via 丁壬合, meaning Yin Fire + Yang Water will combine with each other with a supposed output of Wood.

If I were to use Zi Wei Dou Shu, this chart is under 七杀 + 擎羊 which accurately reflects Putin’s disposition. 七杀 is also a star that has a high affinity with the military and falls in the masculine, rational category of stars. 擎羊 is an extremely an inauspicious star when it’s in the wrong position and when coupled with a star like 七杀, you can expect the person to be absolutely ruthless.

Some people might ask, “Why is this a good chart when there is a 武曲化忌 in the Travel Palace (迁移宫)” because this 化忌 is clashing the Life Palace (命宫) which basic ZWDS knowledge would tell you is not a good thing, but this particular chart has a special condition that transmutes this 化忌 (‘Hua Ji’) into something extremely auspicious and there is indeed no clash on the Life Palace in this case. Unfortunately, this special condition for 化忌 worked in Putin’s favour and it’s to the detriment of a lot of people.

The special conditions on this 武曲化忌 with the 七杀 + 擎羊 in his Life Palace strongly suggest a person who fought his way to power by any means necessary and was successful at it.

I’m rather confident that Putin is under a 酉 Hour chart.

The Period Of Instability & Perhaps Eventual Fall From Power

2022 is the year when Putin moves into a 10-Year Phase which is his 丁巳 10-Year Phase.

Assuming that we got his birth time correct, this 丁巳 10-Year Phase is particularly interesting because it marks a period of a lot of instability. What stands out to me is that both positive and negative signs appear but that doesn’t actually tell us anything. We’ll need to deep dive into what this 丁巳 does to his chart exactly and not jump to conclusions with false assumptions.

Even if we weren’t studying BaZi, I think it’s safe to say Putin’s downfall has already begun, but one might ask why is it that a strong Fire phase is actually negative for him?

丁 Fire does appear which is supposed to be a very good sign because the 丁 Fire on his Hour Stem is his most critical element after all and we want it to be activated. 丁 Fire being activated does suggest he will receive help at some point in his 丁巳 10-Year Phase, but there are strong signs of him being betrayed as well if we take into account other interactions the 巳 Branch will have on his natal chart.

Although his upcoming 10-Year Phase appears to be a very strong Fire phase which his chart supposedly needs, we really, really need to understand what this 巳 Fire does to the chart and what it represents. I know what most people are thinking, and it is that there is a 巳酉 Metal combination appearing which is not wrong but it’s not the full picture.

The Branch 巳 here has another special function which works to Putin’s disfavour. It’s not 巳酉合 as mentioned, so the interaction comes in another form. I won’t reveal what it is of course. You can flip through the Chinese classics and study the Branches in detail if you wish to know the answer.

巳 is really particularly special for his chart. If you look back at history, the Ukraine crisis happened in November 2013 which was a 巳 year (Snake). 2022 to 2025 are all interesting years in the context of Putin’s chart not just because of the move into a new 10-Year Phase, but the Annual Phases/Pillars of these years all have very significant interactions with his natal chart:

  • 2022’s 壬寅 sees 壬 appearing and interacting with 丁。
  • 2023 is 癸卯 which sees his entire Hour Pillar get clashed which, in my opinion, is severe because his most critical element is being harmed.
  • 2024 is 甲辰 and it sees his Day Branch being clashed. 甲 Wood’s appearance here is also negated because of 甲己合。
  • 2025 is 乙巳 and the dreaded 巳 Branch appears for him again.

The next upcoming year to look out for would be 2025. Russia’s next election is in 2024. I’m not saying he’ll lose the election as I’ve not looked into that yet. All I can say is that things are different now and Putin will be in for a very, very rough ride.

The bottom line is, despite this 丁巳 10-Year Phase being a strong Fire phase, it clearly marks the start of his downfall.

But I guess we don’t need BaZi to tell us that.

– Sean

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