BaZi Charts of Billionaires: Masayoshi-Son

June 11, 2020

Let’s face it. BaZi charts of billionaires are extremely rare and most of us don’t even have to entertain the thought of whether we fall under this category.

Charts of billionaires are arguably ‘close to perfect’ broadly speaking. In theory, there’s no such thing as a perfect BaZi chart because nothing is in a perfect state of balance and everything is in constant flux. By ‘close to perfect’, I am referring to the BaZi chart structure and “Luck Pillars” / Elemental Phases working in tandem to push the chart holder to unbelievable heights of achievement.

The natal BaZi charts of billionaires are structured so well that they continuously benefit from the Elemental Phases they go through. Each positive phase builds on the foundation they’ve laid in a previous phase and things just get better and better for them.

Both Natal Chart And “Luck Pillars” Need To Be On Your Side

It’s not just going to be a matter of one’s “Luck Pillars” or Elemental Phases when it comes to billionaires. A strong natal BaZi chart is required to sustain such a level of wealth and, at the same time, be able to enjoy it without all the unnecessary drama. It’s as though Heavens is on their side.

I wrote about the tussle between Softbank and WeWork a while back and stated that 2021 will be extremely tough for both Masayoshi-son and Adam Neumann. If you’ve been following the news, it was announced that Adam Neumann has begun legal proceedings against Softbank. The lawsuit appears to be a sneak peek at what’s in store for them.

At one point, Adam Neumann could be considered a billionaire due to WeWork’s valuation, but any BaZi practitioner will know that his chart is not good enough to have such an honour. I know most people are thinking “Well, at least he’s still a multi-millionaire” which is true, but let’s consider a few things:

  • I debated about the definition of a good life. This is something we have to always think about as students of Chinese metaphysics. Yes, you can be a millionaire, but will you be happy knowing that your legacy is a defiled one?
  • No one actually truly knows how much Adam Neumann is worth and most of what we see are sensationalized estimates by the media. Bloomberg estimates him to be worth $450 million, while Forbes estimates him to be at $750 million. Latest estimates shows that he’s just worth $200 million now. Regardless of what number it is, no one actually knows what’s going on.
  • If the $200 million net worth is still pegged to his shares in WeWork, for all you know, it might be worthless if WeWork never gets to IPO. He current owes an 18% stake in WeWork, which should be where the bulk of his net worth is from.

Not Obvious But Definitely A Billionaire

Let’s break down Masayoshi-son’s chart again:

  • Although his Yin Wood Daymaster is seemingly weak, is it really? The two shen Metals appearing hold Yang Metal, and what people fail to realize is that Yang Metal here doesn’t really harm Yin Wood. BaZi analysis is not just about strengthening weak Daymaster and weakening strong ones. There’s a lot more to that.
  • The Branch of shen also holds all three auspicious ‘gods’ – Direct Officer, Direct Resource and Direct Wealth. These two Branches also hold his Tian Yi Gui Ren (贵人), which is the strongest Nobleman Star in BaZi.
  • On top of that fact that Yang Metal isn’t exactly harming him, his Yin Wood is getting support from the mao Day Branch, as well as the Hour Pillar.
  • There is also an ‘Eating God Gives Birth To Direct Wealth’ (食神生财) structure which is considered very auspicious and many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have such a chart structure.
  • The Year Pillar of ding-you (丁酉) is special for the sole reason that it is ding-you. Ding-you holds a special place in BaZi but I won’t reveal why here. The fact that his Yin Fire Eating God sits on you Metal is also an excellent sign.
  • Last but not least, his “Luck Pillars” / Elemental Phases are also extremely supportive, allowing him to encounter six consecutive positive phases.

There are just so many good things to say about this chart, and even his Zi Wei Dou Shu chart paints the exact same picture. That being said, even the best charts still have beneficial and destructive elements. Masayoshi-son’s chart will want to avoid Earth and Metal because his chart already has enough of it. Allowing his chart to be able to benefit from Earth and Metal matters moe here.

You may have read that Softbank and Masayoshi-son is having a tough time recently. That’s because he’s now in his first-ever negative 10-year phase which started in 2018.

A True Billionaire Vs A Pseudo-Billionaire

Masayoshi-son is definitely the true billionaire here. His foundations are strong and he’s the CEO of a huge conglomerate, whereas Adam Neumann is trying his luck in an era where start-ups are hyped up. Yes, there were a few success cases like Alibaba, but anyone who is in the start-up field knows that most companies are just burning money.

Masa-son will definitely come out unscathed, but I don’t think we can say the same for Adam Neumann. The entirety of Chinese metaphysics theory states does Adam Neumann has a bad BaZi chart although it is of a more epic scale clouted with an illusion of success. The dichotomy between Masa-son’s chart and Adam Neumann’s chart is very clear, and despite both of them sharing the billionaire title at one point, time has shown what it means and what it takes to be a true billionaire.

I write about good BaZi chart and bad BaZi charts a lot, and the scenario we have here is a very good example of how someone with a bad BaZi chart behaves. I don’t think I need to go into the details of Adam Neumann’s behaviour here – it’s all over internet which you can read up for yourself. One’s natal chart is still important, so please do not ever disregard that.

Why Does Adam Neumann Look Successful Despite A Bad BaZi Chart

Is he successful? What is your definition of success here? Simply money? If you’re measuring success simply based on money, then sure, perhaps Adam is successful. But I hope no one is that shallow to just measure success using money.

Even if Adam Neumann were to escape with a few million in his pocket, how long will it last? Will he be happy? He is one of the most notorious figures in the world now and I doubt anyone would ever want to work with him again, so we can only hope his few million lasts him the rest of his life given his lifestyle.

Always look beneath the surface and question what’s really going on. BaZi and Chinese metaphysics is supposed to break through the clutter and give you clearer vision. Don’t be fooled by the things you hear.

If Masa-son had believed in the relevance of astrology, he would have saved tons of trouble and billions of dollars. Any astrologer would have advised against trusting Adam Neumann because it is an obvious chart with character flaws.

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